Jimmy and Kenny Complete Their Education

Jimmy and Kenny sat up in Jimmy’s bedroom both
still in something of a state of shock and of tremen-
dous arousal after what they had experienced in their
clubhouse, “The Cock Club,” just a little while

A bunch of the guys had assembled there earlier
in the day. It hadn’t been “The Cock Club” then. That
came about when Stevie suggested that only guys could
be in the club for obvious anatomical reasons. He was
also the one who had first turned the group’s topic of
conversation toward sex, specifically toward a mass
‘show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ session.

Actually, the way he was always trying to get
guys to show him their cocks “Future Fags of America”
was probably a better club for Stevie to belong to,
but what the heck. When you are male and of an age as
Jimmy and Kenny and their friends, anything even
remotely connected with sex is more than sufficient to
capture your attention and hold it.

Of course for Jimmy, Kenny, and the guys ‘hold-
ing it’ usually meant the physical gripping of their
perpetually stiff little peckers. All the guys wanked
off at least two or three times a day. Even the guys
who couldn’t shoot jiz yet still beat their meat as
often as they could. It just felt so damn good!

Eight times was Jimmy’s own personal best while
Kenny admitted to six times in a row as his. Granted
that his cock was a little sore and coming was a bit
tough by the last cum, but just the same he did it.

So showing off your cock and balls to the guys,
and having them do the same, was an OK way to beat an
otherwise dull day, but it was nothing compared to what
had happened when Angie came back.

Stevie had been really shitty to her when she
had first come by the clubhouse. Angie was really a
pretty good k*d, and both Jimmy and Kenny had felt real
bad at the way Stevie had treated her and the way she
had been so sad when she first left.

But when she came back to the clubhouse a little
while later it was as though she was an entirely dif-
ferent person. She wasn’t shy or sad, but instead
seemed so full of confidence. When she announced that
she wasn’t interested in their ‘cock club’ because she
had something even better, and then proceeded to prove
it by whipping her shorts down and flashing her little
slit, well that was better than anything the bunch of
young boys could manage on their own.

Kenny still hadn’t figured out what had
possessed him to suggest to Angie that she take off
all her clothes for the group. He could at least
admit that he never would have done it if Billy
hadn’t already elicited from Angie her willingness
to give them all a second look at her tight little
puss. Of course it hadn’t been all magnanimity on
Angie’s part. It had wound up costing each of the
guys a tidy sum to get their first close up look at
a girl’s naked body. And even if they had been
compelled by Angie’s demand to get naked too, it was
certainly worth it.

Angie was a pretty little girl, a cute girl,
not to mention being a good k*d, but standing there
completely, totally naked she was great! There was
something about her smooth, pink skin that had made
Jimmy want to reach out and touch her. Kenny thought
the same thing. And that little slit Angie had down
between her legs was fantastic. It was so soft and
smooth looking on the outside, and so pink and inviting
when she parted the lips so they could all see her pee
hole and her other special girl place.

They had all stood there and jerked off in front
of Angie while she showed off her girl parts. While
the boys masturbated, Angie’s eyes darted from cock to
cock to cock fascinated by the different sizes and
shapes and especially by the way some of the boys could
shoot white stuff out of the ends of their stiff

Afterward, everybody very quietly got dressed
and went their way.

Jimmy and Kenny had somehow wound up back at
Jimmy’s, where they had done little else by think about
Angie. They thought of the way she had looked with no
clothes on; and how they would like to be able to see
her all naked again and be able to feel her all over.
Especially to be able to touch her on the little girl
crease between her legs and all over her smooth, soft
naked body.

They both had the strongest desire to rub their
stiff cocks against her tight little slit. Though they
had each just cum a short while before, they both had
hard throbbing erections swelling uncomfortably in
their jeans just from thinking about Angie and her very
special, very sexy, little girl parts.

Jimmy and Kenny’s reflections were interrupted
by the sound of Jimmy’s Aunt Karen coming up the
stairs. Aunt Karen was babysitting Jimmy for the week
while his folks were away on a business trip, though
Jimmy had protested futilely that a babysitter was

Karen didn’t really mind staying with Jimmy,
though it did mean she had to keep her clothes on and
‘behave’ herself rather than indulge her normal
instincts to go about the house nude and masturbate
her brains out whenever possible.

