Mother’s Submission

Alex Morgan was excited to be back in his home town. He was twenty-one and on summer break from the college he attended. But the reason he was excited wasn’t because he would see his old friends or the town where he had grown up.

Over the past few weeks, Alex had met a woman online. The website was aimed at people who were into bdsm and Alex definitely identified as a Dominant. The woman, who went by Lonely_Sub, was a Submissive. She had had hard time finding a Dominant until Alex stumbled upon her profile.

His name on the site was Frustrated_Dom. The site had matched their profiles as a possibility and the two of them started talking. As they got to know each other, Alex really started liking this woman.

She was older, in her late thirties. But, from the photos she had sent Alex, he could see that she was incredibly sexy. He had never seen her face and she had never seen his, but they had seen the rest of each other’s bodies.

Alex loved her large tits and puffy nipples, as well as her round, plump ass. She was a little bigger around the middle than the girls at Alex’s college, but he found that he really liked it. He had never been all that interested in the girls his age. They all seemed immature and shallow, especially in comparison to Lonely_Sub.

And it wasn’t like Alex dated that much, especially once the rumors started. “Fucking Carrie Jacobs”, Alex thought as he unpacked his luggage. His date with her had been going good until they got back to her dorm room.

They had been making out and her hand drifted down to his pants and she slipped her hand inside his boxers. He heard her gasp and she sat back, her eyes wide. “Fuck, that’s big”, she said. “Let me see it.” He’d proudly stood up and disrobed, allowing his dick to be free.

It was rock hard, almost twelve inches long and as thick around as his wrist. “That’s huge”, she said and she leaned down and began licking his dick head. But it quickly became apparent that she wasn’t going to be able to suck on it. And then she didn’t even want to try fucking it. “There’s no way that will fit”, she said.

He’d tried to dissuade her, promising that he could make it fit, but she shut him down. The date ended awkwardly and then she’d started spreading the rumors that he was some kind of freak and that women should stay away from him.

When he told Lonely_Sub the story, he’d half expected her to find some reason to ghost him. Instead, she had asked to see his dick. He hesitantly showed her a pic and she immediately sent him back a picture of her pussy. It was dripping wet.

“I’ve never taken anything even close to that before”, she’d told him. “But I want to, with you.” That had given him a lot of confidence and now, as he unpacked his clothes in his old room, he couldn’t wait to meet this woman.

It turns out she was from his hometown, so he was fairly certain she was one of his mother’s friends. But they never used real names, so he couldn’t be sure. However, that would all change tonight. They had arranged to meet at a hotel that was about twenty minutes from the edge of town.

Needless to say, Alex was very excited. Just at that moment, there was a knock at his bedroom door. “Are you getting settled alright, sweetie”, asked his mother, Alicia. Alicia Morgan was a beautiful woman.

Almost forty, she had managed to hold onto her sexy figure. She had long, wavy, black hair that hung down her back, although she usually kept it up in a bun. She had large breasts that her ex-husband had paid for. Her waist was small, though not as small as it used to be. And she had an ass that was the envy of all her friends. She usually caught young men in town staring at her ass when she walked by.

“Yeah, mom, I’m just about done actually”, Alex said as his mother hugged him. “Any plans while you’re in town”, she asked. “Actually, I have a date tonight”, Alex said, a smile on his face as he thought about the night ahead of him.

“That’s wonderful, honey”, Alicia said as she stood back. “Who is the young lady?” “Actually, I met her online. Tonight’s the first time we’ll be actually meeting”, Alex said. “Well, I hope you’ll be careful. And a gentleman”, Alicia said. “I know how you young men can be.”

“Oh, and how’s that”, Alex asked, teasing his mother. “You know what I mean. Just don’t be expecting sex until you get to know this young woman for awhile”, his mother scolded, shaking her head. “Yes ma’am”, Alex said, giving a mock salute as his mother turned and left the room. He loved the woman to death, but honestly, she was very much a prude when it came to anything sexual.


Little did Alex know, his mother had a very sexual side. She just didn’t advertise it. Alicia had been very happy to hear that Alex had a date tonight. That way he wouldn’t ask any questions when she went out on her date.

