Mandy and Lauren Transformed (taboo story)

Mandy was a good friend of ours. She was in her mid
30’s and had a daughter – Lauren, approaching 18. Mandy
was very protective of her daughter since her husband
Jeff had left, and perhaps saw us as parent figures as
her own parents were many miles away. Mandy was sweet
and quiet, and was one of these people who had a
sensational body without being aware of it. When she
was younger she had been rather plain, but now into her
thirties her body had developed a sensational shape
which she, totally unaware, showed off nicely in the
dresses she wore. She would call regularly for support,
for advice and simply for the company and friendship
which Judy, my wife, and I were more than willing to

Mandy was most worried about Lauren, although we knew
Lauren was a good girl – she just had typical teenage
problems. It was about 2 months before Lauren’s
birthday she approached us with a particular problem.

“It was like this…” she was saying. “I was cleaning
in Lauren’s wardrobe when I saw these two books. One
was just a teen story, but the other was her diary.”
Mandy paused for a moment.

“I know I shouldn’t have, but I took her diary out and
began to read it. It was awful. I know she was only
describing fantasies, and all sorts of celebrities, but
I was amazed at the details she was describing. Amazed
at what she described herself doing.” Mandy paused,
looking slightly embarrassed. We both sensed that this
may be the beginning of a new phase in our relationship
with Mandy, but that would perhaps be a bit down the
line. It was Judy who took it up.

“What do you mean, Mandy?.”

Mandy looked at me a bit embarrassed but plunged in.
“Well, she describes sex, and things like that.”

“Things like that?”

“Well,” Mandy continued hesitantly. “Oral sex. Sex with
three members of that band she likes so much – at the
same time.”

Judy replied: “That’s just natural, it doesn’t mean she
will do anything.”

“I hope you’re right” Mandy replied, then the
conversation quickly moved on, and away from the
subject, with Mandy promising never to reveal to Lauren
what she had seen in her diary.

It was after Mandy had gone that Judy and I talked. We
both knew, then, that we wanted Mandy – the way she had
talked made her arousing – that mix of vulnerable and
innocent, despite being married in the past. “But we
might get more”, I started and as Judy paused, I
continued, “play this right and we might get both of
them loving it…” We talked into the evening
discussing our plans…


Three days later Mandy was around our house again. It
was Judy who introduced the topic.

“So have you relaxed about Lauren, and that diary.”

Mandy shrugged her shoulders.

“No,” said Judy. “I’ve been thinking about it. When I
was that age I used to imagine a cock sliding in and
out of my pussy. I used to imagine taking a cock in my
mouth, and wonder what the cum would taste like. And I
remember I used to play with myself, and make myself
cum with the thoughts. And of the course the great
thing is I did all those things when I got a bit older
– and I know now there is nothing better than feeling
that cock sliding in and out. And I love sucking a
man’s cock. I love the taste of cum – of his cum…”
she pointed at me as she said it.

I continued. “And she is so good at it, and I can’t
think of anywhere else I would like to cum but deep in
her pussy.” Mandy looked shocked and dumbstruck. Judy
took up the conversation.

“You must have experienced those things – I know you
have had a cock inside you many times. You have sucked
a cock haven’t you?”

Mandy was very quiet before she replied. “Yes, but only

It was Judy who continued the subject. “And I’m sure
Lauren will be having sex and sucking cocks in the
future. Just like you have.”

Mandy was still shocked silent. It was me who
continued. “And you will again – and if I wasn’t
married I would be first in the queue for you…”

“Bill!” Judy cut me short. “You shouldn’t say that.
Let’s change the subject.” We changed the subject and
twenty minutes later Mandy left.

Judy summed up: “I think she’ll be back.”

