Miss Sara’s Revenge

Jim Parker leaned against the end of his mop as
he watched Miss Sara Ellsworth walk away from him down
the empty halls of Porterville High School. She was one
fine piece of ass, and she knew it, always wearing
clothes that were just one step away from provocative.

Today she had worn three inch black pumps which
matched a pleated black skirt which came down just
above her knees, revealing the firm suppleness of her
ivory skin, and when she turned suddenly, flying up to
reveal the muscular tautness of her thighs. A white,
and tight, low cut T-shirt, revealing perfect handfuls
of breasts thrusting against the fabric and a firm,
flat stomach, was kept from being too provocative by a
long sleeved, black suit jacket, with a little bow in
the back cinching in the waist.

Her dark brown hair was cut short, and was parted
in the middle, curling slightly inward just above her
shoulders, framing her perfect face, with its large,
green eyes, small nose, generous mouth and lips, and
just a sprinkling of freckles. At twenty four years
of age, she was the youngest teacher at Porterville,
and the biggest flirt.

Jim Parker knew a lot more about Sara Ellsworth
than that, just as he knew a lot more about everybody
and everything than that, having been the school
janitor for over ten years. He was an imposing 6’3
and close to 280 lbs, dwarfing Sara’s own tall 5’7″.
He also happened to be the only Afro-American in the
school, Porterville being a rich white suburb of
several thousands. So being, he was a bit of a cele-
brity among the students, most foolish kids, he
thought, and so gathered information from them. In
his thirty five years of life and his twelve years, of
working there he had thought he had seen everything,
but he was wrong. What he had found out about Miss
Sara Ellsworth surprised even him, and if she was plan-
ning to do what he thought she was planning to do,
well, there was going to be some big fun for old Jim
boy right soon.

He had known Sara Ellsworth was wealthy, having
inherited a large, in the tens of millions, fortune
from her father–that much he had learned from the
papers the school kept on all public employees. What
he didn’t know was why the hell she was teaching: she
didn’t need the money and she certainly didn’t strike
him as hell-bent to impart the wisdom of the ancients
to the younger generation.

She seemed to be more inclined to tease all the
male teachers, and all the boys in her class, into
raging hard-ons, and then laugh inwardly at their
arousal. It had been purely by accident that, while
doing a walkthrough of the abandoned underground
classrooms, now blocked off to everyone (he thought)
except him, he had discovered her real reason for
teaching English at a high school.

It was an old abandoned classroom, dark, dusty,
and empty except for a single desk near the back of
the room. A single light bulb burned in the middle of
the ceiling, throwing faint illumination through the

Miss Ellsworth was sitting naked on the edge of
the table, her lithe arms and legs wrapped around Sid,
a third string offensive lineman, clutching at him
convulsively as he pounded his cock into her. She was
crying out in a husky voice, “Fuck me…oh god Sid…
harder…fuck me harder…uhg…uhg…that’s it…
you’re beautiful…uhg…fuck….”

And Sid did, no finesse there, just a steady,
brutal poling, sending Sara gasping and panting with

Paul and Dave, two more rejects from the football
team, were waiting their turn, dicks in hand, eager
expressions twisted by lust on their face.

Jim had looked on in amazement, peering through
the small grimy door window into the room, for the
thirty minutes it took the three strapping young men
to cycle through her twice each. Each time one of
them came inside her, she gripped him forcefully
against her body for a moment, before pushing them
away and beckoning another to put it in her. From what
he could tell, with all the begging and grunting and
calling out and whimpering Miss Ellsworth had done,
she must have come at least ten times.

He had shaken his head as he walked quietly away
from that scene, and he remembered thinking now he knew
why she was here: to get a constant supply of young,
hard dick. He wouldn’t mind having a piece of that
cunt himself.

Over the next few weeks, he had watched her close-
ly, and discovered that Sid, Paul and Dave were the
only boys she kept in her stable, but that she gave
them quite a workout, usually taking at least two of
them twice a day. He had even managed to secretly
take several pictures of her in the act: one showing
her on her back, covered by Dave, her legs wrapped
around his back, her hands clutching his ass, her face
over his shoulder in a paroxysm of ecstasy; another
showing her on her hands and knees, her round mounds
of tit flesh hanging beneath her, her back arched,
shoving her ass back and up, her head thrown back, her
eyes closed, her mouth open in a silent cry of
pleasure, Sid grabbing her hips in his hands and
thrusting his cock into her gaping pussy.

He had thought about approaching her with the
pictures and demanding a piece for himself or else,
but then realized she would lose nothing. All the
boys were overage, and although she might get fired,
she really didn’t need the job. Besides, she would
probably call the police and get him on blackmail.
He needed something better than that, something which
would really hurt her, and he thought he would have it
in just one short day.

