Mrs. Brown intensely involved with her Golden Retriever

“You are going to be late, Alicia. Better hurry up!” I
reminded myself. It was Friday afternoon and I was due
for a weekend house sitting gig. I needed to get going.

Actually, I was looking forward to it, getting away from
things, maybe doing some reading, and just generally
relaxing. The Browns always had plenty of food and drink
in the house and I was free to enjoy everything that was
there. I put the last things into my bag and I was out
of there. Huzzah!!

I jumped in my Challenger R/T and headed for the Browns
house. With Ke$sha on the stereo and not just a little
anticipation, I enjoyed the relatively short drive to
their gated community and arrived only five minutes
late. The house was on the back side of the development
adjacent to a bubbling brook that only lent to a more
relaxing location. I parked and walked up to the front
door, carrying my stuff in one trip. After all, what did
I need other than some jeans, a blouse, and a couple of
bikinis. Hello relaxation and goodbye pressure! The grin
on my face must have been from ear to ear.

I pressed the button and rang the doorbell. The chimes
gave out a pleasant ding dong which I heard through the
door. I waited. Nothing. After a few minutes, I rang
again. Again, nothing. I wondered if anyone was home. I
didn’t have a key so rang a third time and listened for
some activity in the house. Nothing and no one was
stirring inside. I was beginning to get somewhat
concerned as to whether we had gotten our wires crossed.
All was still quiet in the house.

It occurred to me that maybe Mrs. Brown was around back
and couldn’t hear the bell. So I walked around to the
side of the house and let myself into the backyard
through the wrought iron gate. As I walked down the path
that went to the pool area, I began to hear very strange
noises on the other side of the tall hedge. The sounds
seem to be coming from the pool area itself. Being as
quiet as I could, I slowly walked toward the sounds and
as I went through the entryway, I saw Mrs. Brown. I
couldn’t believe what my eyes saw.

Mrs. Brown is a total knockout. A little on the short
side but with a gorgeous body, a pretty face, and blonde
hair. She was on a towel beside the pool and seemed to
be playing with Caesar, their huge Golden Retriever. She
was not making playful sounds, however, rather she was
moaning and occasionally let out an “Ohhhhh.”

I retreated back behind the hedge before she saw me and
found an opening in the hedge where I could see what was
going on but couldn’t be seen myself.

Mrs. Brown was on all fours and Caesar was on top of her
with his forepaws wrapped around her body. He was
lunging at her with his hindquarters and she moaned with
every thrust he made. Her eyes were closed and the look
on her face was one of ecstasy. It dawned on me what was
happening. The big dog was fucking her unmercifully!!
And she seemed to be loving it. I had never seen
anything like that before.

I reached in my back pocket and took out my phone. Even
if she could have seen me, she was oblivious to
everything except getting reamed by the big dog.
Carefully and quietly I began to take pictures of them
screwing. When he would pull back, I could see his
tremendous cock. He was getting the whole thing into her
when he thrust forward. What an amazing sight!

As he thrust forward, she pushed back into him getting
him entirely into her tortured pussy. I kept snapping
pictures of them. I could see that he was building up to
a release inside her. He moved faster and faster into

Finally, he plunged in as deep as he could go and let
out a final howl. He stayed in her as he unloaded his
load into her waiting cunt. I could make out his huge
knot when he came and then saw him force it deep inside
her. She grimaced in pain for just a moment and then
gave herself up to being tied to him. He continued to
pump his jizz into her. The knot kept any of it from
escaping her body.

He turned around so that they were ass-to-ass as he
continued to unload in her. They stayed that way for
almost half an hour while his knot receded. Eventually,
he was able to withdraw from her releasing a flood of
doggie cum that almost exploded out of her. She
collapsed onto her stomach and just let it come out.
There was so much of it! Caesar curled up on the grass
and went to sleep, well satisfied and totally content.

Mrs. Brown shakily walked over to the pool and slid into
the cool water. She washed off Caesar’s cum as best she
could and, regaining her strength somewhat, slipped
under the water and swam to the other end. That gave me
a chance to retreat from the pool area so as not to be
noticed. I took my phone with the pictures of them on it
and went back up the hill with a huge grin on my face. I
had no idea what I was going to do with the pictures,
maybe just enjoy them myself in my own fantasies, but I
had them and that was a fact.

At the top of the hill, I called out to her as if trying
to see if she was down by the pool instead of in the
house. “Down here, in the pool,” she replied. I joined
her there with a big smile on my face. She must have
thought I was just glad to see her. Little did she know
that I had discovered her secret life with Caesar.

“Hi, Mrs. Brown,” I called. “I rang the bell, but there
was no answer so I came down here to see if you were in
the pool.”

