Mother exposes herself to her son

Annette Garnick walked into the living room where her
son Andy sat watching TV.

“Honey,” she said. “I found this old 60’s tiger
striped bikini in the attic. But I think it shrunk!
Either that or Mommy’s been eating too much cheese.
Take a look. Is this too small for my body, Andy?”

Andy’s eyes nearly popped out, leering at the lewd
spectacle of his mom’s almost nude body on display
before him.

Annette had always had big breasts, but now at age
of 44 the fleshy mounds had begun to settle a little,
their rounded bottoms heavy on her ribcage. They swayed
and bounced obscenely as Annette posed for her son. The
rotting bikini top just barely covered her bright red
aureole and thumb-sized nipples, while the bottoms gave
up completely against her ample hips. Annette’s fleshy
derri�re tingled with goosebumps as she stuck her near
naked bum in Andy’s face.

“Is my bottom getting fat, Andy dear?” she asked

Andy placed a hand on each of his mother’s oversized
ass cheeks and squeezed. He kneaded the milky white
flesh of her behind for several minutes before replying.

Annette giggled and turned around. She reached behind
herself and undid the skimpy top, letting it fall on to
the rug.

“Ow! That darn thing was so small, it was beginning
to pinch me. I hope you don’t mind seeing Mommy’s
breasts sweety.” She hefted one heavy pale melon up
before his face. “Do you think they’re starting to sag
too much?”

“Heck no, Mom! They’re still pretty firm, and your
nipples are really stiff!” He reached under Annette’s
left breast and jiggled it with his fingers. “Yep.
Still spongy!”

“Oooooo! And what about my pussy, Andy?” Annette
peeled the bikini bottoms down her legs and stepped
out of them. “Look at my cunt. I had to pull three
gray hairs out already this month. Do you see any
gray hairs on Mother’s cunt, Andy?”

Annette sat bare assed on the sofa and parted her
thighs. Andy knelt before his mom’s open legs.

“Spread yourself wider, Mom, so I can check your
snatch — oops, most of your cunt hair looks brunette,
Mom, but here are a coupla’ gray ones. Brace yourself
while I pluck them.”

“Owwww! Ouch! My that stung! Mmmm… Andy, darling?
Do you think it’s naughty for me to get naked and have
you groom my cunt? After all, I am your Mother! And
here I am with my legs spread, my snatch right in your

“Aw, Mom, I don’t mind.” He reached for his mother’s
purse and dug around. “Ten bucks. He didn’t mind
checking out his mom once a week to see how her diet
was doing.

“Thanks mom. I’m gonna go buy some comic books at
the Mall!”

He rushed off. Annette sighed and thought that may-
be she’d have to give in and increase the boy’s allow-
ance to $20 a week!

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