Melody’s Life With Daddy

The morning sun broke through a crack in the curtains,
flooding her naked body that lay on the bed. The
sunlight hit her back and ass; warming it from the
early morning chill. Melody stirred, still half asleep
reaching over hoping to find a warm body next to her in
bed. She found that there was no one there.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at the clock, it
was already a little past nine thirty, she must have
not heard the alarm go off. She rolled over on her
back, and opened her eyes fully and took in the morning
light. Melody noticed there was a small note on her
bedside table. It was written in the handwriting that
she had grown to love.

“Had to go out for a business breakfast, will be back
hopefully not later than 11am. Turned off the alarm for
you, my sweet, I knew you would need your rest for this
evening. Be a good girl and get your chores done, so
that when I get home, we can spend some time together.”

A smile came across Melody’s face as she read the note,
not thinking of what this evening would bring her, but
thinking of the man who wrote the note, who so
graciously let her sleep in. She closed her eyes and
started thinking back to when they first meet.


It seemed like she knew him forever, but it had only
been about seven months. Melody had been living in San
Diego, moving from one job to the next, trying to find
something that she enjoyed. Nothing seemed to suit her.
She had done everything from being a waitress, a
secretary at a law firm, to even stripping. She had
enjoyed stripping the most, because she loved showing
off her body, and got such a rush from the men staring
at her, and giving her money.

She loved turning them on and watching from the corner
of her eyes as she danced; how their cocks would grow
hard. She loved catching them when they slid their
hands down in their pants and stroke themselves. She
loved that she had that effect on them.

At Melody’s last job as a personal assistant to a very
high powered lawyer; she had the opportunity to meet
many interesting people, from many different walks of
life. About seven months ago, she met one man, who
would change her life forever. There was a small party
she had to attend with her boss, he was meeting
potential clients and needed her there in case they
decided to sign on, and he also liked to take her
because she was attractive. He liked to show her off.
Melody had been having an affair with her boss, Mr.
Edward Patterson, from the time she started working
with the firm.

He was married, but she really didn’t care. She had her
needs and she wanted them fulfilled. At the party there
were about ten men there, some with women, who
obviously were not their wives. Melody mingled through
out the evening, bored, not really enjoying any of the
conversation she was having. She just wanting to go
home, or go into the back room and get laid, anything
but stay here and talk shop.

About an hour into the party, another man showed up, he
was alone. When he came in, he had a presence about
him. Everyone seemed to flock toward him. Melody
wondered what it was about him that was so special. She
decided she must find out. Once the crowd had thinned
out from around this man, she decided it was time to
introduce herself to him. Melody walked over to the
chair where he was sitting. She had noticed his wine
glass was empty, so she had another in her hand for

“Excuse me, Sir, I noticed that your wine glass was
empty, and I am sure from all the chatter that has been
going on, you must be thirsty.” she said with a smile.

He didn’t say anything; he just smiled back, reached up
and slowly took the glass out of her hand, gripping it
just for a second. A rush ran through Melody, something
she wasn’t sure if she had ever felt before. There was
a second or more of silence, so she stared to walk

“Where are you going?” he asked in an almost harsh

Melody almost stumbled to get the words out. “I was
just going to mingle Sir. Did you need something else?”

“Yes, I need you to sit down here, and keep me company.
I can not be the only man at this party without a
beautiful lady by his side, so sit down.”

Melody went to go sit over on the sofa, and she saw him
shaking his head, she knew he meant that was not the
correct seat. She looked around; there was no other
chair next to him, where did he want her to sit?

“Sir, I am not sure where you would like me to sit to
keep you company.” Her voice was shaking, but she did
not know why.

“Sit down on the floor next to me; I want you to look
up at me with those big beautiful lust filled eyes
while I am talking to you.”

He didn’t change his tone when he said that. It caught
her off guard. Lust filled, she thought, how dare he!
She wanted to tell him to fuck off and walk away, but
she couldn’t. What was it about this man? Melody looked
around the room, no one was paying any attention to
them, they were all busy drinking, laughing and in
their own little worlds. She swallowed and slowly moved
down to a sitting position on the floor next to this
man she had just met.

“Good girl”, was all he said as she felt his hand run
down the back of her hair onto her back. She looked up
at him, and was caught in his gaze.

They sat there for hours talking about everything, from
her different jobs, her family, her childhood, and even
her sexual experiences. This man, whom she didn’t even
have a name for, was asking some of the most intimate
questions, but she couldn’t help but answer them. He
would every once in awhile, reach down, stroke her
hair, her back, and tell her how happy it made him that
she was being so good, opening up to him the way she
was. Melody asked finally if she could ask him some
questions. He said she could ask three. She wasn’t sure
what she should ask first. Well of course she thought,
his name, she needed to know his name.

“Sir, what is your name?” she asked.

“Jeremy Walker,” he replied.

“May I ask where you are from Sir?”

“Florida, nice warm sunny Florida.”

She had one more question. What would it be? She
thought for a second. She looked around the room and
spotted Mr. Patterson flitting with some woman, who
looked to have just walked off the street corner. He
really had no taste some times. She was sick of the
relationship, she was sick of being with a married man,
not having his full attention and time.

“Sir, are you married?”

“No, my dear, I am completely single, and looking to
find the right girl to bring back to Florida with me.”
He said with a slight smile and a look in his eyes that
drove shivers down her spine.


Melody opened her eyes and looked at the clock, she
needed to get out of bed, and she needed to get up and
start getting the house ready for company tonight. But
she was becoming more and more turned on at thinking
back to when they met. Her hands where now roaming her

She lay in bed; the sheets and comforter pushed aside,
her legs were slightly spread. Her right hand was
creasing her breasts and nipples, as her left hand was
gently moving over her already moistened crotch. She
closed her eyes again, and went back to that night.


She had asked her three questions, and now sat there
wondering what to say next. With the last comment he
made, she wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Stand up.” He said.

She did.

“I want you to sit here with me, on my lap. I want your
boss, Mr. Patterson, to see that he should be paying
more attention to you, and that with not doing so, he
is going to lose you, to me.”

Melody looked across the room, Mr. Patterson was all
over the other woman, so she turned back to Mr. Walker,
and without hesitation sat down slowly on his lap,
sitting sideways, placing her legs over his.

“Mmmmm, what a good girl you are.” He said in a tone of
voice that balanced on almost being a moan.

They sat there and talked some more about life and the
things in life they both loved and hated. Melody really
enjoyed the conversation. As they were talking his
hands started to move to her thighs, slightly pushing
up the bottom of her dress. She was wondering how far
to let him go before saying something, but the closer
his hands got to her cunt the hotter she got.

Before she knew it, his hand had slipped up under her
dress and was on her skin. She was trying to carry on
the conversation, but was having a hard time because of
the rush she was feeling. She was just getting ready to
tell him about the last job she had, when his hand ran
across her pussy lips, gently grazing them. She gasped

“I see you forgot to put on your panties this evening
when you got dressed. Or were you expecting to meet

Melody couldn’t speak. She didn’t know if she should be
embarrassed or even more turned on.

He pushed his hand a little harder on her pussy,
spreading open her lips a bit, finding her already
swollen clit.

“Why is your clit so hard and swollen?” he asked, “Why
are you so wet?”

“I don’t know,” Melody said, her voice shaking.

“I know why, because you are a little slut. You are
allowing a man you just meet a few hours ago to sit
here and rub your pussy. And that my dear is a huge
turn on for you. That is how the mind of a slut works,
she wants any strange man she can have; touching and
fondling her. I bet you would even touch me, wouldn’t

Melody blushed.

This man was calling her a slut. As he did this, his
finger was sliding in and out of her cunt; she could
hear how wet she was. He thumb was rubbing against her
clit. Her breathing was getting heavier. All she knew
about this man was his name, where he lived and that he
wasn’t married, and she was letting him finger fuck her
right her in the middle of a party with her lover not
even twenty feet away. Her heart was pounding, her mind
racing, and her breathing kept getting faster.