She was very excited, although she did her best to contain it. The man she had been talking to for the last several weeks seemed perfect. With her ex-husband, their sex life had been very boring. It was actually one of the major contributors to why they had split up. That and the nineteen year old cheerleader her husband had been banging.

But this new guy, he seemed perfect. He was very much into bdsm and it felt like she had finally found what she’d been looking for for a long time. Not to mention, his dick looked fucking amazing. Alicia felt her pussy getting wet at the thought of it.


For the next few hours, Alex visited with his mom, both catching up on the other’s life. When the clock struck six, Alicia excused herself to go take a shower. “You got a hot date tonight too”, Alex asked, teasing his mother once more. “That’s none of your business, young man”, Alicia responded as she climbed the stairs.

Alex was surprised at her response. As far as he knew, his mother hadn’t dated anyone since his father left, several years ago. “Good for her”, he thought as he went to get ready for his own date.


Alex took a deep breath as he pulled up at the hotel. Lonely_Sub had already gotten a room and was waiting for him. She had sent him a picture of her on her knees, wearing the red lingerie she had bought, just for this occasion.

As he entered the building and found the right room, he pulled out the key the desk clerk had given him. On the other side of this door was an amazing woman who, if all went as planned, would be his submissive. She had already given him more confidence than anyone ever had and he looked forward to getting to know her very intimately.

Ready to meet her, he nodded, set a stern expression on his face, and unlocked the door. Alex opened the door and found himself looking down at his mother.

Alex looked down in shock at his mother kneeling before him, clad in the sexy lingerie he had lusted after. “What, how, I mean”, Alex stuttered, unable to form a coherent sentence.

Alicia, after recovering from the shock of seeing her son walk through the door, quickly grabbed the blanket off of the hotel bed and covered herself. “You’re Frustrated_Dom”, she asked, barely believing it.

“Obviously”, Alex said as he sank into a chair. “How did this happen?” “Well, we are both obviously missing something in our lives and a computer program thinks we match each other”, Alicia said. “But that’s insane, isn’t it?”

Alex just sat there, stunned, but he couldn’t stop the memories from flooding in. Memories of the past several weeks, of talking to the mystery woman who turned out to be his mother. He remembered how she had given him a huge confidence boost and then turned him on.

“Maybe”, Alex said hesitantly, “Maybe the computer wasn’t wrong.” “You can’t be serious”, Alicia said, shocked at hearing those words come from her son’s mouth. Although, if she were being honest with herself, a small part of her was wondering the same thing.

“I don’t know”, Alex said. “But what I do know is that I’ve never been happier than I have been these past few weeks. Exploring the dominant side of my personality and not feeling ashamed of my dick has been fucking awesome.” He couldn’t believe he was using language like this around his own mother, a woman he had always perceived as reserved and prudish. But obviously he had been very wrong, judging by the skimpy clothing she wore.

“And there’s the fact that you’ve become the main focus of all my fantasies and now I want them to become reality”, Alex continued. “Can you honestly say that you don’t feel the same way?”

Alicia couldn’t answer for a moment. As she listened to Alex speak, all she could think about was how happy she had been to find someone who understood her, someone who didn’t make her feel like she had to hide part of herself. And there was the truly magnificent cock that she now knew belonged to her son.

“I don’t know, Alex”, she admitted. “Everyone says it’s wrong and, if anyone found out, we could both be in big trouble.” “Then let’s not let anyone find out”, Alex said, confidence returning to his voice. “But we have to at least see if this is as good as it was online. Because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life wondering if we passed up on something amazing, simply because we were afraid of what people would say.”

Alicia couldn’t help but nod as he spoke. He sounded so authoritative and strong and that tone, that firm commanding tone, made her pussy drench the red, lacy thong she was wearing. “Maybe you’re right”, Alicia said, wanting to see that big dick up close and personal, even though she was trying to fight that thought.

“I am”, Alex said, keeping his voice firm and commanding. “After tonight, if we are unhappy with this, we don’t have to continue. But, until morning, you’re mine.” Alicia felt a shiver of excitement run through her, like an electric shock that went straight to her dripping cunt.

