Ken Summers’ encounters with his married secretary and her two daughters

Part 1-Office Respite

“Yes, sir. I completely understand. I’ll have it done
for you when you come in first thing tomorrow morning.”

I lowered the phone from my ear and will depressing the
end button to end the call, my other hand ran through
my short black hair and I exhaled a soft sigh of
disgust. My overbearing boss had just given me yet
another unreasonable deadline. A deadline that I knew
that I wasn’t going to meet without at least some
assistance. So I leaned back in my chair, cracked my
knuckles and pulled up all the relevant information I
could find to help me finish this project.

I wasn’t sure how long I had been working when my
intercom buzzed and brought me back to the present.
Reaching over my paper-covered desk, I pushed the talk
button and while doing so I glanced at the clock on my
computer. It was already 6:30! Well, I thought, there
goes another chance to get home before 7.

“Yes, Brooke what is it?”

“Ken, Thom just left, and I’ll need to get home so I
can see Kristina off to the game. Should I lock up or
will you be out shortly?”

“Actually, Brooke, could you stick around a little, I
could really use some help finishing up this report for

“Sure thing Ken. Just let me phone Mark to see if he
can take Kristina to the game.”

“Thanks Brooke. What would I do without you?”

“Oh, I’m sure you would survive, Ken” Brooke replied
lightly as she quickly ended our discussion.

Brooke has been my secretary for over 3 years now, and
I can’t imagine what I did to deserve to have her
around. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Her long
silky toned legs were consistently a distraction, and
her sparkling personality was a kicker. If it weren’t
for the fact that she was happily married to one of my
best friends, I would have scooped her up years ago. Of
course, that hadn’t stopped us from finding the time to
have a little fun every once in a while.

Brooke came through the door to my office and gently
closed the door to the outer area. She glided in like a
goddess. The incredibly short mini-skirt she liked to
wear wonderfully accentuated her long lean legs. Her
straight golden tresses flowed down to the middle of
her back, and she had removed her business jacket to
reveal her gloriously toned arms. She even left the
bottom couple of buttons unbuttoned on her white blouse
and tied the parts together to revel her incredible
flat stomach.

“Now, Ken what was it you wanted?” questioned Brooke as
she sauntered over to my desk and smiled sweetly.
Standing next to my chair, she stood over me, her 5’10”
frame an intoxicating vision.

I smiled back at her as I gazed at her emerald eyes and
invitingly, pouty lips. “Well, I’ve been working on
this presentation that Mr. Richards gave me and I
really need a little break, think you could help me

Brooke smiled at the thought. Her blue eyes, sparkling
behind her thin framed glasses as she and I made eye
contact. Her eyes bored a hole straight into my soul
through my own hazel colored irises.

“I know exactly what would help you get through this,”
she pronounced seductively shaking her skirt covered
ass at me. Placing her glasses gently on the desk she
straddled my legs as I sat in my plush office chair.
Snaking her thin tanned arms around my neck, I gazed
lovingly into her crystal blue eyes and ran my hands
through her long blonde mane. She responded by pulling
my lips to her own ruby tinted lips and devoured my
tongue in a searing kiss that brought my throbbing
member to attention.

While kissing Brooke passionately on her hot mouth, my
hands brushed over her exceptionally smooth abdomen and
held on to her shapely hips, just above her incredibly
petite mini-skirt that had always left little to the
imagination on just how long her sleek legs were.

Brooke briefly broke our tongue battle and leaned
herself back and allowed me to untie her rather short
white top that she was wearing to allow me access to
her nice small titties. Just perfectly shaped to hold
in the palm of my hand. She smiled at my realization
that she hadn’t worn a bra. She told me once that she
liked how her silk blouses felt on her naked tits, and
who was I to argue with that, eh? As my hands began to
fondle her sweet caramel colored nipples, my sultry
secretary began to stroke my emergent erection through
my constricting slacks.

We moaned in unison into each other’s mouths as we
continued our mutual fondling, and as soon as she
released my aching prick from the confines of my tight
slacks, I started carefully lathering her sweet breasts
with my moist tongue. Hearing my married secretary sigh
in contentment, along with her excellent handling of my
erection was sending me closer and closer to the edge.

Sensing this, like a pro she swiftly released my
hardened cock and detached herself from my lap. I was
wondering what she was doing, until she folded to her
knees before my chair and expertly brought my thick,
bloated prick to her glistening rose-colored lips.
Smiling knowingly I ran my hands through her bountiful
blonde locks and helped guide my prick down into her
warm inviting mouth.

“God Brooke,” I gasped to my hot blonde secretary as
her tongue expertly rolled itself around my bulging
dick, “I’m going to come any minute.” And as if on cue,
my load surged down her gulping throat. Brooke’s
experience here really paid off as she took all of my
hot white cum in one swallow, not spilling even a drop
on the office floor. Spent, I leaned back in my chair,
panting contentedly for a moment.

“Brooke, you are the best cocksucker I’ve ever had the
pleasure to know. How could I even begin to repay you?”

My lithe secretary quickly rose up and sat her skirt-
covered ass down on the edge of my desk, spread her
uncovered, tanned legs, and grinned. “Well, you could
start by getting me off.”

I loved how direct she could be. I grabbed a hold of
her slick legs, spread them wide and rubbed my hands
slowly up her sweat-covered legs until I reached her
short mini-skirt. Reaching underneath her soft skirt I
yanked off her black lace panties, which not
surprisingly were drenched with her love juices. Brooke
leaned back and placed her hands on the edge of my desk
as I lowered my tongue into her invitingly saucy slit
and began my best to “repay” her with some service of
my own.