For as long as she could remember, Karen would
rather be cuming than just about anything else. She
had discovered masturbation with a pillow scrunched
between her legs long before her chest had sprouted
titties or her pussy sprouted hair.

She had taken her own cherry with the handle of
her hairbrush when she was 14. She had her introduc-
tion to sucking on a male member with her brother
(Jimmy’s father) when she was 15. The same occasion
had also introduced her to the delights found in a
man’s cock swelling in her mouth and shooting its thick
white jism down her throat.

Within a month of that first exposure, Karen had
experienced her first real fucking with a boy (again
Jimmy’s father), and her first exposure to being on the
receiving end of oral love.

Within another six months Karen first tasted the
delights of another girl’s pussy. There was nothing
related to sex that Karen hadn’t tried and delighted
in, unless it was maybe anal sex. She didn’t mind
having her butt hole rubbed and licked, or having a
finger probing it gently, but having some thick prick
rammed in there was just a bit much. Karen had always
figured that guys were so enthusiastic about anal sex
because to them an asshole was just another hole, like
a cunt, but tighter and dryer. She had always figured
that if guys, before they could shove their dicks up a
girl’s ass, had to take a comparably sized dildo up
theirs, then the clamor for anal sex would diminish

Karen’s delight in sex did not necessarily ex-
tend to her sex partners. Particularly her ex-husband,
Ricky. Though Karen occasionally thought solely with
her genitals, she discovered that Ricky seldom thought
with anything else other than his. Oh he was gorgeous.
He was also the stereotypical Italian macho shithead!
His mother was a saint and every other woman a slut!

And of course since every other woman was a slut
it didn’t particularly matter to him with which slut he
satisfied his urges. There was nothing for Ricky in
the newspaper except the comics and the sports section,
and the highest level to which Ricky ever bothered to
compute was 9 (innings) + 24 (cans of beer in a case).

But it had been their wedding night that had
irrevocably turned Karen against Ricky. There might
be a time and place for getting drunk, but one’s
wedding night was not one of those times. And for
that drunken son of a bitch to decide that a brutal
sodomization of his new wife was the proper way to get
things going was just too much.

She had divorced him within six months, and
received a sizable settlement to boot, though the
settlement was as much a bribe to keep her mouth shut
about some of Ricky’s more peculiar appetites.

Well, Ricky was part of the past now and was
simply a mistake from which she might have suffered
far worse than she had.

For Karen, life was a sexual smorgasbord from
which she never ceased to delight in sampling.

As she walked by Jimmy’s room, Karen briefly
entered. “Jimmy,” Karen said. “I’m going to get
changed into my suit and go lie out in the sun for a
bit!” She noticed that both boys looked a little
embarrassed about something, though she also noticed
that it didn’t stop Jimmy from looking at her tits and
the way they swelled proudly within her tight T-shirt.

She frequently noticed that Jimmy was quite
aware of the fact that his aunt was a very sexy, very
desirable female. Her firm tits did not require the
covering or support of a bra and as much for Jimmy’s
benefit as her own she had not donned one since her

As she closed the door behind her as she exited
the room, Karen heard Kenny say, “God Jimmy. Your aunt
sure is pretty.”

As she smiled to herself and shimmied her ass
down the hall to the room where she was staying, Jimmy
suddenly sat up. “Let’s watch her!” he said.

Kenny looked at his friend as though Jimmy had
just sprouted a second head, but Jimmy didn’t notice
and he quickly went to his closet and moved aside a
panel in the back. “There’s a crawl space back here
that runs between this room and the guest room where
Aunt Karen is staying. If her closet door is open, we
will be able to see everything!”

With that Jimmy disappeared into the crawl
space. Kenny followed close behind. Jimmy shushed
his friend to be quiet and carefully slid the panel
in the back of the guest room closet aside just enough
for the two Peeping Toms to see into the room.

