Licking a Mature Lady

I met Roger sometime in the sixties. We grew into the very interesting
seventies. When least expected, we were best buddies. Roger is some 3 years
older than myself, so besides being a great friend, he was some sort of

Roger and me shared the first woman, and of course, Roger was there when I met Ann Helen, the girl who ended up being my wife two years later.

He was already engaged to Sue, but their relation was always troubled.

Roger definitely loved Ann Helen’s looks and style, and we both knew
well and I jacked-off often thinking about that. Curiously, even with the mutual trust, we had never talked about it openly, but one afternoon over some drinks, I told Roger I had fucked Ann’s ass the night before in her house.

Roger’s face reflected envy and surprise. ‘We had been playing for some time Rog, a few weeks after we met’, I said. ‘Las night after some hot fondling, I asked her to sit in me. She lifted her skirt and dropped her panties. I had my cock out, and I swear that all I wanted was to feel her body in my cock, maybe even cum, but things didn’t go as planned. As she sat, her asshole trapped my cock and it went all the way in without any problem. I even lifed her a little to confirm if I had hit the ‘right’ hole, and yes, there it was…looked beautiful man’.

‘It feels great Rog’, I continued, ‘fucking the love of your life’.

Roger felt more confident to ask intimate details and I was delighted to give them, describing the best I could how her body was, how she sucked my cock, how she squezzed it with her anus to make sure all of my cum was inside her, and the like.

Since I knew very well Roger had the hots for Ann, I was as precise as possible.

Ann Helen’s feminine instinct had her dressing the ‘proper’ way when she knew
Roger was to join us. When we went out as couples, Roger would concentrate his attention to Ann and practically ignore Sue.

I encouraged Ann to dress provocatively when I knew Roger was going to be with us.

I made sure Roger would attend any pool party, where Ann Helen would wear her yellow, very tiny bikini.

I saw Roger several times trying to peek a little into Ann Helen’s treasures. I’d swear Ann flashed Roger at some points, specially after knowing what was really going on between us.

Sue was also pretty, kind of uptight, but Ann Helen was by far the winner of looks and charm.

When Ann and me got married, Roger was my best man, and he had every special privilege inherent. That happened in late 1983.

Ann Helen got pregnant immediately after the honeymoon trip.

By the spring of ’84, Roger and Sue relationship was a real mess. She tore
their wedding invitations and cancelled it all.

Roger was demolished by this and he sank into depression that had Ann and me very concerned.

Ann Helen and me planned a weekend trip to San Diego I told Roger about.

He begged me with his eyes to invite him.

When I talked it over with my wife, she disliked the idea at first. After
giving her some valid arguments, Ann accepted. Roger was delighted to know
and off we went.

The two-hour long trip went nicely between jokes and chat. We noticed poor Roger catching up his long lost mood.

A severe allergy attack took me to bed as soon as we got to San Diego

I asked Ann and Roger to go to the nearest drugstore and bring me some renmedy.

They cameback with the pills some 20 minutes later. Ann went to the room while I talked to Roger.

‘Are you Okay?’ I inquired.

‘I’m fine’, he assured me. He actually looked much better.

Ann Helen’s cousin Brenda’s condo had all the premium cable services available.

When Roger learned that, he was a fish in the water. I left him with the
biggest smile on his face I had ever seen.

My gorgeous, 2-month pregnant wife was horny, no doubt about it. As I took the
highest possible dose of pills, she repeatedly rubbed my cock to no avail.
She even rolled down my pijamas and sucked it hard but it was useless. The
thing just wouldn’t respond.

I suppose I fell asleep shortly thereafter. I remember seeing my wife’s
graceful naked figure slip in her pink lace negligee, just in case, and grab a
past issue of People Magazine.

It should have been around two in the morning when I woke up feeling terrible,
decided to ignore the warning in the label and take another pill.

As I wrestled the c***d-proof bottle, I turned around to notice that I was alone in the master bedroom.

I put my robe on. The door had been left almost closed, so I opened it without
any noise.