Holding on tightly to her firm thighs, I dove my tongue
into her warm, dripping pussy. She dug her fingers into
my short dark hair and moaned loudly as I was licking
expertly at her clit. While I lapped up her flowing
juices she began rocking back and forth on the desk and
my notes and papers for my momentarily forgotten report
flew everywhere. We couldn’t care less. Brooke was in
the midst of an incredible orgasm, and I had my face
embedded in the most beautiful, wet, delicious, blonde
snatch ever. Add in the fact that she was married and
that we could’ve been caught at any moment, added to
the thrill and excitement of it all.

Having my face buried in this sweet, intoxicating cunt
quickly reinvigorated my sagging prick. Sensing how
close my slutty secretary was to her climax, I drew my
face up from her frothy cunt. She glanced swiftly at me
trying to comprehend why I would stop just when she was
on the verge of an earth shattering orgasm. I then
proceeded to lift her ass up off my desk, twisted her
gorgeous figure around so that she was bending over my
desk, pointing her magnificent ass in my direction.
Ripping off her mini I thrust my hardened prick up into
her tight velvety cunt. Brooke’s sudden gasps and cries
at the sudden assault on her wet pussy reverberated
around my office, increasing the chances that we would
be caught.

My secretary’s cunt was amazingly tight on my stabbing
cock, especially so for someone married with two young
c******n. I grabbed onto her shapely hips and
repeatedly penetrated her warm cunt as she continued to
wreck havoc with the papers that I had strewn about my
desk, sweat dripping off her glistening body. Her tiny
titties rubbed harshly on the hard desk until I grabbed
a hold of her them, massaging and tweaking her nipples
to the obvious delight of my secretary who moaned her

It wasn’t long before I felt a familiar stirring in my
loins, and I gasped to Brooke that I was about to cum.
She turned her head around, whipping her hair around
and to gaze into my eyes and moaned,
“Come…in…my…cunt…you…mother…fucker!” I
leaned forward and kissed her hard on the mouth as my
cum shot through my pussy encased dick, coating the
insides of her velvety pussy with my sticky white cum
as her cunt gushed and soaked the papers that had
fallen to the floor from her gyrations.

Basking in our mutual orgasms, I took her in my arms
and held her softly in my lap as I fell back into my
chair. The air heavy with the scent from our lovemaking
and the desk and chair were coated with a thin sheet of
our love-sweat. I kissed her sweat-covered forehead and
murmured, “I love you, Brooke.”

Brooke only sighed contently and rose her heart shaped
face to mine and kissed me hotly on the mouth.
Releasing herself from our embrace and rising from my
lap, she smiled warmly at me and replied sadly, “I care
about you too Ken, but I couldn’t stand to pain Mark by
leaving him. Or what that would do to Kristina and
Angela, either.” I nodded in heartrending
understanding, not wanting to hurt any of them either,
especially since Mark was an old friend of mine from
our college days.

Brooke hurriedly gathered her clothes, which had been
strewn haphazardly around my desk during our torrid
lovemaking. Quickly dressing she promptly left my
office, leaving me with my now shrinking dick to ponder
what would become of our relationship. Leaning back in
my chair, I suddenly became aware of something that my
secretary had forgotten in her rush-her panties, which
were still lying on the floor of my office.

Part 2-Forbidden Desires

It had been a couple of weeks since I had last made
love to my intoxicatingly beautiful secretary, Brooke.
In her rush to get home before her husband would start
wondering where she was, she had inadvertently left her
cum-soaked panties in my office. It just so happened
that this weekend Brooke’s husband Mark was going away
on an important business call. Finally, an opportunity
to return Brooke’s ‘lost garment’ had arrived.

Just to make sure we wouldn’t be caught, I called
Brooke on her private cell phone before I left my
apartment, and had tucked her panties into my shorts
pocket. Seeing as it was the weekend, I dressed
casually in a pair of cut-off jean shorts and a t-
shirt. I hopped into my car and started driving to
Brooke and Mark’s house in the suburbs. While driving
to my secretaries home, my thoughts wandered through
our many past encounters and I hoped that her daughters
would be preoccupied enough to let me get in a quickie
with their bombshell mother.

I drove up her driveway to her house, turned off the
ignition and made my way to her front door. Her house
was on a slight hill and they had put in a nice eight-
foot high wooden fence around their backyard pool in
order to secure privacy for themselves and their two
young daughters. Approaching the door, I could hear
water splashing and what sounded like young females
giggling. I naturally assumed that her daughters were
in the pool at the side of her house and with any luck
they would be distracted enough for Brooke and I to

But I wanted to make sure I wasn’t interrupting
anything so, without hesitation I sauntered up to the
fence and peeked through a convienet knothole in the
wood. I was blown away by what I witnessed, Brooke was
relaxing on the side of the pool, wearing a very
revealing two-piece bikini set that showed off her
tight round ass and her glorious bosom. However, what
really took my breath away were her daughters.
Kristina, who I had only met once about 5 years ago,
had blossomed into a remarkably beautiful young woman.

She was a vision of beauty with her developing breasts,
gently curving hips and fine silky legs that longed for
someone to caress. Her long sandy blonde locks were
tied back into two braided ponytails and her exquisite
breasts were amazingly unrestricted by a top, which was
floating peacefully in the water next to the playing
siblings. I was amazed that at nineteen her breasts
were already the size of her mothers. Feeling my member
pushing against my constricting shorts, I gasped at the
knowledge that I was getting a hard-on for my secret
lovers’ nineteen year old daughter.

Meanwhile, I was even further shocked when I began to
recognize a young nubile raven-haired vixen who kept
playfully splashing water on Kristina. It had also been
five years since I had seen little Angela, and I was
taken aback to find that she also was developing into a
very fine piece of tail. Angela was very confidently
wearing a one piece bathing suit that accentuated her
growing curves and gave me a wonderful view of her
sleek and inviting legs.

