Milly and Alan decide to spice it up

Me and Milly had been fucking around for about a month now, we had had some good long sessions where I had actually stayed over and slept with her, sneaking around wasn’t too bad either. It had started to get harder as Julie was beginning to ask more questions about where I was. But they weren’t too difficult to fend off. But I didn’t know if I could do it for long. Mine and Milly’s relationship was also developing nicely too. She was sweet and loving, and when we went out of town to do things, we usually acted as a couple holding hands and kissing a lot and we got funny looks a lot, but that’s about it. She was also getting more expressive in the bedroom, and far more sexually aggressive then she was when we started out. She knew what she wanted, and could usually make me do it too her (which I was never going to complain about) We had got to the point where me fucking her up the ass was no longer good enough for her….well it was but you get what I mean. She wanted to try new things.

So we had a chat, we were both pretty much ready to rip each others clothes off when I stopped her and spoke about it. My thinking is that we were both as horny as possible when we spoke about it we would get the best answers. So I asked. The first words that came out of her mouth shocked me a little. But she basically said she wanted a threesome, but with another woman. Apparently she always liked women but didn’t really think much off it. So there it was, both of our fantasies were the same. I always wanted to do it, but was never brave enough to ask Julie, and Milly was too young to even consider it. We began to chat about it, we were both up for it and wanted to do it soon. But we were in a strange situation. I was a older man fucking a schoolgirl, people frown on that. It wouldn’t be easy to find a woman we knew that would do it. That’s when Milly said something that I didn’t think I would ever hear her say. She said “What about Julie?” I was dumb struck. My first thought was no. Defiantly not, how could she suggest something like that. I knew Milly had a dirty mind, but not this much. Milly told me she once over heard a conversation between her and Zoë a while back about things they always wanted to try but never got the chance. A threesome was one of them.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. First about my wife always wanting a threesome, and about the fact that her little sister, my little fuck buddy wanted to have sex with her too. I must admit after my initial feelings it was a massive turn on. But I didn’t know if I really wanted what I had with Milly to be interrupted by involving my wife, who up to this point was pretty inexpressive in the bedroom. But it didn’t seem as though I had a choice as Milly told me she was going to start talking to her about things and slowly bringing her round too it. She seemed to think she could do it, as apparently in her younger days my wife was a bit of a slut before I met her. Milly would not take no for an answer and told me I didn’t have a choice (she said it with a knowing grin). I suppose I had to come to terms with the fact that it might happen. All Milly said I had to do was start fucking her again, getting her back into the swing of it, while obviously not forgetting about her.

So over the course of the next few weeks I carried on as normal at home, only fucking Julie more. She seemed to be a lot happier with life too while this was going on. Getting more and more into it every time we did something, even trying to spice things up. I was exhausted though, I was working all hours, coming home and fucking Julie, then sneaking out to fuck Milly. Milly was the one thing that I was enjoying in it all. She was just so horny all the time, but as soon as she left the bedroom she became the same old little geek she always was. Unless you were me you wouldn’t know the difference in her. I had began to notice she was ringing Julie a lot more, and coming over to see her. This must have been part of her sexy plan, it was nice seeing them together spending time. They were becoming closer all the time too, and defiantly expressing more affection for each other (Hugs and kisses on the cheek) One day Milly came over and it turned out they had decided to go to a day spa together, clearly her idea to get them in less clothes to make each other comfortable. I don’t know if Julie was aware, but she certainly seemed to be enjoying more of her time with Milly.

One day I came home from work and they were both in the kitchen chatting away, they clearly were talking about things they didn’t want me to hear, so I went upstairs and snuck into a place were I could hear them. When my hearing picked up what they were talking about I nearly fell over. Milly was telling Julie about this boy she had met and that they had already had sex (clearly me) . Too my surprise Julie was pleased for Milly and seemed to be encouraging what was going on. They chatted some more about it when Julie started talking about me. She said to Milly about me being more interested in the bedroom and stuff, she then told Milly exactly what I wanted to hear. She told her all about the threesome fantasy she wanted. Milly was listening and agreeing along with her, all the time trying to encourage more out of her. Julie was getting pretty wild with what she was talking about. Before the conversation was out Milly managed to slip in there that she wanted to try it with another woman too. Julie seemed too take it in her stride and told Milly to not miss out like she did and go for it.

