Man fucks Girlfriend while submissive wife watches and then the dog does her too

My wife is very submissive and basically what I say
goes, so I thought I would teach her a valuable lesson.
I know this girl from work who I am very close to, we
talk all the time about everything. Many times sex has
come up and she will tell me about her dog, a boxer who
is constantly humping everything and she sure would
like to get him laid so he would get over it.

That gave me an idea and I told her how my wife and I
are and would she like to have a good time? She of
course agreed and I arranged the date, the very next

When my friend Carol arrived at our house, I had put
out a small bed in the center of the living room and
had my wife naked and tied to all corners. I had her
towards the end of the bed so her pussy was at the
edge. I had already told her that tonight I would be
entertaining a friend and she was to service us.

Carol had brought the dog around back and left him in
the kitchen. My wife was not to know at least not
yet… Carol and I undressed and then I had my wife
make my cock real wet with her tongue so I could fuck
Carol. I sat above my wife’s face with my knees in her
armpits and told carol to back up to my cock. This put
us directly above Ellen’s face and I told her to lick
away and she better do a good job.

Well, she licked us all over with my cock going in and
coming out and then Carol and I both had an Orgasm.
When I pulled out, Carol sat on her face and told her
to lick her clean. Ellen had her tongue up her pussy
for a good 10 minutes before Carol got off. She asked
if she had performed well and I said she had, but she
still was a bitch and therefore had to be treated as
such. Carol came out with her dog and Put him right up
to Ellen’s cunt.

The dog went nuts, and his cock came out quickly, so
Carol guided him in. Ellen was scared but after a few
minutes of the dog fucking her she got into it and was
moaning like crazy. Carol and I just sat there and
watched for about a half hour, while Ellen went crazy
with the dog fucking her.

When it was all over I asked to keep the dog for a few
days and Carol said okay. I think I will have to let
the bitch be a bitch for a few more days.

I think she deserves at least that.

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