“Answer me, slut! I asked you a question. If I told you
to, or even if I just gave you the opportunity to, you
would touch me, wouldn’t you?

“Yes.” She whispered, embarrassed to admit it.

“Mmmmmm, good girl that is what I wanted to hear, that
wasn’t so hard was it?” he said was a smile like she
hadn’t seem before. One that was sexy, devilish and
comforting all at the same time.

His fingers continued to probe her. Her hips started to
grind. She could feel that her nipples had grown hard.
This man was doing amazing things to her, just with his

Melody gasped with excitement as she felt an orgasm
building; she lay there in bed remembering how
wonderful meeting him was. As she remembered back to
that time, her fingers where fucking her pussy imaging
they were his.

He moved his hand away from her privates, and she could
feel her juices trickling down her thigh. He took his
fingers and looked at them.

“Look what you have done to my fingers; you have made
them very wet and sticky. How am I going to walk
around, shaking hands with your juices all over me? I
think you better come up with a way to fix this young
lady. ”

Melody took his hand, and then slowly started to lick
his fingers. She ran her tongue up and down each of his
fingers that were covered with her juices. Then she
proceeded to suck each one into her mouth, picturing in
her head the whole time that is was his cock.

“Now look what you have done to me!” he said in a stern
voice while looking down toward his lap. A huge bulge
had formed in his pants.

“First you juice all over my fingers, and now you give
me this rock hard cock. Touch it. Feel what you have
done to me.”

Melody didn’t even really have to think about it at
this point, she reached down and felt the bulge in his
pants. My god, he was so hard. She could picture in her
head what it must look like. The thought was turning
her on even more. She continued to rub the outside of
his pants, watching his cock move around begging to be
let out. She thought to herself, of all the things he
had said in their conversation throughout the night.

He was single, looking for a girl to take home, and
there was an obvious attraction between them. From his
tone and the way he talked to her and the fact he had
already finger fucked her, she knew what she had to do.
She wanted to show him what a slut she truly was, and
how good she could be for him.

Without a word, Melody slowly unzipped his pants. As
she did this she locked eyes with him. Once she had
unzipped him, she slid her hand inside to find a very
excited cock ready for her. She felt for the head which
was now wet with precum, sticky and swollen. She moved
her hand up and down on her cock as best as she could
with it being still in his pants.

“Are you a good little slut?” he questioned.

She nodded, as she continued to rub his cock.

“I don’t think you are. I don’t think you have what it
takes to be the kind of slut that I want and need.”

“Oh, I do, I do. Please, let me show you.”

“You have five minutes to show me how good you are.”

Melody took her hand off his cock and stood up, faced
him and smiled. She then knelt down in front of him, so
she was positioned between his legs. She was keeping
constant eye contact with him, never breaking away. If
she had, she may have noticed that now, everyone in the
room was looking over at them. Someone had noticed her
sitting there on his lap, the intensity of the
conversation, and had told Mr. Patterson, and now that
she was between Jeremy’s legs, it had caught everyone’s

As she knelt between his legs, Melody took his stiff
dick out of his pants. Still keeping eye contact, she
wrapped her hand around it and started stroking it up
and down. She then leaned down and started to lick his
tightening balls, watching his face to see if he
enjoyed it. She then licked up from his balls up to his
shaft; his cock was jumping and throbbing, begging to
be in her mouth. Melody took his head into her mouth,
sucking off the precum that had dripped out, tasting
how good it was.

She began to move her mouth down on his cock, taking
him down in her throat, moving her mouth up and down,
her tongue lapping at the sides, swirling around the
head. With their eyes still locked, Jeremy placed his
hand on her head and shoved her head down onto his
cock, so it completely disappeared into her mouth. She
gagged. Her eyes began to water.

The more she gagged and struggled, the harder he pushed
her head down. Melody could feel that her pussy was
becoming soaked; she thought she was going to cum just
from having his cock so far down in her throat. He
grabbed her hair and started pulling her head
forcefully up and down on his throbbing cock, harder
and faster.

“I’m going to cum, and you will swallow it.” He barked
in a demanding voice.

All she could do was nod a bit, as her mouth was full
of cock, so speaking was out of the question. He fucked
her face as hard as he could. She could feel his cock
tightening; she knew he was going to cum.

“Swallow it slut!” he ordered as his cum exploded into
her mouth, rushing down the back of her throat.

Melody gulped as his cum filled her mouth. She didn’t
want to let any drip out, she sucked it all down. She
wanted to prove how good she was. She couldn’t help but
wonder what was happening to her, or why she was doing

As she sucked off the last bit of cum, he pulled her
head away, and looked at her, and smiled.

“You are a very good girl. Now, take a look around” he
said with a playful laugh.

For a few minutes Melody had forgotten where she was.
Then it hit her; she was in the middle of a party that
she was attending with her boss, who was also her

She slowly took her eyes off Jeremy, and looked around;
everyone in the room was staring. She could feel her
face turning as red as the dress she was wearing.
Jeremy put his cock back in his pants.

“Look at me.”

“Do you see them all looking at you?”

“Yes.” Melody said almost ready to cry now that the
reality of what she had just done was sinking in.

“They watched you the whole time, and you didn’t even
care. You didn’t even remember anyone else was in the
room. You just sucked my cock and swallowed all my cum,
a man you just meet a few hours ago, do you know why?”

“Yes, I know why.”

“Tell me, why?”

“Because I am a whore.” Melody said enjoying the way it

“You have shown me that you could be everything I
always wanted in a girl. Do you think you have what it
takes to please me? Would you like to leave this place,
come home with me, and be at my mercy?”

All Melody could do was smile and shake her head yes.

He patted her on the head. “Good, now go into the
bathroom and clean up.”

Melody got up and went to the bathroom. When she
returned, everyone had gone back to his or her own
business, like nothing had happened. She didn’t know if
she was to go say something to Mr. Patterson about what
just happened, or leave well enough alone. Jeremy was
still sitting in the chair, he motioned her over.

“Go be a good girl, and get your boss for me.”

Melody went to fetch him without hesitation.

As she approached Jeremy, with Mr. Patterson walking
behind her, Jeremy stood up. He took Mr. Patterson’s
hand and shook it.

“I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful party. I
have had a terrific time, much better than I
anticipated.” He said with a grin.

Mr. Patterson didn’t know what to say. He had just seen
his mistress give this man head in front of clients and
potential clients.

“Melody will no longer be working at your office, nor
will she be at your service in any way. She will be
leaving me with in the morning to head to Florida,
where she will be staying. I will be sending for her
things, I do expect your full corporation. If I have
any problems, your wife will be getting a call from me.
Do we have an understanding?”

“Yes, Mr. Walker, we do.” Mr. Patterson said almost
stuttering trying to get it out; he didn’t really know
what to say.

Jeremy turned around, grabbed Melody’s hand.

“Let’s go, we will head back to the hotel and tomorrow
you will go to your new home.”

Melody smiled. Life had just gotten good.


She was about to cum; her body was quivering, her legs
shaking. What a night that had been, only seven short
months ago. And here she lay, in his bed; about to cum
from the memories of that night. Waves of orgasms
rushed through her body. She then lay there in bed,
content and at peace.

They left the party and went back to his hotel. When
they got to the room, he called the front desk to check
to see if he had any messages, and then had them patch
him over to room service. He didn’t ask Melody what she
wanted, he just ordered. She didn’t know what to do
while he was on the phone; she was in the hotel room of
the man she had just sucked off, the man she was
leaving town with tomorrow, the man she knew she had
always wanted. She paced, finding it helped ease the

He hung up the phone after speaking with room service
for a few minutes, and told her to sit with him on the

“Are you scared? Here you are with a man you hardly
know. You now have no job, you are moving, and your
life is in my hands, how does that make you feel? Are
you scared?”

