Life from a dog’s point of view

My name is Pip I am a seven year old Alsatian/Collie
dog. My owner is a 30 year old girl called Trish. She
has beautiful long blonde hair and long shapely legs
and a figure that by the way men look at her must be
great as well, I have been with her since I was three
months old, I love her very much and would never hurt
her. We live in a rough neighbourhood and on a couple
of occasions I have to get nasty with a couple of men
to stop Trish getting hurt.

Most people treat dogs as dumb animals, but we
understand everything you say, we are also very good at
understanding peoples moods, and I can tell when Trish
is feeling sick, upset or when she is happy.

My favourite time is when Trish gets my lead out and
takes me for a walk. Trish takes me in the local park
where she lets me off the lead to have a run. Tonight
when this happened I smelt in the air that lovely smell
of a bitch in heat. I followed my nose and sure enough
there was a beautiful collie, I ran up to greet her, we
met and I gave her a lick on the nose, she was
responsive to this and licked me back.

I ran round her sniffing as I went, when I got near her
tail that lovely smell was at its strongest, putting my
nose to her pussy I smelt her arousal, it was a
gorgeous aroma, and my cock twitched with desire. I
reached out with my tongue and licked the collie’s
cunt. She didn’t move so I carried on licking, pushing
my long tongue all the way in so I could taste this
lovely juice that was coming out of her hole. My cock
had come out of my sheath about three inches due to my

Trish then appeared with another girl, Trish put me
back on my lead and pulled me away, the other girl did
the same with the collie.

When we got home Trish fed me, and after a drink l laid
down and went to sleep.

I was awakened by noises coming out of the lounge,
getting up I put my head round the corner of the door.
Trish was laid on the sofa in just a small pair of lace
knickers and a matching bra.

She had her hand down her knickers and was playing with
her cunt, and I could see by the movements that she was
fingering herself.

Trish undid her bra and pulled off her knickers lifting
up her arse and sliding them down her lovely legs and
onto the floor.

The smell that I caught, was like the lovely smell that
the collie in the park was giving off, and my cock
started getting hard.

Trish had her legs open, and one of her hands was on
her pussy. Her finger was sliding up and down her slit,
as she moaned sexily to herself. She pushed a finger
into her wet cunt and slid it in up to the knuckle, her
groans of pleasure got louder and her hips rose up as
she thrust her fanny onto her finger. The other hand
was on her tit kneading it, pulling and tweaking her

I had to get nearer, the smell was driving me crazy
with lust. I put my head back and licked my cock
tasting my arousal in the pre cum that was leaking out
of the end. I went towards Trish, watching her as she
pushed two fingers deep into herself, her eyes where
closed as she writhed and bucked her hips in pleasure.

When I got nearer the smell of sex was stronger, making
my mouth water, putting my nose nearer to her cunt, I
put out my tongue and licked Trish’s fingers which
where covered in her love juice. She opened her eyes
and seeing me let out a yell shouting NAUGHTY BOY PIP
and pushed me away, telling me to get in my bed.

I went to my bed, not understanding what I had done
wrong, I was only doing what nature told me to do, when
a bitch is on heat.

Laying down in my bed I started to lick my cock which
was half way out of its sheath, due to the smell of my
mistress in heat.

Trish was playing with her cunt again fingering
herself, and putting her fingers in her mouth and
sucking and licking them clean.

Trish kept looking in my direction as I was licking my
cock, she then asked, did I get you horny Pip? Did you
want to lick my pussy? Of course I did I thought, you
smelt and tasted so nice.

Come here Pip she said. Getting up I went to her, as I
got nearer the smell of her aroused pussy made my cock
twitch, she pulled her fingers out of her cunt, and
offered them to me, the taste of her love juice as my
tongue licked her fingers was lovely, the best I have
ever tasted.