After this surprising conversation Milly left the kitchen and came upstairs to say bye too me. I told her I had heard the chat they had, and she said it was one of a few they had been having recently. Apparently she had been trying to make things more sexual between her and her sister to ease it in. It seemed to be working as they were both pretty open with each other, and the other day even had a shower together after the spa. The thought of that gave me an instant erection. As Milly was giving me a goodbye kiss she spotted my hard-on. Now there was nothing more than this girl liked than my cock, and it being hard with Julie in the house just seemed to make her worse. She stuck her hand down the front of my trousers and fumbled around for my cock. Didn’t take her long to find it, and despite my pleas she had it out in seconds. She then dropped to her knees and took it in her mouth. A feeling of horror came over me, but it was far outweighed by the pleasure this now expert little cocksucker was giving me. I could hear Julie moving about downstairs but nothing to suggest she was coming up.

Milly was getting faster and faster, her head bobbing up and down at quite a speed, at the same time taking most of me in her mouth and throat. That’s when Julie shouted up the stairs for Milly. Milly didn’t seem to hear though as she kept going. All I could do was shout back “She’s in the toilet” Clearly Julie didn’t hear me and shouted again. Only this time she was at the bottom of the stairs. I was getting scared now, I was really close to cumming, but my wife was literally metres away calling for her little sister. Milly must of heard her shouting as she started playing with my ass. She knew if she did this I would cum almost instantly. Lucky she did because Julie started coming up the stairs at pretty much the same time I started to cum into Milly’s mouth. I must admit that the thrill of doing that made my orgasm pretty incredible. But with Julie coming up the stairs and me still with my cock in Milly’s mouth it was a little too close. Milly finished off and I popped my cock back into my sweats. Just at the second Julie opened the door. Milly jumped to her feet before she was seen, so all that remained was to explain why I was so hot, which I deflected by asking Julie to cook Milly some dinner too. That was too close a call, especially as Milly turned round and opened her mouth to show me there was still some cum in there.

We went downstairs and had dinner and Julie took Milly home. After she got back she went for a shower and we got into bed. Julie then proceeded to tell me all about Milly getting a boyfriend and all the threesome stuff. I decided I should take the lead here and asked Julie if that’s something she ever wanted to try (knowing full well she did) She nodded coyly and told me it was her ultimate fantasy to do it with another woman and me, but she never wanted to say anything for fear of driving me away. But apparently her talking to Milly about it made her more confident. So there the situation was, all 3 of us knew that each wanted to try a threesome. Julie with me, and Milly with me. All that was left was for Julie and Milly to get on the same page and we would all be satisfied. That night me and Julie had sex and for the first time I was enjoying it again with her. I still couldn’t get Milly out of my head, but sex with Julie was defiantly nice again.

About a month later Milly and Julie were pretty inseparable, spending loads of time together, and Milly was practically living with us, which suited me as Julie worked night shifts a lot of the time. Then came a conversation that would change all of our lives forever. We had finished dinner one evening and cleared up. Julie asked us to sit down at the table because we all needed to talk. Julie then spelled out that she knew something was going on with me and Milly. My heart sunk, but looking over to Milly she was calm and almost smiling while she listened. Julie explained that she suspected something for a while and it was only last month that it was confirmed. It seems she was outside the door the whole time listening to Milly give me a blowjob. Apparently she could hear the grunting from me and the sloppy noises from her. She also spied through the keyhole. I had a burning question though. Why hadn’t she said before? Why leave it this long. Milly had the answer to this. Apparently she confronted Milly that night about it and she admitted everything. They both were in tears apparently but Julie wasn’t angry in the end. She evidently saw it all as me teaching Milly to become a woman and not much harm was being done. Milly must have spun some lies to get her to believe this. But I could eventually breathe a sigh of relief.

