Monstrous violent night

She stood there, all of 5” tall, looking death in the face.

In front of here is what can only be described as the hideous monsters we worried about slithering under our beds as children. Lurking in our closets.

He stood at least three times her height, and even get started about his girth.

He stood there immodest, unclothed as any creature should be.

She couldn’t help but glance at the pelvis. She couldn’t comprehend what creature this was. Where she was. What was happening. She felt an overwhelming sense of dread, and arousal as her eyes are glued to his long green groin. Nearly the size of her entire body she shook from the adrenaline and confusion. She couldn’t help but wonder how she got into this situation.

“The..the…the light” she thought to herself. The only thing she remembers before appearing into this… this place.

She ponders on her day, how she got there, what lead up to it.

First day of senior year, and it wasn’t looking so great.

Dinggg dinggg dinggg her alarm clock goes off. She reaches out from under the covers, tiredly trying to hit the snooze. It takes a few minuets for her eyes to adjust.

“Shit, I’m late!” Her alarm had been set for 7:30 am instead of 6:30 am.

she rushed downstairs to the bathroom for a quick shower.

“Jazmin!! thought you were already dressed!” Her mother shouted.

“I set my alarm clock wrong! I’m going as fast as I can, mom!” She shouted in aggravation. As if she didn’t already know she was late. Damn she thought. She never catches a break.

Finally jazmin was as presentable as she could be with having only half an hour to get ready. She stood with her soft brown hair, draped down to her waist. A blue button down shirt with a leather jacket over top, black skirt, and black stocking underneath. She word knee-high boots to save her from the chill of morning.

“Damnit! I forgot about jamie!” She shouted, she was supposed to pick him up for school. Jaime was her boyfriend of 2 years. They were mere sophomores when they met at a rally. They had been going together ever since. However as of late she was very unsure. It was the last year of high school after all. He had no job, car, ambition. His grades were horrible and he certainly wasn’t getting a scholarship through sports or intellect. Neither were his strong suits. It needs to end she thinks to herself. Jazmin wants to break it off with Jamie but doesn’t know how. “It’ll shatter him” she thinks to herself. “Or maybe he won’t care” she debated. He hadn’t always been the most romantic or caring. Maybe he would be fine without her. She certainly knew she would be fine without him.

She reaches Jamie’s house and honks her horn three times to get his attention.

“I’m here” she texts.

“Five more minuets” he replies

“It’s already 7:55! We’re going to be late”

“Who cares? School is shit. I’ll be there in a minuet babes”

She rolled her eyes in annoyance. This is exactly the problem. He had no care in the world for anyone but himself. She sat there impatiently, tapping on the steering wheel with her nails, making little clicking noises. The same noise he complains about her making. She stops out of habit, almost as if he has told her to stop.

Finally her comes to the card.

Wearing nothing but old ripped jeans and a plaid shirt.

“Ready for the first day of senior year?” He asked almost sarcastically.

“Actually I am. The day didn’t start off well but I’m actually excited. School isn’t that bad, you know”

He smiled while looking at her

“You’re cute when you’re sassy” he stated as he moved his hand to her thigh. Feeling nothing but thing stockings between his finger and her fair skin. “Not now” she groans as she started the car.

“Then when?” He shouted.

“Jazmin were 18 years old and going on 2 years together. It’s time we show our love for one another” he said almost aggressively as he leans in to kiss her neck.

She flinches, not at all interested in what he has to offer. She pushes him away.

“We’re already late, stop.” She said, once again trying to start the car.

“Exactly. We’re already late. Let’s have some fun babe. Come on.” He insists as he hand runs up her skirt.

“Just sit back and enjoy” he whispers in her ear.

For a moment she let out a sigh, feeling tingles as he works his hand up, then it turns into anger. There agreed they would wait until she was ready. She was not ready. She pushes him off one more time and his face turns red.

“If this is how you plan on treating me when I wanna be close to you, fuck it. Fuck school. Fuck everyone and everything. It’s just you and me baby” he continues to insist more from her as his hand come back to fondle.