“But you were supposed to come over about 6 o’clock. Are
you early?”

“No ma’am. It is going on seven as we speak,” I

“OMG! I am late,” she exclaimed. “I have to get going or
I will miss the plane.” With that she wrapped a towel
around her and picked up her things. “Thanks for helping
us out this weekend, Alicia. I really appreciate it.
Just make yourself at home and enjoy the place while we
are gone.” She didn’t have a clue that I had been
watching her and Caesar.

“Ok. Mrs. Brown. Don’t worry about a thing.” She hurried
up the hill to the house and a few minutes later I heard
her car back out of the garage and go up the driveway. I
was alone then, except for Caesar, of course.

After I retrieved my things and installed myself in one
of the many guest bedrooms, I decided that a dip in the
pool would feel great. So I put on my favorite bikini,
grabbed a big, soft towel, and headed in that direction.
The sun was still warm although shadows had begun to
creep over the landscape. The yard was gorgeous, lush
and perfectly manicured. I felt right at home here. It
sure beat my apartment.

The cabana down by the pool was fully stocked with all
sorts of libation so I made myself a cool drink, tequila
for sure, and settled down on the steps leading down
into the water. The water felt good on my feet and legs.
I could feel myself beginning to relax in this
incredible place and climbed up on a pool float and lay
down on it. Pretty much heaven on earth.

I began to think about what I had seen a little earlier
and began to get that warm feeling deep inside me. I was
still amazed that Mrs. Brown had been having sex with
Caesar and appeared to enjoy it so much. The pictures I
had taken began to pique my curiosity so I got out of
the pool when I finished my drink and took a seat on my
towel in the grass, my phone in hand.

Just a few short clicks and I was in the gallery. The
first photo came up and there they were. Caesar on top
humping Mrs. B and she clawing the towel underneath her
with her head turned and her eyes closed. It dawned on
me that I should have taken a movie of the scene. The
pictures were incredibly arousing and I could feel my
juices begin to flow beneath my bikini bottom. My
breathing got heavier and deeper as I perused the

I never even suspected that watching another woman fuck
a dog could be so erotic.

As I looked at my handiwork, I failed to notice that
Caesar had awakened from his nap and was watching me
while he sniffed the air. No doubt he had picked up on
my female aroma as I became aroused. He was becoming
more and more interested. I could see the tip of his
cock beginning to escape its sheath. He was a very
handsome dog. But letting him fuck me? I just didn’t
think so, no matter how much pleasure he seemed to be
giving his mistress when they were doing it.

With his tail wagging energetically, he came over to me
and put his head in my lap as he curled up beside me.
“Good dog,” I said to him. “We are going to get along
just fine this weekend.” I could tell he liked me and
was warming up to me as I petted him. I gave him a hug
around the neck and he responded with a little cry of
enjoyment. His tail wagged even more. I smiled at him
and let him know I liked him. No doubt he understood.

Having finished perusing the pictures I had taken, I put
my phone into my bag and stretched out on the towel. The
sun was still beaming down on the pool area so I decided
to get some rays au naturel so I removed my bikini, both
top and bottom, and back down. The sun on my skin was

With the grass underneath me, I was very comfortable. My
friend stretched out right beside me and put his paw
over my midsection. Although I am almost six feet tall,
he was as tall as I was. We snuggled there together for
a long time. His fur felt so good against my skin. I
almost went to sleep lying there beside him. He was a
real snuggle bug. He brought me back to reality with a
long lick on my face. His tongue covered me from my chin
to my eyes. It was magnificent just as was the rest of

I gave him a big hug. He whimpered. That’s when I saw
his engorged cock. Although I had seen some big ones on
men before, I had never seen anything like that. It was
at least ten inches long and wonderfully bumpy, and he
was not even totally erect yet! I stared at it not
believing my eyes. How had Mrs. Brown taken that whole
thing? It was beyond my imagination.

Before I knew it, I was caressing my breasts and
pinching my nipples. They were becoming long and erect.
My 34 C’s gave me chills as I played with them. I was
beginning to gush between my legs again so I reached
down there with one hand and started using my fingers in
my pussy and on my clit. I was beginning to feel that
wonderful warmth radiating from between my legs. I had
not had sex in quite some time and I was beginning to
feel so good.

That is when I felt this warm, wet, tongue on my
uncovered breast. I had not realized that Caesar had
been watching me and what I was doing very closely. When
his tongue touched my nipple, I almost came. He was
sending intense feelings all through my body, especially
down there. His tongue was magic.