“While we are in this hotel, you will refer to me as sir. Do you understand”, he said, never letting his voice waver. “Yes sir”, Alicia said, unable to fight the words from leaving her mouth. “Good. Then stand up and drop that blanket”, Alex said, ready to see the body that had tempted him for so long.

Alicia took a deep breath and stood, her eyes locked onto her son’s gaze. A final thought of resistance flitted through her mind, but disappeared quickly, burned out by the desire growing inside her. She released her grasp on the blanket and it fell to the floor, putting her on full display.

Alex stood and walked over to his mother, his eyes surveying her sexy body. “How did I miss how sexy you are”, he wondered aloud as he took in her large breasts, perfect stomach, and wonderfully full ass. “Now, let’s start this again”, he said, his voice firm and commanding. “Kneel.”

Alicia quickly dropped to her knees before her son, submitting to his command. “Good girl”, Alex said. He walked over to the bed and opened the bag Alicia had brought with her. He removed several sex toys, laying them on the disheveled sheets. Finally, he found what he had been seeking.

He returned to a position in front of her and grasped her long, beautiful hair. Using the hair tie he had just retrieved, he put her hair up in a ponytail. “There, now you’re perfect”, he said. “Thank you, sir”, Alicia said, loving how the words sounded on her lips.

“Now, I want to see the rest of that body”, Alex said. “Strip for me”, he said as he sat down and turned on music he had ***********ed for this occassion. Alicia listened to the music, feeling it moving through her. She slowly started moving, trying to remember the moves she had learned for tonight.

Alex couldn’t believe how incredibly sexy his mother was and, even more, that he had missed it all this time. As she moved to the music, Alicia reached behind her and undid the clasps to her bra. She let it slip down her arms as she turned around, shaking her ass at Alex.

He moaned as he watched her. She was so much sexier than any of the girls he had seen. As she turned around, Alicia dropped her hands, hoping that Alex would like what he saw.

When he got his first look at his mother’s bare breasts, Alex groaned audibly. He stopped the music, bringing a look of confusion to her face. “Come here”, he said firmly, patting his lap.

Alicia smiled and walked over to her son, straddling his lap. “Like this, sir”, she asked. “Just like that”, he said as he grabbed her left breast, squeezing firmly. Alicia moaned as Alex kneaded her breast, occasionally tweaking her nipple.

“That feels amazing”, Alicia said, her breath getting heavy as her pussy got wet. Alex responded by moving his hand to her other breast and giving it the same treatment. As he did so, he lowered his mouth to her nipple and flicked it with his tongue, then bit gently.

Alicia cried out as she felt and orgasm rush through her body, drenching her panties and soaking Alex’s leg. She held onto him for several minutes as she waited for the intense feeling to subside. “Fuck, I’ve never cum from someone playing with my tits before”, she moaned as she looked at her son.

“Good. I’m glad that I’m the first”, Alex said, a stern look on his face. “Although, I don’t remember giving you permission to cum, slut.” Alicia looked down, a feeling of shame mixed with excitement filling her. “I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to.” “That’s irrelevant”, Alex said. “Get on the bed, on your hands and knees.”

Alicia quickly assumed the position and looked back. Alex took his belt off and walked over to her. “As long as we are here, I am in charge of whether you orgasm or not”, he said and swung the belt. Alicia yelped as the leather made contact with her ass.

“I’m sorry, sir. It won’t happen again”, Alicia said quickly, tears brimming in her eyes. “It better not”, Alex said as he swung the belt again. He gave her four swats before stopping, her ass bright red and painful. “Now, suck my dick”, he said and Alicia got on her knees on the floor, wincing when her ass touched the carpet.

She grabbed the button of his pants, trying not to appear too eager. But inside she was very excited to see this dick that, up until now, she had only seen in pictures. As she pulled his zipper down, Alex’s dick sprang free, nearly hitting his mother in the eye.

“Oh my god”, Alicia said, her eyes wide as she unconsciously licked her lips. “You’re dick is truly magnificent, sir”, she said, unable to take her eyes off of his shaft.

Alicia moaned a little as she stroked her hands up and down his cock. She was amazed at how long and thick it was, much bigger than his father. Without any prompting, she took his dickhead in her mouth, loving how her lips could barely stretch around it.