Her long black hair was flowing freely behind her, and
as she turned around I could just make out her
bountiful breasts poking at her clinging wet swimsuit.
I had never had impure thoughts about Brookes young
girls before in my life, but seeing these two
visionaries aroused me beyond anything I had
experienced before.

I shook my head silently, wondering how in the world I
was going to get Brooke’s cum-stained panties to her
without arousing suspicion from an obviously aroused
nineteen year old and a precociously seductive eighteen
year old. Removing myself reluctantly from this
incredible revelation of beauty I staggered up to the
steps and nervously pressed the doorbell.

While patiently awaiting a reply I become aware that
the sound of splashing water had stopped. I smiled to
myself and imagined a panicked rummaging to get
Kristina’s bikini top back on, when the door opened.

I must’ve gasped in surprise because Brooke’s angelic
face broke into a wicked smile and her blue eyes
sparkled. No wonder either; Brooke hadn’t even taken
the time to cover herself with a towel. She stood in
the doorway, a complete vision of beauty and lust,
water dripping from her fit and trim figure to the
floor and her hair dripping wet from the pool.

“C’mon in, Ken,” she beckoned me in after letting me
gawk at her beauty. She took this time to admire my own
figure and glance at my unshaven stubble on my face and
my short cropped black hair. I almost stumbled into her
house and closed the door shut still amazed at her
boldness in welcoming me into her house like this.

I opened my mouth to explain my visit, but she shushed
me by placing her finger on my lips and turned around
slowly to give me a mouthwatering look at her tight and
fit body, her alabaster skin glistening in the sunlight
that filtered through the window. My eyes soon fixed on
her remarkable bikini-covered ass. She glanced over her
shoulder at me and gave me a “come hither” look as she
walked gracefully over to her bedroom.

Her bedroom was, in fact, connected to her bathroom,
which is where she greeted me in the best possible
manner. She leaned back on the sink and grabbed me by
the arms before I could close the door. Our lips mashed
together and our tongues embraced in a wildly
passionate kiss. I picked her up by her glorious ass
and set her down softly on the edge of the sink, and
she proceeded to wrap her silky legs around my waist as
we continued to kiss each other roughly.

Her hands deftly undid my fly and slowly unzipped my
shorts, which plummeted to the floor revealing my
massively bloated prick. In response I reached around
to her back and untied her bikini top and as it dropped
to the bathroom tiled-covered floor, I broke our kiss
momentarily and ran my tongue up and down the cleft
between her now revealed and shivering breasts, still
kneading her tight buttocks with my groping hands.

Brooke gasped in pleasure as I continued my assault on
her quivering breasts. Her hands felt up my smooth back
and pulled my shirt over my head. Pausing my
ministrations I raised my arms above my head so Brooke
could pull my shirt off. Tossing the discarded material
to the floor she moaned as I resumed my lathering of
her petite tits.

“Feels so good,” Brooke gasped, “I need you inside me,

I lowered my hands to her warm thighs. She unwrapped
her sweaty legs from around my waist and permitted me
to unfasten her bikini bottoms, and as they dropped
noiselessly to the floor, I grabbed her round buttocks
and directed my hardened prick into her tight, velvety
pussy. Gasping in unison I continued to fuck her hard
on the bathroom sink that she shared with her husband.
Her wet blonde-hair flailing, my secretary continued to
hump up at my penetrating dick and I raised her legs up
so she could wrap them around my waist again.

I couldn’t get enough of this vixen, and apparently she
couldn’t get enough of my cock, either. She responded
to my continual thrusts by moaning my name louder and
clutched my ass to get my thick member further into the
depths of her vagina.

My legs were beginning to feel the strain and were
about ready to give out, but nothing was going to stop
me from coming inside this intoxicating beauty. We
kissed again, our searing kisses sending shockwaves
though each of us. Brooke then leaned back again,
bracing her arms on the edge of the sink and closed her
eyes in passion, giving herself fully over to her
impending orgasm.

This gave me the brief opportunity to take a quick look
out her bathroom window. While continuing to fuck this
horny blonde bombshell I noticed another blonde beauty
gazing in apparent unabated arousal at the lewd scene.
Her dark eyes wide, I recognized her instantly as
Brooke’s daughter Kristina. I noticed that she hadn’t
replaced her fallen bikini top like I had thought, and
her small delicate fingers had instead delved into her
tiny pink shorts. I realized that she was getting
herself off while her mother was getting fucked!

It was at that precise moment that her mother had an
earth-shattering orgasm. The way her vaginal muscles
worked on my pistoning cock, combined with the feeling
of her gloriously tight ass in my hands, along with the
shared connection between her teenage daughter and
myself gazing at each other in mutual lust, created an
immediate massive ejaculation of hot cum into the
depths of Brookes’ hot twat.

“God, Ken that was what I needed” panted Brooke, her
cunt still holding tight to my softening cock. Her eyes
still closed shut in exhilaration, I glanced again out
the window where Kristina had apparently cum all over
her pink shorts. I smiled at her through the window.
The young teen winked at me seductively as she tasted
her own juices from her hand and presented her ripe
breasts with her other hand. She then smiled
mischievously at me before turning back around and
jumping back into the pool, eliciting a shout from
Angela to watch where she was jumping.

I slowly disentangled myself from my horny secretary
and dropping to the floor almost exhausted, dragged my
shorts back over to where I now was. Smiling
contentedly at her sparkling sweat-covered body I
tossed her ‘lost’ panties to her.

“I think you might need these, hon.”

She just smiled wickedly and replied, “Not right now I
won’t,” as she joined me on the floor, fondling my
flaccid cock back into action and let her now-forgotten
panties drop to the floor, next to her now discarded

“I still want a ride on this thing” she smiled,
naughtily, holding on to my slowly reinvigorated prick.