With him taking care of my breasts, I moved my other
hand down between my legs which I spread wide apart and
redoubled my efforts with my vagina and clitoris, one
hand for each. I was getting pussy cream all over them
as I played and was soaking the towel beneath me. It was
good to have a beat-off partner like Caesar, even better
than most men, and almost as good as some other women it
had been my pleasure to get to know. He was a master
boob licker!

With him licking my nipples and my hands busy down
below, I could feel my climax building. We both kept
doing what we were doing and my first orgasm hit me
hard. I had two fingers in my pussy and my thumb on my
clit while he licked and slurped my breasts. When I
came, my back arched and I gave out a deep moan as my
body clinched and spasmed in response to the intense
feelings emanating from my crotch. I was in heaven. When
it subsided, I lay back on the towel and tried to catch
my breath. I didn’t really notice that Caesar had left
my side and was standing at my feet until he let out a
quiet “Woof” and brought me out of my reverie. I could
see his massive member beneath his tummy and the light
in his eyes. It didn’t take much imagination to know
what was on his mind.

“Oh, no you don’t you horny boy,” I admonished him. His
tongue was hanging out as doggie tongues do and he was
panting as she surveyed the scene before him. He spoke
again. I closed my legs to keep him from getting any
more ideas. Nonetheless, all the pussy cream I had
produced was letting him know that there was a female
here and she was sexually excited. He looked extremely
nervous and seemed not to know exactly what to do. He
could smell my juices but I was keeping him away. That
was very confusing to him.

I realized that I had to decide what I wanted to do. As
long as I lay on my back, he couldn’t get access to my
pussy but I was so excited about what had just happened
that I wanted more. He solved the question for me.
Before I knew it, in one fluid motion, he lowered his
head parting my legs and used that wonderful tongue of
his to lick me between my legs from the crack of my ass
to the top of my pussy slit. When he hit my clitoris, I
shivered in pleasure. I was letting Caesar lick me
between my legs and it felt wonderful. I spread my legs
wider and he continued his delicious ministrations to my
nether region. He licked, he nipped, he stuck his tongue
in my pussy and moved it around. I was going to heaven.
I spread wider and he licked and penetrated my little
brown butthole and lapped up all the juices that had run
down there. He moved up to my pussy and did the same
thing. Then he licked my clit again and I moaned and
writhed in pure joy. I didn’t even consider that I was
letting a dog lick me down there, something I had never
done before.

Then I came again. This time my whole body was wracked
with pleasure and I pressed hard against his head
between my legs and held him there until he had licked
me all the way through the most powerful orgasm I had
ever had. What a feeling! He just kept licking.

I have no idea how many times I came that afternoon in
response to his expert pussy licking, but when he and I
both collapsed in exhaustion, the sun was going down and
I was drenched with sweat and girl juice. Although his
cock was still ready to go, he was a very patient boy
and just curled up at my feet. When I could move, I
slipped into the pool and rinsed off. The water was warm
and felt good. I gradually regained my strength. When I
got out, I was famished. I dried off and gathered my

“Let’s go in Caesar,” I called to him. He got right up
and followed me. We went into the house where I fed him
and gave him a great deal of praise for being such a
good boy. He ate energetically, had a drink of water,
and curled up on the throw rug in front of the fireplace
on the hardwood floor. Soon he was asleep, still with a
huge erection.

I took advantage of the jetted tub and soaked for a long
time. When I got out, I threw on a night shirt and a
pair of panties and went to the kitchen too see what the
Browns had left me to eat. I pulled out the shrimp
cocktail and the spinach salad and sat down at the
kitchen table after pouring myself a glass of wine. The
food was good and the wine excellent. I was somewhat
rejuvenated after the meal and went into the home
theater to watch a flick. The warm feeling I had after
my encounter with Caesar was still there and I felt very
good. No doubt, the weekend was going to be a real

Of course, I fell asleep during the movie. I was
awakened by the front doorbell and headed that way to
see who it was. There were two women outside the door
and they looked exactly alike. Tall, blonde, and with
great bodies. I unlocked the door and let the Brown
twins in the house.

“Hello. I am Deidre and this is Debra. You must be
Alicia,” one of them said by way of introduction. “Mom
said you were going to housesit for them while they were
away.” Then she gave me a hug and kissed me full on the

“Yes, I am Alicia. Pleased to meet you two. Your mom
warned me that you might drop in.” I reached for the
other one and mimicked her sister with a hug and a wet
kiss. These girls were sexy as hell! “Come on in. I was
just watching a movie to k**l the time. Are you hungry?”

“Oh yes. You have no idea how bad the food is at school.
We can’t wait to get into the fridge and the freezer.
There is always something yummy in there,” the twin I
would later get to know as Debra answered.

“Do you need help with your things?” I asked.

“No thanks. We can get it, but you need to meet our
companions,” said Deidre.

