Mommy knows best – Always Ready

Rat-a-tat-tat! The banging on the back door could only
mean one thing; Tommy was here to visit with Jimmy.

Without waiting for an answer, Tommy popped open the
screen door and marched into the kitchen. “Jimmy
around,” he asked?

“I’m sorry, Tom, but Jimmy and his dad went shopping
for a new bike,” replied Mrs. Overton, “he should be
home in an hour or so if you care to wait.”

The teenager stood in the middle of the kitchen and
pondered for a few seconds and answered back, “Yeah,
I’ll wait, is it okay if I watch television in the
basement,” he asked?

“Sure,” Mrs. Overton replied, “go right on down, I’ll
tell Jimmy you’re here as soon as he gets back!”

Tommy slipped quietly down the stairs, picked up the
remote and flicked on the set, and in seconds he had
tuned into a cable channel that was showing a steamy
sex video. Looking around to make sure no one else was
around, he pulled out his dick and slowly began jerking
off to the hot scenes on the screen. He and Jimmy spent
hours jerking off to the x-rated cable shows, often
racing to see who could blow his nuts the fastest!

He was so enraptured with the program on TV, that he
didn’t hear Marion Overton descending the stairs to
tell him that Jimmy and his father were going to be at
least another hour shopping. If she had, he would have
had time to change the station and put away his stiff

When she came around the corner into the family room,
Marion was stunned to see the crude images on the TV,
but even more stunned to see young Tommy pulling hard
on his teenage yang!

It was strange, but an overwhelming feeling of pure
excitement swept through her body, culminating in the
absolute flooding of her vagina with cunt juice! She
couldn’t help herself, but the sight of the young lad
jerking his cock was one of the most erotic things she
had ever seen in her entire life!

She was surprised to see how large his cock was, and
while not as big as her husband’s, it was pretty
evident that Tommy was at least six inches long, and
probably more!!!

Although she and her husband Hank had a good healthy
sex life, just seeing another male erection made her
imagine what it would be like to have another man…

In the movie, a young blonde woman was sucking a very
large black penis to completion, and Tommy’s hand was
now racing up and down his engorged shaft, while his
breathing was becoming more labored by the second!

Marion knew it was wrong, but she slipped her hand up
under her dress and inside her panties anyway, where
she quickly found her erect clit begging for some
attention! When her finger made contact with the little
organ, she made an audible sigh that was easily heard
by the masturbating teenager! He spun his head around
and in total a state of panic, tried to turn off the TV
and put his cock back in his pants in one fell swoop!

His face had turned a crimson red as he tried to
stammer and explanation, but it was when he finally
looked directly at his friend’s mother that he notice
her hand was up her skirt and that she was masturbating
along with him!!!

“Don’t put it away,” Mrs. Overton said in a husky
voice, “let me see you doing it and I’ll show me doing

Still not exactly sure what to do, he watched in wide
eyed wonder as Mrs. Overton lifted her dress and showed
him her panty clad crotch with her right hand stuck
inside of it! Then as he watched barely able to breathe
around the lump in his throat, she shucked her panties
and exposed her dark hairy cunt to his by now saucer-
sized eyes!

“Pull it back out Tommy,” she ordered, “I want to see
you jerk it off!!!”

Regaining his senses and realizing that this was a once
in a lifetime chance, Tommy reached into the fly of his
pants and extracted his now steel-hard dick for her
hungry gaze to devour!

Mrs. Overton moved over for a closer look, and throwing
caution and good sense to the wind; dropped to her
knees and lovingly took the boy’s hard erection into
her mouth! Marion Overton had done this many times for
her husband, and she knew her way around a hard cock.
But this was something different; she’d never even
imagined that she would do something so dirty, so
nasty; sucking her son’s friend off. But here she was,
doing it! And loving it all the more because it was so

Tommy had never felt anything so wonderful in his young
life! He thought that jerking off was as good as it
got, and in no way was prepared for the feeling of
having a warm mouth engulf his organ, and naturally he
reacted that way too, and in a matter of seconds he was
filling her mouth with a giant load of teenaged cum!

After blowing his load, panic set in, and Tommy had the
unmistakable urge to flee the premises! He was quickly
reassured by Marion, however, that everything was all
right, and that he should sit down and enjoy the show!
Falling back onto the old sofa, he watched in
fascination and awe as Marion Overton stripped off all
of her clothing!

He had never seen a real live naked woman before, and
his pecker stiffened up immediately when her bra fell
away from her breasts revealing two very large pink
nippled tits! She cupped them provocatively and twisted
her nipples, making them stand out like two little
erections while asking shyly, “You like?!?”

“Oh, god yes,” the boy panted, while taking his
rigidness back into his pumping fist!

“Mmmm,” she hummed, “if you like these, I’ll bet you’ll
love this,” while taking her pussy lips and pulling
them apart to reveal her pink honey pot!

“Oh my, god,” he moaned, “you’re so sexy I can’t
believe it!”

“Will you do me a favor,” Mrs. Overton asked coyly?

“Anything,” he replied in a raspy voice, “just name

“Well,” she continued, “my pussy really needs to be
sucked, do you think you could do that for me?”

He gulped hard, and answered quickly, “Oh yes, anything
you want, I’d love to do it for you!” He couldn’t
believe his luck; her was Jim’s hot mother asking him
to eat her out. He’d wanted to do something like that
with his girlfriend Jenny, but she wouldn’t even let
him finger her, and now here he was.

Marion Overton stepped up to him and put one foot up on
the arm of the couch, which caused the lips of her now
dripping slit to be pulled apart, exposing her inner
lips and clit. Her gaping cunt, now not more than
inches from the teen’s face, was like a magnet to his
tongue! The flavor and aroma were totally intoxicating,
and he had always wondered what it would taste like; it
was much better than he had ever dreamed possible! Even
after only a few seconds, he was a confirmed cunt
lapper, and there was nothing he could do about it, he
was hooked like an addict to heroin! Up and down her
slit he let his mouth and tongue roam, taking his time
to savor this newfound experience!

Through gritted teeth Marion ordered, “Do my clit,
Tommy, do my clit!”

Tommy needing no more prodding, let his tongue work
it’s magic all over the erect little love button and
the next thing he experienced was a woman cumming in
his mouth! Loud groans of pleasure and release gurgled
from deep in her throat, as her vaginal muscles
contracted hard on his tongue and a torrent of hot
liquid filled his mouth as her orgasm shook her whole
body in ecstasy!

Her legs now like wet noodles, she slumped down next to
him on the couch. He had resumed fisting his prick, and
seeing the naked woman next to him with her legs
splayed wide apart sent him over the edge into his own
orgasmic rush!

His cum flew all over his belly and chest in giant
bursts, leaving him drenched in his own sperm!

Marion leaned over and greedily licked up all of his
precious seed, not wanting even a drop to go to waste!

With both of them completely spent, she let her hand
caress his shrunken manhood only to find it coming back
to life in an instant!

“Mmmmmm,” she thought to herself, “that’s the good
thing about youth, they’re always ready!”

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