Lessons From A Mature Woman

Naked, young Benjamin Dryor strolled back into the
bedroom from the tiny bathroom of his efficiency
apartment. Although he could have easily grabbed a
washcloth to clean up after himself, he didn’t. He
decided to enjoy the wetness and the pungent odor of
clover and vinegar, of green tea and yeast which clung
to his saturated penis after love making. The cool,
breezy feeling blowing across his cock encouraged him
to savor the moist sticky sensation following a
wonderfully juicy fuck.

There on top of the bedclothes laid a naked older white
woman, still panting from sexual exertion and rolled up
in a loose ball suggesting the fetal position. As he
sat down on the edge of the bed, he let his hand rub
against her hip. His companion only curled up tighter.
Ben smiled at the irony. She’d borne six c******n in
her lifetime, but here she was curled up in the fetal
position because of an intense hour long fuck with
someone less than half her age.

Grinning, Ben felt pretty smug at the moment. Now that
he’d had the opportunity to bed her in his own place,
Benjamin felt as if in some way he’d continued a family
tradition of sorts, especially since his own African
American father sported the first black dick this woman
had ever consented to take into her Caucasian pussy.
She’d even conceived a c***d by his dad.

Their affair lasted for seven months right up until his
dad died in a skin diving accident. Over the last day
or so, Benjamin had taken a particularly important
heirloom from his patrimonial legacy–he’d fucked his
father’s bleached blond mistress.

Ulyssa was a big woman in her early forties. Although
Ben didn’t consider her fat exactly, his blond
companion displayed not only the weight of her
maturity, but the vanity of her years. Ben had known
Lyssa for a very long time. He’d been aware that she
colored her hair; still, he couldn’t begin to say how
exciting it had been to learn the truth of her natural
coloring the way he did. She’d allowed his eyes and
fingers to discover that her hair was not naturally
blond, and his dick soon discovered that her pubic hair
color didn’t matter in the least once he’d probed
beyond it.

“Hey,” Benjamin whispered slowly slipping his fingers
down the back of her thighs where the slippery flow
back of their combined juices still bubbled and seeped.
“Are you okay?”

“Umm-hmm, yeah,” she answered. “I’m fine. Just tired.
Really tired.”

Looking for any excuse to touch her pale, warm feminine
flesh again, Ben reached over to caress her. “Want me
to rub your back?”

“Mmmm. Now that would be heavenly, thanks,” Ulyssa

Ben smiled. “I’ve already had my small share of heaven
tonight,” he murmured. Slowly, carefully, he began
massaging the muscles in her back. “Thank you.”

Ulyssa sighed and relaxed under his ministrations.
“You’re welcome, honey. I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Enjoyed it? Whew!” Even though he wasn’t as dark
skinned as his father had been, his own skin, the color
of warm umber, contrasted with the moonlit pale skin of
her body. As Ben pressed forward in a full back rub, he
brought his hands, arms, shoulders and chest down close
to her and, taking a big emotional chance, he whispered
in her ear. “I think I finally understand why you’ve
had so many lovers.”

“What?” She stretched, flipped over on her back, and
looked back at her young companion. “What kind of thing
is that to say to the woman who just let you make love
to her?”

“It’s just that I think you’re addictive.” Ben dropped
his hand to rest it on her pussy. “Down here. It all
feels so–so damn good.” In his mind, Benjamin wallowed
freely within her again, his dick obsessively craved
the totality of her loins.

His cock had wanted to remain buried deep in the
confines of her warm loving vagina–so what if this was
the pussy that so many men, including his father, had
used for their pleasure; at least, now, Ben understood
the lure and the joy of it. Yeah, some folks might
think this is wrong, he thought. But, out loud, he
murmured. “I’ve never found anything to compare with
this feeling. It’s like the human form of heroin.”

Ulyssa snickered. “Only to young heterosexual men.”

“Lucky for me that I fall into that category.” Ben slid
his hand possessively along her vulvae lips. Lyssa had
a surprisingly thin matte of fine brown hair growing
out from the last time she’d depilated her pubic mound.
His fingers lightly traced along some of the patterns
in her pubic hair.