There were certain places in the basement of the
school where, by the strange confluence of vents and
their acoustic properties made it possible to hear the
conversations carried on in supposed privacy above. It
was while listening in to one of the rare conversations
between Sara and her boys that he had found what he was
looking for: a way to get her just where he wanted
her, impaled on his dick.

There was a girl in the school, only a sophomore,
who, everyone agreed, was too smart for her own good.
Her name was Maria Gonzales, and you could tell she
was going to be a looker.

Now, at 15 years, she was at that awkward stage
between the gawky slimness of a girl and the buxom
fullness of a woman. Her straight, long dark hair was
pulled back from a beautiful, slightly sexy face, with
large dark eyes and a smooth olive complexion, turning
red at her overfull lips stuck in a constant pout. Her
shoulders were narrow but gave out onto large, full
breasts, promising to be truly enormous when she
matured fully, with large, dark nipples straining
through all her clothes, and firm with the resiliency
of youth.

From there her body became boyish, with a narrow
waist giving onto narrow hips but full buttocks. Her
thighs were promisingly full and firm, losing the thin-
ness of prepubescent, and continuing down onto per-
fectly formed knees and calves. She was a picture of
emerging womanhood, but for all that, she was a smart-
assed k*d.

No one liked her much, but her father was wealthy
and she was tall for her age at 5’6″. She also had a
wicked tongue, cutting down anyone who crossed her.
She had a special feud going with Miss Ellsworth for
some reason, and had, just a few days ago, called her
a “splay-legged bitch in heat” in front of an entire
class. This, Jim thought, must have been the last
straw, sending Sara over the edge. Keeping her boys
after school, she had laid out a plan to teach “that
little bitch Maria” a lesson: Sara would lure the
girl down to the old underground room where they
usually met on the pretext of looking up her files;
her boys would be lying in wait, and they would,
simply, r**e her.

Jim thought about warning Maria, and agonized
over the decision for a few minutes. He finally
decided that if he told her, he wouldn’t be able to
get at Sara, and besides, Maria Gonzales was quite
the little bitch, and he didn’t really give a shit
about her. So decided, he borrowed a couple of
handicams from the media storeroom, attaching a
wide angle lens to one and placing it behind one of
the vents on the upper corner of the abandoned class-
room. The other he kept for himself, planning to be
there himself to make sure he got good shots of

The next afternoon, peering down into the
abandoned classroom from above the ceiling, having
slid a ceiling tiling aside so he could aim his camera
down at the action below, he didn’t see everything
leading up to the r**e, but he found out about it
later. That day, Miss Ellsworth, wearing white stock-
ings with a white mini and a white jacket, requested
that Maria Gonzales meet her after school to discuss
certain matters pertaining to her schoolwork. Maria
met her in her classroom at 3:30.

Standing upon Maria’s arrival, Miss Ellsworth
said, “You will have to excuse me, Maria, but before
I speak to you I wish to see your academic records.
They are down in the basement. If you would please
follow me?”

Rolling her dark eyes in her expressive Latin
face, Maria muttered “Great” and followed Sara down
into the basement. After following her teacher, that
slut, down two flights of stairs and through a locked
door which looked unused for decades, Maria began to
wonder exactly where they were going. “Hey,” she said,
“where are we going?”

Ms. Ellsworth looked over her shoulder and answer-
ed, “The files are down in the basement. Instead of
walking all the way across campus, we’re taking a
shortcut through the old classrooms. Okay?”

“Yah yah…” Maria said disgruntledly, not liking
the dimly lit hallways and the dust kicked up from the

Shortly, Ms. Ellsworth turned and opened a side
door; looks like a classroom door thought Maria as she
stepped through the doorway, followed closely by Sara.

“Wha…?” Maria said, turning around in surprise
as she saw she was in an old classroom, and was met by
a fist in the belly, doubling her over and driving the
air in a whoosh out of her lungs. She staggered back,
her large, dark eyes widening in amazement as two burly
young men grabbed her arms and f****d her down on her
knees. “Wha..what’s going on?” she managed to stutter
out to Ms. Ellsworth.

Sara stood in front of her, Sid by her side, and
laughed cruelly, “I’m going to teach you a lesson
bitch! You’ll learn it’s not smart to insult your
betters.” She strutted over to the held girl and began
to unbutton her blouse.

“Wha?!” Maria cried out, “No! Stop!” She began
struggling, trying to stand, twisting her body between
the two men holding her arms, sending her hair whipping
in a fury about her head. “You bitch! You fucking
bastards! Aaaahhggg! Sons of a bitch! Let me goooo!”
she cursed and wailed.