I smiled back at her, gazing at her sparkling blue

“Then jump on, bitch.”

She smiled impishly, rose up and took my now fully
erect cock and placed it at the entrance to her
overflowing pussy. She then lowered herself onto my
jutting cock and proceeded to bounce up and down as if
on a bucking horse. I couldn’t just let her do all the
work, so I seized her peach-sized jiggling titties in
my hands and massaged and squeezed the nipples to
Brooke’s satisfaction.

Angela must’ve heard our loud moaning, because when I
looked up, she stood in shock at the entrance to the
bathroom as her mother wantonly fucked herself wildly
on my huge rod, eyes closed in passion and repeatedly
begging me to fuck her silly. Angela had replaced her
swimsuit with a hot pink sleeveless tank top and a
matching pair of pink shorts.

I continued to pump repeatedly up into my lover’s hot
pussy and I began to notice a small grin spread across
Angela’s beautifully heart shaped face. She turned
around slowly, placed her hands playfully on her
curvasious hips, looked over her shoulder with a big
grin and winked seductively at me. Her long raven hair
snaked down over her other shoulder, she impishly shook
her tiny ass at me as I gazed longingly at her
exquisitely silky teen legs.

After seeing this impish display of wanton sexuality
from an enthralling youthful schoolgirl, I couldn’t
control myself anymore and proceeded to deposit my
second substantial load of cum up into her mother’s
vibrating pussy as I gazed directly into her warm
inviting childlike brown eyes.

I sighed and relaxed and soon Brooke’s juices started
flowing down my legs indicating her own massive orgasm
and I drew my lover down into my arms and kissed her
wine-colored lips passionately. I patted Brooke’s head
as she rested on my shoulder and I looked back up at
the doorway, but her young nubile daughter was no
longer there. We continued to lie there on the bathroom
floor listening to our quick breaths slowing and the
sounds of her daughters continuing to have fun in the
family pool.

Part 3-A Favorable Fuck

I was sitting at my office desk carefully putting the
papers and projector sheets that I had used in the
director’s meeting that morning back into their
respective spots when I heard the door to my office
open and close.

Standing before the now closed door of my private
office was my intoxicatingly beautiful secretary
Brooke. She was looking quite inviting as usual
standing there with her shoulder length blonde tresses
cascading over her shoulders framing her rounded face,
broken only by an attractive smile. Her long shapely
legs accentuated the cream-colored shirt and miniskirt
combination that she was wearing today.

“How’d the meeting go Mr. Summers?” she inquired as she
sauntered over to my desk.

Putting the final papers away and closing the drawer, I
smiled at her with my hazel eyes, “Everything went
great Brooke, thanks for putting together the
presentation for me. You worked your magic yet again.”

“I’m glad to hear that.” She paused a bit then she
looked in my eyes as her mood turned slightly more
serious and stated, “I need a favor.”

This immediately got me thinking pleasant thoughts,
remembering our previous “favors” in the office and at
her home and the pleasures that entailed for the both
of us.

“Well, what exactly are you looking for?” I asked
expectantly into her enchanting blue eyes.

“As you know, my husband and I are taking off for a
couple of days next week and I was hoping you could
stop in occasionally and make sure the girls are doing
all right.”

Her girls were Kristina, a 19-year old hot blonde high
school cheerleader who was the spitting image of her
beautiful mother, and Angela, an 18-year old raven-
haired minx. I always liked being around them so I
jumped on the opportunity to visit them.

“Ok, you’re leaving when–Thursday?”

“Yeah, and we won’t be back until Tuesday. What do you
say?” while asking this she had quietly locked the door
and walked over to me. She hopped up on the edge of my
desk giving me a great view of her long silky legs.

I gazed into her beautiful azure eyes and grabbing a
hold of her dainty hands, I placed them over the crotch
of my slacks allowing her to feel my rapidly hardening

“As long as you do a favor for me this afternoon with a
growing problem. And since you’ve been so good

Her eyes sparkled and as I let go of her hands, she
deftly unzipped my slacks and pulled out my massive

Smiling wickedly, she fell to the floor before me,
folded her legs beneath her and swallowed my rigid cock
into her warm, slick mouth. I moaned in satisfaction
and began to help her by placing my hands in her soft
tawny mane and sliding her mouth on my rock hard cock.
Her lips forming a perfect “o” and her tongue expertly
licking the base and length of my cock as her hands
fondled my balls in her delicate hands.

I was in heaven, my beautiful married secretary was
giving me the best blowjob of my life and she loved
doing it! Even though it was not the first time she had
given me head, it certainly felt the best. Her tongue
expertly circled my engorging cock as I moaned in

In response to my moans of passion, she began to take
my entire slick rod in her fiery hot mouth and began
deep-throating my pulsating cock. This was the first
time she had ever deep throated my cock and brought me
quickly to the edge of climax.

“Oh, fuck Brooke, yeah take my cock you slutty bitch…
I’m about to cum down your hot throat.”

She continued her brilliant oral ministrations on my
engorged cock, until it erupted and filled her hot
mouth with my salty spunk. She removed her mouth slowly
from my spent member, making sure she captured all of
my creamy sperm, swallowed my sticky cum, and smiled up
at me with her beautiful heart shaped face.

“Is there anything else you wanted from me, sir?” she
said playfully as she rose up from the floor in front
of me, hopping back on the edge of my desk.

“Actually, yes there is.” I took her in my arms
lustfully embracing her and giving her a passionate
kiss on the mouth, her lips and tongue battling mine. I
let my hands pull her cream colored shirt off revealing
her small bra-encased tits and held on to her shapely

I broke the forceful kiss and knelt down on the floor
in front of her. My hands caressing her firm athletic
legs, reaching up her smooth thighs until I pulled her
white miniskirt down her lithe alabaster legs. I gently
removed her sticky cum-drenched panties down her silky
smooth legs exposing her moist twat.