She reached up to place her hand gently upon his cheek.
“Lucky for me somebody else fell into that category
too.” She dropped her hand down close to where his own
hand had been resting, and dipped her fingers into the
crevice between her legs. “You leave lots of natural
wetness behind, as well. You’re so much like your
father,” She paused. “Very, very wet–probably very,
very potent.”

Ben shivered. Never in his life had he expected to be
compared to that man in a moment such as this. “D-do
you really think so?”

“Of course, I do,” she murmured. Reaching down, she
took hold of his slowly thickening erection. “Just like

Ben shuddered under her tender touch–a combination of
both delight and confusion. Then his pale skinned lover
let go of his dick, and reached across his lap to grab
a pack of cigarettes from his night stand. He sighed

“Listen, sweetheart,” she murmured. “Would you mind so
very much if I had a cigarette? I know this is your
place and all, and I don’t want to stink it up, but
would it be okay to have just one?”

Ben knew Ulyssa’s husband didn’t allow her to smoke at
home. They had four c******n at home, two of them
barely toddling. Lately he’d found that the tobacco
odor which clung to her breath and to the pours of her
skin was oddly enough a part of their collusion to
experience intimacy. Yet, he was pleased that she asked
first. He smiled and nodded.

Taking on the role of a gentleman, he struck flame to a
kitchen match which he’d bought for that very purpose,
and then Ben held it to the end of her cigarette. She
inhaled, and in two puffs, Lyssa filled the small
bedroom with the wafting odor of acrid tobacco. He
watched her breasts heave and her ribs swell as she
breathed the thick smoke in and held it. She exhaled a
strong gray stream of cloudy smoke which quickly spread
out through his tiny studio apartment. Benjamin
wrinkled his nose.

“I always compared that first cigarette of the day with
sex,” she told him. “Your lungs fight against the
smoke. Your body’s starved, fighting for oxygen. The
feeling rips through your mind with that same lack of
control that grips you during an orgasm.”

“I think I like the orgasm idea better.”

Lyssa laughed. “Hey,” she murmured, taking a quick
drag. “Kiss me.”

“Now that’s mean,” Benjamin said, watching her finish
that puff. After he’d tasted the ashen smoke that
permeated her saliva, he made another face as their
lips parted.

As it was, the older woman managed to finish only about
a third of her cigarette, when she smashed the butt out
in a little ashtray. Lyssa laughed softly. “Want to see
how easily you can slide into all this wetness again?”

Her young lover smiled. “Do I?” Quickly Ben clambered
up onto his mature white partner. “Absolutely!”

Lyssa didn’t have to say another word. She opened her
knees and thighs so that he could balance himself over
her torso, and then she reached down to grasp the tip
of his penis firmly with her hand. Carefully rubbing
the business end of his shaft directly into the moist
opening at the base of her abdomen, she urged him into
place until he confidently thrust his penis all the way
forward–all the way in.

“There,” she sighed. “Now you’re exactly where we need
you to be.”

Ben moaned as he felt the length of his erection slide
forward to burrow straight into the warmth of his
partner’s underbelly. He was sinking warmly,
luxuriously into his lover’s spreading labial lips.
Some of his friends always bragged about how tight a
woman should be, but right now, he could care less
about such trivialities.

Pushing his cock inward, he found himself looking
directly into the beautiful face of his partner–the
happy, familiar face he’d known for many years. Ben
wanted to blush, and, yet, he wanted to boast at the
same time. He suspected that Ulyssa wasn’t getting
certain needs met at home, and with just a bit of
encouragement on his part, she’d turned to him.

“Awwwe-some!” Ben gasped as he pushed inward. “You feel
so…so perfect–I can’t describe it.”

“I’m glad you like it, baby.”

“Mmm-hmm,” Ben whimpered, as she helped him re-
established that perfect, primal two-two rhythm which
has worked so well for mankind since well before
recorded history. He was inside the warm, wet cunt of a
woman he’d known all his life. Ben knew which of the
men in her life had planted their seed inside of her,
he seen her body blown up by that strange powerful juju
magic of pregnancy, and he’d been around to see most of
her babies born. She’d had a lot of c******n, Ben
thought, but she never made a foolish claim of virgin
birth or immaculate conception.