Ms. Ellsworth just smiled and finished unbuttoning
Maria’s blouse, revealing a strong white bra and her
firm, flat stomach. Grabbing her hair, Sara pulled
Maria’s hair back, bringing a hiss of pain between her
clenched teeth. “You pushed me too far, you little
cunt,” Ms. Ellsworth whispered to her as she reached
around and unclasped her bra, “and now you’re going to

“Fuck you,” Maria responded. Ms. Ellsworth just
laughed and pushed Maria’s bra up around her neck, let-
ting Maria’s two large, beautifully round breasts burst
free, her large nipples broad across her tits.

“O.K. boys, now get those shorts off the cunt,”
Sara said, standing up and stepping back.

“I’ll get you for this,” Maria spit venomously,
glaring in hatred at her teacher.

Paul and Dave, holding her arms, lifted her strug-
gling body to its feet, and Sid quickly grabbed her
legs and lifted her off the floor. They dropped her
heavily onto her back, a cry of pain escaping her full
lips. Sid quickly grabbed her shorts and pulled them
over her hips and down her shapely long legs.

Maria was silent now, only the efforts of her
struggle escaping her lips to fill the room. Her
panties were quickly pulled off her body, and Paul
brought Maria’s arms over her head and pinned them
there. Dave moved around and grabbed one of her legs.
Sid and Dave then pulled Maria’s legs apart, exposing
the folds of the pussy to view.

Looking down on the action through the lens of a
camera, Jim felt his cock begin to swell. Maria might
be young, he though, but she sure had a hell of a body.
She was squirming on the ground now, her legs spread
by strong hands and her chest pushed up by her arms
being pulled above her head. The firmness of youth
revealed itself in her jiggling breasts and lean body,
and her thrashings revealed strong muscles beneath
creamy brown skin. Jim felt admiration grow in him
for Maria, who refused to beg or cry out in the face
of imminent r**e. Instead, she screwed up her pretty
face into a mask of hatred, her large, dark eyes
flashing, her full lips pulled back from her teeth,
revealing gritted teeth.

Sara knelt between the girl’s legs and said, “We
can’t have you boys dry fuck this cute little pussy
here, can we?” and brought her hand down over Maria’s
mound. Maria’s face turned red from shame as she felt
her teacher’s hand expertly manipulate her genitals,
prodding her inner flesh and rubbing her clit softly
back and forth. After a few minutes she felt a cold,
clammy dampness spread through her loins, and turned
her face away from Ms. Ellsworth’s as she said, “Ah…
There we go. Paul, why don’t you go first.”

Paul quickly switched positions with Ms. Ellsworth
and dropped his pants. He eagerly put his hard dick
against the girl’s tender opening and jammed himself
forward, landing heavily onto Maria’s breasts. Maria
grunted in pain as Paul jammed his cock into her cunt,
gritted her teeth and cursed them all in her mind. She
felt nauseous as Paul began spiking his cock into her,
his panting breath hot on her neck. Fuckers, fuckers,
bastards, I’ll fucking k**l them all, ran through her
mind, c*****g down the bile rising in her throat as
Paul jerked his hips forward and shot his come deep
inside her belly.

He was quickly replaced by Sid, and then Dave.
Jim, from his perch overhead, saw tears leak from the
corner of her eyes. He frowned to himself, thinking
that maybe he shouldn’t have let this happen after all.
Well, at the very least, he would let the girl have a
piece of little Ms. Sara Ellsworth when the time came.
He smiled as he thought of what Maria would do to her
when she got the chance; it would be amusing.

By this time they had finished with Maria, and,
shoving her clothes into her hands, they pushed her
out into the hallway. As the door shut on her, Sara
said, “Okay, now it’s my turn, and sat on the edge of
the desk and pulled up her skirt around her waist,
revealing that she wore no panties, and that her labia
were swollen and glistening with lust.

Maria staggered down the dusty hallway, all her
bravado gone. Sobs rose deep from her chest and tears
streaked her face. The sticky come of her rapists
squished between her legs and matted on her thighs.
Still crying she collapsed on the stairway and pulled
on her underwear and shorts, feeling her clothes become
soggy with their sperm.

She clipped back on her bra and buttoned her
blouse, wondering what she could do. She couldn’t
tell her mother: she wouldn’t believe her. Her
mother already thought she was a whore because she
wore shorts to school, and thought her large breasts
were just an invitation to licentiousness. Her father
wouldn’t care: he would think she was lying too,
because it would be easier for him. The police would
just tell her mother, and that, she decided, would be
just awful. She wiped her face and pulled herself
together; she was going to have to make it home without
anyone seeing anything was wrong with her.

A half hour later she was at home in the shower,
trying to wash the shame and humiliation of her r**e
away. She was crying again, and hated herself for it;
if only she could get back at that fucking bitch Ms.