Mother and daughter enjoy a movie at the adult movie theatre, but they soon find themselves living it

With her husband out of town for the month, Mary and
her daughter Sue had gone out shopping for the weekend.
Sue was in her mid 20s and Mary was going on 45.

When Sue suggested they go to an adult theatre at first
she was shocked but then laughed at the thought. She
had never seen one and why not. They were both adults.
She knew Sue must have masturbated a lot since she
never brought any boys over and so she didn’t want to
make a scene. Besides, it was better to get off on a
movie then to catch something or marry into trouble.

There was a lesbian BDSM movie playing when they got
there and Sue told her she didn’t have to go if she
didn’t want to but Mary insisted they go ahead. Her
curiosity was aroused at the thought of two women doing
it and she had always wondered what they did.

The theatre was dark as they took seats in the middle.
A large black lady was whipping two young white girls
as they sat down to watch. Neither said a word as both
glanced on the screen where the older dom was now
attaching a strap-on and approaching one of the girls
bent over a bench.

Mary found herself getting wet as she watched the woman
drive the cock up the girl’s cunt as she begged out for
more. She had forgotten about her daughter a seat away
and was really starting to get into the scene while
pushing her thighs closer together to get more fiction
between her legs.

A young black girl took a seat next to her who startled
her. Trying to avoid looking at her, she glanced to the
side to see another one had took a seat by her daughter
Sue and was taking to her. She glanced back at the
screen trying to avoid any eye contact.

Both white girls were now servicing the large ebony
lady. One in front lapping at her large hairy cunt and
another behind licking her big round butt.

Mary was getting wetter and wetter as she watch.

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her thigh and then felt it
moving up to her cunt. She knew she must stop it but it
felt so good as she widened her legs apart giving it
full access. She gasped in delight as it found her cunt
and rubbed on it.

She had forgotten about Sue as she glanced over hoping
that Sue hadn’t noticed. She was surprised however to
find Sue was bending over and sucking on the black lady
boobs. She glanced back at the movie paralyzed by the
warm feeling between her legs. She felt the girl
breathe on her ear.

“I’m going to make you my bitch today white lady,” she
heard and then felt her left earlobe being swipe by a
tongue as she widened her legs farther.

“Your butt is mine bitch,” the lady continued as Mary
cunt was dripping wet in excitement.

She glanced back over at Sue to see she was now on her
knees with her head buried under the girl’s dress who
was looking at her smiling. She couldn’t move as she
was closing on a climax any moment now.

“Get on your knees and lick my pussy bitch,” she heard
the girl whisper again in her ear.

Mary couldn’t fight it anymore as she slowly lowered
herself down off the seat on the dirty floor below. She
looked up to see the woman raising her dress up and
then her bare pussy only inches from her face. She had
never eaten a woman cunt before but for the first time
wanted to as she leaned forward.

At first the scent was strong as the woman pulled her
dress over her head and then pushed her head forward
till her mouth was directly on her bush. She pushed her
tongue out and started lapping on her cunt as Paul had
done many times in the past on hers. The taste was not
bad as she found herself enjoying it and getting more
and more excited. She tried to put her hand between her
legs to stroke her cunt but a slap and command to not
touch herself made her stop.

Gosh, she was so horny. She lapped and lapped her cunt
lips and then drove her tongue deep within the woman
cunt. She could heard her calling her a good little
white cunt licker from above but she didn’t care as she
drove her tongue in and out her pussy hole.

“Strip while you eat me,” she heard her say.

Mary didn’t need another command as she kicked her
shoes off and unbuttoning her blouse ripped it off.
Next she pulled her shirt down and crawled out of it
and her panties as she continued to suck the girl’s
cunt. The girl had already unsnapped her bra as her
large boobs fell downward and swayed to the side.

Mary was now totally naked on the dirty theatre floor
with her head buried under

the younger black dom’s dress servicing her cunt. She
could hear her calling her all kinds of names while she
continued to suck and lap on her cunt. Finally she
came, as Mary felt the gush of liquid on her tongue
running down her chin.

“Let’s take the white whores home and show them what
the real thing is,” the girl said from above. “Get your
blouse and skirt back on slut and lease the panties and
bra here. Some cleaning boy may get off sniffing those
soaking wet panties of yours.”

Mary slowly back out from underneath the woman dress
and found her blouse and shirt. She glanced over to see
Sue was nearly done dressing as she felt a slap to her

“I didn’t tell you to look around bitch.” The girl
scorned her. “Get dress or I take you on stage and
spank that big white ass of yours in front of

Mary hurryingly put her shirt and blouse on while
trying to remain as low as she could to the floor. When
she was done, the girl made her stand up. She stepped
behind her and then Mary felt her finger at the
entrance to her asshole and then pushed in as she
almost came from the shove.

“I want everyone to know your butt is mind,” she said,
pushing her along with her finger in her asshole and
palm on her cheek.

Mary was totally embarrassed as she went up the hallway
hoping no one was watching. Sue and the other lady had
already left as she entered the theater main entrance,
which was lighted. Several people stared as they passed
and Mary knew they could see her lower ass as they
probed along. They walk to Mary car to find Sue in the
driver seat naked again and the other girl looking at
them as they arrived.

“Strip bitch,” the girl commanded her. “You want need
those clothes tonight.”

Mary slowly removed the blouse and shirt again. She
heard someone whistle from somewhere but she didn’t
care as she quickly got in the car as fast as she
could. She didn’t know where they were going and didn’t
care at the moment. The girl got in the back with her
and then felt her right earlobe being pulled.

“Get your face down between my dress bitch.” The girl
yelled at her. “Your face belongs in my cunt unless I
tell you otherwise.”

