Mom cums – the story

…I had planned this out for a while. My husband would be gone as usual, and my 3 boys off camping for the weekend. I would have the weekend all to myself. My oldest boy privately told me my husband had a girl on the side, that was why he was hardly ever home.
…This is when everything changed….
…I felt free now to get some good sex I had missed out on for a long time.
…My first goal was to get that handsome and sexy washer repairman to get here on a Friday afternoon. He said he would be here at 3pm. I put on my shortest black shorts, a baggy sweater and no panties or bra on. He was in for a little shock when he got here.
…. He had been here once before and I knew he was single, and I remembered his sexy eyes looking me over. That time I stood close to him and let him smell my perfume, feel my breath on his neck and talked soft and sexy to him. It worked as he got aroused and I notice an erection in his pants. He was still hesitant to make a move on me, but his breathing gave him away.
I hadn’t had any sex for a long time with my never home husband, and I was just plain horny. This guy excited me. He was young, tall, sexy and I wanted to have sex with him. When he finished fixing my washing machine, I held a cup of coffee for him to drink on our big couch. He sat in the middle and I sat sideways at one end with my legs up. This way he could see my legs but also a nice tight camel toe between my legs.
…. I smiled at him and told him I was holding him captive for the weekend.
This got his attention…. I then put my legs across his lap, right on top of the lump in his pants. He tried not to smile to big, but he was really getting turned on.
….Finally he broke. He said I had ’baby feet’ for a woman and began to massage them. As we talked he started massaging slowly up my warm legs. I told him how nice that felt and scooted down further so now my pussy was next to his erection over his lap. I did a slow wiggle and moaned slightly as his hands got further up my legs. I closed my eyes and opened my legs some as an invitation to massage my pussy.
….I put a blanket over his lap, my legs and pussy. I hadn’t had this much sex fun since high school. As his hands worked their way up to my pussy, I took his one hand and placed it right on my pussy. I watched his face light up with delight. Our two hands felt my pussy and then I pulled my shorts down. Now we were feeling my pubic hair and my wet slit. I watched him close his eyes as I guided his hand to rub my clit. I opened my legs wider as his other hand came up and I felt his fingers slipping in and out of my pussy. I let him get me wetter and hotter.
… My next move was to pull him on top of me. He gladly let me position him on top of me and place his big hardon between my legs. My arms went around him as he felt so damn good. As I reached under his shirt to feel his warm body, he started undoing his pants. Oh YES!…he was going to fuck me, just what I wanted…..
….How did I get so extremely horny?… It started with my 3 sons actually. I still had a good figure, slim with nice tits. They were all horny teens now, but as they grew up they all liked to hug mom and just brush against my tits, feel my waist and ass. I couldn’t scold them…I was weak and let them do what horny boys do. What did a little feeling up of mom hurt anyway. I was getting very little sex from my husband who was out of town most of the time.
… I enjoyed them feeling me a little, but they slowly got to feeling me more. They knew I liked it and I didn’t stop them….but…It really started one night in the garage.
…They were all in there when I came in to see what they were up to. I said: “Your air freshener smells burnt, guys.“ They all smiled and stood up and surrounded me. Now all three were hugging ’good ol mom’ and their hands slowly felt all over me. I was so horny to start with I just kept my eyes closed and enjoyed it.
…They slowly put their hands under my shirt and began to feel my bra-less tits. I just stood there. Next I feel hands going up my skirt and down in my panties.
…I had never had a turn on like this before, and it was the most awesome thing I had ever had happen to me. I relaxed and let them play with mom.
… Down the panties came and more hands feeling my pubic hair and slit. It felt so exciting and wonderful to have three guys I loved, feeling me up. I felt lips on my tits and nipples and fingers going in my pussy. Kisses all over my neck…I was in a triple heaven. I could feel their hardon’s against my legs and they took my hands and put them on their bulges. I was feeling new and wonderful things all over me. It was a high sexual feeling times 3.
…I felt an orgasm building in my pussy. One of them was rubbing my clit so good I began to moan. This seemed to please them all and they increased this foreplay even more. I found my hand unzipping one of them and I just reached in and felt his warm hardon.
… The rest of them started taking their hardon’s out. Now I had a hardon’s in each hand and one had slipped between my legs. I just had to stroke the ones in my hands. It didn’t take long and I felt warm cum being shot on my legs. I orgasmed immediately as I moaned and trembled a little. Then a third hard on was put in my hand and I stroked it. More cum shots, as now my legs were splattered with cum. I shivered and orgasmed again. They were done and guided me to the door to go in the house. I was dizzy with the thrill of a lifetime. I floated as I walked and stumbled into to my shower. I let the warm water flow on me as I almost went to sleep dreaming and leaning against the shower wall……
….That was the hottest thing I had ever done in my entire life. Nothing was ever said about it and they all continued to cop feels on me at times. That memory stays with me to recall any time I want…..