Right then, like a lightning, the thought of Roger and Ann Helen
making love struk me. Like a flash, I recounted all of the teasing I had
witnessed, promoted, and what could the have talked about when I sent them to the drugstore.

The dim corridor light and the thick carpeting allowed me to slip quiet as a
mouse, quiclky crawling to the opposing wall. I caught my breath, as I had
this funny, horny feeling.

I could perceive distant TV sounds, probaly a local re-run of a 70’s Benny Hill
show. I began crawling on my belly. I had some 6 feet of wall, continued by a
thick wooden guard rail.

When I ran out of wall, I stopped. I could see the light coming from the TV
room downstairs. The condo’s layout allowed a full view of the lower level.

I peeked out. My cold, allergy, or whatever I was suffering cleared out
immediately in exchange for the fastest and meanest hardon I’ve ever had.

Roger, seated on the TV room’s sofa had my beautiful wife Ann Helen on his lap,
facing him, eating her face out in the most passionate kiss I’d seen her give
or take.

She was just covered by her pink negligee. Her silk pink robe laid on the floor.

She was rubbing her crotch on his. I just turned around and
began yanking furiously at my poor little 6- inch cock, as my buddy was
begining to have a great time with my wife.

I had no idea how much time had passed, but it was evident the show was about to begin.

For my own good I stopped, but I must admit that, even I jerked off quite often
for my age (27), this had to be the best solo I had ever experienced.

If you want to picture Ann Helen, she is a graceful 35-years-old blonde, 5’7′
tall, 122 lbs, green eyes, 36-C breats, very firm and white. Her hair is right
now pretty much they way it was back then: mid-back long.

She was 2-months pregnant at the time, but 2 months meant nothing in her full figured body.

The worst part was that Roger knew she was pregnant. She was just days shy of her 23rd birthday, which is April 29.

When I turned to watch the show, my wife stood up in front of Roger. He wanted to stand up as well, but she pushed him back. She used her teenage model expertise and delighted my buddy for some time. She arched, twisted, and danced for him. Roger was still dressed, but his bulge was about to burst, like a volcano. To this point, and to my knowledge, Ann Helen hadn’t still seen Roger’s cock.

At certain moments, my wife would push her butt so close to Roger’s mouth as he attempted to tear the negligee off with his teeth.

Roger couldn’t resist no more, so he stood up and clasped her body to his,
undoing the symbolic knots of her babydoll, having her titties out in some five
seconds. It was obvious my buddy was flattered by Ann Helen’s superb 36C’s.

She turned to her right, making Roger switch, to my fortune, to a
loveseat in the left side. Her silhouette was now outlined perfectly: her
nipples were fully erect, pointing to Roger’s eyes, begging to be taken.

Roger jumped to her again, wrapping his arms around her graceful body. He just lowered his hands to her waist, and began darting his tongue at his nipples.

My wife arched back, moaning to a dangerous point, as Roger took the oportunity to suck her titties one at a time, repeatedly, just jumping his face from one to the other, as she took her right hand to her pussy.

Her long blond hair hanged just over her butt as Roger ate her titties. I coulnd’t care less I she saw me up side down!.

Roger began his journey down my wife’s almost naked body, kneeling in front of
her, rolling down her negligee just enough to expose her bush. Roger began
darting her navel with his tongue as his hands grabbed her tits.

Ann Helen’s cunt is almost hairless, naturally. Her scarce bush boundary was a
reward for any of Roger’s tensions or depressions. He now had my wife 95%
naked. Her negligee was just a pink clothy mess just below her crotch, making
her look hotter than ever!.

In all of the multiple fucks I had given her before marriage, I had never felt
so horny as right now, not even when I probed her asshole with my cock, or when I had her orgasm on my hand right in front of her cousin, the owner of the

I was certain she was coming her finger as Roger rushed back up to mute
her moans with his mouth.

They trenched and kissed for some five minutes, non-stop. After that hot
face-sucking session (it was not merely a kiss!), my wife began to kneel in
front of my buddy who was still partially dressed. As she began undoing his shirt she started sucking his Adam’s apple, traveling her face on her tongue down to his hairless chest, licking his nipples.