“Your companions?” I asked not understanding who they
might have brought with them.

“Yes. We have dates. Just hold on a minute,” said Debra
and she went to their car and opened a rear door.

Before I could say anything, out of the back bounded two
huge Great Danes who looked, for all the world, exactly
alike, just like their mistresses. They saw me and
realized there was a new person to play with.

“Meet Jack and Zack,” Debra introduced us. “Don’t worry
about which is which. Half the time, we can’t tell them
apart ourselves,” her comment was followed by big laughs
from both the girls. “Call them over to you
Deidre invited me and I did.

These dogs were well-trained and had better manners than
most people I know. The both stopped in front of me and
raised their right paws to shake hands. I shook them
both and petted them on the head while telling them how
handsome they were and what good boys they were. For
some reason, and I did not know what it was, I began to
get very wet. What was happening to me?

“Let’s all go inside and get to know each other better,”
I invited them all. The girls brought in their overnight
bags and Jack and Zack followed them. They knew they
were in the house and were behaving impeccably although
I thought I could detect some excitement coming from
them. The dogs stayed with me while the girls put their
things away. Caesar was just taking in all the activity.
I could tell the three of them knew each other. They
made a group greeting saying hello to each other and all
lay down on the floor in a perfect line.

“J and Z probably have to go outside after the long
ride. Let’s put them in the yard and let them get
reacquainted with Caesar while we girls get something to
eat,” one of them said. I have no idea which one it was
since they had gone to put their things in their rooms.
I told them that. It caused all of us to laugh again. I
could see they were used to that. I’m not sure their own
mother could tell them apart without some clue as to who
was who. They put the dogs out in the doggie yard.

“Now for something to eat. Have you had dinner?” Debra
asked after telling me which one she was.

“Yes, I said. I had something earlier.” They both went
to the fridge. “What kind of goodies does mom have in
here I wonder,” it was Deidre this time. Thankfully,
they had changed clothes so I could tell them apart now.

She came out of the refrigerator with three thick
tenderloins and some twice-baked potatoes. I was glad
they found three steaks because I was getting hungry
after my light supper. The grill on the stove was lit
and the potatoes went into the convection oven. Salad
makings were put together and we were looking at a
fantastic dinner.

“How about mojitos for everyone?” Debra asked us.

“Fine with me” Deidre answered.

“Sounds great,” I agreed. Mojitos it was.

“No Alicia, you just let us take care of all this. You
are our guest this weekend,” Deidre instructed. “We are
going to have a blast!”

Debra handed me my mojito and I took a seat in one of
the bar chairs at the kitchen island. That way, I could
watch and we all could chat.

“How do you like your steak, Alicia?” Deidre asked.

“Medium rare for me” both Debra and I answered almost
together causing another round of laughter.

“Ok. Three medium rare,” Deidre summed up. The
tenderloins were just chunks of meat. Four inches thick
and well-marbled with no excess fat. They were very
high-quality cuts. No wonder the girls like coming home
for some good food.

Dinner was wonderful although I couldn’t eat all of
mine. When we polished off the second pitcher of mojitos
we were all three flying high. We moved over to the
corner sofa unit and all three sat in the angle with me
in the middle and Debra and Deidre on each side of me. I
thanked them both for such a wonderful evening and
leaned over to give Deidre a kiss. We embraced warmly
and when our lips met, our mouths opened and our tongues
met. I kissed her deeply and she returned the favor.
This girl could kiss!

Then I turned toward Debra and did the same to her. She
responded to me with even more affection than her
sister, if that was possible. When we broke the kiss, I
said, “I feel that I have known both of you for years
almost like I am the third sister in this group. You are
both so sexy and so exciting, I am really feeling good
right now.” I think the understood because the three of
us started to make out in earnest. The twins were
kissing me and each other. I was kissing them back.
Before I knew it, I was being held and cuddled by both
of them. I felt a hand on one of my breasts and another
between my legs all the while being kissed by both of
them. Things got very hot for a while on that sofa!

“Whew,” Debra sighed as she move slightly away from me.
Deidre also withdrew a little.

“You two bitches are fantastic lovers,” I said in all

“We have had a lot of practice,” Debra told me, “but you
are something else yourself sexy. I just love a girl who
can kiss,” we all laughed again.

“Who doesn’t,” both Deidre and I asked simultaneously.
“And we have just begun to get to know each other.”

“It could get complicated,” I said. “But I know this for
sure. I am going to love you both this weekend and I
want you to love on me. Is that possible, do you think?”

“I would say it is probable,” said Deidre. Debra nodded
her head in agreement. “We will be three for a few
days.” The kissing and touching began again. This time
with an understanding among us that we would be lovers
in the truest sense of the word.

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