Love with Five Males

Rose walked into the club, her black dress fitting
tightly against her. Men watched her with hungry
eyes, and she watched them with hungry eyes as well.
Their b***d was… intoxicating.

She walked to the dance floor, rubbing up against
several men just to feel them. She could smell their
arousal, of course, but just because she could smell
it doesn’t mean she didn’t want it. And she did.
Badly. She wanted someone to fuck her hard and fast;
suck her b***d; kiss her passionately. Reading that
makes her seem like a hopeless vampire romantic. She
is. A vampire, werewolf, witch, and siren, so it was
only plausible that she wanted to have her b***d
sucked and be fucked hard and fast. She wanted a
mate. Did God hate her enough to not give her a mate?

Her thoughts of fucking a tough looking male quickly
vanished when she smelled the sweet scent of her
favorite male cologne mixed with the scent of the
woods. She instantly knew it was her mate. How could
she not? She looked for him and boy did she find him.
Six foot two, built, black hair, and his tongue
currently stuck down some girls throat. That pissed
her off enough to see all red. But then she smelt

Four, to be exact; and looking around for them lead
her to be even more pissed off – seeing as two others
also had their tongues down some slut’s throat, one
grinding against another slut, and the last basically
rubbing his crotch against the girl’s vagina as he
sucked and licked her neck. Three wolves and two

She felt sadness, but then it was replaced with
hunger. Their scents smelled so good and she really
wanted their b***d, but seeing them with sluts was
just a turn off for her. And she figured she could
quench the thirst and need for sex with some douche
bag she could ditch after a quickie. And that’s
exactly what she did.

Finding another hot guy was easy, but getting him to
let her drink from him wasn’t going to be easy. So,
she took him to a room upstairs, undid his pants so
his dick was easily out, she casted a spell on him to
stay still and not to talk or think about anything.
She sat on his lap, riding him hard and fast before
allowing him to plow into her like an ox. He pounded
and pounded into her, reaching her g-spot almost

She came, silently screaming in pleasure as he still
thrust into her as fast as he could, riding their
orgasms out. When he was done, she began to be
thankful that her womb would only bare the c***d of
her mate and that she could easily take away his
memory, but reveling in that was short lived.

The door to the bedroom was thrown open just as she
was about to ride the guy, sucking out all his b***d.
She looked at the door to see her mates with angry
eyes at her still on the man, her mouth right next to
his neck for b***d.

All her “mates” saw was red as they pulled her off of
him, twisted his neck, and throw him out the window
and onto the ground in a ditch where no one would
find him for at least a week or two; depending on how
fast he could rot.

Her mates turned to her, eyes either red or black
with anger.

“How dare you do this to your mates?!” The biggest
one with seemingly the smallest temper snarled at
her. Werewolf. She rolled her eyes, slipping her
underwear back on, their eyes stubbornly staying away
from her legs as to not fuck her over and over until
she begged for mercy.

“Me?” She narrowed her eyes at them. “No, how dare
YOU for basically fucking all the sluts down stairs.
This was just payback. It sucks, doesn’t it?” They
snarled in anger, but didn’t face it towards her; it
seemed they faced it towards themselves.

It was silent for a while, becoming really awkward.

“How old are you boys?” Rose asked suddenly.

“My werewolf brothers are thirty years of age, but we
had a witch give them immortality since our mate was
said to be immortal. My vampire brother and I are
sixty years of age. We are just immortal because of
our vampire b***d.” The one who was basically having
sex with the slut answered. Rose smirked. So her
mates were babies.

“I’m two thousand years old. You are merely babies to
me,” she laughed seductively. They frowned, but then
one of the werewolves came up to her, putting his
face in the crook of her neck. She stiffened, but
then he began to lick her neck as if he was really a
dog. She immediately grew aroused, but also really
confused as he pressed her against his body.

“Pardon our brother, mate,” one of the werewolves
said as they all began to move closer to the two. “We
tend to have a mommy kink towards older ladies.
Especially sexy older ladies…” he trailed off. Rose
couldn’t think for a minute as they crowded around
her. Finally, she whispered a spell that made them do
everything she told them, but still be able to
remember and see what was going on.

“Get in a line,” she ordered as she gently pushed the
male who had now began to nip at her neck off. With
parts of their eyes clouded over with a white mist,
she took off her dress and underwear. “Take your own
clothes off, my loves.” They followed. Seeing their
built bodies and long, erected shafts, she
immediately grew aroused. “Vampires step forward.”
Two of the boys stepped forward. She sat on the bed,
opening her legs wide before ordering the boys.
“Come. Suck mommy’s milk.”

They walked up to her, sucking her b***d out of her
tits as if it were milk. She was thankful her b***d
replenished itself instantly all the time. She then
gestured for the one who lapped at her neck to come

“Eat, mommy, baby.”

He eagerly sat down on his knee, sucking and lapping
at Rose’s mound. It felt so unbelievably good. She
then ordered the one with a bigger shaft of the two
left to fuck her ass. And oh, did he do that.

She sat on the lapper’s face and felt the boys at her
nipples suck even harder, grinding themselves against
her waist and legs. The one behind her fucked her
asshole hard and fast, just how she liked it.
Finally, it was time for the last one.

“Nggg… ba-baaabyyy… mmph…c-ome… come kiss…
mommyyy.” He came to her and kissed her hard and
passionately, just how she wanted it; dreamed for it.
When she came, she gently moved away from them all.
She then laid down on the bed, undid the spell, and
said the words they really wanted to hear.

“Babies, come fuck mommy.”

They jumped on the bed. The one who fucked her ass
did it again, twice as hard and fast and the one who
lapped at her hole fucked her senselessly as well.
The others began to think of a plan.

Rose couldn’t think of anything else other than them
fucking her. Even though she felt bad that the others
were left out, she couldn’t help but pound back into
the ones already fucking her. Then, she fell on her
side, along with the two others inside her. THey
didn’t really seem to care like she did when two more
dicks were being shoved up her hold and another being
shoved up her ass.

Then, the fucking got more and more hard. Since she
often got off on pain, this just led her to be more

When she began to feel her own orgasm coming, she
humped harder and faster against them, feeling more
and more pleasure.

When she was finally able to erupt, she howled as
loud as she could in pleasure before biting into the
lapper werewolf’s neck making him howl and cum inside
her. Before he finished coming, he bit her neck to
mark her as his, making her cum a second time. She
howled again before biting the other werewolf, who
did the same as the werewolf before until she
finished marking all of them. She came seven times
and when it was over, she felt satisfied and kissed
them all passionately before stopping time with a
spell so they could sleep while the two vampires kept

When they all woke up, were dressed, and were still
satisfied with the night before, she decided it was
time for her to leave. When she began to walk out to
her car, at eleven thirty in the morning, she felt
the males cling to her before she could get in,
giving her neck and shoulder kisses and licks,
rubbing their new erections on her. She smirked,
entering her car with the five of them following
close behind.

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