Meeting Michelle

Living in a college town, I’ve learned there’s always plenty of eye candy, but also a general lack of experience to go with those young hard bodies. However, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a young girl that seems so innocent until you’ve pulled their panties off, and then realize you’ve unleashed a monster.

It was May, just a couple months ago, when I was out for a run by the beach. At the end of a 5 mile stretch, my mind was on a hot shower and a post-workout snack as I made my way through the parking lot towards my truck. Almost absentmindedly, I noticed the hood of the car next to mine propped up, an obvious sign of distress.

I tossed my keys on my seat and made my way to the front of the vehicle, always one to help a fellow driver who has reached an impasse, and briefly enjoyed the cool salty breeze that was blowing off the ocean.

‘Can I help you?’, I called out to the unknown driver.

I immediately regretted my decision not to clean the perspiration off my face and drenched shirt, as the young girl came into view.

‘I’m not sure what’s wrong.’, she said, frowning at the exposed engine.

She was, quite simply, amazing. She stood about 5 foot tall, in stark contrast to my 6’5′ frame, and couldn’t have weighed more than 100 lbs., half my own. Although she was wearing the demure outfit of a sweatshirt and khaki pants, I could easily see the outline of her swollen breasts. As she turned to look towards the entrance of the lot, I couldn’t help but notice her incredibly perky and tight butt straining against her pants.

‘My boyfriend was supposed to be here an hour ago, but he must have gotten sidetracked.’, she said, and I took the hint that she was off limits. With her dark green eyes, perfectly tanned complexion framed by long dark tresses and a gorgeous, brilliant smile, I knew there was no chance she would have been single anyways.

She was looking at me expectantly, so I cleared my throat and leaned in to look at her motor. I asked her what the problem was, and she explained that there was a clicking noise when she attempted to start it, and of course it wouldn’t get going. I asked her to get in and try it for me, and listened for any tell-tale signs that signaled a repair I might be able to manage. After a couple attempts, she got out and joined me by the car.

I could feel her next to me, and I distractedly fiddled with her engine, poking and prodding even though I knew her starter was toasted. Truth was, I just wanted another couple of minutes with this young hottie before I went back to my empty apartment.

‘I think your starters blown.’, I said to her, which only earned me a concerned and confused look. If it was possible, she looked even more beautiful when emotion flooded her features.

‘Don’t worry,’ I said, trying to reassure her, ‘It’s not that expensive to fix, and only takes a couple of hours. You’ll have this back in no time at all.’

I flashed my best smile at her, and offered her the help of a friend who owned a shop nearby. I knew he had his own tow truck, and he owed me a favor.

‘I don’t want to impose.’, she said, biting her lip and looking at her phone.

‘My boyfriend should be here any minute, and I think he can do all this…’, she trailed off as she once again looked to the entrance of the lot.

I smiled again, assuring her that it was no trouble at all, and if her boyfriend knew of a better shop, I would make sure it was towed there at no cost.
Finally she sighed, smiled back at me, and relented. I grabbed my cell phone from my car, and dialed my friend, who promised to be only twenty minutes.

I closed her hood, and with the car situation handled, we began an easy back and forth of small talk. I learned her name was Michelle, she was a first year student, a psychology major, and seemingly unsure of herself on many fronts. She kept saying that she was ‘stupid’ for not knowing what to do about her car, and ‘an idiot’ for bugging so many people about it.

I got the feeling that these weren’t her thoughts on the subject, that maybe they were parroted responses from the absent boyfriend, and tried to comfort her with the fact that cars breakdown all the time with little control over them from their owners. She smiled again, melting my heart, and asked me about my own life. I shared that I was a bachelor, working as a consultant. I also let slip that I had a broken engagement six months prior, and that I was getting in shape for a deployment with my reserve unit.

The conversation continued easily, until I saw the familiar truck of my friend pull into the lot. We both got off the hood of her car, and I told her I would handle the details. She was obviously relieved as I took charge, and ten minutes later her car was gone, her holding a card from the shop, her backpack and the promise her car would be ready the following day.

I offered her a ride home, as the sun was setting and her boyfriend was nowhere to be found, but she was worried that he would show up after she left and wonder where she was. I bit back the obvious retort about the fact he was already two hours late, and offered to wait with her.