“No Sir, I would not say I am scared. I feel strangely
safe with you. I am just nervous. Not sure what to
expect next, not sure what is expected of me. I do not
want to let you down.”

“Do not worry. I will let you know what is expected of
you, and what you need to do. I ordered something for
us to eat. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow, so
tonight we will relax. I want you to take my credit
card and go down to the boutique in the hotel lobby and
get yourself everything you will need to get you
through until we get to Florida. I mean everything, if
you forget something my dear; you will have to do
without. This is your first little lesson on listening
to me, and doing as I say. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir, I do understand.”

Melody went down to the boutique and started thinking
of what she would need. Her mind was spinning; she was
so worried she would forget something and then let him
down. She got everything she thought she would need and
went back to the room. When she entered, Jeremy was
lying naked on the bed, the food had been delivered,
and he was sipping on a cup of coffee.

“I spent�”

“Did I ask you how much you spent, little one?”


“Then do not worry. I am taking care of you. If I ask,
you tell me. I will see the charge. I will see the
receipt. I can see we are going to have to go over
something about what the ground rules are, but that can
wait till our plane ride tomorrow, don’t want to waste
our time with that boring stuff now.”

“Come sit down and eat some dinner with me.”

Melody sat down on the bed next to Jeremy. He picked up
a strawberry and fed it to her. She liked seeing this
gentle side to him, she could tell he was going to take
good care of her.

“You are going to make me proud, aren’t you?” he said
as he looked into her eyes.

She felt herself melting. All she could do was nod; she
couldn’t get any words out. She was feeling overwhelmed
with sensations that she was not use to.

“Now baby, I do not like you calling me Jeremy. You
will not call me Mr. Walker; of course that would be
ridiculous. I do like how you called me Sir without
being prompted. That shows me you have respect for me.
What do you feel you should be calling me?”

Melody looked at him. His salt and pepper hair was like
a magnet for her fingers, she ran her fingers through
his hair. She looked at his gorgeous eyes, stunning.
Her eyes then scanned over his body. He kept in really
good shape. She thought to herself, that she had never
asked his age. She did not care, age never mattered to
her, and older men had always turned her on, but she
was a bit curious. Melody being in her twenties figured
him to be in his fifties. She thought what a perfect
age that was.

She looked down and saw his cock. It was semi hard. She
leaned down and licked the head and then slid her
tongue down the shaft and took his balls in her mouth.
She then looked up at him. Took her mouth off his balls
and said “Daddy. I want to call you Daddy.”

“Yes, baby, yes, you do know what makes me happy. I
will be your Daddy and take care of you.”


Melody couldn’t hold it back any longer; she was going
to cum, she was going to explode at the thought of her
Daddy and how wonderful he was and how good he was to
her. She loved his cock and how wonderful it made her
feel. Her fingers pumped into her cunt deeper and
harder as all these thoughts raced through her head.
Her orgasm was building, her body twitching, her
breathing intensifying. She was going to cum.

Her body tightened, she moaned loudly. “Oh Daddy, yes
Daddy” she cried out as streams of cum flowed from her
cunt. Melody’s body shook and trembled as wave after
wave of orgasm hit her. As the orgasm started to ease,
her breathing came back to normal and she looked at the

On, no she thought. I have got to get up. The house
needs to be cleaned and I must get in the shower and
get dressed. I don’t want to get Daddy mad; I don’t
need a punishment today. She stopped and smiled
thinking of today. Daddy had told her yesterday that
this evening he was having clients over and she would
be helping entertain, but this evening would be
different than others. It would be like nothing she had
experienced before. She shook the thoughts of tonight
out of her head and jumped out of bed, hurrying to get
things done.

Melody couldn’t believe how quickly time was passing
by, Daddy would be home any time now, and she had so
much to do. She shouldn’t have spent all that time in
bed masturbating, but she just couldn’t help it. Any
time she thinks about him, she gets so turned on; it is
just natural for her to want to cum. She scurried
around the house dusting and vacuuming, making sure
everything was presentable for this evening.

She already had the phone calls placed that needed to
be taken care of, the caterer, the bartender and the
limousine service to pick up Daddy’s clients. Daddy
always made sure he treated his potential clients to
the best. He would at times go overboard she thought,
but she knew he knew what he was doing and that is why
he was so successful. Melody was about to head back
upstairs to paint her nails, when she heard the door

“Baby, come here.” Daddy called.

She ran over to him and placed her arms around his neck
hugging him and giving him a kiss.

“Did you get everything done like I asked?”

“Yes, Sir, everything is taking care of, I am sure your
clients will be very happy this evening.” She said to
him with a smile.

“Oh baby girl, you have no idea how happy they will be,
or how happy you will be. You are in for a night you
will not forget. Now go be a sweetheart and get Daddy
something to drink, that sun out there is so hot, I am
very thirsty. Bring it out back, I want to sit outside
and get some sun. “, He said, then kissed her forehead,
swatted her ass, and walked outside.

Melody went into the kitchen and poured a large glass
of cold ice tea and took it outside. When she got out
there, she stopped and smiled at the sight she saw.
There lies Daddy, naked in his chair, just soaking up
the sun, his cock already rock hard, begging for

She didn’t say anything; she placed the glass of tea on
the table next to him, and then knelt down beside his
chair and proceeded to take his cock in her hand.
Wrapping her little fingers tightly around it, she
moved her hand up and down, watching precum drip out
the head. She couldn’t resist; she bent down and licked
the juices off Daddy’s swollen head.

“Mmmm�. What a good girl. Daddy needed this; I had a
long morning, sitting around talking business with a
bunch of stiffs. It is so good to have you to come home
to. Make me cum. Make my cock erupt.”

Without a word Melody took his cock deep into her
mouth. She had been thinking about his cock all morning
ever since she had pleasured herself. She sucked it as
deep down as it would go, down to the base, his balls
at her chin. She could hear him moaning; she loved all
the sounds he made. It made her wet to know that she
was making him feel so good.

She moved her mouth down to his balls, she just could
not get enough of them; they were perfect. She licked
and sucked them like candy. Her tongue moved down even
further, as she could feel his legs spreading. Her wet
tongue slid down to his asshole, licking and teasing
it, tasting Daddy, making him moan even louder.

“Yes, baby, lick my ass, come on baby make me cum!”

She could hear the excitement rising in his voice; she
lick his hole as fast as she could, as her hand stroked
his cock, faster and harder. It was throbbing in her
hand, getting sticky and wet from his man juices. She
licked back up to his balls, then up to his cock and
she rammed it down into her throat, taking Daddy all
the way down, he started thrusting his hips into her
face, his cock pounding into her mouth, drool slipping
out the corners of her mouth. He yanked her head up and
took his cock in his hand. She knew what was about to
happen. Daddy started forcefully stroking his cock.

“You are wanting my cum, aren’t you?” “You want me all
over your face? You just can’t get enough can you, you
little bitch.”

Melody just sat there, almost in a trance just watching
his hand move up and down on his cock, it was such a
beautiful thing to watch. She could see his balls
tightening more and more, his breathing becoming more
rapid. She knew he was about to come.

“Open up slut, stick out that tongue.”

She opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue, just
waiting for her treat. Just then he started grunting
and moaning in an animalistic way and his cum started
shooting out of his cock. It splattered all over her
tongue and face. It was warm, wet, and so sticky.
Melody was about to cum herself just from the
excitement of him squirting on her face. He shook his
cock so that every drop of cum was on her face. She
just sat there enjoying the feeling of having his cum
all over her.

“You are beautiful baby. You never look more beautiful
than when you are covered in my cum. You stay there for
a few minutes and let me enjoy how good you look.”

Melody, still half in a trance that some how she always
seemed to get into when she was with him, didn’t say a
word, she just smiled and sat there, feeling beautiful
and proud to be covered in her Daddy’s sweet cum.

