Korean Extreme Affair

We moved to Korea several years ago. My husband’s a
computer consultant and Seoul Korea was a great
opportunity for us to make tons of money. Things were
pretty neat until last summer when I made one too many

I am in real trouble because I’ve been caught in an
affair — in the worst way — and my husband doesn’t
even know yet.

I was brought up in a family where sex was never really
discussed. After I married — I changed and became much
more uninhibited.

I had often thought about the possibility of having sex
with another man and it was a big turn on for me.

I met a nice Korean guy called Kalvin. He went to
school in the U.S. and we had a lot in common. I
especially liked his muscled tanned body. In my opinion
he was a hunk who was married.

He ran the local Pro-Shop, where my husband and I
played golf. I often get out and meet him in the local
woods in the evening after he closes the shop.

He likes me to wear a dress or miniskirt that opens at
the front with no panties on. During the summer we
would walk into the woods and have sex in the forest
away from the main paths.

There’s something about being in the open air with a
man making love to me that really turns me on. I love
the feeling of the breeze on my naked skin and the
thought that we are in the open.

Both my lover, and my husband have had vasectomies, and
I don’t have to take the pill which I was allergic to

The evening that caused the problem was in early spring
during a lovely warm spell. I had met Kalvin and we had
walked into the woods arm in arm.

I was rubbing him, and he had his left hand on my
breast. We both got extremely turned on and started to
kiss and cuddle each other by a gate leading into an
empty farm field.

Before either of us really gave it any thought he had
lifted me partly up onto the gate and had slid his cock
into me. I was hanging onto his neck and bouncing up
and down on his nice cock when over his shoulder I saw
some people come into view.

I let out a little yell but Kalvin carried on thinking
I was just getting exited. As I looked I realized that
there was at least a dozen men walking towards us and
they were all Asian. Kalvin kept fucking me even though
I started to tell him that we weren’t alone any more.
The men were almost to us when he realized that some-
thing was wrong. I was very embarrassing but became
frightened when I saw one on the men pulling his erect
cock out of his pants.

Kalvin pulled me off his cock and turned to confront
them, but it was too late. Four of the guys grabbed
him and hold him still.

“Well what have we here” said the man with his dick
out, “Grab her!”

I knew who they were then. Members of the Korean Mafia,
they could be dangerous, and besides they didn’t like

I turned and started to climb over the gate when I felt
hands grab at me and pull me back. They pushed me back
against the gate and held me there.

I looked over at Kalvin who was being secured to a
large tree with the belts from the men’s trousers. I
saw one of the men stuff Kalvin’s handkerchief into
his mouth and then wrap a leather belt around his face
to stop him spitting it out.

Kalvin was struggling against his bonds and one man
said, “Stay still prick, or I’ll hurt you bad.”

Kalvin stopped struggling and looked at me, shaking
his head. I looked around me and realized that, with
the exception of the men who had been tying Kalvin up,
they all were removing their pants and underwear.

I watched them pulling at their cocks, getting them
hard, and realized what was going to happen to me.

“Please,” I said, “Don’t, I am married and I’m not on
the pill or anything! Please don’t,” I begged.

They all laughed at me, and the first one came up to
me and yanked by blouse open and started to kiss my
breasts, sucking my nipples.

I struggled and tried to fight, but he hit me across
the face and he said, “Listen you little American slut,
you’ve been fucking him for fun, and now you’re going
to fuck us to stay alive! If you don’t want any Korean
spunk up your cunt you better cooperate and show us you
like it. Do that and we will dump our jizz on your tits
or your face. Otherwise we just hold you down and fuck
you anyway. What’s it to be?”

I looked at him and the others and realized that I had
to go along with them and hope they meant what they
said. “Okay. but you promise. right?”

I never got an answer — I was just pulled to my knees
in front of him and he stuck his huge Korean cock into
my mouth. As he worked it in and out between my lips I
felt another one enter me from behind.

I was frightened like I’d never been before. I had
never had two men screwing me at the same time before.
I was so scared that while I was being fucked from
both ends I began to realize that it felt good. It must
have been the fear that had heightened my sensitivity.