‘Maybe I’ll call and see where he is.’, she said, as I realized she had stopped looking at her phone every three minutes. I couldn’t help but find myself attracted to that little girl voice, sweet and slightly hoarse, and lamented that our time was drawing to a close.

She pulled out her phone and dialed, turning slightly away from me as it rang through. I tried to surreptitiously appreciate her pert ass, which was impossibly curvy in comparison to her tiny little body, and actually realized I was finding myself growing hard in my running shorts. I tried to distract myself from her body, but couldn’t help wonder just what that sweatshirt was hiding. I might have embarrassed myself had it not been for the fact her boyfriend finally answered on the line, giving me a one sided conversation that was obvious in it’s content.

He was at a friends, drunk, and had forgotten all about her. I was amazed at the fact such an amazingly attractive girl was with such an idiot, and he was insulting her at that! She was growing red in the face, and was even apologizing for bothering him. I felt bad for this eighteen year old girl, forgetting all about my earlier randiness, and stared out at the breaking ocean waves as the call finished. I looked back and saw her shoulders slump as she tried to compose herself, her eyes slightly glistening when she turned back to me.

‘Jay? Um.. Troy got stuck, you know, on his way over here?’, she stumbled through the obvious lie, ‘Would it be too much to ask for that ride?’

I smiled again, hoping to relax her, and told her that it was no problem at all. I wanted to ask her about that asshole of a boyfriend, but knew it would only upset her. She grabbed her bag, and seemed surprised when I held open the door of my Suburban for her to get in. She was so tiny she had to practically jump to get into the truck, and as I made my way around to the drivers side I saw her attempt to return the favor. She smiled sheepishly as she realized she didn’t have the strength or reach to open my door, but I thanked her as I slid into the seat. I let her pick a station on Pandora as we pulled out of the parking lot, and we continued our earlier conversation, chatting easily about music, the beach, and plans for the upcoming summer.

I couldn’t help but feel lucky to have such a beautiful girl in my car as she interspersed her side of the talk with directions to her house, and I was genuinely sad when we pulled up to the cottage she shared with another roommate.

‘I’m so grateful you showed up when you did.’, she said as I idled on the street. ‘God knows how long I might have been stranded there.’

I just smiled at her, and told her I thought she was quite a capable young woman and that I’m sure she would have been able to figure out what to do once she realized she couldn’t count on her boyfriend. It was a flippant remark, and the first negative comment I’d made about him throughout the ordeal, yet it gave her pause. She had grasped the door handle as if to leave, but turned back to me with those devastating eyes trained on mine.

‘You’re not just saying that, are you?’, she asked, ‘ You actually think I’m not some dumb girl?’

I was instantly saddened by her response, mostly because I hate to see her have such low confidence in herself. I smiled in spite of the comment, and placed a hand on her shoulder.

‘No Michelle, and although it’s not my place to say it, you deserve to be surrounded with people who appreciate you and your abilities.’

She smiled again, and opened the door, seeming to hesitate as she sat on the edge. Almost visibly making up her mind, she hopped out and turned back to me.

‘Jay, I appreciate everything, and would like to make it up to you. Would you feel like a late dinner tonight? I’m an okay… I’m a good cook, and my roommates out of town, it’d be nice to have company.’, It was cute how unsure she seemed at what my response would be, and her eyes were slightly widened at what I imagined to be a rather bold action on her part, ‘ I mean, if you don’t have other plans…’

I accepted, telling her I was looking forward trying her cooking, and asked her what time I should return. She told me about an hour and a half, and after wishing me a safe trip, closed the door and half ranhalf skipped to her front porch. I’m sure I was beaming as I marveled at my good fortune and made my way home.

I quickly showered, happy about the muscle I was putting on from all my workouts, and glad I finally had an even tan. I was in the middle of putting on a light blue dress shirt to compliment my eyes, when I stopped and silently chastised myself for my vanity and intentions. This was not a date, I reminded myself, it was an innocent young girl being gracious for my chivalry, and I shouldn’t be thinking otherwise. Nonetheless, I did spray a tiny bit of cologne on and after checking the time, grabbed a bottle of white wine I had lying in my fridge and headed for the door.