About five minutes later he sent her way to go clean
up. Melody went upstairs and washed her face and
reached down and felt the wetness between her legs. No
one could make her wetter; she loved the way it felt.
She looked out the window and saw he was laid back in
his chair talking on the phone, she figured he would be
awhile, so she decided she would cum quickly before he
was off the phone.

Melody moved out of the bathroom into the bedroom and
opened the cabinet that held all the different sex toys
that Daddy had bought her. She looked in and saw a
variety of dildos, vibrators, nipple clamps, canes,
restraints and even some whips. She reached in and
pulled out one of her favorites, it was a double-ended
dildo that was flexible. If she was in the mood she
could have it in her ass and cunt at the same time. She
looked out the window again, and Daddy was still on the
phone; must be a business call.

She stripped down, and climbed on the bed. She was
soaking wet; she always got that way after sucking him
off. She ran her hands over her breasts, pinching and
twisting her nipples, which were already rock hard. She
took the dildo and sucked on both ends getting it nice
and wet, taking it deep in her mouth, thinking of
Daddy’s cock the whole time.

Once the toy was wet, she moved it down between her
legs; her cunt was throbbing for attention. Her clit
was already hard and swollen, her lips full and pouty.
She moved one end of the dildo around on her cunt,
rubbing it against her clit; it caused her to moan out
in a deep sultry sound. She couldn’t resist any longer,
she pushed the dildo into her cunt, feeling it stretch
her open, filling her up.

She rocked her hips forward, taking it in as far as she
could. Her eyes were closed, she was fucking a rubber
cock, and she did not hear Daddy come to the room, and
stop at the doorway. She continued to fuck her cunt
harder and faster, but she wanted more. Melody got up
on all fours, and bent the dildo so the other end was
rubbing against her asshole.

She grinded up against, she didn’t have any lube
around, but she was so wet, she knew she wouldn’t need
it. She slowly started to take the head of the dildo
into her ass, while continuing to fuck her cunt. It
slowly pushed open her hole, spreading her open, she
gasped, and she was about to cum. She pushed it in
deeper and harder. There was just a small area for her
to hold on to on the toy. It was buried in her cunt and
ass. She was so into what she was doing, she didn’t see
Daddy standing there rock hard, stroking his cock,
watching his little slut fuck herself. Out of no where,
Daddy spoke.

“So, I guess someone decided they needed an ass
fucking, huh?”

Melody jerked her head up, and stopped pumping the toy
in and out of her.

She started to speak.

“Shut up slut! I know how wet you get from sucking my
cock, I know what a little cock slut you are. And then
to have cum all over your face, was probably almost too
much for you to handle, because you are a little cum
slut too, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy”, Melody said in short breathes whisper, as
she could hardly speak because she was about to come.
“Yes, Daddy, I am a little cock slut, and cum slut. I
love cock and I love cum. I love your cock Daddy, and I
love your cum. I love having it all over me, I couldn’t
help it Daddy, it made me so wet.”

“Take your toy out.” Daddy demanded.

Melody did as she was told. She removed the toy, and
placed it next to the bed, she went to sit down.

“Where do you think you are going? Get back on all
fours. You want your ass fucked bitch? I’ll take care
of that for you. And you just remember later tonight
how much you love to masturbate, because when I tell
you to, you will masturbate, no matter whom is in the
room, understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He climbed up on the bed behind her; he ran his hand
down her back, onto her ass. He let it slide down to
her pussy feeling how soaked she was.

“You are such a little slut, look how wet you are!”

“Grab your toy, the one you just fucked your ass with.”

Melody reached down and grabbed it.

“Now suck it! Suck it like it is my cock. Take it as
deep as you can. You had better get your mouth nice and
lose for tonight.” And that was all he said before he
rammed his cock hard into her ass. He reached up and
grabbed hold of her hair, pulling her head back,
twisting her head to the side, so he could see how she
was doing sucking on the rubber cock.

“Come on baby girl, suck it, and imagine it is filled
with cum for you. Suck it hard, deep and faster. Make
your Daddy proud.”

Melody was taking the dildo so deep in her mouth she
was gagging, which made him only pound her ass harder.
Every once in a while, he would reach down and smack
her ass, which would cause her to squeal.

“You like your ass fucked don’t you?”

She didn’t answer.

“Answer me!”

“Yes, Daddy, I love my ass fucked.”

That just caused him to fuck her even harder, and
faster. She was cumming every where, the sheets
underneath her were soaked. Her cum was running down
Daddy’s balls, down his thighs. Melody continued to
suck on the dildo. She loved cock, any cock she could
get her hands or mouth on. Daddy knew that, he knew
that from the moment he met her.

“I’m going to cum, get ready. I am going to fill your
ass with my hot load.” he said as his words were
drowned out with moans. His body thrust into hers even
harder and his cum forcefully filled her ass. He held
her hips tight, keeping her close to him.

When he was done cumming he told her to roll over. She
did. He moved up by her face.

“Now look what you have done. Look at my cock, clean
it. I can not walk around with my cock all dirty from
being in your ass, lick it clean.”

Without hesitation Melody sucked his cock into her
mouth licking it clean, licking away any remembrance of
her ass and his cum.

“Get that cum out of your ass. I can not have you
walking around her with company, and cum dripping out
of you. Get your fingers down there, scoop it out, and
eat it. You know the rules; my cum will not be wasted.
It either is in your mouth, or in your cunt.”

Melody moved two fingers down to her ass; her ass was
so wet. Daddy had filled her good. Her fingers slipped
right in. She moved her fingers around inside and
cleaned out Daddy’s cum, and brought her cummed filled
fingers up to her mouth and sucked them clean.

“Good girl. You are such a good little girl. Daddy
loves you. No one could make me happier. Now, you need
to get some rest. You are going to have a very long
night. I can not have you being tired. Take a nap, and
I will wake you in time to get ready.”

“Thank you Daddy, thank you for being so good to me.
Thank you for all your cum.”

“Sweet dreams, sweet slut.”


Melody awoke with a warm hand caressing her back. She
opened her eyes and saw the man of her dreams sitting
next to her, smiling down at her.

“Time to rise and shine sweetie, you need to start
getting ready.”

“How long do I have Daddy?”

“Two hours. I want you to go take a bath; I have placed
next to the tub the bath salts I want you to use. Make
sure you shave real nice baby. Once you are out of the
tub, let me know so I can come inspect to make sure
everything looks satisfactory before you start getting

With those words, he bent down and his lips met hers.
His tongue pried opened her mouth, their tongues
intertwined, in a deep long kiss. He then stood and
left the room. Melody got up and headed toward the
bathroom. There as Daddy had said were bath salts by
the tub, a new razor, shaving cream, body gel, shampoo
and everything else she would need. He always would
pick certain scents for different evenings. It was
always a nice surprise to see what she would find.

She ran her bath, and set forth on getting ready. She
didn’t want to run out of time, as she never wanted to
keep Daddy wanting. She sat down in the warm water and
started lathering her body, making sure not to miss a
spot. She washed and shaved, being very careful not to
nick herself or to miss any hairs.

Once she was completely done, she turned on the shower
so she could wash her hair and make sure all the soap
and hairs where rinsed away. Melody got out of the
shower, and wrapped her hair up in a towel, and dried
off. She walked into the bedroom, and then called for
Daddy to let him know she was ready for inspection.

“Lie down on the bed, and spread your legs.”

Melody did as she was told, knowing she was going to
have a full inspection, as was the normal procedure for
when they were entertaining.

He started with her underarms, feeling to make sure
they were smooth, he then caressed all the way down her
body. She shaved every part of her body, including her
arms, there were no hairs on her body, and her skin was
silky smooth and soft. Daddy reached her cunt and
spread open her lips; he bent down closely to her and
ran a finger between her lips.

“Very good my dear, you did a wonderful job. Not a cut,
nor a hair. ”

He then pushed her legs back to make sure there were no
hairs anywhere around her little tight asshole or
anywhere else on her body.