“Ohhhh, Ken yes! Lick my pussy! Make me cum you
bastard” whimpered my slutty secretary as I began to
lightly lick the inside of her firm athletic thighs.
Reaching under her smooth thighs, I grabbed a hold of
her tight ass, each hand clutching onto her glorious
buttocks. Holding on to her superbly tight ass in my
hands, I continued to circle her moist pussy with my
tongue, driving her wild. Her hair flayed out behind
her as she leaned back on my desk.

Her moans were getting progressively louder as I began
to finally lick her hardened clit. Her body immediately
grew rigid in my arms, and she let out a long soft moan
as she unleashed her honey all over my face. I licked
all of her hot pussy juices until she quickly came
again, coating my face in her orgasmic bliss.

After her second orgasm, she joined me on the floor. I
pulled her bra off, and my hands began to tweak her
aroused nipples. As I fondled and squeezed her pliant
tits, she started stroking my reinvigorated cock.
Continuing our mutual fondling, we embraced and shared
a passion filled kiss; our arms around each other
holding on to each others butts.

Brooke suddenly broke the kiss and got down on all
fours, her rounded ass pointing in front of me. Looking
over her sweat-sheaned shoulder, she begged me, “Ken I
need your cock; fuck my pussy!”

Being the wonderful boss I am I gave her exactly what
she wanted, first teasing her by placing my cock at the
folds of her wet snatch, I leaned over her sleek back
and snaking my arms about her thin waist I tweaked her
strawberry nipples to her satisfaction. She turned her
head and gave me a quick kiss. As I slowly inserted my
prick into her velvety, tight cunt we stared into each
other’s passion filled eyes.

I repeatedly drove my stiff cock into her snug pussy,
filing the room with our cries of passion and ecstasy.
I could not keep my eyes off Brooke’s inviting ass as I
repeatedly plunged my stiff rod into her snug cunt. I
had always wanted to fuck her tight ass, but I was
hesitant to hurt her in any way. My wonderfully sultry
secretary came once again, dripping her love juices
onto the floor and staining the carpet of my office.

Feeling my impending climax drawing closer, I nuzzled
my face into her soft sweat drenched hair and whispered
seductively to her, “Let’s try another position, I want
to see you when I cum in you.”

We disentangled ourselves, reluctantly removing my hard
prick from her velvety tight cunt. I lied prostrate on
the carpet as my blonde secretary rose herself up and
straddled my erect penis. She lowered herself slowly
onto my pulsing rod, running her hands through her
thick blonde hair. I ran my hands up her silky legs as
she bounced aggressively up and down on my jutting

“Mmmm, Ken this is my favorite position…oh god…fuck
me.” moaned Brooke as she came immediately.

Feeling her warm cunt contract on my bloated cock, I
took a hold of her shapely hips and repeatedly drove
her up and down on my rigid prick until I exploded and
filled her blonde snatch with all of my hot white
sticky cum, emptying my entire load in her hot pussy.

Brooke collapsed forward onto me and after we shared a
warm kiss I spoke to her softly, “After that favor I
can’t refuse your inquiry now, can I?” Brooke smiled
down at me as she felt my cock grow inside her again.

“Just shut up and fuck me Ken!” replied Brooke
seductively as she kissed me and began riding my cock
vigorously again.

Part 4-An Illicit Seduction

It was not long before Thursday rolled around. I was
looking forward to seeing Brooke’s sexy young daughters
and spending time with them. I secretly hoped to get
closer to the girls at this time, as I had Brooke.
After work, I found myself walking casually up to the
front door and rang the doorbell. I was dressed as
usual in my work attire: dark slacks and casual green

Brooke’s husband Mark opened the door and let me in.
Mark and I had always gotten along and he was happy to
see me.

“Hey Ken, thanks for coming over to look after the

“Not a problem Mark,” I replied as I walked into their
spacious living room and gently sat down on their nice
couch as he went to put their luggage in their
convertible. Glancing around I noticed that the kids
were nowhere around.

“So, where are the ‘little ones’ anyway?” I asked when
Brooke came out from the bedroom dressed casually in
tight jeans and a t-shirt, doing nothing to hide her
hot body.

“Well, Angela is actually getting ready to go on a date
while Kristina should be getting home soon, she had
cheerleading practice after school today.”

Mark came in after getting the luggage in the car. I
told them to enjoy themselves and watched them drive
off in their fiery red convertible, slightly jealous
that Mark and not I were riding off to be with Brooke
for the weekend.

Not long after Brooke and Mark left the driveway,
Kristina walked through the door, saw me and smiled
sweetly. She looked very fetching with her crimson
sleeveless cheerleader uniform. This sight instigated
my prick into rising within the tight confines of my
quickly constricting jeans as I returned her cute

“Hey Ken, mom and dad must be already gone, huh?” she
asked as she came up to me and gave me a warm hug.

“Yeah, they just left honey, so it’s just you, me and
Angela tonight”, I replied as I returned her embrace,
wrapping my arms around her lithe teenage body,
caressing her smooth back through her uniform top. I
was surprised when she lowered her hands down my back
and gave my ass a tiny little squeeze through my jeans,
one that sent a thrill of electricity through me when I
recognized it for what it was. This young girl was
flirting with me! Moreover, I had to admit that I loved
the attention.

I reluctantly let her slip out of my embrace and she
gave me a seductive smile as she bounced sprightly up
the stairs to her room so she could change out of her
sweaty cheerleader uniform. Just that was enough to
start my cock responding, I had to get my thoughts off
sex so I started making dinner for Kristina and myself.