I pulled up to Michelle’s house right on time, grabbed the bottle of wine, and headed to her front door. I knocked, and about ten seconds later I heard her call out from somewhere in the cottage that she’d be right there. I waited about a minute, before I heard her pull open the door. At first she was shyly hiding behind the door, but as she saw the bottle of wine, she stepped out and gave me a thousand watt smile.

My jaw almost fell off as I realized she was only wearing a towel, in contrast to the make-up she had on which highlighted her dark green eyes, and full soft lips, which I had failed to notice up to this point. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail, and the towel was loosely tucked underneath her left arm. I was struck by the fact her skin was tanned golden brown from her fingertips to the nape of her neck, and that her breasts were even larger than I had imagined, prominently thrust out and showing copious amounts of cleavage even as they held her towel from falling to the ground. What felt like an hour was probably only a second as I crossed the threshold into her home, time standing still as this tiny goddess let me by her.

‘I’m sorry, I was getting dinner ready and time flew by! I’ll be only 5 minutes.’, she said as she closed the front door, turned and left the room, pausing at her bedroom doorway.
‘If you can find some glasses, would you like to open that bottle?’ She asked, and I could swear there was a gleam in her eye. I told her yes, and she slid into the bedroom, lightly closing the door behind her.

I quickly took stock of her small cottage, trying to shake the stunned feeling from my head. It was small, but cozy, with the mismatched furniture of college students filling the living room. A kitchen with a dinette was on the left, and to the right were two doors. I assumed that her roommate and her each had a bedroom and shared one bathroom, similar to a cottage I once lived in years before. I began a search of the small kitchen, and quickly realized that should have brought wine glasses. All she had were cheap plastic cups, probably from a thrift store, and I began to wonder if she’d even had wine before.

I shrugged, and decided to make due with what she had. Besides, whatever was cooking smelled delicious, and I wasn’t a snob like some of my friends were so I didn’t want her to feel bad.

As if reading my mind, I heard her small voice behind me.

‘I’m sorry, all I have are those cups. I feel so, I don’t know, uncultured?’

I was pouring, and responded, ‘Michelle, no more apologies, okay? Dinner smells amazing, and you have nothing to be ashamed of!’

I turned around to hand her a cup, and promptly felt my mind go blank.

Michelle was leaning against her couch, a classy but low-cut tube top sweater barely holding in her breasts, and wearing a short skirt that flowed down at different lengths. Her legs looked impossibly long for a girl of her height, and were incredibly tan and toned, perfect stems that her earlier khakis had hidden well. Her naked arms fairly glowed, slender and smooth, and she had let her hair down so that it cascaded over her bare shoulders, falling in such a way that she seemed like a movie starlet. There was no way to hide the fact she had stunned me to silence, and she smiled at me again, this time with a perceivable edge to it. I crossed her dinette in two steps, and handed her a cup of the wine I had brought.

‘Cheers.’, I said, finding my voice once again before taking a drink. She took a sip as well, nodding approvingly.

‘Mmmm…’, she purred, and then confirmed my earlier assessment, ‘I’ve never had wine before, it tastes sweet, but tart!’

I talked a bit about wine and food pairings, making nonsensical small talk as she began to prepare dinner for serving. I had a seat at the table, not able to take my eyes off of her as she made plates for us. I knew that she had noticed my staring, but rather than shy away, she seemed to almost react to it by deliberately moving in a sensual way. Her skirt kept swaying dangerously, giving me what I almost thought was a peek at her firm bottom, just above the hem. As she brought the plates over to the table, I was mesmerized by the subtle swaying of her chest, and wondered if she was wearing a bra underneath her top. She was about to sit down, when she let out a small excited sound.

‘Oops! I just put these in, is it okay if we try them?’, she said, turning on what seemed to be Christmas lights that ran the length of the small interior of the house. Before I could answer, she had turned off the lights in the kitchen and living room, leaving the soft glow of the tiny festive lights. It had created a romantic atmosphere almost immediately, and whether intentional or not, it made her house all the more cozier.

‘Actually, that’s really nice.’, I said noticing that she was, if it was possible, even more beautiful than ever.

She smiled once more, and sat down with me at the table. As we ate, we talked freely; about her studies, her goals, me complimenting her food, and her complimenting how well I cleaned up.
‘Blue really suits you, and you came dressed so nicely I almost feel under dressed!’, she said.