When he was pleased with what he saw, he smiled and
moved his mouth down to her clit and gave a few quick
licks. Melody just about came from the touch of his

“Calm down little one, you will have plenty of time for
that later.”

“In the closet you will find a box. Inside is what you
will be wearing for this evening. Everything you need
is in there. Get dressed, fix your hair and makeup, and
I will be back up to see how you are doing.”

He left the room and she got up and went to the closet
to get the box. Inside she found a pair of very sexy
sleek black stilettos, a pair of black garters, black
lacy bra, and a beautiful dress. Daddy always had such
good taste; he never disappointed her when it came to
the clothes he picked out.

Melody got dressed, fixed her hair and makeup and was
ready for the evening. She once again called Daddy up
to the room to let him know she was ready. He came and
just stood there and stared at her.

“Turn around slowly.”

“That’s good baby, you look wonderful, and I know you
will make my clients very happy tonight.”

“They will be here in a few minutes; you finish with
your touch ups. I will call you when I am ready for you
to come down to be introduced.”

He gave her a kiss on the forehead, and started to
leave, when he turned around.

“Remember baby, you are my slut. No matter what I tell
you to do, you will do it, without hesitation. Do I
make myself clear?”

“Yes Daddy of course; anything for you.” Melody

He walked out, closing the door behind him. Melody got
a cold chill. She had no idea what was planned for the
evening, but she had a feeling it would be intense. She
was starting to get that wonderful nervous excitement
in her stomach. She was wondering who was coming over,
and what was going to be expected of her. Time seem to
be standing still.


Melody was in the bedroom when she heard the doorbell
ring. They are here she thought to herself. Now, she
just had to wait. She could hear voices. She knew
Daddy’s voice, and it sounded like there were two other
voices, very deep voices, and ones that she did not
recognize. She sat on the edge of the bed, just waiting
to be called down.

A few minutes later, Daddy came to the door.

“Are you ready honey?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Good girl.”

He took her hand and led her down the stairs to the
den. Soft music was playing through the speakers that
ran throughout the house. She could hear the caterers
finishing up in the kitchen. When she walked into the
den she saw two men sitting on the sofa. They were
talking to each other, having a glass of wine. When she
entered the room, they grew silent. Their eyes fell
upon her. She griped Daddy’s hand a bit tighter, hoping
that the men did not notice.

Now she knew what Daddy had been talking about today,
something new, and something she had never experienced.
The men who sat on the sofa were both black. It was
something that Daddy told her one day would happen. She
had been told that she would have black cock, but she
did not know when, and she didn’t know until this point
how she felt about it. She knew now because she could
already feel her pussy growing wet.

She was lead into the den and introduced to the two

“Baby, this is Mr. Timothy Edwards and Mr. Stan
Goodman, they are both potential clients, so I expect
you to treat them the best way you know how to tonight.

“It is very nice to meet both of you.” Melody said as
she put out her hand to both of them. Each took her
hand, and kissed it lightly, shivers ran up and down
her spine. She knew it was going to be a good evening.

“Precious, go see if the caterers are about ready to
leave, make sure they have not forgotten anything, and
once they are gone, we will all sit down and eat

Melody was off into the kitchen to check on everything,
and then she sent the caterers on their way. They had
set the table in the dinning room, and all the food was
ready. When the four of them went into the dinning room
the two gentlemen, both pulled out Melody’s chair.

“Thank you very much.” She said, knowing that if she
was not polite that Daddy would punish her severely.

They all sat down and ate, and made small talk. The men
mostly talked of business. Melody could feel the eyes
of the two men on her most of dinner, and Daddy’s too.
Once everyone was done eating, Daddy suggested they go
into the den for wine.

When they got into the den Daddy sat in his normal
chair and Mr. Edwards and Mr. Goodman sat back on the
sofa. Melody went to stand next to Daddy.

“No, dear, you go sit on the sofa. Let the men get a
closer look at you. ”

Melody went to the sofa and sat between both men. As
she sat down each one put a hand on one of her thighs,
she could feel the wetness growing between her legs.

“I would like to see what she looks like without the
dress on Mr. Walker, I would like to see what she has
on underneath. “, said Mr. Edwards.

With just a look from Daddy; Melody knew it was time to
make him proud. She stood up and faced the two men on
the sofa. She slowly and seductively removed her dress,
to reveal the black garter and bra.

“Look at that little slut; she doesn’t even have on
panties.” Mr. Goodman commented to Mr. Edwards.

“Yes, and notice how wet she is already just standing
in front of two strange black men. Mr. Walker was
right, tonight is going to be a lot of fun.”

Melody could hear Daddy moving around behind her. She
turned to see Daddy moving a chair to the center of the

“Sit Melody.”

As she sat, she was handed a dildo. She looked up at
Daddy with a questioning look in her eyes.

“Since you love to masturbate so much baby, I thought
you would like to go ahead and do so now for our new
friends. Men, you do not mind if my girl fucks herself
do you?” Daddy asked with a grin on his face.

They both shook their head no. Melody looked over at
both men, to see them talking between themselves, and
could see that Mr. Goodman was already rubbing himself
through his pants. Seeing this really excited her, as
she thought about what could possibly be inside his

Melody spread her legs over both sides of the chair.
She started moving her hands down to her thighs. When
her hand reached her pussy, she couldn’t believe how
soaked she already was. She started to slowly and
gently rub her clit; quiet soft moans escaped her
mouth. She kept making eye contact with both men,
looking to see how they were reacting.

Melody moved her fingers down to her hole. She ran a
finger up her slit; she was more than ready for her
toy. She wanted to turn these men on as much as
possible, so she took the dildo into her mouth and
proceeded to suck on it, taking in as much of it as she

When the dildo was wet, she slid it down to her cunt,
and started to insert the head into her wet hole. It
slid in very easily, as her pussy was begging for
attention. She started to move it and out, fucking
herself. Her eyes kept closing, just from the intensity
of how good it felt.

She f****d her eyes open, and found that both men where
taking out their cocks. She couldn’t help but watch.
Melody had never seen a black cock in the flesh; sure
she had seen them in movies, but in real life, in front
of her face, no that was something she had not

She looked over her shoulder to see Daddy sitting there
smiling at her. He mouthed the words “Good girl” to her
and she smiled back.

When she looked back over at the men, she let a small
gasp escape from within. All the men started laughing.
She hadn’t meant to gasp, but when she saw their cocks,
standing fully erect, she couldn’t help it. They were
so big and thick. She had never seen anything like it.

“I think she likes what she sees men.” Daddy said to

“I bet she does. Most little white girls do.” Mr.
Goodman commented.

Melody couldn’t help but to blush. She didn’t think
that black cock would ever turn her on, but Daddy knows
her, he seems to know her better than she does herself.
And he knew she would love it. She started to push her
toy inside herself deeper and harder, wanting to show
the men how good she could fuck herself. As she did the
men started to stroke their cocks. She could not take
her eyes off them.

Her eyes would jump from one cock to the next, watching
as their hands moved up and down on their shafts. They
looked extremely hard and were getting wet on the head,
one of her favorite things to see. All she wanted to
do was to go over and lick them dry. But she knew
better than to just get up and move over there, she
continued to fuck herself, getting closer and closer to

“Come on you little slut, fuck yourself for us. So us
how nasty you are, and prove to us you want to taste us
and please us.” Mr. Edwards said in a deep demanding

With those words Melody, fucked herself as hard as she
could, juices where dripping out of her cunt, she was
so close to cumming.

“Let’s see if the little white slut likes this” Mr.
Edwards said with a smirk as he reached over and
grabbed hold of Mr. Goodman’s cock and started stroking
it. Mr. Goodman laid his head back on the sofa, and
enjoyed the feeling of having his cock jerked. Melody
couldn’t stand it. She loved seeing men stroke each
other’s cocks. She knew Daddy must have told them that.
She was going to cum. Her legs started shaking; her
breathing was getting out of control, her whole body

“Cum for us! Let us see how wet you can really get.
Come on, watch us, and don’t take your eyes off our
hard cocks. You know they are hard for your tight
little cunt and ass. Fuck yourself baby. “Mr. Edwards
said to her.