Ann had Roger giggling and swaying as her tongue rimmed his nipples, while undoing his belt and button. She stopped and backed off as Roger’s jeans lossend up. She looked up and smiled at him, as her hands grabbed the pants at his hips, lowering then to his knees.

The motion was not strong enough to get his deep blue briefs on the way, just made some three inches of his meat protrude over the elastic band.

My wife stopped cold. Roger’s head daringly almost ripped his bikini off. She
got her beautiful face closer and kissed it, then licked it, just as if that
much was enough for her. Roger went wild at the feeling of her tongue, making
him moan out loudly.

The scene of my wife’s mouth in contact with a penis other than mine made me
almost convulse. It was too much for me!!.

Looking on, I began to play my stiff cock again, but I had to hold on…Ann
Helen’s eyes couldn’t leave Roger’s as her hands played only with the exposed
part of his cock.

She reached out for something she couldn’t get, then her mouth opened and
gripped Roger’s blue bikini, lowering all the way mid-thigh. She then went back
and just contemplated his tremendous erection. She punished herself, I could
tell, by just embracing and kissing Roger’s thighs as he fondled her hair. She
placed her ear on them as trying to listen for something from inside his body,
then separated to kiss his skin, get him rid of his pants and briefs, and
proceed to kiss his toes!. Roger just moaned and stretched as my wife’s body
was beyond his reach.

She composed herself again, kissing his cock. Then she sensually licked the
underside of it. She would swerve her whole body just to lick the entire
contour of Roger’s meat, showing me off a saliva and precum shiny monster. I
don’t know what the fuck Roger did to his cock, as I remember it being just a
little bigger than mine. Personally I couldn’t believe that a normal wimpy cock would grow intosuck a white massive snake.

I wish I had the balls to jump right then…they would probably wouldn’t
disapprove, but the thought of being embarrased by having only a ‘decent’ 6-
incher compared to Roger’s meat, perhaps even losing my wife to it, made me sit tight and watch. Besides, Roger’s stomach is flat as a board. I have some fat
around my waist. Probably, Roger’s cock may have been a little bigger than mine, but the absence of fat and hair made it look much bigger.

I know my wife. She gets so slutty sometimes, she is capable of dumping our
well-off position in favor of Roger’s cock!.

As her mouth swallowed about a third of Roger’s cock, she pushed him
to the loveseat (he was falling down anyway). As Roger’s body collapsed in the
coach, Ann Helen’s mouth never separated from his cock, not even as they
reaccomodated. She even sided her hair so I could see his cock fuck her mouth!.

There was the perfect view. My wife’s bobbing head swallowing Roger’s cock one
inch at a time, cupping his balls, and the bastard’s eyes as white as a boiled

In the end, Roger’s cock managed to fuck Ann´s mouth 2/3rds of his length. I don’t know how she managed to breathe with that massive cock down her
throat. I remembered her tongue playing my head, and, believe it or not, I felt
envy, not jealousy, at Roger’s way to enjoy my wife.

Once her mouth got used to the new size and length, Ann Helen’s head bobbed
like a real pro, I mean, a porn star!. Her blond hair and her opened butt moved
with such an erotic rythm, that I had my own hot and abundant cum all over my
hand without feeling. Her gorgeous rosebud, plump as a peach, pulsed at every bite of my buddy’s cock. I closed up in my mind her perfect white and smooth
cheeks, her purplish and tasty asshole…..I wanted to tongue-fuck it so bad!.

My cock quickly regained its hardness. Ann had some five minutes sucking
Roger’s cock, not letting it out her mouth a single second, looking at his face
when her eyes were not closed… was the show of my life!!!!

Some moments later, my wife climbed on Roger’s body, opening up as much as she could, as if the damn bitch knew I was watching and enjoying.

She got to his mouth and ate his face, licking it once the kiss was over. Instictively, Roger guided his cock towards Ann Helen’s cunt, rubbing her lips, She moaned as if nobody were in the house!.

Apparently, Roger and Ann relayed on the pill’s effect a little too much!.