Karen was sitting on the bed removing her
sandals. She stood and reached for the hem of her
T-shirt. Crossing her arms she grasped the hem and
then quickly and smoothly skinned the garment up and

The boys moaned, and each promptly grabbed his
cock and began to squeeze himself through his pants.

Karen cupped her full naked breasts in her hands
and squeezed them and rolled them on her chest. She
closed her eyes and moaned slightly as her fingers slid
to her proudly erect nipples and pinched and pulled on

The boys groaned as they watched Karen and her
little show and each reached down and freed his cock
from the confines of his pants that he might grab and
stroke his stiffie more effectively.

Karen’s little show was just that, a show! She
was well aware that she was performing for an audience!
She had grown up in this house, and the room she was
currently staying in had been hers as a girl.

Jimmy’s room had once belonged to his father.
Karen had been aware of the crawl space for years and
she and Jimmy’s Dad had often put it to good use when
they wanted a little incestuous playtime without their
Mom and Dad knowing. And there is no way that two very
horny young men on their way to spy on a woman could
crawl through an enclosed area such as the crawl space
in a stealthy manner!

Staring dreamily into space, Karen loosened her
jeans and pealed the tight, clinging garment over her
hips and slid it down her legs. First one foot, then
the other stepped out of the jeans and Karen moved her
hips seductively. Clad as she was only in a pair of
very brief, very pink bikini panties, Karen was a sight
that could generate an erection on a corpse.

And Jimmy and Kenny were far from dead! Now
that both had loosened their slacks and had slipped
their cocks out so they could masturbate more easily
they really began responding to the lush female before
them. Squeezing and stroking their dicks, the boys’
eyes were riveted to the sight of Karen stripping naked
in front of them.

After twisting her body in a manner definitely
intended to inflame the viewer (or in this case,
viewers), Karen hooked her thumbs into the waistband
of the panties and slowly, seductively slipped them
down. First the sides, set high over the swell of her
hips, started down. Then the central panel covering
her womanhood descended revealing Karen’s lush pelt of
woman fur. Finally the little pink whisper of a
garment slid down, down and off. Karen straightened
up, now totally nude. With her feet planted slightly
apart she ran her hands over her sleek, soft, sexy
body. From breasts down over hips and legs and then
inward towards inner thighs and upward into the tangled
garden between her legs.

The boys’ eyes bugged as they watched Karen
caress herself. Forgotten was their image of Angie’s
innocent sexuality and her demure nudity. They were
overcome with lust for this sexual goddess standing
before them.

Hiding in their hole in the back of Karen’s
closet the boys were too engrossed in watching Karen’s
magnificent nakedness move and sway and in frantically
pumping their stiff little cocks to realize just how
close to their hiding place Karen had come.

Suddenly Karen lunged to the closet, pushed
aside a few garments on hangers, and reached in and
shoved the slightly ajar crawl space panel completely

She grabbed the closest boy, in this case Kenny,
by the ear and hauled him out of the crawl space. “Get
out here you two little Peeping Toms!” Karen shouted.

Standing in the middle of Karen’s room, the two
boys were petrified. Their cocks still protruded from
their slacks, though each had wilted rapidly in light
of the boys’ discovery and now were just sad little
fleshy dangles hanging from the boys’ open slacks.

“So you want to look at naked women!” Karen
shouted, very effectively sounding far angrier and
more upset than she truly was.

True to her horny nature, Karen was turned on
by the thought of having stripped naked in front of
these two boys, and was even more turned on by the
thoughts of what might come next. Of course it would
never do to let the boys realize this. At least not
quite yet.

Grasping her belt buckle and pulling the belt
from her jeans, Karen doubled it over in her hand and
shook it at the two terrified boys. “Strip!” she

The boys looked at each other not knowing what
to do. “If you don’t strip this second you are going
to be very, very sorry.” Karen threatened.

Slowly the boys skinned out of their T-shirts,
kicked off their shoes, and removed their slacks. They
stood before Karen with their heads downcast and their
hands clasped in front of themselves trying to cover
their pitifully shriveled little penises.