‘I don’t think so,’ I interjected, ‘I think you look amazing in what you’re wearing.’

She smiled, ‘You know, that’s the first comment you’ve made on my looks. Most boys only tell me about how pretty I am, and yet you’ve focused on so many other things besides that. I was beginning to wonder if you even found me attractive’

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you question your appeal. I guess there’s just so much about you I find interesting, I forgot to mention it.’ I said, feeling a bit foolish.

‘Don’t be, no apologies, right? Actually, I really like it. That your not just focused on that I mean.’ God, I could listen to this angel talk forever, her voice was like music.

We had finished dinner, and polished off the wine. I once again told her how wonderful everything was, and waited for her to prompt me to leave. Instead, she openly wished that we had some dessert to have with dinner, and maybe some more wine. My brain suddenly kicked on, and I remembered that I actually had a solution in my truck.

‘Wait, I think I can remedy that.’ I got up from the table and left through the front door to go to my vehicle. Sure enough, in the back I found a decent bottle of red wine, and an unleavened chocolate cake from a friend who was a baker. Working out meant I was avoiding such treats, but I wasn’t going to deny this young girl anything.

As I re-entered her house, I saw that she had repositioned herself on the couch, holding the two cups and waiting with a sexy smile on her lips. I grabbed two forks from the kitchen, and joined her. As soon as I sat down, she turned sideways, draping both of her legs over my lap.

My body reacted of it’s own accord, and the combination of wine and her bare thighs made an involuntary stirring occur in my lap. I thought she noticed, but she only leaned over and cut a bite from the cake with her fork. She once again raved about the taste of the red wine with the dark chocolate, and I noticed her taking longer pulls from her glass as we talked and ate.

Michelle was leaning closer and closer into me, her breasts now brushing my arm as she reached for cake, soft and firm against my arm. Her legs kept moving, sliding over my lap as she shared an animated story about one of her adventures. I could feel myself growing harder as she moved against me, and the wine I had consumed kept me from my initial embarrassment; I was now almost fully engorged, stretching down my left pant leg in an obvious bulge. She made no mention of it, but moved her legs even more, almost stroking me with her calves as she spoke.

I was listening to her speak when I stopped hearing her words; I realized I was watching her lips move, merely just to see her tender succulent mouth make shapes, to form little circles, her tongue teasingly flicking to the edge of her lips, moistening small segments of her already wet mouth. I was mesmerized by her movements, lost in a trance, when I felt her hand fall into my lap.

She was telling a particularly animated story, and at it’s culmination had dropped her hands. I knew it was an accident, that she didn’t mean to touch my member, but as she realized what she was touching, I saw her eyes widen slightly, her tongue glued momentarily to the roof of her mouth…. And then she continued talking, not moving her hand at all.

I was now completely focused on her words, hanging on every expelled breath that created sound.

‘Jay, you haven’t said anything. What are you so quiet?’, she was purring now, leaning forward into me, her breasts pressed into my arm and her legs pulling mine into her. Her left hand was resting on my cock, her index finger tracing small circles against the shaft through my pants.

I couldn’t speak, but didn’t want to anyway; I looked down and placed my right hand on her firm thigh, tracing my fingers up the side of her leg. As I reached the edge of her skirt, I felt her tremble slightly, her hand lightly squeezing me through my pants. We both had stopped talking, and as I met her gaze again, I leaned in, taking her bottom lip in between mine.

It felt like the room heated up instantly, our tongues touched, flicking against each other; before I could place her taste, she moaned, placing her left leg over mine and straddled me.

My hands reflexively went to her thighs, squeezing her and pulling her into me as our mouths worked against one another. I was enraptured by her soft skin, by the noises that came from her mouth as her hands explored my chest. I slid my hands farther up her legs, stopping only when I reached the outline of her panties. Feeling lace, I slid my fingers between them and her skin, lightly pressing my nails into her flesh.

She reached down, grabbing my hands and guiding me as I slid her panties off. Suddenly, she broke our kiss, pulling back and looking into my eyes. Without a word, she stood up, leaving her underwear around her knees. She spoke, her voice even more hoarse than before, almost a growl.