As I began to get dinner ready for Kristina and I,
Angela came down the stairs and I gasped in shock as to
how astonishingly beautiful she looked. She was dressed
in a short tan miniskirt that showed of her well
developed sleek legs, combined with a tight pink long
sleeve shirt that did nothing to hide her budding
breasts and her shiny brown hair was flowing around her
angelic face. The sight of this enticing beauty was
enough to get me hard again. Being around these wanton
girls was sheer t*****e!

While she ambled through the kitchen, I could not stop
myself from looking appreciatively at her petite, yet
sexy body.

“Well, well. Angela you look amazing sweetie.”

She flashed me a smitten smile her eyes sparkling,
“Thanks Ken.”

“So where are you going on this date of yours tonight?”

“Oh, just to a movie with Steve.” Steve Johnson was a
k*d in her class that Angela said she had a crush on
for quite a while.

“Well, he’s a lucky k*d to be with an intoxicatingly
beautiful girl like yourself. Have fun and enjoy
yourselves. But be careful, you know how boys can get.”

“Oh, don’t worry I don’t do anything I won’t want to,
‘dad’.” Angela chided me playfully. “Besides, I’m
waiting for someone a little older and wiser, like
you.” She responded seriously as she walked over to me
and gave me a kiss on the mouth. Her lips inviting as I
could not help but respond and I wrapped my arms around
her lithe frame and lowered my hands to her skirt-
covered ass.

Before things could get to far the doorbell rang and
Angela broke our kiss and whispered, “Maybe when I get
home later I can take care of this for you.” With that
she gave my crotch a playful pat and rushed out the
door as I gazed at her tight skirt covered ass as she
bounded out the door leaving me horny and frustrated,
but with Kristina still around I didn’t dare relieve

After a while, Kristina came down and we enjoyed the
meal I had fixed. Kristina had changed into a
comfortable white blouse and light lavender Capri pants
that highlighted her sleek and shapely well-toned
thighs. She had also put her shoulder length blond hair
into a tight ponytail, giving her a sweet innocent
look. As we ate, we talked mostly about school and
sports, and as we were eating dessert, the inevitable
topic of boys came up.

“Well are you seeing anyone Kristina?”

She frowned and averted her gaze from mine, “No, the
boys in my school are all idiots. I’ve been out a few
times with some of them, but they don’t give me what I
really want.”

Surprised that she did not have a boyfriend and
intrigued by her blunt answer I asked a question that
had risen (along with my steadily stiffening cock).
“What exactly are you looking for?”

“Sex,” came the surprising answer as she brought up her
head and smiled directly at me as her silky smooth
teenage legs brushed up against mine and she leaned
over the table and said slowly to me, “I want to be
fucked by an older, more experienced man…like

I was shocked at her sheer wantonness and bold
behavior, but before I could respond to these
declarations, the phone rang and jarred our connection.
Kristina jumped up and gave me a smile and a seductive
wink as she bounded to answer the phone. I couldn’t
help but look at her sexy butt, thinking to myself what
I wouldn’t give to fuck that gorgeous ass.

As Kristina chatted on the phone, I cleaned the dishes
and cleaned up the table, hoping to clear my head a
little. She was still chatting when I went into the
living room. She was relaxing lying on the couch with
her Capri covered legs up in the air as she talked
quietly to her friend.

I sat down in the chair across the room from her and
picked up my book that I brought to keep me company for
the evening. I could not keep my thoughts off the
nubile teenager that was sitting across the room from
me however, especially after her sexy declaration at
the dinner table. Not to mention the way Angela had
behaved earlier all but throwing herself at me. These
circumstances caused me great discomfort as my slacks
were almost painfully constricting my bulging prick.

I looked over my book occasionally sneaking a peek at
her beautiful teenage body and eventually she noticed
and gave me a swift smile and started speaking louder
so I could her what she was talking to her friend

“Yeah Holly, Josh is cute, but I’m looking for someone
a bit older. In fact, my parents’ friend Ken is over
tonight and he’s really cute…what I wouldn’t give to
have him touch and ravish me…”

I swallowed, trying to contain my increasing desire
towards this horney teenage beauty.

“Oh! I’d love to have him hovering over me doing
anything and everything to me. I want him to fuck my
pussy so bad; I am getting so wet just thinking about
him. I wish he would drop his book right now and screw
my wet cunt and maybe I’d even give him my ass,” she
moaned into the phone as she gave me an eye-sparkling

Listening to this explicit talk from a horny teen was
agonizing in and of itself, but having her talk about
me as I was right across the room really got my prick
rising in anticipation. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her
flawless skin and her concealed breasts.

“Well, I need to get going, Holly. My pants are getting
soaked just thinking about this. I’m going to change
into something a little more comfortable. I’ll talk to
you later, ‘k? Bye.” With that she hung up the phone
and bounded up from the couch and I noticed a wet spot
in the crotch of her capris. The little minx was
genuinely getting off on this! While she went up the
stairs, she looked back at me over her shoulder.
Catching me glimpsing at her nubile body she smiled,
“I’ll be right back, Ken. I’m going to slip into
something more comfortable.”

Still reeling from the astonishingly effective
seduction techniques emanating from this nubile
teenager I just about came at that moment in my snug
jeans. I remained in apprehensive agony in anticipation
of seeing what Kristina was going to do next.

I put my book down as Kristina came down the stairs
leisurely and the apparition of the young nubile woman
descending the stairs mesmerized me. She had changed
into a form fitting gray sleeveless dress that was
amazingly short. Her stunningly beautiful legs sheathed
in light black panty hose with black high heels on her
cute feet. She had removed her ponytail and let her
shoulder length blond hair frame her gorgeous
adolescent face.

She ambled seductively across the room, reclined
gracefully back on the couch, and smiled seductively at
me asking, “Well Ken what do you think, stud? Do I turn
you on? Do you want me?”