Alex moaned as he felt his mother’s mouth on his cock. She didn’t even hesitate, but instead took him in with eagerness. As her tongue teased the hole in his dickhead, she took his shaft deeper into her mouth.

It didn’t take long before Alex felt the back of his mother’s throat. Over half of his dick was still out of her mouth and he could tell she was fighting not to gag. A small sigh escaped him as he pulled his dick from her mouth.

“What’s wrong”, Alicia asked, catching her breath. “It’s too big”, Alex said, the familiar embarrassment and shame rushing back to him. Alicia shook her head and grasped her son’s dick.

“No, it’s not”, she said firmly. “I’m not some little bitch who won’t even try. I’m going to take it all.” Alex looked directly into his mother’s eyes and saw lust and determination burning within her pupils. “Now, ram that monster down my throat. Fuck my face like you’re going to fuck my pussy. And don’t stop until you’re feeding me your cum”, Alicia said and then she opened her mouth as wide as possible.

Alex couldn’t believe how amazing his mother was, but he felt his confidence returning. He grasped a handful of her hair and thrust his dick into her mouth. It didn’t take long before he felt her throat again.

This time, when he felt her gagging, he didn’t stop. Instead he pulled back until just the head of his dick was in her mouth, then he thrust forward. He buried at least two inches in her throat, amazed at how it felt when her throat constricted around his shaft.

He repeated this process several times until he managed the impossible. His balls rested against her chin and her throat bulged around his massive cock. “Holy fuck! That feels amazing”, Alex moaned as he started fucking her throat, ramming his shaft in and out of her mouth.

It didn’t take long before he felt his orgasm building and he thrust forward as hard as he could. Without a word of warning, he exploded, flooding her throat with cum. Then he pulled back and shot the last few spurts into her mouth, letting her taste his seed.

Alicia happily swallowed, loving the taste of her son’s cum, almost orgasming from the delicious flavor. After she finished swallowing, Alicia licked his dick clean, making sure she got every inch. Then she looked up in his eyes and smiled. “How was that sir?”

“It was amazing”, Alex said as he felt his breathing returning to normal. “Now, get on the bed on your hands and knees. I’m going to destroy that pussy.”

Alicia Morgan couldn’t believe how unbelievably happy, and horny, she was. After meeting the perfect man online, they had arranged to meet in a hotel outside of her hometown. When he opened the door, finding her in sexy lingerie and on her hands and knees, she had been shocked to discover it was none other than her son, Alex.

They had both been surprised, to say the least, but it hadn’t stopped them. He had been authoritative and strong, calling her a slut and then spanking her when she orgasmed without his permission. And she fucking loved it.

After that, she had given him the blowjob of his life. She still couldn’t believe how amazing his dick was. Almost a foot long and so thick that, when he had rammed it down her throat, her throat had visibly bulged out. He had fucked her face brutally, treating her like she was just a piece of meat.

And now here she was, on her hands and knees, her cunt dripping. Behind her, Alex was lining that monster dick up with his mother’s pussy, the same pussy he had been born from.

His cock was slick with saliva from his mother’s throat and her pussy was dripping. Alex couldn’t believe how tonight was turning out. A week ago, he would never have dreamed of fucking his mother. But now, he couldn’t think of anything he wanted more.

He rubbed his dickhead up and down his mother’s slick gash, making sure to stimulate her clit. Alicia moaned loudly as a shiver of pleasure ran through her body. “Please, sir, fuck me. Fuck me like the dirty little slut I am”, she begged her son. The sound of his mother begging made Alex go crazy.

He grabbed her perfect hips and thrust forward, half of his shaft burying inside her. Alicia screamed in pleasure and pain as she was forcibly filled up. “Fuck, sir. You’re so big”, she panted as she felt his shaft rubbing against her insides.

“Yes I am, slut. And you only have half of me inside of you”, Alex said, firmly but with a smile on his face. Alicia’s eyes grew wide when she heard this and she looked underneath herself, not believing that there was still another half of his cock that wasn’t inside her.