She couldn’t stand it any longer. A huge orgasm flooded
her body. She started moaning and grinding her hips
harder on the toy. Never taking her eyes off the men on
the sofa, Mr. Edwards still stroking Mr. Goodman’s rock
hard cock.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum!” Melody screamed.

“Come for them baby, be my good girl and cum for them.”
She could hear Daddy saying.

That is all it took, hearing Daddy’s voice, she
explode, and her orgasm erupted and soaked the chair.
It took her a few minutes to gain her senses back. When
she did she saw that the men where stroking their own
cocks again, and Daddy had now taking his cock out and
was stroking it.

“Come over here.” Mr. Goodman said beckoning her over.

Melody got up, her legs still weak from her orgasm and
stood in front of the men.

“Get down on your knees in front of us.”

“Watch our cocks, look how big and hard they are.”

“Do you like the way our cocks look?” Mr. Edwards

“Yes Sir.”

“Oh, you are such a little cock whore. You just wait
because soon you will have these dicks in you, and you
will love them even more”, he said with a grin.

Melody moved her mouth down over Mr. Edward’s cock, she
couldn’t control herself anymore; she had to have it.

“Oh yes! Look you can’t even resist. Suck it bitch.
Suck my black cock into your little wet white mouth.
Mmmmmm that looks so good.”

Melody sucked on his head and licked up and down his
shaft, it was so thick and big, she was thinking how
she would fit it all in. She looked out the corner of
her eyes and saw Mr. Goodman still stroking his cock,
she reached over and placed her hand on his cock and
started moving it up and down. She tried wrapping her
fist around his cock, but her hand was too little, his
cock too big. That made her suck even harder and faster
on Mr. Edward’s cock.

“Look at that Mr. Walker; you surely do have yourself a
cock hungry girl here. Look how excited she gets having
a big black cock in her hand.”

Melody was getting so excited she could hardly hear
what the men where saying. All she could think about
was the cock pounding away at her mouth and the other
cock in her hand. Mr. Edwards pulled his cock out of
her mouth and started stroking it. She moved over to
Mr. Goodman.

It didn’t take any thought of what to do; she wanted
his cock in her mouth. She sucked it in her mouth as
deep as she could. It was hitting the back of her
throat, but there was still so much that wasn’t in her
mouth. Mr. Goodman had been pretty quiet the whole
evening, but suddenly a new side of him came out once
her mouth was on his cock.

He grabbed her head and pushed it down, causing Melody
to gag.

“Suck it bitch. Come on, take it all in. I know that
you slide many dick and dildos down your throat. Don’t
disappoint me.”

Melody was doing the best she could. He pushed her head
down more and more, his hips thrusting up to her face.
She was drooling all over his cock, her eyes watering
from being gagged so much, but she loved it. She loved
having this huge dick shoved down her throat, raping
her face.

Mr. Edwards reached down to her cunt, and ran his hand
through her slit.

“Mmmmmm�. Look how wet the little cunt is. She is
really enjoying sucking you off; it has gotten her wet
and slippery.”

He proceeded to shove a finger into her pussy; She
instantly grinded down on it. She didn’t stop sucking
on Mr. Goodman’s cock. She wanted his cum. She licked
down to his balls. She couldn’t believe how good they
tasted. She wanted him back in her mouth. She took it
back in, this time taking in more than before.

“That’s right bitch, suck it good.”

Mr. Edwards stood up and came up behind Melody. He was
running his hands all over her body.

“You feel really nice baby. White girls have such nice
smooth soft skin. You take really good care of yourself
don’t you? I think we should see how dirty and messy we
can make you.”

Mr. Goodman pulled his cock from her mouth. Then Mr.
Edwards lifted her, so she was standing. Both men
started touching her everywhere. They started pulling
off her garter and bra.

“These will just be in the way.” Mr. Goodman barked.

She was standing in the den, naked, two strange black
men touching all over her body. Daddy was sitting in
his chair still stroking his cock. Her head was
spinning. She knew he loved seeing his slut being used.

“Sit down on the sofa.” Mr. Goodman told her.

She sat down, and Mr. Goodman moved between her legs,
and starting licking her clit. His tongue felt so good.
He wasn’t being easy about it at all. She could tell
that they were not going to be gentle with her in any
way. As he licked her snatch, Mr. Edwards came over and
took both her breasts in his big black hands. He was
cupping her breasts and squeezing them. His hands were
huge and just about cupped her whole breast in each
hand. Melody let out a moan.

He started rubbing her nipples. Pinching them and
rolling them between his fingers. Her nipples were hard
and erect. Her cunt was being eaten by Mr. Goodman; she
was about to cum all over his face. His tongue was
slipping in and out of her hole, probing her. Melody
started to shake.

Mr. Goodman looked up at her.

“Yes, baby cum for me. Cum all over my face; let me
taste all your juices.”

Melody came, it didn’t take much, considering how
excited and turned on she was. She soaked his face. She
could hear and feel him lapping up all of her cum. Her
whole body quivered.

When she finished cumming Mr. Goodman stood up and
moved up to her face.

“Now my face is all wet and sticky, don’t you think you
should do something about it?

Melody stuck out her tongue and started to lick his
face. His hand reached into her hair and pulled her
head to his and he shoved his tongue in her mouth
violently. She couldn’t catch her breath.

He took her by the hair and pulled her to a standing
position, turned her around, placing a hand on her back
and pushed her down, so her ass was up in the air.

“Look at that ass, looks like she needs a fucking. That
ass needs to be tore up. I am going to stretch you open
so wide that you aren’t’ going to be able to sit
comfortably for days. ”

Mr. Edwards moved in front of her, his cock was right
in front of her face. The head of his cock was brushing
against her lips. She opened her mouth and took him in.
Mr. Goodman slid his cock into her cunt. She almost
screamed, but with the cock that was fucking her face,
her sounds were muffled.

Mr. Goodman grabbed her hips and rammed his cock deep
inside. She thought she was going to rip open. He was
so much bigger than anything else she had ever
experienced. As he moved her up and down on his cock,
Mr. Edwards pumped his cock in and out of her mouth.
Her mouth was so full. His balls were slapping against
her face.

“Come on slut, suck my cock. Don’t slow down just
because you have a cock in your pussy! Suck me like
your life depends on it.”

Melody sucked harder and took in his cock to the back
of her throat; she thought she was going to pass out
from the lack of air and the excitement.

Mr. Goodman continued to pound her cunt for a few
seconds. But without warning, he removed his cock and
without trying to loosing up her asshole with his
fingers or lube, he shoved the head of his cock into
her tight little hole.

Melody cried out.

“Daddy!” “Daddy!”

“Your Daddy can’t help you now you filthy little pig.
You know you want this. You have wanted a big hard
black cock in your ass for a long time, you just
wouldn’t admit it. So take it, and shut up. Your Daddy
will not rescue you, why would he ruin his fun. He
loves watching you scream out in pain and ecstasy.”

Melody felt herself slipping into the trance like state
she gets into. All she could do was suck on the cock
that was in her mouth hard and faster, and to hopefully
get use to the feeling of the cock spreading open her
ass open.

Just when she thought she was able to handle it, both
men pulled out of her.

Mr. Goodman sat on the sofa.

“Suck my cock clean you slut. Your Daddy told us that
you were very good at cleaning up the mess you caused.”

Melody started cleaning his cock with her tongue,
almost relieved at the break her ass was feeling, when
Mr. Edwards slammed his cock twice as hard as Mr.
Goodman had inside of her.

Tears formed in her eyes. They were tears of pain,
tears of ecstasy, and tears of happiness. Mr. Goodman
shoved her head down on her cock.