I asked both girls “what was going to happen now”, and Milly spoke up. “Well, since we all are here and it’s now out in the open what’s happened……” She paused for a while looking at us both “Why don’t we have that threesome that all of us want to try” I didn’t say a word, but Julie looked dumbstruck. She said back “How can we have a threesome, you’re my sister!!” in a quite aggressive tone. Milly said back “But we all want to do it, and well were all here. Plus sis, I kind of think it’s kinky to do it with your sister” Julie still looked dumbstruck. I don’t think she could quite believe what was coming out of her geeky little sisters’ mouth. Julie then spluttered “o ok” I couldn’t believe she said yes. Clearly Milly had worked some magic with her and got her on board.

Pretty much the instant Julie agreed Milly stood up and walked over to her sister. She pulled out her chair and straddled her lap so they were face to face. Julie had on a yellow summer dress and strappy sandals, and Milly was wearing a similar red dress with red converse. They looked into each others eyes and Milly lent in for a kiss. Julie was hesitant at first, but when her lips met Milly’s all of the fear seemed to leave her body. They kissed softly at first, no tongues, just on the lips. With it getting slowly more passionate, until I spotted Milly slip in the tongue. They were kissing like lovers now until Julie broke it off. She looked at Milly and blushed “I didn’t think I would be in this position with my little sister” Julie seemed a little hesitant after this, but Milly soon put pay to that by kissing her again. Both girls were making moaning noises while they kissed. The image of this made me hard as a rock. I still lusted for Milly, but my wife was a hell of a turn on too.

Milly got of Julie’s lap and came over to me, she then straddled my lap and kissed me. The thought of this girl whoring herself between the two of us was a turn on, and clearly a turn on for Julie too, as her eyes were fixed on us. I was going to use this to my advantage, and while we were kissing I grabbed Milly’s through her summer dress. I squeezed and kept an eye on Julie, who’s eyes were fixed on what my hands were doing. So I got bolder and lifted her skirt up and slipped my hands down the back of her pants. Julie now had opened her legs and was beginning to rub her pussy. Milly was still kissing me, and now she was starting to grind on my lap. I think what Milly really wanted to do was fuck me and have Julie watch, which I was more than happy to go along with. I think she was getting some kick out of being watched.

Milly then stood up and pulled up her dress over her head. She was standing in front of me wearing a red lace bra and panty set. She looked incredible, as usual. The converse she was wearing too seemed to make her look even better. This spurred Julie on who jumped up and got in front of me too, she kissed Milly and then took her dress off too. She was wearing similar underwear but hers was yellow. My mind suddenly remembered it was the same underwear set as Milly was wearing the same time I fucked her. They then both started kissing while standing in front of me. This time there hands where wandering over each others semi naked bodies. Julie was grabbing Milly’s and Milly was grabbing Julie’s ample size boobs. They were a little smaller than Milly’s but for her age were still fairly perky. The kissing and groping intensified until they both stopped and looked at me. Then like they had one mind they came over and started pulling my clothes off. I was naked within seconds, and sitting on the chair with nothing but my hard cock standing tall.

Milly took my hand and then Julies and led us upstairs to our bedroom. This would have been the first time I fucked Milly in here, as it felt wrong before. Not this time, not with Julie there helping out. We got into the room and Milly jumped on the bed pulling us with her. Me and Julie kissed, far more passionately than we have recently, she was clearly horny as hell. The girls also started stripping off, getting naked apart from Milly who kept her shoes on. Both of the girls then pushed me back and both started to lick my chest moving up to my head.. Then both started kissing each other in front of my face. This was a massive turn on and subconsciously I started to stroke my cock. I also tried to join in the kiss. They both straddled one of my legs each and were on all 4s. Suddenly I felt a hand bat mine off my cock and start to stroke it. I couldn’t tell who it was but it felt amazing. They were still kissing as i found out it was Milly stroking me, I should have guessed. They then both broke off the kiss and started licking there way down my body.