Karen almost felt sorry for the two boys. They
looked just so pitiful and miserable. Watching a
grownup lady take her clothes off while hiding was one
thing, but being discovered in the midst of their
voyeurism and then f****d to strip naked in front of
an adult was just sort of mind numbing for them.

“Put those hands at your sides and stand up
properly!” Karen commanded. The boys let their hands
fall to their sides, but still stood staring into the
floor. The boys’ cocks, which normally would spring
to attention at even the faintest stimulation, just
hung limply. The boys’ little ball sacks were
shriveled next to nothing as though trying to hide
behind the flaccid little cock in front of them.

Jimmy and Kenny were so lost in their misery
that they failed to notice the change in Karen’s
expression as she appraised the two young naked males
in front of her. Though each boy’s body was still
otherwise devoid of body hair, each had just the
slightest wisp of hair beginning to sprout at the base
of their sweet little peckers. Their cocks had just
started their adolescent growth spurt, so while the
boys were still a long way from sporting the formidable
equipment that would be theirs as adults, their winkies
had already started their progression out of their tiny
little boy phases.

Karen could see that the boys’ cocks could offer
a tremendous potential for pleasure once aroused.

Standing just in front of the boys, and slightly
between them, Karen tisk, tisked the naughty boys.
“Just what am I going to do with you two?” she asked.
“Yes indeed! Just what am I going to do with you?”

As she asked this the second time though she
slid her hands down and cupped and caressed the boys’
flaccid little cocks.

Releasing the boys, Karen pivoted and pranced
over to the bed and climbed into the middle of it.
Resting against the pile of pillows, Karen brought her
right arm up and rested her hand behind her head. Her
left leg bent at the knee and raised so that the sole
of her left foot was resting flat on the bed while her
right leg bent out sideways at the knee.

Her position effectively opened the magic space
between her legs to the boys’ gaze. With the tip of
the middle finger of her left hand Karen traced a
pattern up and down the length of her pussy lips.

“Well boys?” Karen began. “Is THIS what you
wanted to see?”

Jimmy and Kenny looked at each other and then
back at Karen. Not only wasn’t she mad at them, she
was lying there showing them EVERYTHING!

“You mean you’re not mad at us, Aunt Karen?”
Jimmy sputtered.

“Of course not honey!” Karen purred. “I remember
what it was like to be young. I just can’t be TOO easy
now though, can I?”

Though the boys had still not moved from the
spots where they seemed anchored to the floor, their
more aggressive peckers had already begun to move.

Karen smiled as she watched the boys’ cocks
begin to swell and rise. While she wiggled her hips
a bit and let the tip of her finger slide between the
folds of her pussy lips as she stroked herself, she
watched the boy’s cocks complete their ascension. In
no time at all the two peckers were hard and stiff,
pointing at her like accusing fingers.

“Ooh,” came the moan from Karen’s throat.
“Those cocks look so much better now! I know you boys
want to touch me and find out what a woman is like, so
come here. You can feel my titties and my pussy if
you wish.”

Like zombies Jimmy and Kenny approached Karen,
their hard little staffs pointing the way. Neither boy
blinked as though if they did this fantastic naked
woman in front of them might somehow disappear.

As the boys climbed onto the bed, one on each
side of her, Karen stretched out both legs before her
and spread them. With both hands she reached out to
the eager youths. “Come here babies,” Karen cooed.
“Karen will make it real nice for you.”

At first the boys didn’t know which magnificent
treasure to approach first, Karen’s soft swollen breast
orbs, or the dark hair surrounding the moist lips be-
tween her legs.

Kenny must have been a bottle baby because he
plunged onto Karen’s titties cupping and squeezing one
with his hand while his lips drove directly to the
prominent nipple on the other. They immediately sealed
themselves to Karen’s engorged rubbery nipple and began

Karen regretted that her titties couldn’t give
forth milk to satisfy Kenny’s almost desperate suckling
at her breast.