Alex grinned and pulled back a little before thrusting forward again, pushing a little more of his dick inside his mother. Alicia cried out as an orgasm washed over her. After a few moments, her breathing calmed down and she realized she had had another orgasm without Alex’s permission.

She turned around and looked at him, fear mixed with pleasure in her eyes. “I’ll punish you after I fuck you”, Alex said, before thrusting deeper inside her. Alicia cried out, pleasure shooting through her body as her son savagely destroyed her pussy with his dick.

Alex couldn’t believe how amazing his mother felt. Her pussy was incredibly tight, almost as if she’d never had a kid. It stretched around his huge shaft like latex. He pounded her cunt for nearly fifteen minutes, during which Alicia orgasmed several more times.

Alex could feel his orgasm about to hit and he started fucking faster, his cock jackhammering deep into his mother’s cervix. “Please, sir, cum in me. Fill my slutty little pussy up with your seed”, Alicia begged, shocked by the words she was saying.

She wasn’t on birth control and she hadn’t gone through “the change”, as her mother had called it. So, if Alex came inside her, there was every chance she could get pregnant. But what shocked her the most was that the idea of her own son breeding her turned her on more than anything ever had.

His mother begging him to breed her was more than Alex could take. He thrust hard and deep inside her, exploding with pleasure. He filled her up with his seed until it leaked out around his large shaft.

“Holy fuck, sir”, Alicia cried out as she orgasmed again. Alex moaned as his mother’s spasming cunt squeezed his dick like a vise. He held her hips for several minutes, until both of their orgasms faded.

When he finally released her and slid his dick from her gaping hole, Alicia fell onto the pillow in front of her, thoroughly exhausted. Cum pooled on the bed, directly beneath her pussy.

Alex laid down beside her and ran his fingers through her hair. “You’re fucking amazing”, he said as he looked into her eyes. “Thank you sir. You’re pretty amazing yourself. And that dick of yours is the best thing I’ve ever experienced”, Alicia responded.

Alex smiled as his mother spoke those words. “Good. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Now, get a little rest. I’m going to shower and then I’m going to punish you for your unauthorized orgasms.” Those words excited Alicia more than she thought possible. She sighed happily and closed her eyes as Alex got up to shower.


An hour later, Alex woke his mother. After his shower, he had sat in a chair, watching her sleep. As she slept, he thought about how the night had gone. Quite frankly, it had been amazing, the best experience of his life, and he didn’t want it to end.

“It’s time to wake up”, Alex said as he brushed the hair from his mother’s face. Alicia slowly came back to consciousness and looked into his eyes. “Thank you for letting me rest, sir”, she said after sitting up.

As she looked down the bed, she realized that Alex had cleaned her up while she slept and that made her love him even more. “Use the restroom and then I’ll give you your spankings”, Alex said, reminding her of her impending punishment. “Yes sir”, Alicia said, hurrying to the bathroom. Despite the pain she knew was coming, she was excited.

It didn’t take long before Alicia was back on the bed, her ass wiggling at her son. Alex held the belt in his hands and ran his hands over his mother’s smooth, perfect ass. Then, without warning, he swung the belt, causing Alicia to yelp.

Maybe it was because her ass had already been spanked, but it felt like Alex spanked her harder that time. He promptly swung the belt again, hitting her other cheek. This went on until he had given her ten swats, two for each orgasm. By the end of it, Alicia was in tears, but her pussy was sopping wet. She had had to hold back from having an orgasm just from the spanking itself.

Before this, she had never realized that she got off on pain and humiliation. But it was a better aphrodisiac than anything she had experienced before. Alex dropped the belt and slapped his mother’s cunt with his hand, grasping her slick labia and holding them tight.

“This belongs to me, slut. From now on, your body is mine. Do you understand”, he said firmly. “Yes sir”, she said, whining at the pain from him squeezing her pussy lips. “Good”, Alex said and released his mother’s cunt. Then he shoved his dick inside her, sending pain and pleasure shooting through the mature woman. Alicia had to force herself not to orgasm again.

After he got his dick slick with pussy juice, Alex slid out of his mother’s cunt. Alicia whined at the sudden empty feeling, but she quickly stopped when she felt Alex spreading her ass cheeks. “What are you doing, sir”, she asked, looking back at him.

