Mrs Colette, Christa, and the Dog

Christa rang the doorbell and went right in. “Hi Ms Colette, it s me”. Grace Colette was 51, a widow, very well off and was just about ready to leave for her book club. “I will just be a minute, Christa, please let Dexter out in the back for a few minutes. ” Christa, just 18, ready to enjoy the summer before starting college, walked right to the kitchen and let Dexter out into the yard. She kicked off her flip flops in the hallway and took in the grandeur of the house. What a place!

Grace Colette came down to the foyer and greeted her dog – sitter who was dressed casually in shorts and a tank. Grace had always liked this girl and noticed how cute she looked in her summer attire. “OK, Christa, I don t know how late i will be, but there s lots of snacks in the fridge and make yourself at home. “No worries, Ms Colette, have a good time!”

After the Uber picked Ms. Colette up, Christa went back to the living room and started flipping through the channels, looking for something interesting to watch. The house was amazing. It had every convenience and the satellite TV seemed to have endless channels. Christa got herself a bag of chips and a sprite from the kitchen, settled down in the living room and began flipping. Then she remembered Dexter outside. Christa went to the kitchen and let him back inside. The dog was a 4 year black lab, muscular and very well disciplined. “Hey Dex, I will get your food ready in a bit, you good boy!” Christa left him in the kitchen and returned to the living room to continue her channel surfing.

The variety of channels was unlike anything Christa had encountered. Eventually, she landed on a porn channel which was showing a graphic movie. Christa felt a little uncomfortable but was completely entranced by the images she was viewing. She couldn t take her eyes off the screen. A totally hot guy was undressing a ridiculously well – endowed woman whose breasts seemed to flow off the screen! Christa envied the actress and wished her little 30 B boobs were even half the size of the actress s. When the male actor undid his pants to show his enormous cock, Christa gasped with interest. She began to rub between her legs as the sex scene developed. Because she was beginning to get a little wet there, Christa slid off her shorts and panties. Christa was really getting into the mood when a darn ad came on which suspended the scene.

Christa needed a refill of her sprite, so she got up and went into the kitchen. Dexter watched the girl as she walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge in search of a new can of sprite. The dog smelled a sweet scent coming from the half – naked girl who had walked into the room. He got up. Christa was rooting through the opened fridge, looking for the sprite. She was oblivious to the dog who was directly behind her. Eventually Christa saw the case of sprite way down at the bottom of the fridge. As she bent down to retrieve a can, Dexter followed his scent and drove his snout into the source of the sweet smell.

Christa screamed in shock as she felt something cold and wet push against her backside. She dropped the can and immediately turned around to see what it was. As she turned around with her bare bottom against the fridge, Dexter pushed his snout and long tongue into the source of the sweet scent. The girl had nowhere to back up as her bum was against the fridge door. Dexter licked the girl s exposed vulva before she could even respond.

Christa gasped with shock and embarrassment. But then when the dog licked her as she was trapped against the fridge, she felt something that she had never ever experienced before. She seemed to pause as the dog drew his tongue against her exposed vulva. She was frozen in shock – and sensation. “BAD DOG, DEXTER!, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??” But the girl s protests gave way to her simply standing there as he continued to lick. Christa felt her legs getting wobbly; she would not be able to keep standing here against the fridge. Christa walked back to the living room.

Dexter followed the girl. Christa sat down on the carpet. She did not not know what to do. Her legs were rubber and her vulva area was simply on fire. Dexter, however, followed his nose. As Christa sat on the floor he worked his way between her feet. Christa was conflicted. She knew this was bad; she should go lock herself in the bathroom away from the stupid dog. But instead Christa gradually opened her legs and allowed Dexter access to what he desired. Christa laid back on the carpet and shut her eyes. The dog licked her feet, her thighs and eventually worked his way up to the small, tight crevice that sourced the nectar he craved.

Christa kept her eyes closed tight. But she felt the dog s large, wet and bumpy tongue find its way to her most private place. She couldn t believe this was happening. While she had rubbed herself on previous occasions, this sensation was completely different! As the dog s rough tongue continued to assail her vulva, she felt that wave start in the deep of her little tummy The dog was relentless. His tongue never stopped licking and in short measure, young Christa had the most tremendous orgasm she had ever experienced. She almost fainted.

After she recovered, Christa got up from the floor and went to the bathroom where she cleaned up the wetness and stickiness that was on her thighs and vulva. She felt numb. Christa put on her panties and shorts and awaited Mrs Colette s return.

After Christa had left for home in the Uber, Grace Colette did a quick check to ensure the doors were locked and lights out. As she walked through the living room, she noticed a small stain on

the carpet. It was slightly wet to the touch. Grace put her finger to her nose and it smelled conspicuously like sex, How could this be? She had told Christa that under no circumstances was anyone allowed in the house! If Christa had had a boy over, then there would be hell to pay! But Grace did not want to believe that her young dog sitter would betray her like this. Frankly, she did not think Christa was really that sexually sophisticated – while the girl was a pretty little thing for sure, she did not believe she was experienced in that way. One way to find out: Next weekend when Christa was scheduled to sit, Grace would put the covert video security cameras on. Her late husband had installed them a few years before his death on account of the value of the house and its contents. Grace did not want to do this, but she felt it necessary. Hopefully, her suspicions regarding Christa would turn out to be unfounded.