“Get the fuck out of my car” she said almost calmly

“W…what?” He acted shocked

“Get. The. Fuck. Out.” She stated slowly, gripping the steering wheel.

“We are through” she said.

Without another word Jaime got out of the car and slammed the door. He shit it so hard it left a ring in her ear, but it didn’t matter, the weight lifted off of her and made things okay. I’m free she things to herself. Free to start a new year without someone holding her back. She goes to start the car again and it starts without a single skip.

She was so eager for her first day to start. She had so many plans. She wanted to join every possible club she could! She wanted to prove herself worthy of becoming something wonderful. She had worked so hard her entire life to ensure she kept a sharp mind

As she drove through the center of town, the quickest route to school, she notices a bright light out the side of her eye.

Shining brighter than the sun, an orb of some kind floating in an ally. She drives past it before stopping her car

“W-what the hell” she thinks

“I should head to school… but what was that?” She ponders

“I’m already late… it won’t take but a second” she debates.

She puts the car in reverse and backs up to the sidewalk that lead into the ally.

She parks her car and stops out, staring at the orb. Wondering why no one else around seemed to care, or maybe even notice.

Glancing around, what few people she see are preoccupied with going about their own lives.

She walks towards the ally. It’s Grundy and reeks of garbage, but she peruses towards the light.

Walking past trash bins, and cardboard she sees a man standing near the light. The closer she gets, the bigger the light seems. The brighter. Her eyes stay squinted and one hand lies on her forehead shading her eyes.

She finally reaches closer to it, nearly at the end of the ally and she feels her eyes begin to water. Ears ringing. The back of her neck beginning to sweat.

“Don’t go in, don’t touch it” she hears faintly.

She can’t see anything from the light blinding her.

“Who’s there?” She Asks nervously.

“Don’t go in, don’t touch it?” Echos within the ally

“I don’t understand. Who’s there? What do you mean? What is happening? What’s the light?” She had so many questions but the closer she inched to the light the more excited she became. She felt overwhelming happiness. Maybe even arousal. The urge to move closer became hard to resist. She didn’t understand.

“Don’t go in, don’t touch the light” she hears one last time as she reaches mere inches away from the light. She lets out a soft sight as she touches the light with her finger. Expecting some sort of reaction, she didn’t expect this would happen.

As her finger slipped through the portal she finds herself in front of what she can only consider a monster.

The land she stands on is orange sand.

She can see dozens of odd creatures roaming around a ran-down village. None as big as monstrous as the one standing before her. “Gub” he grunts “jun hub guntin” he motions towards her

“W-what?” She shakes. “I don’t understand.”

“Gub” he motions again “guntin”

“I don’t know what that means” she feels tears welling up in her eyes. She was on solidly horrified. All the feelings of extant before touching the light have past. She wanted back. She wanted Jamie. She wanted school and her family.

“Please help. Don’t hurt me”

The monster sighs.

“An american” he said sternly in a harsh voice

She was confused. Somehow hearing him speak English set her at ease

“I hate Americans. Weaklings, they are. Look at you. Nothing but skin and bones.”

She stood there silently not knowing how to react. “I suppose you came through the portal? Good luck getting back. That portal has been forbidden to our people for years. You never know where you’ll end up. Lucky for me, a tiny little dim-wit decided to use it”

She stands there wanting to retaliate. Wanting to defend herself but she can’t help but focus on the fact she surrounded by monsters in some other world. Dimension. Whatever it was…

she knew better than to argue. She wanted home. She didn’t want to be there anymore.

“Please, help. How do I get home?”

The monster smiled and looked her over, she was a cute little thing. Barely bigger than his cock. Standing at about 5’, thin but curvy. Pale white skin as opposed to his green scaled skin. He likes that.

He licks his lips quick, a long forked tongue similar to a lizard or snake.

“There is no going home. And if there was, I wouldn’t let you” he reached down and picked her up. Her entire torso and half of the thighs fit in the palm of his hands. Only her legs, arms, and head dangling out of his grip. “ I have better plans for you”.

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