I saw the man in my mouth tense up and then he grabbed
my head and I felt his sperm flood into my mouth.
There seemed to be pints of it and I choked on it,
coughing it out of my nose.

He pulled out and a final jet hit me in the eyes.

I was still kneeling in front of him trying to get my
breath when I realized he was wiping his slimy dick in
my hair.

The man who was fucking me from behind seemed to be
building up to a climax — I called to him to pull out.
I heard him starting to grunt and I began to panic. But
at the last moment he pulled himself out of me and
splattered my back with his load. He came with hard
that I could feel his spunk hit the back of my head.

I looked up from the cock that had just been buried in
my mouth only to see another one being pushed at me.
Another man slammed his cock into me from behind and
the whole thing started again.

As they used me I started to have a feeling of complete
disregard. The feelings I was having were building up
and beginning to become breathtaking. I had never even
thought about being in such a situation before in my
life. The fear mixed with the continued simulation that
being fucked over and over where causing made me
unbelievably horny, as my attacker kept banging away
from behind.

Finally I heard him start to moan, and pull his cock
out of my cunt, but I found myself pushing my fanny
back onto his long cock and saying “No… Don’t stop!
Keep fucking me!”

But he pulled out anyway and squirted his hot cum all
over my bum.

As the next man took his position behind me I pulled
the prick from my mouth and yelled “Fuck me godammit,

He started to ram into me, pulling his cock almost
completely out before thrusting it back into me. Each
time he entered me I found myself letting out a satis-
fied screaming “Yes!”

He grunted and finally moaned, “I’m going to come …
I’m going to come in your cunt American bitch!” but
again, he started to back out of me. I found myself
pushing back at him hard as he pulled out and I felt
his come blast around the entrance of my pussy.

The rest of the men had surrounded me and were pulling
at their cocks. I saw one Korean man with the biggest
prick that could possibly exist in this world. I
reached out and held this guys cock. I could not get
my fingers around it.

He came toward me, turned me over and laid me down on
the grassy earth. As he climbed between my legs I felt
for his cock and guided it into by sopping cunt.

It was wonderful, I could feel it stretching me as he
pushed it towards my womb like a heat-seeking missile.

Suddenly he stopped and I thought he had come. The
feelings were indescribable, “Please?” I said.

“Beg for it American whore.” he said.

“Please, please fuck me now!” I yelled slurring my
words in my extreme lust.

“Do you want Korean baby growing inside your pretty
little belly?” he laughed as he started to move his
prick gently in and out of me.

“Just fuck me now goddammit!” I heard myself scream.

He then pushed it in and rode me hard… I had the most
incredible orgasm I have ever had as he blasted his
spunk into my cunt, deep into womb. I felt his jizz
leaking down my thighs as he kept pumping on top of me.

Finally he slowed, then he pulled out of me.

They taking turns. I was too far gone to resist and I
just kept responding to the wild pleasure the whole
experience was giving me, my mind shut out the conse-
quences, I just enjoyed the sensation like a bitch in

One after another — they fucked me — until I had
taken sperm from each of them several times.

Finally a few of them stood around me and wanked off,
spunking all over my face and body. Then after a time
they collected their clothing and moved away.

When they had all gone I looked down at my body, red
marks, covered in white spunk trails.

My pubic hair was full of white blobs and the inside
of my thighs and my fanny were soaked with it. I sat
up and felt the spunk drip from my hair onto my body.

As I stood up, rivers of spunk began running from my
cunt and running slowly down my legs. I began to
realize now then I had done and the risks that I had

I went over to Kalvin, the attackers had released him
as they left.

He told me that they had taken some Polaroid’s during
the action to prove that I was enjoying myself. They
had told him clearly what would happen to the pictures
if either of us made any trouble about what had just

Under the circumstances, neither of us were in any
position to do anything if we wanted to ensure Kalvin’s
wife, and my husband remained unaware of our affair.

My problem is clear. I spent a few weeks waiting for
the obvious — before I realized that we would soon
have another family member.

I still haven’t worked out what to tell my husband —
and I only have couple of months to work it out before
I start showing.

I will never know who was the father but I am totally
sure that it’ll look Asian.