She did come back, and somehow over the next couple of
weeks the subject of sex came up in every conversation,
and Judy and I talked as explicitly and openly as we
could. And each time Judy would say something like “If
I was a man I would want you”, or I would say “If It
weren’t for Judy I would have you in my bed.” It was
clear that the conversations were getting Mandy very

It was two weeks later that Mandy called when Judy was
out. We talked in a stilted way for several minutes
before Mandy blurted out “Bill, please – will you take

I looked shocked. “No I couldn’t possibly…” Mandy’s
embarrassment was acute and she quickly left. I told
Judy what had happened later.

Mandy kept coming around. We kept talking about sex.
Twice more she asked if I would take her – once of the
phone, once by Email. Both times I gently said no. It
was clear that Mandy was getting more and more

On one evening we were together Judy talked at great
length about an experience she had had with another of
our friends – Linda, and about how women give pleasure
to each other. Again Mandy became very embarrassed as
Judy talked, but it was also clear from her squirming
that she found even that image arousing.


It was the day after Lauren’s 16th birthday that Mandy
came around again, chatting. It was Judy who this time
brought the subject up. “Mandy,” she said in her
‘strong’ voice. “Three times now you have asked Bill to
have sex with you.” Judy paused, Mandy turning bright
red in embarrassment. Judy continued. “I have made a
decision. Bill can have sex with you.”

Mandy looked both surprised and pleased, but Judy had
more to say. She continued in her strong voice. “And I
will also have sex with you – you can serve us, both,
and we will give you the best sex you have ever
experienced.” At the thought of making love to both me
and Judy Mandy’s breath was already coming slightly
harsher. Judy hadn’t finished. “We will have sex with
you on one condition. That you agree that we can also
have sex with Lauren.”

Mandy gasped. “No, please not that.” Her agony was
clear – desperately aroused for herself, yet horrified
to think that we should have Lauren.

Judy allowed her a few moments thought, then continued.
“Today is Wednesday. On Friday we are going to a cabin
in the hills. We would love you and Lauren to come with
us – there‘s plenty of space in our car and in the
cabin. But you must know – if Lauren comes with you we
will seduce her. And you. It will be a very hot
weekend. But…” Judy paused before continuing gently.
“It has to be both of you, or neither of you.”

Mandy was silent in her agitation for a moment. “No, I
can’t do that…”

Judy raised her hand. “Mandy, if you say no, we will
still stay friends and not talk about this again. We
will also give you time to think about it We leave at
seven on Friday. You can phone us any time before then
and say you are coming. If you don’t, we will simply go
and have a great weekend ourselves.”

For a few seconds the atmosphere was electric, but
again it was Judy who broke it. “Mandy – it’s time you
were going home to get Lauren‘s tea.” Judy’s voice was
full of affection, as she reached out and pulled Mandy
to her feet. She gave Mandy a great hug and I could
hear her whisper in her ear “we would love you to
come.” Seconds later Mandy had disappeared. Judy
shrugged her shoulders. “We wait and see.”


The next couple of days were busy and there was no
phone call. We began packing the car late on Friday
afternoon, now having given up hope. But our busy-ness
was suddenly shattered – 6.50pm; ten to seven. The
phone rang. I answered it.

The voice on the other end spoke very quickly, quietly
and nervously. “We will be there in five minutes.
Please don’t go without us. But I couldn’t tell Lauren
anything that was going to happen. Please be gentle
with her.” For a moment I assured Mandy that whatever
we did, both she and Lauren would enjoy more than
anything before. I urged her to get ready quickly, and
she put the phone down.

Five minutes later there was a ring on the door bell.
Stood at the door was a very nervous Mandy, and a
nervous and excited Lauren.

Lauren was still very slim, even small for her age,
although she would fill out and become very shapely.
She had long blonde hair, pretty face, wearing jeans
and t-shirt. We knew Lauren a bit and knew she was a
sweet chatty teenager, but with none of the big-
headedness of some teens. We had always got on well
with her, but this was the first time either of them
had been away with us. Lauren always called us uncle
Bill and Auntie Judy – somehow it had just happened.

