Mom’s In Charge

“Now you see that? You see how she swallows him all the
way down to the balls and milks the shaft with her lips?
That’s the way I want to see you this afternoon baby. I
want to see you with a face full of dick and a happy
cocksucker’s smile on your puckered pouty lips. Do you
think you can do that for me? Can you be my little

“I guess so.”

“That’s NOT what I want to hear dear, and you know it.
Now try again.

“Ok, I– I– I’ll do it for you.”

“Do what? Tell me what you’re going to do for me.”

“I’ll suck it. I mean your cock. I’ll suck cock for

“That’s a good boy. Now you finish watching the video
while mommy goes and calls your ‘date’ and let’s him
know you’re ready to meet him and that nice big stiff
dick of his. Oh and Tommy honey, I expect you to swallow
his load too baby. A good cocksucker always swallows the
cum a man pumps into them. Real men like to see their
sperm sucked down, but then you wouldn’t know anything
about what real men like, would you dear?”

“No mom.” Tommy said in a small voice as he sat on the
couch watching the hardcore porn video his mother had
rented for him. He hated it when his mother referred to
him as less than a man, but considering that he was
sitting there scrunched up on the couch in a pair of his
sister’s pink lacey panties with a dildo buzzing away in
his ass, he was hardly in a position to argue his
manliness with her.

“Well, at least I’m better off than poor Mary Ann.” He
shuddered slightly as he thought of his sister. Every so
often he could make out small whimpers and squeals
coming from her bedroom. Tommy went back to studying the
video. He’ d never sucked a cock before, but he knew his
mother would expect him to give her friend a
professional ‘slut style’ blowjob. He knew the price of
disappointing his mother, and had no intentions of
ending up like his sister.


Mary Ann grunted as the large Doberman plowed into her
ass like a possessed jackhammer. Her own squeals and
pleas for help were barely audible between all the
barking and whining of the dogs around her. She screamed
into her pillow as the Doberman’s large red shaft began
to pulse and swell inside her. If he was anything like
the last two she knew what would happen next, and she
was right.

As the large beast rutted into her she could feel the
base of its cock swelling up, preparing to seal her
opening like some large meaty cork. His knot would bind
him to her for a good twenty minutes or more while he
filled her with his doggie jizz.

“How long had it been now?” She wondered as she tried
pulling at the ropes binding her. Her mother had made
sure she was securely tied face down on her bed with a
few pillows under her so her ass was offered up like
some obscene gift to her furry lovers. Mary Ann had long
since run out of tears.

The sheets under her face were as soaked with her past
tears as was the large wet spot under the vee of her
legs from the countless loads of doggie jizz seeping out
of her abused holes. She winced as the crazed dog on top
of her added another scratch to her already sore sides
as it tightened it’s legs around her waist.

When her mother had closed the bedroom door and left her
tied up and alone in the room with the six dogs she’d
told Mary Ann that her new ‘boyfriends’, as she’d called
them, were less than gentle, and to expect a few
scratches and welts here and there.

Perhaps what bothered Mary Ann the most was not the
scratches or the pounding fucks, but the fact that
although she was alone in the room with the six doggie
studs, she new that hundreds, if not millions of people
were watching her at that very moment. Thanks to a small
web camera her mother had set up on the dresser, every
thrust of doggy cock, every spurt of watery canine cum
into her was being broadcast over the net.

This was her mother’s true punishment for Mary Ann
calling her a “bitch” last week. She’d slapped the man
her mother had visiting that day for grabbing her ass as
she walked by. Mary Ann had yelled at the man to keep
his filthy hands to himself. She’ d told him that he
should go back to her kinky bitch of a mother and leave
her alone.

“You dare call me a ‘Bitch’ you ungrateful little slut!”
Her mother had screamed at her, almost shaking with
rage. “I’ll show you what a bitch is. In fact I’ll make
sure you get to know the true meaning of the word!”

Mary Ann was brought back from her memories by a tugging
sensation from deep within her ass and the sound of a
wet slurping pop as the dog pulled his slimy cock out of
her. A small river of K9 jizz quickly ran from her
overused ass and trickled down the inside of her thighs
in thick rivulets. Mary Ann noticed with some dismay
that her asshole didn’t even hold the massive knots in

She imagined the over stretched anal ring simply
couldn’t handle all the a***e and now hung open in a
large sloppy gapping “O”. Her ass, much like her
reputation, would be ruined after her multi-dog
gangbang. She could imagine all the pictures and
possibly even videos that would be floating around the
Internet for years to come of her like this.

Her mother had doomed her to be known as a dog fucker
for the rest of her life, a real bitch. What man would
want her now she wondered? She’d never be able to get a
decent job with a reputation as a dog slut who spread
her legs for a group of dogs in her youth.

The bed shook slightly as the spent dog leaped down and
a new one jumped up to replace his canine brother. This
new dog was slightly smaller in size than the last one
but seemed to be better endowed than his predecessor. As
he climbed onto her ass she felt his furry cum heavy
balls sweep across her lower back before setteling down
into place and sinking it’s already rigid member deep
into her gapping hole.

Then as the dog got into a rhythmic pumping Mary Ann
couldn’t help but wonder how her grandmother was doing.
She’d heard her mother talking about what she had
planned for her.

“Poor grandma,” Mary thought. All alone in that adult
book store… stripped naked and strapped face first to
a gloryhole.

As the dog’s cock began to swell in her like a balloon,
Mary Ann wondered how many dicks her grandmother would
be feeling in her today.

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