They then both ended up at my cock, each looking at one an other. They kissed again, this time there chins just over the tip of my penis. They were teasing me, and I loved it. Milly then broke off the kiss and licked the tip of it, Julie did the same and then they both began to lick up and down the sides of my cock. The feeling was amazing, made even better by seeing my two women do it to me. Milly seemed the more sexually aggressive of the two, and she proved it when she opened her mouth and popped my cock inside. She then started bobbing up and down on it as Julie watched her. I think Julie didn’t know what to do, especially seeing her little sister suck my cock. I pulled her up to me and kissed her. My hands also wandered down to her pussy, which was already wet. I started playing with her clit as she lay beside me while kissing her. She was moaning in my mouth too so she clearly enjoyed it.

All the while I could feel Milly getting faster and deeper on my cock, occasionally hearing her gag on it. Occasionally pulling off to catch her breath. She really was a pro at it now. Then she flipped her attention to Julie’s pussy that was next to my cock. She shifted over and kissed the bottom of her stomach. Softly she made her way down until she was at the top of her pussy. Julie made a gasp and suddenly Milly began kissing it all over. Licking the lips like they were sweets. Playing with her sisters’ pussy, teasing it, but never quote going for the clit. Julie was going wild kissing me. She loved the sensation clearly. He hips kept rising up to Milly’s mouth. But Milly was still teasing her. Julie’s nipples were rock hard too, and I could feel them rubbing on my chest. At that point Milly must have decided the teasing was over, and began to vigorously play with her clit. Julie let out a scream of pleasure that I had not heard for a while. She was licking it up and down, playing with the clit and occasionally working in a finger to her soaking wet pussy. It didn’t take Julie long to cum and when she did, her whole body tensed up. She grabbed me and started kissing me too with the orgasm. When she broke off the kiss she was breathing heavily and sweating a lot too. Milly got up and kissed her while on all 4’s. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, and just made me want to fuck Milly right there.

So I did, I rubbed my hand on Julies pussy and then smothered my cock in her juice. I grabbed Milly and got round the back of her. So Julie was under us. I entered her, and began to pump. The girls were still kissing while I was fucking Milly. I couldn’t believe my luck. Julie began talking dirty too. Telling Milly “Fuck my husband you little slut, fuck him while you kiss your sister” It spurred Milly on as she began to bang back faster onto me. I was pretty close, but I wanted to carry on. So I told the girls to get into a 69 position with Milly ontop. Julie turned round and got under Milly’s pussy and my cock. She could see them sliding in and out and I had a glimpse of her face. I fucked Milly a bit longer then pulled out, I then put my cock into Julies mouth and let her suck for a while, cleaning off her little sisters pussy juice. I did this a few times and was nearly ready to cum. That’s when while fucking Milly I did. This time I decided to pull out and blow it all over the outside of her pussy. Doing this I coated it in cum and also managed to get some on Julies face. It was a pretty sight I can tell you. Then, out of no where, Julie stuffed her face into Milly’s pussy and began licking out the cum that was there.

That action sent Milly over the edge too, and she started cumming. Julie was tasting us both when she was licking her little sister clean, cum was all over her face from me and it had a nice glaze from Milly. Milly slumped down onto her sister and rolled off. Getting up and laying next to her she looked up and said “Alan, can I stay here now? Can we be a nice little fuck family?” Julie lent in for a cum covered kiss and told her that the spare room could be hers. She also said they could share clothes now, as well as share me.

I don’t know if my life could be more perfect than it was. It was pretty good at the moment. My little fuck toy living in the same house as me and my wife being ok with it. Milly moved in after a couple of days and I can tell it was going to be a good time in my life.

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