We quickly loaded their luggage in the car, locked the
house and decided who should sit where. It was agreed
that I should drive, that Mandy and Judy sit in the
back “for womanly chat”, that Lauren sit in the front
with me. We set off on the two hour journey chatting
away, all four of us, but sometimes Judy and Mandy
together, and Lauren and I together. Lauren chatted
freely about school and pets and boys. The atmosphere
lightened as Mandy and Lauren overcame their nerves.

It was autumn and as we drove, the light came in on us
and we needed the headlights on – it became quite dark
just after eight. As the darkness came in, so the
conversation quieted as well, particularly in the back
– Lauren and I were talking about her dreams for jobs
in the future.

It was after about five minutes I looked in the mirror
and saw in the corner that Judy had her mouth covering
Mandy’s, that they were in a very strong embrace,
kissing more than just friends would. It was clear that
their tongues were playing in each other’s mouths. I
continued to drive, looking every minute or so in the
mirror which I had adjusted slightly and perhaps five
minutes later saw Judy’s hand cupping Mandy’s breast,
and Mandy seeming to enjoy and respond to what was

I turned to Lauren and spoke in a casual throw-away
voice. “Have you seen what those two are up to in the

Lauren turned, and was rigid in shock at what her
mother was doing. She couldn’t take her eyes away as
Mandy and Judy kissed, Judy exploring Mandy’s body with
her hands, Mandy responding to every new touch. Again,
after a few minutes I spoke to Lauren. “Hey, Lauren,
you don’t get many free shows like that one, do you?”
Lauren was still completely silent, transfixed by what
was happening in the back. Again I spoke to her. “Your
mum seems to be really enjoying it – it’s great she’s
enjoying something so much. Why don’t you relax and
just watch her having a good time.”

“But it’s not right, what she’s doing” she whispered.

I put on my positive tone. “Hey, k*d, your mum has had
a really bad time since she’s been on her own. It’s
been really hard for her. Isn’t it wonderful for her to
have something happen to her that she really enjoys.
And I think she would enjoy it even more if she knew
you were sharing in what she’s doing.” Lauren’s mind
was clearly racing, but she relaxed slightly, she did
begin to watch. She even begun to enjoy her mother’s

Actually it was a rather strange car journey for the
next forty five minutes before we arrived at the
cottage. Two women in the back kissing and heavy
petting. The passenger half turned watching everything.
And no conversation at all! Still, I had to drive, and
we reached the cottage safely just after nine. It only
took five minutes to get a kettle boiled, to drink tea
and coffee, although after the antics in the car the
conversation was rather stilted, with Mandy
embarrassed, Lauren silent, myself and Judy chatting
away. It was Judy who suggested we dance, turning on
some soft music.

Judy and I danced, arms around each other’s necks,
Mandy and Lauren dancing barely touching each other.
After 10 minutes I suggested we swapped – Judy danced
with Mandy, I danced with Lauren. It was clear that
Judy and Mandy had unfinished business and were soon
entwined around each other kissing hard, Judy pulling
Mandy hard to her with her hands on her ass, and it was
clear that Mandy was rubbing herself on Judy’s thigh.

Lauren and I danced arm in arm, but then I put my arms
around her pulled her closer to me. I put her arms
around my neck, put my arms around her back as we
danced against each other. As we danced I ran my hands
all over her back softly, each time encroaching a
little more onto her sweet and cute ass. At last I
simply cupped her ass as we danced together, pulling
her hard against me. I was certain she could feel me
hard against her but she showed no signs at the moment.

At last the music ran out, so I pulled Lauren onto my
lap as I sat on the settee, and suggested to the other
two that they get undressed and finish what they
started. At first Mandy was reluctant, glancing at
Lauren, but as Lauren didn’t move she allowed Judy to
undress her completely, and allowed Judy to lay her on
the floor.

Judy herself was out of her clothes as quickly and
quickly lowered her pussy straight onto Mandy’s mouth,
before leaning forward and burying her own mouth
between Mandy’s legs. There was the wonderful smell of
women in heat as their tongues worked inside each
other’s pussies, around each others clitorises, and
their breathing was becoming shorted and harsher.