Yesterday, and earlier tonight, she’d worked her mature
loving magic on Benjamin, but there was absolutely
nothing immaculate about the messy excitement they’d
shared. This part of sex was totally different from the
way he’d dreamed it would be. But he was certain of one
thing, there probably wasn’t a person alive whom
ultimately could tell the difference between fucking
for pleasure and mating for procreation.

That little fact preyed upon his mind, as Benjamin slid
his stark erection in and out of his partner’s
accommodating pussy–picking up speed and searing the
edges of a million nerves all screaming for her warm
and wet attentions. All that attention centered right
at the midsection of his body, so that every time he
pulled out, he was eager to thrust back in again. In a
short time, everything inside of him changed
dramatically. A burst of aching heat ignited in Ben’s
loins, and he began to breathe irregularly. “Oh, God!
Oh, my God!”

Ulyssa gripped his naked buttocks with her hands as Ben
grunted and groaned and panted over her naked body–
roiling emotionally deep within her open loins. “It’s
okay, babe. Let go.”

She gave him permission, and that was all he really
needed. Ben’s hips and loins jerked. He ejaculated with
the impressive potency of any young man under the age
of twenty–a true cascade of teeming semen flushed from
his system out into the world. Of course, the flowing
symbol of his potency was enclosed tightly within
Lyssa’s vagina. “Ohhh, Jesus!”

Ben brought his mouth down hard onto her mouth again,
and they kissed passionately for several minutes all
the while his body spewed and spurted his loving gift
inside her. “Ohhh, God!”

Breathing heavily, Ben let the excitement continue to
liquefy and flow steadily out from the aperture of his
cock. “God, I love you,” he panted. “I love you so
much, Mom.”

“I know, baby.” Ulyssa stretched out her arms to hold
the young light skinned black man selfishly atop her
and deep inside her for several long moments of solace.
He was her oldest son, and, God help her, he’d always
been her favorite. “I love you, too.”

“Sssoo wonderful. Soo soft,” he hissed softly. His body
both shuddered and trembled over her until both of them
sensed that finally his passion had abated. He felt of
two minds about the whole affair. Sure both Ben and his
mother knew this was supposed to be wrong–really
wrong. But Ben felt so damn proud–so utterly thrilled
that he refused to believe for one minute that he’d be
damned to hell after feeling so totally blessed.

“Would you tell me something, Mom?” he panted as he
collapsed over her.

Ulyssa rubbed her hands across her son’s back as he
sprawled limply atop of her. “Sure, sweetheart.”

“Why does this feel so–so damn good?”

“I don’t really know,” Lyssa answered. “My guess is
because the human race has such a strong desire to go

“What do you mean?”

“If the act that makes babies feels this good, then
people will continue to indulge themselves in the act,
and babies will continue to be made.”

“Babies?” Benjamin gulped. “Jesus!” He raised his head
up and looked at his mother in a brand new light. “Mom,
doesn’t the thought of getting pregnant by… umm…
pregnant again frighten you?”

She looked him in the eyes. Then she shook her head.
“Maybe it did a day or so back, Ben. Not so much now.”

Benjamin Dryor didn’t say anything. He just kept his
eyes riveted on the one woman he’d ever really wanted
in his life. No it didn’t make any sense, but when did
everything in life make sense?

“I think that if he’d lived, your father would have
been thrilled to learn that he’s very likely to become
a grandfather sometime soon,” she whispered. “What do
you think?”

Ben gulped and then allowed his body to settle down on
top of his mother’s. “M-mother, does this mean you’d
actually… umm… carry my baby?”

Giggling, she threw her arms around him and pulled him
close. “Now that’s kind of iffy, honey,” Ulyssa
replied. “But I suppose I might be able to handle
getting pregnant again.”

“Wow! Really?”

“On the other hand, don’t count on it. Forty-four years
of age is way too young to be a grandmother.”

Smiling, Benjamin Dryor shimmied and readjusted himself
over his lover’s soft body, trying not to lose his
penetrating hold within her. We’ll see about that,
won’t we, he thought.