“You will learn to take it all bitch. I didn’t come
here to only get part of my cock sucked on.”

As her mouth was f****d down on his cock, Mr. Edwards
stretched her ass hole even more. His cock must have
been bigger than Mr. Goodman’s, because she couldn’t
believe how bad it burned, but how good it felt at the
same time. She thought for sure that she would hurt

Thoughts turned to Daddy. What was Daddy doing, was he
enjoying watching this? She wanted to be close to him
so badly.

The two men continued to fuck her face and ass. They
took turns, each going from her mouth to her ass and
back again. They hardly touched her cunt, which made
her even hotter. She was amazed at how long they lasted
without cumming.

When she thought she couldn’t take it anymore, she was
shoved down onto her knees, both men stood in front of
her. They had their cocks in their hands.

“Tilt your head back, open your mouth, and stick out
that tongue of yours.”Mr. Goodman instructed.

Melody did as she told. She knew what was getting ready
to happen. Without much warning, except for a few moans
from the men, all she could feel was warm waves of cum
hitting her face and mouth. They seemed to cum forever,
she had never felt so much cum all over her face. She
sat there for a second just enjoying the feeling of the
hot cum on her flesh.

Melody sat there, until Daddy walked over.

“Good girl. You did well. Go clean up yourself and come
back here, be back in five minutes.”

Melody got up and went and cleaned up her face and
wiped her ass and cunt, as they were soaked.

When she walked back in the den she saw Daddy now ready
to have her, she could tell by the look in his eyes.
She walked over to him.

“Your cunt is mine bitch. Get on all fours!”

Melody moved to the floor and got on all fours; Daddy
climbed behind her, and rammed his cock into her cunt.

“You are soaking wet. I knew you wanted black cock, and
I knew it would make you hot. You are nothing but a
dirty little pig, who wants nothing more in life but to
be fucked and used.” Daddy said to her as his cock
pounded in and out of her cunt. It didn’t’ take Melody
long to cum again, and soon Daddy was cumming too, deep
inside of her.

When he was done, he told Melody to go and get their
guests something to drink and eat. She moved quickly to
do so. When she came back, she kissed both men and
thanked them. They said not to worry, this was just the
beginning, that they were easy on her this time, so she
may not want to thank them just yet.


Melody soaked in the tub; thinking back on the evenings
activities. She had just had her first taste of black
dick, and she loved it. Her body had been used and she
was feeling the effects of it now. The hot water that
engulfed her body felt so good, she wished she could
stay in the bath forever. She closed her eyes to relax
and drift off into a peaceful state of mind. She wasn’t
sure how long she had been soaking when she heard
footsteps coming toward the bathroom. Daddy walked
through the door; smiling at her.

“Did you have a good time this evening my dear?”

“Yes, I did, very much. Thank you so much for giving me
this experience.”

“It was my pleasure.” Daddy said as he sat down next to
the tub picking up the wash cloth and running it over
her body. She closed her eyes again; enjoying the soft
touch he was using on her. He washed her completely and
then told her to go ahead and get to bed, that she
deserved some rest.

Melody got out of the tub, and wrapped a towel around
herself. She hugged and kissed him; and then went off
to bed.


Melody was sitting outside at the patio table having a
cup of coffee and reading the day’s mail when she heard
phone ringing from inside. She got up went inside to
get the phone, but she was too late; Daddy had already
gotten. She could hear him talking. She did not want to
interrupt, but wanted to hear what was going on because
she could tell from his tone that he was planning
something. She always got a mixed feeling of
nervousness and excitement when she knew he was
planning something. She figured she had better head
back outside and wait to find out what he had in store
for her.

Daddy came outside about twenty minutes later. Melody
was laying in a reclining chair soaking up the Florida

“There is a get together tonight at Scott Williamson’s
house. We have some clients in town, and he decided to
throw a little party to introduce them to everyone at
the company. I need you to be ready to go by six
thirty. I will have your clothes laid out on the bed
for you.”

“Yes, Sir. I will be ready.” Melody said to him with a
contented smile, always so happy when he took such
great care of her.

Daddy walked away and she closed her eyes and enjoyed
the sun once again. She tried to put thoughts of
whatever would happen this evening out of her mind, but
it was difficult. After a few minutes she fell asleep
into a peaceful dream.

Melody woke up, noticing the sun was moving down. She
must have slept longer than planned. She rushed inside
to get ready. She went up to the room, and as many
times before there was a box on the bed; she opened it.
Inside was a very short dress, it was red, with
spaghetti straps. She also found in the box matching
heels. She looked for some sort of undergarments, but
couldn’t find any. Did Daddy forget them, or was this
what he had planned? She knew better than to question
him, so she got dressed in what was there, the dress
and heels. Once she was ready she went downstairs to
present herself.

“You look stunning as usual my slut”

“Thank you Daddy, I am glad you are pleased.”

“Come, we need to go. I do not want to be late.”

They left to head to the party. Melody was looking
forward to getting out and seeing who all would be
there. She had no idea that she would meet someone who
once had her life.

When they arrived at the party, the house was already
filled with people. Melody looked around and did not
recognize more than a few of the guests. She of course
knew Scott, he was Daddy’s business partner, and he had
been the first man Daddy had her fuck once she moved
into his house. She also knew a few of the other men,
also business associates, who had been entertained at
their house. There were a lot of women at this party.

Melody noticed one thing about them. They were all
dressed very casual; she was the only one in a sexy
little dress, it caused her to blush for a second.
Daddy took her around and introduced her and they then
went off and mingled. About an hour later, a
beautifully stunning woman walked up to Daddy and
placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Hi Jeremy, it has been a long time.”

“Why yes it has. I did not know you were going to be
here this evening.”

He looked over at Melody.

“Please forgive my rudeness. Melody this is Amy. Amy
this is Melody.”

Melody and Amy exchanged pleasantries. As they talked,
the name Amy ran through Melody’s head. Where had she
heard that name before? It sounded very familiar. She
was looking at Amy and then back at Daddy and saw the
connection they had, and it hit her.

Amy was Daddy’s ex lover. She was the one that use to
sleep in the spot where she slept now. Melody found a
lump in her throat. Why was she nervous? She was secure
with Daddy; he loved her; he took care of her. She had
no need to worry. But she couldn’t help wonder if Daddy
still had feelings for Amy. She decided it was best to
go and mingle and try to get her mind off the other

“Daddy, I am going to go say hi to Scott; I haven’t had
the chance to thank him for having us over.”

“Good girl, you go do that. I will be here talking to

Melody didn’t know how to react to that. She had to
walk away. She found Scott in the crowd of men next to
the fireplace.

“Scott, I don’t mean to interrupt, but could I please
have a second with you?” she questioned with a shaky

“Sure sweetie, anything for my partner’s girl.”

Scott took her hand and they walked away from the group
of men to a more private spot in the room. He placed
his hand on her shoulder.

“Honey, what is wrong, you seem to be upset.”

Melody was looking down not wanting to make eye
contact; she was worried she would start crying. Why
was she so upset over this other lady? She kept telling
herself she didn’t need to be.

She finally looked up at Scott.

“I just met Amy.”

“Oh, baby, don’t you worry. Look at you all sad and
worried. You know Jeremy would never put you aside. She
is just an old fling. No one could ever replace you
baby. And don’t you worry, if he ever was crazy enough
to try to get rid of you, I would first kick his ass
for being stupid; then I would take you in.” he said
with a kiss on her check.

Melody felt a warm feeling rush down to her cunt. Scott
had always turned her on. She had never heard him be so
sweet. She always thought he was kind of cold, but now
she was seeing a different side of him.

They continued to talk, which was making Melody feel a
lot better. They were laughing and having a good time.
She had completely forgotten about Amy. Scott kept
making sure he touched her arm or shoulder ever chance
he got, and in response Melody was reaching out to him,
brushing his arm with her hand, and standing closer and
closer to him.