Lauren stayed on my lap unmoving, and I did not push
things with her, keeping one arm around her back, and
simply resting the other one across her lap. It was
clear Mandy and Judy were getting more and more aroused
as their bodies squirmed, and Judy skillfully seemed to
bring them to arousal together.

I whispered to Lauren: “Isn’t that so beautiful, but
the best is to come…” and as I said that I suddenly
saw Mandy’s hips buck off the floor, she moaned and her
body began to thrash around in orgasm. Within moments
Judy also was crying out, forcing her pussy hard and
harder onto Mandy’s face as she too reach a dramatic
orgasm. Both cried out, shook for what seemed an age,
until they both began to relax, their orgasm subsiding.

As she came round from the orgasm Mandy suddenly looked
worried and looked to Lauren. Lauren had been
transfixed by what she had seen, shocked, embarrassed,
but suddenly relieved as it was so obvious her mother
had enjoyed – fantastically – what had happened.

Somehow we all calmed down, with Judy and Mandy finding
dressing gowns. We talked a bit about the cottage,
about the sleeping arrangements, and agreed in the end
that we would all squeeze into the one King-size bed in
the main bedroom. We cleaned teeth , got ourselves
ready, went to the bed. It took us ages of playing and
tickling and arguing to decide who would sleep where.
In the end I pretended to be commanding, and decreed
that Lauren should sleep on one side, me next to her,
then Mandy and then Judy.

It was Judy who pulled out a bag with sleeping things
in: “You don’t need your own things – I’ve got
something here for you all.” She gave me a pair of red
boxer shorts. She gave Mandy a very short sleeveless
nightie and crotchless panties. She gave Lauren a pink
nightie which reached just to her thighs, she wore a
longer nightie made of black lace for herself. Only
Lauren made any excuse and got changed in the loo.

As soon as we were in bed I grabbed Mandy and kissed
her, and ran my hands all over her body, feeling her
gorgeous tits, running my hands over her wonderful ass,
then up and down her legs before pushing a hand between
her legs, which parted immediately. After all I had
seen I had to have her. Within seconds I had my cock to
the lips of her still wet pussy, and plunged straight
into her.

Myself and Judy had discussed the weekend and although
we couldn’t plan for every detail or every event, we
knew what we should both do. I knew I had to talk. I
spoke huskily, but loud enough for all of us to hear. I
told her “It feels so good to have my cock in your
cunt. You feel so good. So welcoming. So hot. And I
love the wetness – you are just what I want to fuck.
Tell me what you want.”

Mandy responded without thinking. “I want you to fuck
me. Please fuck me, fuck me hard.” I eased my cock in
and out of her pussy, and she again responded: “I just
want your cock, I want your sperm inside me. Please,
please, please fuck me.”

It was clear this chat was having an effect on Lauren,
but Judy and I had agreed that we would wait until
perhaps Saturday evening to take her completely. I
began to slide my cock in and out of Mandy, and as I
did I accidentally (on purpose!) reached out and
grasped one of Lauren’s small but beautiful tits,
squeezing it, pinching the nipple as I fucked Mandy. I
could feel Judy pushing a finger into my ass as I rose
and fell into Mandy, then felt her through the ring and
as far in as it would go. Mandy was rising up to meet
my thrusts, moaning loudly as I fucked her. I
transferred my hand to Lauren’s other tit and caressed
and squeezed that.

I suddenly had an idea. I pulled out of Mandy, as she
tried to hold on to me, I pulled Lauren across the bed
so her head rested on Judy, rolled Mandy onto her
stomach and put her over Lauren’s stomach, then spread
her legs and plunged my cock deep into her again from
behind, her ass lifted towards me by being over her

I again began to slide my cock in and out of Mandy’s
cunt, and grabbed her hand and pulled until it was
cupping her own daughter’s tit. I squeezed her hand
onto Lauren’s tit as I fucked, until Mandy’s hand
developed a life of its own – perhaps she thought it
was Judy’s tit she was squeezing and pinching the
nipple of.