“You have one more hole I haven’t enjoyed yet”, Alex said and Alicia suddenly felt his finger pressing against her anus. Alex applied just enough pressure to slip the tip of his finger inside. “Fuck, that’s tight”, he said, giving her ass cheek a smack. “Thank you, sir”, Alicia said, wincing at the pain. “No one has ever fucked my ass before.”

Alex suddenly stopped and looked into his mother’s eyes. “A perfect ass like this and no one has ever tried to fuck it”, he asked incredulously. “Your father tried, one time”, Alicia said. “It didn’t go well. But I want you to do it. Break my ass in and make it yours.”

Her words encouraged Alex and he started sliding his finger back and forth inside his mother’s asshole. Alicia’s pain slowly began to turn into pleasure as Alex slid a second finger inside her ass. For almost ten minutes, Alex stretched his mother’s asshole, until he could get three fingers inside. Alicia’s pussy was throbbing the entire time and she had to fight down her pleasure so she didn’t orgasm.

Finally, Alex stood up and grabbed his mother’s thick ass cheeks, placing his dick at her gaped entrance. Just as he was about to push his shaft into her inviting anus, Alicia spoke. “Please sir, may I cum? I don’t think I can hold it back while you’re fucking me there.”

“Very well” Alex said as he rubbed his dick around her hole. “While I’m inside your ass, you may cum as much as you want.” “Thank you sir”, Alicia said, trying her best to relax. Without another word, Alex pressed his dick against her asshole and pushed forward.

His large dickhead slid into her ass with a pop, her sphincter barely able to stretch around his girth. Alicia groaned as her asshole stretched to accommodate her son’s large girth. “Oh fuck, sir”, Alicia moaned as she breathed deeply. “Your dick is so big. It feels amazing.”

Alex loved hearing those words, the words he had been waiting for since he was eighteen. He pushed forward, more of his dick disappearing into his mother’s asshole. Once he got about four inches inside her, he stopped to let her get used to it.

Alicia couldn’t believe how full she felt and yet she knew Alex still had more to give her. It felt amazing, the way her ass stretched around his huge dick, and she couldn’t wait to feel the rest of him inside her.

Alex didn’t make his mother wait long. He pulled back and then thrust forward, pushing more and more of his dick deep into his mother’s bowels. It took almost fifteen minutes, but he finally managed to fit his entire shaft inside her anus.

Alicia moaned loudly as she felt Alex push that final inch inside and a small orgasm erupted from her cunt. Alex felt his mother’s body twitching from her orgasm and he smiled. “Who knew you were an anal slut too”, he said as he smacked her ass cheek.

Alicia cried out as her stinging ass sent pain, mixed with pleasure, through her body. “Oh my god, sir. You are amazing. Now, please fuck my ass hard. Show me what a dirty little whore I am for you.” Alex groaned, a deep primal response to his mother’s words.

Then he pulled his dick about halfway out of her ass, before slamming forward again. “FUCK”, Alicia cried out as Alex’s cock buried inside her ass and his balls slapped her well used pussy.

He repeated this motion several times, fucking her ass hard and deep. On the third thrust, another orgasm tore through Alicia. This one was the most powerful of the night and she squirted all over the bed, drenching the sheets.

Alex smiled at this, loving how much pleasure he was bringing her. He decided to make it even better and started using fast, shallow strokes, hammering his mother’s ass and sending her over the edge.

Alicia couldn’t remember anything after that. Her eyes rolled back and she began drooling as her mind went blank. The only thing she was aware of was the huge dick in her ass and her spasming cunt as, for the first time in her life, she realized what multiple orgasms felt like.

Alex fucked his mother’s ass, hard and fast, for almost half an hour. He finally felt his orgasm building and he thrust forward as hard as he could before exploding. He let loose a primal cry and held his mother’s hips as he pumped a torrent of cum deep inside her bowels.

When he pulled out, cum leaked out of her gaping hole and ran down her legs. He promptly fell on the bed next to his mother, thoroughly exhausted. He looked over and realized that she had passed out. Alex gently kissed his mother’s cheek as he looked at her beautiful form. “I think I love you”, he whispered, before closing his eyes and falling asleep.

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