Jimmy on the other hand reached out and stroked
the curly fur on Karen’s crotch. The little lips she
had down there were so soft and warm. And they were]
wet! The wetness seemed to be coming from inside. It
wasn’t gushing out like pee, it was just there! And
it smelled too! Not like pee, but rich and full and
earthy. It was like nothing he had ever smelled
before, yet in its way it smelled pleasant and

As he smelled Karen’s rich woman muskiness and
gazed at the pouting lips of her labia, Jimmy felt like
he wanted to be closer to the source of all this magic.

Jimmy lay on the bed and rested his head on
Karen’s thigh. He stroked and probed the wonderful
female folds in front of him. His glimpse at Angie’s
tight little twat earlier that day had revealed nothing
like this. Angie was tight and smooth between her
legs. Even the lips of her little cunt were tight.
But Karen’s twat was full and fleshy and mature. The
lips weren’t tight and smooth but lush and soft and
protruding outward toward him. The lips themselves
were all wrinkly and puckery and inviting.

As he touched them they seemed to part slightly
offering a promise of greater treasures within. As he
pushed his finger against them they parted and closed
around his finger. As he pushed his finger into her,
her cunt lips sort of rolled inward with his finger.

As Jimmy withdrew his finger from his aunt’s’
depths the exotic lips rolled outward yet seemed to
cling to his finger as though to keep his probing
digit buried inside Karen’s hot, succulent snatch.
When he stroked the length of her lips there seemed a
harder nodule buried beneath the folds of skin right
up at the top of Karen’s slit.

His aunt’s hips would give a twitch whenever
his questing finger would brush against or rotate
around this turgid little flesh bud. Jimmy was
absolutely fascinated by his aunt’s incredibly wonder-
ful cunt!

Karen was in the meantime totally thrilled with
the ministering her body was receiving from the two
excited, horny boys. Karen simply adored seducing
young men. While they lacked the sexual power of males
several years their senior, and certainly lacked the
finesse of men much older, young boys were just so much
FUN! They were SO eager to discover the mysteries of
a woman, their recovery powers were phenomenal, and
their cocks, while not enormous, got so damn bloody
HARD! And there was something that stroked her ego
about knowing that whatever women her boys might have
in the future, their sexual baptism with her would be
something that would stay with them forever!

She looked down at Kenny, his face now buried
between her breasts. He had been tracing a path from
one breast to the other sucking on her nipples as he
went. She raised his head from her chest to get his
attention and told him to swing his hips up toward her.

This he did and promptly resumed his licking
and nibbling of Karen’s breasts. With his manhood
now near her face, Karen was free to study Kenny’s
developing equipment. His balls were drawn up tightly
against his body and his cock stuck straight out at
her. She wrapped her hand around his stiff pole and
stroked it lightly. Knowing that very little handling
would be required to make Kenny’s cock explode, and not
wanting him to come in her hand, she leaned closer to
him and lowered her open mouth over his dick.

Her lips made a soft, tight seal on the shaft
of his pecker while she let her tongue curl around the
head of Kenny’s cock as she sucked on his flesh
lollipop. As she sucked, her hand stroked and pumped
the shaft of Kenny’s erection, and in no time Kenny
moaned, his hips bucked, and shot after shot of thick
white cum pumped into Karen’s mouth. She swallowed
several times feeling his hot, salty jism course down
her throat.

Soon the hard phallus was softening rapidly
within her mouth as Karen licked the final dribbles
of cum from the head of Kenny’s cock. As she let it
slip from her mouth, she let her pointed tongue trace
a line along the underside of Kenny’s cock shaft and
along the grove on the underside of his mushroom pecker
head. Kenny rolled to the side temporarily disabled
and Karen flopped onto her back.

Jimmy was still lost in his study of Karen’s

“Jimmy,” Karen called out, “come up here with
auntie.” She beckoned to him as she spoke. Jimmy
left his study of her pussy and clambered over Karen’s
supine body. Her legs parted more widely as Jimmy
slipped up between them.

With Jimmy in a modified push up position over
her, Karen reached down between their bodies and
cradled Jimmy’s hard dick in her fingers.

“Oh my!” she uttered appreciatively, “I think my
fella’s cock wants to come visit auntie’s cunny.”