I rose weakly from my chair, stumbled over to her in a
lusty haze, and placed my hands on the top of the couch
so that I was partially hovering over Kristina. I
lowered my face and gave her a soft kiss on her sweet
lips. She responded by aggressively kissing me back and
wrapping her thin alabaster arms gracefully around my
neck and pulled my shirt off over my head. I let her
remove my shirt and I gazed into her warm auburn eyes.

“So little Kristina wants to be fucked huh,” I asked as
I smiled down at her striking young face.

“Yes,” she whimpered as I took her breasts in my hands
and began to caress them through her thin dress.

Rising up, I stood in front of her angelic youthful
face and let her unzip my tight slacks to release my
hardened cock. It jumped out in front of her as my
pants fell to the floor. I kicked them away as Kristina
kicked her high heels off.

She smiled up at me wickedly, “Now this looks quite

She took my hardened rod in her small hands and I
thrust forward slowly so she could wrap her hot little
mouth on my rod. I could tell that this was not the
first cock she had ever sucked, but I did not care at
this point. The feel of her mouth and talented tongue
on my hard member was pleasant enough to expel any
other thoughts from my mind.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned happily as her mouth went up and
down the length of my bloated prick. Having this hot
young petite teenage girl giving me fantastic head, I
did not last long, quickly depositing a hot load down
her young throat. Kristina surprises me yet again, by
taking all of my hot spunk and swallowing it all in one

As I removed my spent cock from her exquisite mouth, I
climbed up on the couch and lowered my self over her
thin body. My hands caressing her firm agile legs, her
silky skin feeling incredible in my hands. I reached
under her thin dress and slowly removed her soaked
panties over her smooth, silky legs and tossing them to
the floor. I then took her tiny ass in my hands and
lowered my head, dipping my tongue in her hot teen

“Oh, god Ken, suck my pussy,” Kristina yelled loudly as
I repeatedly penetrated her saucy slit with my agile
tongue. Her hot pussy tasted sweet and reminded me a
little of her mothers intoxicating cunt. However,
Kristina was a lot more vocal about it.

“Fuck! Lick my pussy, Ken! God, this is amazing!”

It was not long before her body she shuddered in my
arms with her first orgasm, shrieking loudly in a
passion-filled orgasm. Her juices coated my face in the
sweet tasting nectar of a teenage goddess.

After licking her sweet pussy juices up I rose from her
drenched cunt, and gave her a hard passionate kiss on
her sweet cherry lips and Kristina responded by
passionately wrapping her athletically toned legs
around my waist. Our kiss deepened, as she tasted
herself on my lips.

My prick quickly reinvigorated by this intoxicating
young lady. I eventually broke our kiss and stared into
her warm brown eyes that reminded me that she was not
her mother.

“Ok Kristi, are you ready to do it?” I gasped, as our
sweat mingled in the air of the living room, “Are you
ready to get fucked?”

She responded bluntly, “Fuck me Ken, fuck me like you
do my mom, fuck me silly like I’ve always wanted you
to, and cum in my cunt pleasssee….”

With that, I slid my rock hard cock slowly into her
vice-like pussy, surprised to find that she was not a

“God, Kristi you’ve got such a tight, hot cunt…”

“Yes, Ken…mmmm…your prick feels so good in me! Fuck

I repeatedly stabbed her hot cunt aggressively. Her
thin teenage arms wrapped around my back as I continued
to hump her tiny pussy. Her pussy felt exquisite
clamped tightly around my throbbing erection. I grabbed
her ass to get my prick deeper in her hot cunt.
Kristina responded with a blissful moan, wrapping her
athletic legs tightly around my waist. Her hair spread
out underneath her and our fluids soaking her parents’
couch beneath us.

Her hot cunt felt so good on my stabbing cock.

“Fuck! Kristi you feel so damn good on my cock. Your
pussy is so hot, you slutty bitch!” I gasped to her.

Kristi responded by bucking up to me harder, trying to
pull me deeper in her pussy.

“Yes, yes! Keep fucking my cunt… mmmmm.”

Feeling my orgasm rushing forward, I kissed her hotly
on the mouth and came deep in her unprotected young
cunt as she gushed all over my penetrating cock as we
embraced our orgasms simultaneously.

Basking in the glow of our first shared orgasm, I broke
the kiss and smiled down at Kristi’s sweat covered
face. “Was that what you wanted?”

“Gods, yes.” She responded trying to catch her breath,
“I wanna keep doing it. Angela won’t be home for a
while yet, and I want more of your hot cock in my
pussy. Could you fuck my ass later too?”, smiled
Kristina naughtily.

“I think I can arrange that.” I replied as I picked up
where I left off fucking her slick pussy with my
reinvigorated prick as Kristi threw her snug pussy back
at me, her smooth legs still wrapped tightly around my
waist pulling me deeper into her teenage snatch.

I rolled us over so that she was on top and I gently
removed her wrinkled dress. This gave me access to her
lovely petite tits and I loved the feeling of her pussy
grinding itself on my engorged cock as she rocked
happily on my penetrating dick.

“MMmmmmm, now this is nice. I’ve never been on top
before. God, I love you!” She exclaimed as I drove my
cock up into her pussy. Meanwhile my hands massaged her
tits softly and I pulled her down as we fucked, sharing
a searing passionate kiss.

I gently pushed her off my hardened cock, positioned
her so that she bent over her parents’ couch and I
began to knead her plush ass. She looked over her
sweaty shoulder at me with her smoldering auburn eyes,
moaning to me in anticipation.

“Oh yes, Ken. Fuck my ass. Do it now!”

I knelt behind her glorious asscheeks and lathered up
her bung so it wouldn’t hurt as much. I quickly rose
behind my blond lover and started fucking her hot pussy
some more to lube up my hard member. Kristi grunted in
passion as I plowed her tingling cunt.