I slid my cock harder and harder into Mandy as her body
lying over her daughters lap thrust up and down to meet
me, her hand squeezing her daughter’s nipple. Before
long it was too much, and I thrust deep inside Mandy
screaming in orgasm. At the same moment Mandy rose,
cried out and shuddered in her own orgasm, the walls of
her cunt squeezing my cock hard, rippling, milking
every drop of cum out of my cock as I spurted deep
inside her.

It was several minutes later after we had all relaxed,
that we began to doze off, the smell of sex still
filling the room. That night we all slept well, Mandy
in Judy’s arms, Lauren in mine.


I woke next morning, as ever confused in my
surroundings before I had fully come around. I was
aware that my arm was around someone, my hand cupping a
small, soft breast, my cock – already stiff – nestling
in the join of a naked ass. I was aware also of the bed
moving, rocking, and when more aware realised Mandy and
Judy were already making love, that I held Lauren in my
arm, it was her beautiful slim teenage body I was
pressed against. I whispered to Lauren that we should
leave them to it and go make breakfast.

We dressed in our dressing gowns and went through to
the kitchen, and prepared toast, cereal and tea. As we
sat on two soft chairs I noticed Lauren was crying. I
went over to her, lifted her up and sat her on my lap.
I stroked her hair as she hugged me tightly.

“What’s the matter, pet?” I asked gently.

“It’s too much. It’s upside down,” she spluttered in
her tears. “I don’t know what’s happening. Every thing
is so different.”

I was quiet. I understood her confusion. She had seen
her mother cast off all sexual inhibitions. She had
seen her mother do things she had never dreamed she
would see. She herself had been touched in ways she had
never been touched before. I let her cry for several
minutes, then wiped a tear from her eye. I gently spoke
to her.

“Lauren, it may seem all strange, but this is all being
done in love. No-one will get hurt. Everyone will find
their real selves. And I promise you one thing – by the
end of today you will understand. It will all make
sense.” I paused as Lauren brightened up. We both heard
the steps coming from the bedroom. I spoke more
lightly. “Let’s get that breakfast served.”

“Thank you uncle Bill,” Lauren whispered. She almost
skipped to her feet to get to the breakfast.

We spent the morning walking a bit through the local
countryside, returning to the cottage after a pub
lunch. Mandy seemed almost insatiable, and she, Judy
and I had a very erotic threesome as soon as we arrived
home – I love having a woman riding my cock, another
sitting on my face and that’s how we ended up. Again
Lauren was the very interested spectator. After
showering it was Judy who suggested they have a girly
shopping trip, and the three disappeared in the car
for a couple of hours, returning about five o-clock.
While out I had prepared some sandwiches and snacks for

Typical of these occasions the three came in giggling
and chatting about what they had bought. They chatted
for several minutes over coffee, until Judy turned to
me and said “You should see what Lauren has got.” There
was a pause, and Lauren went bright red. Judy
enthusiastically continued. “I’ve got a great idea.
Lauren – go and get changed and come back and show Bill
what you got.”

Lauren giggled shyly. “I couldn’t,” Judy looked at her
firmly, so she picked up a bag and disappeared. A few
minutes later she tentatively put her head around the
door, then opened it and walked coyly in. She looked
sensational. She was stood in a black lacy bra, thin
enough to show her nipples through the cloth, matching
panties, giving a glimpse of pubic hair, suspenders and
black stockings.

I stood to my feet. “Wow, you look absolutely

It was Judy who spoke – quietly enough so Lauren
couldn‘t catch the words. “And they are not ordinary
panties, you know. They have padded bits, specially
designed so that there is a pad resting against her
clitoris, one between the lips of her pussy and one
between the cheeks of her ass. If she moves in any
direction she will get aroused.”