Mary crouched as low to the floorboard as she could get
but her weight made her large ass still stick out to
any passer Byers. The girl positioned her face in her
cunt and told her to remain in place and not to lick.
She could tell she was getting off just on her nose
being buried in her bush and masturbating on it.

The drive was fairly short as the girl pulled her head
up by the hair and opened her purse to get her credit

“Time for you white whores to buy your mistress a few
gifts,” she laughed. “Come on bitch.”

Mary looked up to see where they were stopped at an
adult store. She tired to back out from getting out the
car but a quick slap brought her back to her status as
she slowly climbed out with her hand between her legs
and the other across her breasts. She followed Sue and
the mistresses into the store as fast as possible.

“Well it’s about time ya showed up again,” a man said
from the counter. He quickly got up and locked the door
behind them.

“These whores are going to buy us some new gifts,” Sue
mistress told him. “It will be charge as normal.”

“No problem,” the man said. “Take your time. I always
make money on you two plus get the chance to watch

Sue and Mary was lead to the center of the store and
told to remain still with hands to the side. The
mistresses each grabbed a pair of handcuffs and cuffed
their hands behind their backs. They then got two pair
of panties with two dongs in the crotch and walked over
to them.

“Let try these on sluts,” the women were told.

Mary stared in disbelief at the rubber panties. They
looked like they were made for a c***d and the dongs
looked awful big. Especially, the one she noticed that
was going to be in her ass. On command, she lifted her
foot as the mistress started tugging the rubber panties
up her thighs. She didn’t believe they were going to go
up but her mistress was forcing them upward at her

As they reached her upper thigh, her mistress pushed
the larger dong in her cunt opening as Mary moaned in
pleasure. Her pussy was on fire and she needed relief.
But as the panties were raised again and she felt the
pressure of the other dong between her ass cheeks, she
begged her mistress not to push it in.

“Ahhhhhhh.” She yelled as mistress pushed it in with
one shove nearly knocking her off her feet.

Mary glanced over at Sue. She felt like she was a
stuffed turkey standing there with her cunt and ass
fully stuffed. Sue was also showing signs of distressed
but the glow in her face showed she was enjoying it to
the fullest. Mary wondered if she had done this thing
before. There was no return now because she was as
obsessed with the pleasure as much as her daughter.

Ahhh. Her tit had been pinched.

“Wake up bitch.” The girl laughed. “Let’s get some nice
little toys for those big cow tits of yours.”

Mary immediately turned back and watched the girls go
back to the counters and selected some clamps attached
by chains. They returned and clamped them to their
nipples as both women moaned from the initial pain on
their nipples. As they were starting to get use to the
feel the women were collecting paddles, plugs, enema
bags, and a lot of other items off the shelves and
dumping into bags.

She watched them return to the storeowner giving him
their credit cards. He was at the counter masturbating
his cock in plain sight as Mary glanced over her
shoulder. The bastard had come at their misery. She
didn’t know how much it was but the man took 2 huge
bags and walked out with them to put them in the car.
They watched the girls walked back over and grabbed
their tit chains.

“Ahhhh. Owwww.” Mary screamed as she was dragged out
the store by the chain. The rubber pants was making it
almost totally impossible to walk by their tightness
and the plugs were digging deep in her cunt and ass.
Sue was following behind, as Mary felt humiliated by
the way she was trying to keep up with her mistress.
They gave the man a tip and made Mary get back in back
while Sue drove. She removed Sue cuffs from behind her
back but Mary’s had to stay on.

“Now you’re going to drive home so we can play with you
two white girls,” the one up front said as Mary heard a
yell from Sue. The woman had jerked her chain downward
and told her to get moving.

The girl by Mary was laughing. She reached over and
starting tugging on Mary chain as she pleaded with her
to be gentle. The pain was severe as she felt like her
nipple was going to be pulled off at any minute. She
was nearly a wreck by the time they arrived at Mary’s
place. Her nipples were bright red.

“Time for the bitches to get out,” said Mary mistresses
leaning over and opening the door. As Mary tried to get
out, she felt a hard slap on her ass driving the plug

“Get moving you lazy bitch.” She was commanded.

Mary followed Sue to the door watching her ass clenched
tight in her panties and walloping strangely. Several
times her ass was being slapped in back to hurry even
through she couldn’t go no faster. She hoped the
neighbors were all asleep and no one was looking out
their window or she was doomed. When the door was open
and they entered, she felt a hard kick to her butt
nearly making her jump.

“Get on your knees bitches while we look around.” They
were commanded by one of the girls. “You will remain on
your knees all night unless we give you permission to
get up.”

Both Mary and Sue immediately dropped down to their
knees with their plugs filling them to the max. They
watched the ladies roaming the rooms and admiring their
things. They were calling it a whorehouse for white
bitches and that they could improve it tremendously.
Mary was starting to get scare that they meant to stay
and if that was the case her husband would k**l them
when he got home.

Finally one of the ladies sat down on Mary expensive
sofa. Lifting her dress, she waved her finger at Sue
like she was signaling a dog.

“Come here bitch.” She yelled. “Mistress has a treat
for you.”

Mary watched as Sue started crawling forward and then
as the girl grabbed her hair forcing her face between
her legs. She heard Sue lapping on her cunt like she
hadn’t had a meal for years. She was disgusted at her
daughter for the way she was behaving but at the same
time her own cunt was creaming watching her being
dominated like a trash whore.

The other girl had walk over beside her and then
stepped to her front and turned around.

“Time to finish the job at the theatre bitch but this
time I have something special for you.” She said.

Mary watched as she raised her dress up in back knowing
what was going to happen next. She saw the huge butt
only a foot away from her face.

“Get your tongue in there bitch if you know what is
good for you.” She told her. “Lick my asshole poochie.”

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