‘I want you Jay. But you should know I’m not as innocent as I seem. I believe you can handle me,’ she leaned slightly on one leg, the panties around her knees stretching to one side, ‘I believe you know how to fuck me…’

I was shocked at her sudden profanity, ridiculously turned on by how young and dirty she looked in the low light, her thin lacy panties drawn tight at her knees. Gone now was the uncertainty I had grown accustomed to in her eyes; it had been replaced by an animalistic glowering, fierce in it’s need.

She stood there, drawing her hands to the sides of her sweater, then slowly pulled them down over her firm breasts. They were perfectly shaped, at least 36 C’s, with light pink nipples that were a shaped like perfect round quarters, hardening already in anticipation.

I reached up, trying to pull her down to me on the couch. She resisted, shaking her head slowly from side to side in refusal. Taking her hint, I leaned forward, suckling her right nipple into my mouth, feeling it protrude and stiffen against my tongue. My hands reach under her skirt, cupping her ripe ass as she put her hand on my head, gripping my hair and pulling me into her chest. Her left hand was lightly kneading her breast, alternating between squeezing the entirety of it, and pulling softly on her nipple, making it as hard as the one that my tongue was currently circling.

I wanted her to straddle me again, so after I switched to her other breast, I took my hands off her firm bottom, reaching down to pull her panties off completely. Once again, she stopped me. I pulled from the hardened nipple that my mouth had occupied to look up at her. She was lightly shaking her head, stopping to pull her top completely off over her head.

I leaned back into the couch, seeing her framed against the soft lights that ran the length of the cottage. She was a goddess, her dark hair framing her angelic face, breasts standing perfectly from her body, nipples erect, a taut stomach that trailed down to her skirt, which bloomed slightly out until those firm thighs came into view, a smooth line broken only by those lacy panties that remained locked just above her knees.

She bent over at the waist, meeting my lips again as she unbuttoned my shirt. My cock was painfully straining against my pants leg as she slowly undid each button, working her way down my shirt until finally undoing the last. We both drew in a small gasp of breath as she removed my shirt; mine because she lightly ran her nails the length of my body as she pulled my shirt off, hers because I had taken one of her nipples in my mouth as she leaned over me, bringing my teeth down on it in a soft bite.

Standing back up, she pulled my mouth to her navel, breathing heavily as I kissed and licked around her stomach, my hands once again cupping her luscious cheeks underneath her skirt. She began undulating against my mouth and hands, rocking herself as I took in the softness of her perfect skin. Firmly gripping her tight ass in my left hand, my right strayed to the front and laid flat against her pelvis.

I kissed up her body, taking her breast into my mouth as slid my thumb against her clit, rubbing lightly in a small circular motion. A moan again escaped her lips, and she leaned forward, splaying her hands at the middle of my back and digging her nails into my skin while pulling me into her body.

My left hand slid under her from behind, and gently penetrated her slightly, as I continued to rub her button from the front. I felt her knees buckle the tiniest bit as she used my legs for support, her breath getting louder and quicker as I stimulated her pussy.

‘Oh my God…’, she hissed lowly, ‘Oh, yesssss…!’

I was becoming lost in her motions when suddenly a phone rang from the nearby end table. She stiffened, then reached over and grabbed the phone. After the second ring, she stood straight up, and pulled my face by the chin so that our eyes locked.

‘Jay?’, she pleaded, one hand still resting on the back of my head, ‘Lick my pussy, please?’

She pulled her skirt up, exposing the prettiest pussy I had ever seen. Her clit was slightly pronounced, with a small flesh hood barely covering it. Her pussy lips were swollen full, and a small butterfly of pink skin protruded from between the crack. Using my thumbs to spread the shaven smooth lips, I began running my tongue around her wet hole, tasting the juices that had already built up during our touching.

I heard the phone ringing a third and fourth time, then with her free hand she answered.

‘Hello?’, she asked, her breathing barely under control as I probed her tight flower, pulling out to suckle her clit into my eager mouth.

‘What do you want?’, she replied on her end. I could hear the muffled sounds of a loud party, even from where I was between her fragrant thighs.

‘I don’t want to see you tonight.’, she answered, letting her skirt fall to drape me as she placed her hand at the back of my head, pulling my now slick face into her dripping cunt.

‘I’m busy, that’s why. And you left me stranded today. I’ll let you know later if I even want to see you again.’