Trish then moved her hand back up to her cunt, I
followed it with my nose, and when she started to
finger herself again, I licked her hand. The taste was
a lot stronger here and I licked all the lovely tasting
juice that I could find, licking her hand and the
insides of her thighs. As this happened she let out a
moan of pleasure and her body shuddered.

Moving her hand she pulled my head into her cunt, my
tongue soon found its way to the source, her pussy was
shaved completely so she felt every touch of my tongue
on her soft skin. My tongue entered her cunt trying to
get all the love juice I could. Trish gasped and
groaned as I was doing this, oh Pip that’s so good
don’t stop, lick my cunt Pip.

The more I licked her and the deeper into her cunt my
tongue went, the more Trish thrashed about and moaned,
she had her hands on her tits and was pinching and
pulling her nipples. She then grabbed hold of my head
and pulled it even tighter to her wet cunt. She started
to scream and shout, “OH FUCK PIP! I’M CUMMING! GOOD
DOG! GOOD DOG!!” her whole body shook and convulsed as
she came and my nose and tongue where covered in her
juice as it ran out of her cunt.

I continued to lick, but Trish pushed me away saying
that she would have to get her breath back. I moved
away but she called me back, and getting down on her
knees next to me, did something she had never done
before. She reached underneath me and grabbed hold of
my cock. I jumped as her hand circled my cock, this was
a new experience, and it felt strange, as she kept
doing it the feeling changed to one of pleasure.

She gently moved her hand up and down my cock pulling
my sheath back as she did, it wasn’t long before all of
my cock was out, even the knot.

Trish groaned with pleasure at the sight of my cock
saying how big it was. She then made me lay down on my
side, and bending down licked the end of my cock,
“Mmmmmmmm,” she said. “That tastes nice,” and opening
her mouth slid it down my cock. I wanted to hump her
mouth because it felt just like a hot cunt wrapped
round my cock.

It had been a long while since I had fucked a bitch,
and I could feel myself getting ready to cum, letting
out a loud yelp of pleasure I filled Trish’s mouth with
my cum, she gagged at first but swallowed all she could
but there was still some that ran out of her mouth and
down her chin.

Oh god she said that was so nasty and so nice, she took
her mouth of my cock, and I leant back and licked my
cock clean, finishing off by licking my cum off Trish’s

Standing up I went behind Trish who was still on her
knees, and gave her pussy a lick. Oh Pip do you want
more she asked? My cock was still hard so I jumped up
and tried to mount her like I would a bitch. The
trouble was my cock couldn’t find her cunt and I kept
missing, stabbing the back of her leg.

She lowered her arse a bit and reaching back with her
hand guided my cock to her sopping wet cunt, as soon as
I felt the tip enter I pushed, and sank half my cock
straight into her fanny. Trish squealed as my cock went

I pushed all of my cock in with the next thrust feeling
my knot hit the mouth of her cunt, as my cock went in
and out of Trish’s beautiful wet cunt I could hear the
squelching sound of our combined juices squirting out
of her fanny.

Trish was pushing back onto my cock every time that I
pushed in, and she was constantly moaning and groaning
with pleasure, mumbling words that didn’t make any
sense. Her legs where trembling and she had lowered her
head to the floor.

My knot was now opening her cunt at every thrust, and
with one final push back from Trish it sank in, when
this happened it meant that I couldn’t get a full
stroke so I had to be content with short jabs.

Trish was screaming, “I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!”

Finally, I felt her body relax and go limp on my cock.
My cock gave a twitch and I filled up Trish cunt with
my cum she moaned and her body convulsed again as she
felt my hot cum in her fanny, filling her womb.

We stayed like this until my cock shrunk and with a
loud plop fell out. I cleaned my cock with my tongue
and then licked Trish’s dripping cunt clean. Trish
stayed like this for a while, laid out on the floor,
until she got up, put on a robe, came across to me and
hugging me tight said that was a good fuck Pip, and it
won’t be the last, and it wasn’t.

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