Roger’s cock began entering my wife’s pussy very slowly. It was her hot mood
that made her seat on it at once, and begin riding on Roger immediately. His
hands reached out and rubbed her titties as she would just moan and yell.

Roger’s eyes closed as she came, begging him to hold. She was already pregnant though…..

My good friend Roger fucked my wife’s pussy for an eternity, by my standards. I
could manage 3 to 5 minutes tops…..She was having the reward of her life!!!.

Once she felt fulfilled, Ann Helen collapsed into Roger’s face again. Some
moments later, she murmured to his ear something….and began rising very

Roger’s cock was shiny and throbbing with Ann’s juices all over.

She got on all fours in the loveseat as Roger approached from behind, grabbing
her hips. Roger’s cock head began rimming her asshole, smearing it with his
precum and hers to assure a perfect, painless penetration.

Ann Helen began biting the seatback’s leather as Roger’s head wrestled and
defeated her sphincter questionable defense easily like I told him mine did.

Her body jerked once Roger’s body was inside hers. Her moans and yells couldn’t wait as Roger’s cock began mercilessly impaling her large intestine.

My wife lifted her whole butt to ease Roger’s throbbing cock’s way inside her
…and let him see her in all her glory.

Once Roger’s cock reached beyond my marked capacity and his balls touched her lower butt, he opened up her cheeks, grabbed her hips, and began fucking my wife like a machine, doggy style.

Her asshole must have been smoking. It may seem incredible, but Roger’s cock pumped my wife’s large intestine for another eternity.

She drove her hand beneath her body and began playing her pussy,
coming again. I lost count of how many times Ann Helen came. I was mostly
stunned by Roger’s cock of steel!.

My wife’s large intestine was certainly more elastic now. The son of a bitch surely stretched her out!. I felt sorry for her anus, as it was certain it would b***d.

Roger bent over Ann’s back and murmured something in her ear. She sided her
hair again and chuckled.

She leaned half her body on the coach as Roger began, very slowly to pull his
cock from her rosebud, fingering her cunt to ease the feeling. It took forever
to leave. It actually looked like a train coming from a tunnel!.

When Roger’s steamy and shitty cock finally came off, he sat down as Ann Helen
knelt between his opened thighs. She sided her hair again and teased Roger a

She wrapped her mouth around his cock, and her head bobbed faster and faster.

Roger moaned and yelled…he had it made!. Ann’s moanings were muted by buddy’s massive member. At moments she would just stop as Roger fucked her mouth, then she would take over.

Finally, my wife cupped Roger’s balls as he moaned loudly enough to wake the neighbors, when a tremendous wad of hot cum began flodding her mouth.

Ann took the first spurts without problem, but Roger’s cum was so
much, she gagged and had to let go of his cock shortly. Right then, some spats
hit her beautiful face, but Ann swallowed Roger immediately, taking most of his
cum in her mouth.

Roger’s ejaculation took much longer than mine. When it was over, my wife began licking his body headed for his face.

Roger and Ann Helen rejoiced eating his cum. When they were both clean, she grabbed his shaft again and rubbed her nipples with energy and passion. Roger heleped her come again finger fucking her clit.

Meanwhile, I yanked furiously at my cock, cumming a second time. I wiped my
hand in the carped, and went to the bathroom to get a mat to cover it. It was
as much as a nice first time after a week.

I waited until my wife dressed after just laying there, with my best friend,
touching each other.

I went to bed soon enough to avoid any conflicts. Ann stopped at the bathroom
and showered. Some ten minutes later, she came out. Her mouth was Scope fresh.

As she got to bed, close to me, I thought of the great scene I had just
witnessed. I felt I wanted her more than ever….specially after seeing another
man drive her into her maddest extasis.

Some two years ago, Ann Helen knew I was watching. In thorws of passion, she
even told me Roger’s cum tasted great, and that he fucked her the
very next morning, after I left (on purpose).

Roger married not long ago. Ann told me that Roger fucked
her again after a X-mas party in 1995, in his mom’s house.

Knowing that I could join is another fantasy that may become true someday.

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