So she was talking to the boyfriend…

I don’t know how he didn’t hear her low moans and heavy breathing, but I didn’t care. I began lapping at her warm pussy juices at a quicker pace, almost wanting this idiot to know what he was missing. She even acted like she didn’t care if he did notice, as she let out a small whine, nearly doubling over on top of me.

‘Oh shit, fuck… I’ve got to go, I’ll call you later!’, she nearly yelled into the phone, slamming it shut and tossing it onto the table again.

Her moans increased in volume as I slid one, then two fingers into her love canal, making a ‘come hither’ motion against her g-spot. I kissed and sucked on her clit, flicking my tongue furiously against it while she was in my mouth.

A growing noise built to a crescendo as she bucked her pelvis onto my face, both hands now gripping my hair, pulling me into her pussy. I could hear the fabric of her panties start to rip at her knees, her body straining to release herself from their confining grasp.

‘Oh fuck! Shit, oh my fucking god!’ she screamed loudly.

‘I’m fucking cumming, oh my GOD… FUCK!!!’, she moaned as I was rewarded with a spraying of her fluids, covering my face and dripping down my arm, chest and her smooth, tanned legs. She nearly collapsed, the insides of her thighs glistening in the low lights. My left arm steadied her as I pulled my head from underneath her skirt, lightly kissing her stomach, and then looking up into her eyes.

If I had thought her animalistic before, she was almost demonic in the way her eyes glowed now.

‘You like licking a cheating pussy, don’t you?’, she purred to me, ‘You want to fuck this little girl, don’t you baby?’

Where had that shy girl from earlier gone? I didn’t care, but was shocked into the horniest mood I’d ever been in. I was beyond turned on, I could feel the pre-cum oozing from my twitching cock as she spoke to me. Bending down, she finally removed her panties, then turned and sauntered slowly towards her bedroom. Opening the door, she turned and looked at me, now biting her own bottom lip as she walked to her bed, removing her skirt as she went.

‘Bring my phone with you…’, she said as I stood up, making my way towards her. I wasn’t going to question this feisty kitten, so I grabbed her cell and moved into the bedroom.

When I got to the bed, she was sitting on her knees on the edge, naked and glowing. Her body was incredible, no tan lines to disturb her perfect skin. Stopping in front of her, she undid my button and zipper, sliding my boxer briefs off in the same downward motion as my pants. Stepping out of them, my cock was rigid, exactly at the same level as her mouth.

I know I have a fairly large cock, 8.5′ long, 6′ around and perfectly straight, but in her tiny hands my member seemed enormous. Her eyes had glazed over with lust, and she began to stroke me with her right hand, her left hand cupping my swollen balls and gently squeezing. I was hypnotized by her soft lips, her big green eyes, and her amazing breasts that were swaying beneath me as she moved her arm.

I drew in a breath as she moved her mouth closer, her tongue darting out and dancing around my cock head, a string of saliva and pre-cum following her as she drew her tongue back into her mouth.

Just when I couldn’t stand the teasing anymore, I felt the warmest sensation as she enveloped the entire head of my cock in her mouth. Her tongue pressed against the underside of my helmet, mercilessly stimulating the most sensitive part of my cock as she sucked on the head.

I assumed she wouldn’t be able to take that much of my cock in her mouth, like most of the women before her, when she suddenly inhaled most of my shaft in one swift motion. I nearly fell over as I felt my cock buried in her throat, my entire shaft buzzing from the sudden warmth of her mouth and the friction of her tongue.

‘Holy shit, my god!’, I exclaimed, shocked at the tremors that ran the length of my body. She worked furiously, her hand constantly stroking the shaft whenever it wasn’t in her mouth, her left hand massaging my balls, preparing to milk the cum from my body.

‘Michelle, oh suck that cock baby, suck it hard!’, I moaned loudly, enraptured my the attention she was giving to my pole. Remembering her own dirty talk, I started talking to her, eager to see the effect.

‘You’re such a dirty slut, aren’t you?’, I asked, and she gripped me harder.

‘Uh huh..’, she said, taking me out of her mouth for a brief moment to answer. She WAS a dirty slut, and she got off on it!

I started talking even nastier to her, saying anything that came to my mind.

‘I’m going to fuck that pussy raw, your boyfriend won’t even feel it the next time he’s inside you.’