…Now to have Mr. repairman fuck me. I pulled him up on me and he undid his pants. I took my panties clear off so I could wrap my legs around him. He was turned on to the max. I kissed him like a long lost lover. Our tongues went at each other in a hot fury. His big hands felt my tits and made my nipples rock hard. We both panted with excitement as I reach down to feel his big hardon. I rubbed the head on my bush as he jumped and I let it slip inside of me. Oh damn…It had been so long I was tight and it felt so good. I moaned in his ear as we began fucking and feeling our bodies.
Now I was getting what I wanted and I wanted to feel him shoot hot cum in me. I used every horny thing I could to excite him. I played with his butt crack, dug my fingers in his back and squirmed and moaned. He was a good fuck and slowly speeded up. I leg locked him and f****d his cock deep in me. I squeezed his cock over and over as I felt a big climax building in me. I began to go into another world as his cock gave me what I wanted….a blast of hot cum that rocked my body.
…I lost my mind for a second as I had a big climax. Hot shooting cum was filling my pussy to overflowing. We both yelled a little between gasping for breath. This guy was so good my mind was already going for seconds. I wasn’t letting him get away. We panted, squirmed and fucked until we drifted away in utopia.
…I loved pushing his cock deep in me, over and over. His shocked face was red with pleasure. He began kissing me and was already getting ready for more. I had him now for the whole weekend and what a weekend it was.
….We laid around naked, took hot showers, and fuck ourselves until we couldn‘t fuck anymore. I was finally getting the super hot sex I wanted. I released my captive repairman as he d**g is tired ass out the door.……
…Later on in the week I had to check on my boys in the garage to make sure they weren‘t burning the place down. This week night was a little bit different….
… I liked that last feel up session by them, so I went back for more. I admit I temped them by wearing a sheer black night gown out to the garage. No bra, no panties. What ever they were smoking smelled very sweet. I played the stern mom and warned them about fire…again they all stood up and came over and stood around me. My oldest boy said: “You’re the greatest mom in the world, and we would like to reward you.” He was a big strong k*d and picked me up like I weighed nothing. The others cleared the way as he took me in the house. He took me in the master bedroom and placed me on the bed. My heart was beating so fast I was dizzy as to what they were going to do next. They left the lights off and slowly started in on me.
…I didn’t have one ounce of resistance as they began to take off my night gown and started in kissing my body. I was in a dazed heaven.
…. When you have 3 handsome horny boys all over you…it’s hard to describe. I was in a lust on overload and I couldn’t get enough of it. Everyone of them knew what turned me on, and they didn’t hold back. As they proceeded to take me to beyond heaven, I had all those warm excited bodies to feel. I had a nice big hardon right by my face. I stroked it and gently pulled it closer to me. I let it happen….. and began to suck on it. I told myself it was mine anyway, I owned it from the start, so why not enjoy it.
….It was over the top exciting as I closed my eyes and sucked it. I could feel it was getting ready to cum, the balls pulled and twitched as it made ready. I went all the way and deep throated it. I heard one of my son’s let out a big moan as I felt his load climb up and burst in my throat. He bucked and hot cum flowed out the sides of my mouth. The room seemed like it was spinning as he pumped his cum over and over. Someone was licking my clit and I had a rush of juice when I orgasmed hard. Someone had fingers in my pussy and it squeezed down on them firm by itself.
…Bodies moved around on the bed and then I felt it….some ones nice warm hardon entering my wet pussy. I could tell it was my oldest. Another hardon came to my face as I took it in my mouth.
…My oldest was so warm on me as I felt his body. The only words we whispered were: (“..oh yes…oh yes..”) I sucked as we fucked. My pussy was having a steady orgasm it felt like. My oldest started fucking me hard and fast as I felt new and hot feelings in my pussy. I wrapped my legs around him to get that climax that was coming fast.
…Two moans hit us as we shook and cum flowed in my squeezing pussy. I fucked him back hard and deep in me. I wanted all the cum he had in my pussy. The moans I let out caused the hardon I was sucking on to pump fast and burst a cum load in my mouth. My oldest just kept fucking me deep and he pumped every shot of cum he had in me. It was so over the top I almost blacked out with euphoria. I felt so many warm hands on me, touching me with a gentle but exciting feel.
….I was numb with the most exciting feelings I had ever had….. I felt them covering me up and heard them all leave…I slept like a baby….
…Now days, my husband lives with his girlfriend permanently. My boys take real good care of me. At night I never know when 1,2 or 3 guys at once, come in my dark bedroom,
….they just love to make mom cum….