On Saturday afternoon of the next weekend, Christa came right on time at 5 pm. Mrs Colette gave the usual instructions and left for her dinner with friends. After about 15 minutes, Christa took a few deep breaths and got Dexter from the back yard. She led him into the living room. “OK Dex, I want you to lick me like you did the last time, OK, good boy?” With that, Christa pulled off her jean shorts and removed her cotton panties. She was so nervous about this but had been thinking about it all week. The dog watched as the girl removed her clothing and he could already smell her essence. Like the last time, Christa laid on the floor on her back with her slender legs apart.

Dexter lost no time in getting to work. He moved between the girl s legs and began to lick between them. Immediately Christa felt the sensation that she had been dreaming of all week. It was unbelievable. Christa had never had oral sex before and had only heard the inflated stories that her girlfriends had recounted. As Dexter s tongue worked its magic on the young girl, she soon came to a crashing orgasm. But Dexter was not letting up with the licking! Christa tried to shoo him away but he would not stop. In desperation, Christa simply rolled onto her tummy to prevent him from continuing to lick her swollen vulva which was numb with sensation.

As she lay on her tummy, she felt him begin to smell and lick the back of her legs. Then he worked up to her bare bum. “OMG, he is licking my bum!” As the dog began to lick the crevice of Christa s ass, Christa began to feel an entirely new sensation. Again, it was unlike anything she had ever felt before. As he continued to lick her ass, Christa lifted up a bit to give him more access. The big lab responded by massaging his big bumpy tongue over all parts of her now partially exposed nether region. The tongue eventually began to reach to the bottom of her swollen labia and the young girl was overcome with the novel sensation. Although Christa could not see, the dog s penis had begun to protrude from its sheath.

Christa was so enjoying this new sensation to her bare bum when Dexter stopped his licking and started to wrestle with her. He had put his paws on her shoulder area for some reason. “Dexter, stop wrestling with me and go back to licking my bum!” She was disappointed that he had stopped licking and started shifting on her knees to get him off of her back. Wow, he was so heavy! Christa wanted to get him off her back but was not having any success in throwing him off. Meanwhile the dog seemed to want to wrestle with her! “Dex!! Get Off of me Now!” But it was no use, the dog was not listening and was now beginning to be really annoying. Christa was getting really tired and weak trying to throw him off.

Christa had had enough of this and her knees were beginning to hurt. So, she mustered up all her strength to try and throw him off her back. She tried to sway from side to side to throw him off balance. No success. So, in the end Christa decided to try to lift herself up vertically. As she lifted up on her arms and knees she felt something hitting her bum area. With one last big push she arched her bum up to throw Dexter off. But the arched angle provided the dog the opportunity to drive home his intent. His phallus had been thrashing randomly on her ass area. As she lifted her ass on that last desperate attempt, Dexter s dick hit the tight opening he was seeking. It did not enter the first thrust. But he knew he had found the mark and the immediate second ferocious thrust shattered her hymen and entered her virgin chamber entirely.

Christa screamed with agony. She had no idea what was happening. One minute there was immense pleasure from his tongue on her private areas, then Dexter was wrestling on her back and being a real annoyance. Then suddenly she felt something hard, not like his tongue, hitting her bum and nether regions. Then, incredible pain and a feeling of tightness and swelling, She felt completely stuck and couldn t move. Even Dexter was no longer moving. He was on her back but not moving and she was in incredible pain. What was happening?

Dexter had fucked a number of neighborhood dogs in the off – leash area of the park. But they were fleeting, quick couplings done in the wild. This creature he was fucking was different. Her skin was not hairy, it was smooth and her opening was much tighter than he was used to. As a result, his dick and knot was enlarged more than normal. Once his phallus and knot were inside the narrow chamber, pure instinct took over and he laid on top, stuck, to his bitch while nature took its course.

Poor Christa was sobbing as she lay on the floor with the dog impaled inside her, She had no idea what was happening, she could not see that his entire dick and knot had penetrated the narrow confines of her small vagina. But then all of a sudden she felt something entirely different deep inside her. In addition to the sheer tightness and pain, it felt almost wet.

Finally the dog completed nature s cycle. He who had given so much pleasure to this young girl through his licking, experienced his own relief by cumming deep inside her virgin womb. Four months of pent – up semen emptied into the exquisite reservoir.

After what seemed like an eternity, Dexter finally disengaged himself from the girl. He got off her, walked into the kitchen and licked his receding penis clean. As Christa turned over onto her back to get up, she noticed a strange liquid leaking from her very swollen and sore vulva. She went immediately to the bathroom and did her best to clean up. She had a very bad feeling about this. Very few words were spoken to Mrs. Colette upon her return and Christa was glad to leave in the Uber for the comfort of her home. She did not know yet the nature of what had happened. More importantly, she had no idea that her encounter with the dog had been fully videotaped.

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