Jimmy was somewhat overwhelmed by all that had
happened. First his being discovered hiding in the
back of Aunt Karen’s closet and his f****d disrobing,
then Karen’s ready acceptance of Kenny and himself and
her willingness to let them do whatever they wanted
with her. And now this.

He was actually going to get to fuck a girl.
And not just any girl but his own aunt!

His thoughts was cut short as Karen grasped
Jimmy’s shaft more firmly and drew it toward the hot,
moist opening of her cunt flower.

Positioning the head of Jimmy’s cock right at
the opening to her love pit, Karen slid her feet up
the backs of Jimmy’s legs and let them apply pressure
to his butt. Jimmy followed Karen’s lead and as she
pressured the backs of his legs with her feet Jimmy
pushed his hardness forward. The tip of his dick
encountered the folds of Karen’s cunt and then began
to nudge its way between them and into the opening of
her love tunnel. Her lips clung to the sides of
Jimmy’s dick head, skinning his foreskin back and
exposing the blunt mushroom shaped head of his dick.

Deeper and deeper that mushroom slid into
Karen’s warm wet tunnel. Karen closed her eyes and
rolled her head back and just let the wonderful feeling
of Jimmy’s dick burrowing into her depth wash over her.

“Oh baby, that’s so good!” rolled liquidly out
of Karen’s throat. When his shaft could sink no
further into her clasping cunt Jimmy paused and
relished the sensations of Karen’s cunt muscles
gripping and rippling on his cock. Then he reversed
his thrust and began to withdraw his cock from Karen’s
clutching pit ever so slowly.

He had never felt anything so exquisite as the
feeling of moving his cock in and out of Karen’s loving
cock sheath. Several passes in an out of Karen’s tight
cunt and Jimmy had reached his limit. He drove his
cock as firmly into Karen’s depths as he could and his
body went rigid as his cock jerked and spewed its hot
sauce deep into Karen’s womb.

Jimmy collapsed on top of Karen as his cock gave
its last few feeble spurts and began to shrivel and
withdraw from Karen’s soaked snatch.

Jimmy rolled off Karen and just lay on his side
next to her recuperating from this, his very first

Karen looked over at Kenny who a short time ago
had been a wasted mass. Now he was on his knees
frantically fisting his re-erected cock. Watching his
buddy fuck Karen’s lush form had been more than enough
to restore him to full fighting trim.

Karen smiled. “Yes indeedie!” she thought.
“Guys at this age are nothing if not resilient!”

“And what about you?” She asked. “You want to
fuck Auntie Karen too?” Kenny could only grin and nod
foolishly as he climbed into the space between Karen’s
legs so recently vacated by his pal.

With all of Karen’s woman juices already flood-
ing her snatch, and Jimmy’s cum draining from her hole,
Kenny had no trouble whatsoever driving his cock into
Karen’s soggy, syrupy snatch. His cock sank easily to
its limit on his very first thrust.

Kenny could not get enough of the delicious
sensations of Karen’s cunt lips caressing his cock
shaft and he began to power his penis in and out of
her at an almost frantic rate.

This was fine with Karen, as she was ready for
a hard fuck. She locked her legs around Kenny and hung
on for the ride. Her breasts heaved and bounced from
the force of Kenny’s thrusts. She shifted the angle
of her pelvis a bit so that each time Kenny smashed
into her depths the base of his cock ground against
the swollen nubbin of her clitty. Over and over and
over he drove into her so that when Kenny made that
last drive into her body and went rigid Karen was right
there too.

As Kenny’s cock ground into Karen’s cunt and he
shot his release into her, Karen was able to get the
last grindings that she needed of her clitty against
Kenny’s bony cock base.

The waves of delicious release broke deep within
Karen’s cunt and rippled outward taking over her entire

This time both Kenny and Karen collapsed,
exhausted by the after effects of their intercourse.

As Karen slowly came to, there was Jimmy, bright
eyed and sporting another major erection. “I think
this is going to be a long night,” Karen happily pro-
phesized. “Here Kenny,” she said handing him the
phone. “Why don’t you call home and get permission to
sleep over here tonight.”

Kenny had the necessary permission secured in
short order, but needless to say he did very little