I reluctantly disengaged my dick from her velvety cunt,
grabbed her butt and guided my prick into her tight
ass. It was tighter than her cunt, and felt wonderfully
hot. She could only moan her satisfaction.

“Oh God, Ken! This feels awesome! Fuck my ass! Fuck it
hard!” She looked back at me and begged me to continue.
I rammed the rest of my cock into her hot ass as she
bucked wildly back at me, throwing her body at me. The
sounds of my balls slapping at her cunt reverberated
through her parents’ house as I continued to fuck her
ass with my penetrating cock. Suddenly I felt her pussy
contract through her ass and I deposited my hot load
right up her warm rectum.

Kristi collapsed onto the couch and gave a satisfied
sigh, turning around to kiss my mouth.

“Thank you Ken, I couldn’t have asked for a better
teacher, or lover. We’ll have to do this again.” With
that, she bounded up to bed leaving me speechless and
spent as I leaned back on the couch and quickly fell

Part 5-Sibling Rivalry

Feeling completely worn out from the intense lovemaking
I had endured with Kristi, I collapsed back onto the
couch. I had apparently fallen quickly asleep, because
the next thing I knew was a feeling of something warm
around my cock.

It felt incredible. I had to see this girl take my
cock, so I opened my eyes expecting to see young
Kristina sucking wantonly on my prick. I was completely
shocked by what I saw. Instead of seeing her shiny
blonde hair, I saw a brunette going aggressively at my

Noticing that I was now awake, she looked up at me
while continuing to expertly lick her tongue around my
saliva coated member. It was her younger sister Angela!
I had never heard her come in from her date.

“Oh my god, Ang, you’re talented,” I marveled at her as
she skillfully gave me a fantastic blow job, “If you
keep it up, you’ll get a nice sperm shake in no time.”

Angela kept her hands working on my genitals, fondling
my bloated balls with one, while rubbing the length of
my massive erection with the other as she removed her
fiery mouth from my growing cock.

“Well, I did say I would take care of this for you,
didn’t I?” she responded with a seductive smile on her
glossy lips, her warm brown eyes alight with passion.

While I was asleep, she had apparently been quite busy,
as she had removed all of her clothes, with the
exception of her black panties. Her tight shirt, nor a
bra no longer restricted her massive tits.

She quickly took notice that I kept looking at her
great big tits.

“So, do you like my tits, Ken?” she asked while pushing
them together with her hands.

“Fuck yeah, Ang, they’re spectacular.”

“I think you’ll like what they can do,” she smiled
mischeivously as she arose and placed my thick erection
between her magnificent mounds. She took her hands off
my cock and rubbed her massive jugs up and down the
length of my hardened rod.

“Oh fuck Ang, that feels so fucking good.” I gasped in
appreciation at her slutty talents, letting her know to
continue with the marvelous tit-fuck that she was
giving me.

I reached down with my hands and began to assist her.
Her breasts felt so nice in my hands, so tenderly soft
yet firm to the touch.

“Ang, I’m going to cum if you keep this up.” I warned
her as I felt the familiar stirrings in my tightening

Without saying a word, she rose up from the front of
the couch and straddled me, her petite figure looking
more intoxicating than any woman I had ever fucked
before. I took a hold of her curvaceous hips and helped
her remove her soaked panties.

“I’ve wanted you to fuck me for so long Ken,” she
cooed, “God you feel so nice inside me.” She moaned as
she took my entire length in her cunt.

Reaching up I took her huge breasts in my hands again
and tweaked her big nipples as she started to grind her
pelvis onto mine, taking control of our love making and
increasing the pace of our fucking.

I let go of her bountiful breasts, cupped her angelic
face and brought her down to kiss her tenderly on her
glossy lips. Her auburn eyes were ablaze with passion,
her shoulder length brunette hair whipping around her
angelic face as she continued to bounce repeatedly on
my lap my cock penetrating her snug twat. Her skin felt
exquisite as I ran my hands down her slender arms
across her smooth stomach and finally landing on her
bucking ass.

We didn’t even have to say a word as we continued
fucking each others brains out. We communicated our
passion only with our eyes as we continued in our
fornication. Her brown eyes’ telling me that she was
enjoying this like never before. My own hazel eyes took
in this intoxicating brunette beauty as she continued
riding my stabbing cock. Her copious firm tits bouncing
mesmerizing as her slender body continued to bounce up
and down on my slick rod as I assisted her holding on
to her bucking ass. Her mouth slack as her orgasm fast

“Oh, uh, god. I’m going to cum…fuck my pussy! Fuck my
pussy! Fuck my pussy… oh fuck!”

“Oh fuck you gorgeous little minx, I’m going to cum in
your sweet cunt.”

“Fuck yeah!” she yelled, her sweat-drenched hair
whipping around her gorgeous face.

“Fuck Angela! I love your fucking body! Here it comes,
slut!” I yelled simultaneously as I unloaded the
contents of my cock into her still contracting pussy.

The young raven haired teen collapsed forward onto me,
her plump titties pressed against my chest as we shared
another passionate and loving kiss.

“Ken, you were wonderful, I love your cock.” she smiled
sweetly, her auburn eyes glistening.

As I caressed her slick back, my hands lowering to
fondle her tight ass, I gazed into her warm brown eyes
and declared, “Angela, I love you. I love your warm
pussy, your magnificent tits, and your smoldering eyes.
You are absolutely spectacular. I could fuck you

I couldn’t believe that I had just said that. However,
she knew as well as I did that we had a connection that
no one could break; not even her sister who had just
come down the stairs after being awakened by our loud
lovemaking and stood in shock at our wanton sexuality
as she realized that her sister had just fucked her
supposed new lover.