‘Suck that cock you slut, I’m going to cover you with cum and send you back to him’

She was practically a blur, large globs of her spit building up on the base of my shaft. I grabbed her head and started pumping into her mouth, my balls slapping into the bottom of her chin with every thrust. She grabbed my ass with both hands, pulling me into her and moaning with me as I felt the stirring of an impending explosion.

‘I want to fuck you while you talk to him, make you cum while he listens…!’, I said, pulling in and out of her mouth.

Suddenly she stopped me, pulling me out of her mouth. My cock was covered in her saliva, dripping onto her chest. Her eyes were tearing, her mascara running down her face in rivulets as she looked up at me. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen as she broke into a devilish grin.

‘Give me my phone.’

I grabbed her phone, handing it to her. I had been so close to cumming that my body was in near spasms. She pushed me onto the bed, biting my lower lip as she positioned her now dripping pussy over my cock.

‘Are you clean?’, she asked, holding me at her entrance.

I nodded, then she slid her pussy onto my throbbing cock. We both made moaning noises as I filled her tiny pussy completely. In one swift motion, I was in the tightest, warmest, wettest pussy I had ever experienced. She groaned, straining to take it all, her breathing coming in ragged gasps. I cupped her ass in both hands, my thumbs reaching all the way around her tiny waist, and aided her in setting a rhythm.

As she rocked back and forth, her body tensed almost right away, her filled pussy convulsing with her second orgasm of the night. I felt the familiar juices around my cock, and I rolled her over, looking down as the excess fluids sprayed on her ass with every thrust I took.

Her legs were wrapped around me, her heels on the small of my back, as she kneaded her breasts with one hand and opened her phone with the other. I fucked her harder, leaning down to flick my tongue against hers, our eyes locking as she launched into yet another strong orgasm. She was almost whining, cooing over and over as I slammed into her.

She was so wet that there was now a splashing noise every time I buried myself to the hilt, her pussy practically sucking my cock back in. I saw her try to concentrate as she dialed the phone, her eyes repeatedly rolling back into her head.

‘Fuck me, Jay’, she screamed, ‘Fuck me so he hears !’

She put the phone on speaker, setting it next to her bed on the end table. Reaching up, she pulled me into a long kiss as the phone rang, then released me.

‘Hello?’ A boys voice flooded the room, tinny over the speaker on her phone.

Pushing me up, she growled,’Fuck me from behind, baby’

‘Michelle? Is that you?’, came the voice, a bit of panic edging into the call.

She had twisted around, my cock making a popping noise as it left her slick hole. Now on her hands and knees, her ass positioned up in the air, I slid into her from behind. Her pussy was so wet I drove all the way to her cervix, bottoming out and making her scream.

‘Yes baby! Fuck me hard, ooooh, fuck me!’, she was growling, moaning and screaming all at once.

I pumped in and out, watching as my cock spread her now swollen pussy wide open, spraying her juices all over her ass with every plunge.

‘Michelle? Is this a joke? Are you there?’, the voice on the phone was nearly yelling.

‘Oh god, oh fuck, I’ve never had a cock like this!’, she was panting, driving her hips back to meet my cock, ‘I’ve never cum like this, god I’m so fucking wet!’

I knew I was about to lose it, the hour and a half of stimulation building to a climax in my balls.

‘I’m gonna cum Michelle, are you ready?’, I asked my little slut.

Right on cue, she pulled off of me, and turning around started to stroke my cock. I was going blind with the most amazing orgasm of my life, listening to her as she begged for my spunk in her mouth.

‘Cum in my mouth baby, oh please cum in my mouth… I want to swallow all of it, please baby…’, she moaned, leaning down to deep-throat my shaft.

I heard a final protest on the speaker phone as I almost yelled, cum spurting from my cock head, filling her mouth and dripping onto her perfect tits. She was moaning her approval, sucking down every drop she could manage. Swallowing, she began to use her finger to scoop up my stray load from her chest, licking her fingers with a smacking sound.

‘Your cum tastes so sweet, mmmmm, I want some more…’, she said, looking incredible, even this well fucked.

‘I’ve never cum so hard in my life,’ I said, collapsing on the bed. ‘You can have it anytime you want it.’

‘Well, it’s about time I give it to someone who deserves it.’

She smiled, picked up the phone and closed it, then cuddled up next to me, both of us bathing in our post-fuck glow.

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