I held my hand out to Lauren – “Come and sit down. I
have decided that you look so sensational that you will
wear these clothes for the rest of the evening. No
choice.” Even as she walked over to the settee the
effects of the pads were clearly making and impression
on her.

They continued to make an impression through tea, every
time she moved causing her some arousal. We
deliberately strung the tea out so that by seven she
was bright red, almost panting with desire, trying to
move to rub herself to orgasm. However, every time she
looked close we would distract her so her orgasm never
came. She looked pleadingly at us but we pretended not
to notice the state she was in.

It was about ten past seven that I went to her.
“Perhaps, Lauren, you need to come to bed with me.” She
simply nodded as I led her through to the bedroom. I
lay her on the bed, removed the bra and kissed her
gently, caressing her so soft, small but perfect tits.
I removed her panties which by now we soaking wet and
smelling of woman.

I removed the suspender belt and stockings. I quickly
undressed, then lay on her and gently put the tip of my
cock to her sweet pussy as she spread her legs wide. I
slid gently inside her, she was so tight but felt so
good. I felt her resistance still intact. I stopped and
whispered that this would hurt, but she just put her
arms around my neck and kissed me.

I thrust forward, breaking through until my cock was
completely buried in her virgin pussy, so tight, so
wet, so good. She cried out as I burst through, so I
knelt up with my cock still inside her, not to move
until her pain had subsided. However, with my thumb I
played on her clitoris and he breath became shorter and
shorter, and suddenly her body thrashed around, her
pussy squeezing my cock, she screamed out as her first
orgasm from a man overwhelmed her. I held her firmly on
my cock as she thrashed around and screamed out.

Her orgasm seem to go on for ever, but at last she
calmed down, opened her eyes and looked at me. In that
one moment a weekend of confusion, of arousal, of
emotion, was all released in the fiercest orgasm I have
known any woman or girl ever have. She whispered to me.
“Please, uncle Bill, I want more.”

Slowly I began to slide my cock in and out of her and
her body immediately responded, rising up to meet me. I
fucked her slowly and leisurely until it was clear that
she was rising towards climax again. I sped up with my
thrusts, in and out of her sopping pussy, her body
rocking under me, until, as she screamed out, I came in
one great orgasm, both our bodies shuddering together,
pumping my cum deep inside her, filling her as much as
I could. Again, we seemed to writhe together for ages,
until we both subsided arm in arm, accompanied by
applause from Judy and Mandy who had snuck in to watch

After we had separated Judy took Lauren to clean up
after the loss of her virginity. Mandy still stood
there coyly, so I ordered her: “Mandy. Come and clean
me up.” She reached for a box of tissues. I spoke
again: “No, not like that, with this.” I tapped her
mouth. She had lost so many inhibitions she immediately
came over, licked me clean, sucking my and Lauren’s
juices from my cock.

Just then Judy brought Lauren back in. Judy turned and
kissed Lauren, and Mandy and I watched as they made
love to each other, Judy showing Lauren what to do.
Both orgasmed a couple of times in a sixty nine, before
Judy called Mandy to the bed and ordered her to make
love to her daughter.

She hesitated, before Lauren pulled her on top of her
and together they made each other cum. I finished the
evening by again taking Lauren who by now was as
uninhibited as her mother. I think I counted Lauren
having eight orgasms through the evening before we
simply showered, returned to bed and went to sleep in a
tangle of arms and legs.


The next morning was a repeat of the evening before,
the four of us spending a couple of hours making love,
eating breakfast, before we left for home at about
eleven. It had been the hottest weekend Judy and I
could remember. Mandy and Lauren’s lives had changed
completely and where they would go from here was in
their hands.

Our experience suggested that they were likely to find
relationships with other people as a result of our
weekend, and find a fulfillment in those relationships.
They would become part of our network, but find their
own way as well. We would have times with them, but we
would also seek adventures elsewhere.