Daddy walked over and cleared his throat. It caught her
off guard.

“Well, well, what is going on here?”

“You two look awful cozy. Something you two want to
share with me?”

“No, Daddy, we were just talking, I promise.”

Daddy looked over at Scott and Scott had a grin on his
face that lead Daddy to believe more was going on.

“Well my dear, I think it is time you remember who you
belong to. You seem to be slipping here. I don’t want
you to ever forget that you are mine. You are not to go
off flirting and misbehaving without my permission. Do
I make myself clear?”

“Yes Daddy.” Melody said hanging her head down in

“Come with me.”

“Time to see what a good girl you are. You want to
flirt and have a good time without me; then fine you

He grabbed her hand and walked her to the middle of the
room. Stay here!”

Melody nodded.

Daddy walked away and went and talked to a few of the
men, she couldn’t hear what he was saying, but soon he
was back and little by little all the men were all
around her.

“Now look at what we have here. We have ourselves a
slut, a cock hungry, cum loving, slut. She can’t
control herself when it comes to flirting. I am going
to assume that means she is ready for some action.”

Melody didn’t know what to think of what he was saying.
All the men were staring at her; she could feel them
undressing her with their eyes. There had to be at
least twenty men all around her. She could feel her
face getting red from embarrassment; but she could also
feel her pussy getting wet from excitement.

“On your knees you bitch, now!” Daddy yelled.

Melody moved quickly to her knees. She knew if she had
hesitated that it would have only meant trouble.

“Go ahead Scott; you can be first; since you and this
whore seem to have something special, I think we should
all see how much she enjoys you.”

Scott looked at Daddy, then down at Melody who was
kneeling on the floor. He then looked around the room.
All the women were just standing there, not sure what
to do. He then looked back down at Melody and smiled.

“Ready baby?”

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his already semi
hard cock. He stepped up close to her face, placing his
cock just inches away from her mouth.

“Suck it!” He demanded.

The women in the background gasped when they heard
this. A lot of them had never heard such words, they
were astonished that this lady was letting this man
talk to her this way and was now sucking his cock.

Melody took Scott’s cock into her mouth. She was
incredibly turned on. She sucked his cock deep into her
mouth, sucking as hard as she could.

“Oh god yes; you little slut suck my cock, suck it
good. Make your Daddy proud.”

Melody sucked and licked his cock like it was going to
be the last cock she ever had. Just when she was hoping
to be able to make him cum, he yanked himself out of
her mouth.

“Next” he said.

Another man standing next to Scott unzipped and whipped
out his cock. He didn’t say anything. He just grabbed
her head and pulled her down on him. He started to moan
as she sucked him. Melody could hear some noises and
opened her eyes; she saw all the men taking their pants
off; their cocks where all rock hard; throbbing, and
begging to get to her mouth.

She continued to take the cock into her mouth; it was
hitting the back of her throat, causing her to gag
some, which only seem to turn this man on. The more she
gagged, the harder he f****d her head down. Her mouth
was getting tired, she wanted it out of her mouth just
for a second to rest, and just when she was thinking
this he pulled away.

Before she could relax for even a second another dick
was in her mouth. Her mouth was being pounded and
fucked as if it was her cunt. The men keep trading off;
they would fuck her face for a few minutes, and then
pull out so the next guy could get his chance. Melody
couldn’t keep track of how many cocks had been in her
mouth, she stopped counting after about eight.

Her pussy was dripping wet. She could feel her insides
pulsating, begging for an orgasm. She was close; it
wouldn’t take much, just a slight touch.

Melody saw Daddy out the corner of her eye as she had
this strange cock in her mouth. He was with that woman
again, he was with Amy. He was whispering to her; and
she seemed to be listening very intently. Seeing this
only made Melody suck the cock in her mouth in even
deeper, she wanted to prove what a good girl she was.
She started moving her head up and down so fast that
she heard the guy say he was about to cum. He yanked
out his cock and covered her face with his hot creamy

She went to wipe her face, but another cock was already
in her face. How much more of this was going to happen
she thought? The women in the room had all been
reacting differently. Some of the women had gotten up
and left, they were disgusted by what they had
witnessed. Others sat down, and were talking about what
a whore Melody was.

“Melody lay down” she heard Daddy say.

She lay down. Thinking that this must be about over.
She was about to ask Daddy what he wanted her to do,
but a cock was right above her mouth, touching her
lips; she knew what that meant. She opened widely and
took it down. This man’s balls where hitting her face.
She wondered who he was, but really didn’t care.

“Spread your legs.” Daddy said.

She spread her legs, and with in seconds, she was being
licked from clit to asshole by Amy. It only took a few
flicks of her tongue and Melody was cumming all over
her face. That only seemed to excite Amy, she licked
and lapped up all of Melody’s cum. She was moaning
loudly, but the cock slamming down into her throat
muffled all her sounds. Amy started rubbing Melody’s
clit with her finger as she tongue fucked her cunt.
Melody was squirming around on the floor; ready to cum

“Everyone step away.” Daddy said to the men.

“Let’s watch these little whores get off.”

The men backed away and all proceeded to stand around
Melody and Amy; stroking their cocks the whole time,
while watching Amy eat Melody’s pussy.

Amy pushed Melody’s legs up and slid her tongue down to
her tight asshole; she probed her tongue into her
little hole as deeply as she could. Melody pushed Amy’s
head even deeper down into her. She loved the way a
tongue felt in her ass. Amy went to move her mouth back
up to Melody’s cunt and Melody motioned her to come up
to kiss her.

Their mouths locked into a deep kiss, their tongues
intertwining with one other. When their lips separated
Amy turned around so her cunt was over Melody’s face.
Melody couldn’t’ believe how wet Amy was. It had been
so long since Melody had tasted another girl; Daddy
didn’t let her have pussy as much as he did cock. She
shoved her face into Amy’s cunt, licking and sucking on
her clit.

“Look at that Jeremy, your little slut really likes the
women doesn’t she?” laughed Scott.

“That’s my girl; she doesn’t care if it is cock or
pussy, as long as she is getting off.”

Melody could hear them talking; she didn’t’ care. She
wanted to make Amy cum, the way she had done to her.
Melody slid a finger into Amy’s hole; once she did Amy
started pushing down on her finger. Amy then did the
same to Melody, except she slid two fingers in. They
finger fucked each other until they both reached a
climatic orgasm. Just as they finish Melody heard
Daddy’s voice again.

“Amy move back down to her cunt. My sluts need her
mouth free.”

Amy turned around again, and started lapping at Melody
again. Melody thought she was going to have another
cock in her face; but she was wrong.

“Look what you girls have done; Melody; look at all
these hard cocks ready to cum. There has to be at least
twenty of them; and all of them ready to shoot their
load. I hope you are ready for this.”

Melody scanned the area around her, all the men where
standing there stroking their cocks, all breathing
heavy, and they all moved in closer, and before she
knew it she felt splatters of cum hitting her face,
neck and chest. The men where coming around her head in
groups of three to four and all cumming on her. This
made her cum even harder all over Amy’s face. When they
where done, Melody was completely covered in cum, she
couldn’t even open her eyes.

She felt Amy move away. The room was silent. She knew
everyone was staring at her. They were looking at her
lying on the floor covered in cum. She then could hear
people starting to talk, and then felt a hand touch
hers. She recognized the feeling of the hand, it was

“Come on, get up, we need to get you cleaned up.” He
led her to the bathroom and he washed her face for her.

Once her face was washed he cupped her face in his
hands, and looked into her eyes.

“Now why my sweet were you upset that I was talking to
Amy? Don’t you know that she is my past; you are my now
and my future. I was talking to her, because I wanted
to set something up for the two of you. Do not be
jealous anymore. If I catch any more twinges of
jealousy running through you, you will be punished, and
not in the way you enjoy. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy I do.”

“Good girl, now let’s go home.”