My 75 year old Aunty

My two previous stories have dealt with the story of my
relationship to date with my partners 75 year old Aunt.
Last week I popped round with my laptop and showed her
the stories on the website. At first she was horrified
until I explained that they were posted anonymously and
unless someone who knew us both read them then it was
highly unlikely that our secret would come out. This
knowledge seemed to pacify her and once she had read
them through they even became a turn on for her
resulting in a frantic coupling, which I will relate
sometime in the future.

I then suggested that she might like to send her own
account about how we got together the first time in the
bathroom. She took a little persuading but here is
Jean’s story of our first fuck.

The first time with my Nephew in law…

My name is Jean and at 75 years old I feel very awkward
putting this down in writing but Jonathan assures me
that it is safe and will be a liberating experience; so
here goes.

My husband John and I were staying with my niece for a
few days and on the Monday morning she had gone off to
work and John had gone of to get the papers and then to
see an old friend which meant he would be out for a
couple of hours. As usual we were all up early and
showered etc and had had breakfast.

Once everyone else had gone Jonathan announced he was
going to have his shower and disappeared. I made myself
useful clearing up the breakfast things then popped to
the downstairs cloak/shower room to get my jacket
before going out into the garden. Maybe it was my age
or something more subconscious but I had forgotten he
was having a shower so walked straight in to see him
stood in the shower soaping his large erection.

At that point I should just have turned and walked out
but I have to admit that even at my advanced age the
sight of something that big stopped me dead in my

I have to say that I am a very happily married woman
and have been for the last 55 years to a wonderful man.
The only problem has been he has always had the sex
drive of a snail. Our sex life has been virtually non
existent since our daughter was born. Whilst this has
had its frustrations I am of a generation that accepts
their lot in life and gets on with it being content in
the love of a good man.

So there I was stood staring at a penis the like of
which I had never seen before. I have since learnt that
8″ would be a close guess at its length and it looked
quite thick.

What also surprised me was Jonathan’s total lack of
embarrassment. He just calmly stepped out of the shower
not even bothering to cover himself and asked if I
needed anything.

Lamely I said that I was just looking for my jacket. I
felt rooted to the spot and could not take my eyes of
him. He laughed and said well you won’t find it there
although you probably could hang a coat on it. With
that he took my little jacket off the hook and tried to
hang it on his penis. Of course it fell of and as I
bent to pick it up I realised that my actions had
brought my head down to the same level as his organ
which was now only 6″ away from my eyes. Quickly I
grabbed my jacket and stood up again.

“Does it look any better from close up Aunty; do you
like what you saw?”

I felt myself colour with embarrassment but also felt a
very unfamiliar tingle down below as I stammered that;”
I did not know what he was talking about and of course
I didn’t like it, I mean its not that I don’t like you
its just that oh, I don’t know what I mean.”

Why on earth I was still stood there all flustered and
hot and not just running from the room away from him
away from that very large penis I do not know. The one
thing I did know is that it was so much larger than I
could remember my husbands being.

Jonathan reached out and took me by the shoulder. “At
the risk of a slapped face and ruining a very good
relationship I would suggest that you do like what you
see and that you would actually like to do a bit more
than look. Why do you not hold it for a moment and see
how that feels?”

With that his hand slid down my arm and taking mine he
placed it on his penis and closed my fingers round it.
It was like having an electric shock and the room
started to swim so I had to sit down on the toilet
seat; my hand still clasping him.

Slowly he began to stroke my head his fingers playing
with my ears causing little tingles to shoot through my
body. I knew I should not be there, sat there with
another mans penis in my hand wanting it so badly. I
could feel myself getting moist but could not move, did
not want to move just wanting this to go on and on.

“Would you like to kiss it Jean? I know I would like
you to.”

I thought back to some of the bits I had read in books
about women kissing a man’s thing even taking one into
their mouth. The idea had always disgusted me but now,
here in this situation, everything seemed so different
and without any hesitation I bent forward and placed a
little kiss on the very tip.

“Mmm, that’s nice Aunty, now do it again but slower
this time, give it a lingering kiss please.”

It seemed so natural to obey and leaning forward again
I pursed my lips and kissed it for maybe 10 seconds
before sitting back.

“Just once more please, just for me and this time just
let your tongue flick the top of it.”

Again I complied but as I opened my mouth to let my
tongue touch it he took me by the back of the head and
pushed forward so that a couple of inches slid into my

I tried to pull away but he held me firm with my mouth
stretched round his penis and struggling to breath
through my nose.

“Now that is much better Aunty; I have to admit that I
have often fantasised about you giving me a blow job
and now that you are it is absolutely wonderful. Do not
fight it just enjoy giving me head and get my cock nice
and wet so that I can then fuck you.”

His comment coincided with him pushing deeper into my
mouth causing me to gag and cough and splutter both at
the c*****g sensation and his crude language.

“Now do not be a prude Aunty dear, what you call it is
just semantics. If you’d rather we call it sex or
making love we can. In the end it is all the same. I
want to fuck you and I think you want it too. If not
then why are you still here with my cock in your mouth?

Sex at my age; surely not. He couldn’t want to make
love to an old lady could he? I would have asked him
but my mouth was full of his “cock” and I could not
speak. Then he began to move it in and out of my mouth
as if he was making love to me and I could not stop
him, in fact did not want to stop him. I was beyond

Here I was at 75 nearly 76 with a 50 year old mans
penis in my mouth and I was enjoying it. Then I thought
of my body. Whilst I was reasonably fit old age had
taken its toll and things had started to sag. My belly
was permanently distended because of my diveticulitis
and my breasts had certainly lost their firmness and
drooped when not supported by my bra.

My legs weren’t too bad and my bottom was still quite
firm. I thought though that as soon as he saw me with
nothing on his desire would fall away. Not that, as it
turned out, he saw much of my naked flesh the first

I had to admit though that my enforced celibacy had
been frustrating and the thought of being taken again
was starting to really turn me on.

All the time these thoughts were rushing through my
head he was thrusting his penis in and out sometimes
pushing into the side of my cheek and at others
threatening the back of my throat and I sensed it was
getting even bigger the more excited he got.

The next thing I knew he had pulled out of my mouth and
pulled me up from my seated position and turned me to
face the wash basin and then with one hand he pushed my
head forward and the other pulled back on my hips so
that I was bent over my arms resting on the basin.

What happened next was all a bit of a blur at the time.
It is only now as I sit and recall the events that they
have become clear and make sense.

I felt my skirt being lifted and flipped up over my
back then I was aware of his fingers hooking into the
waist elastic of my knickers and of them being pulled
off over my buttocks and down round my knees

His foot moved between mine and pushed them apart and
then I felt the heat of him between my legs and his
fingers opening me up.

“Oh that is good you are nice and wet Aunty. I
shouldn’t have any problem getting it up your cunt. Now
brace yourself!”

Next I felt his penis up against the opening to my
vagina and before I can move or protest he thrusts and
for the first time in 55 years I am being penetrated
with hot, hard, living flesh. So different to the
speculums, used during my gynaecological exams, that I
have had to endure.

His hands grasp my hips and with two more thrusts he
buries the rest of his penis inside me his belly hard
up against the cheeks of my bottom.

I hear a voice in the distance calling out “Oh yes, oh
yes” then realise it must be mine.

Then it begins as he starts to thrust in and out of me.
At that stage I couldn’t bring myself to even think in
terms of the “fuck” word. The room is filled with the
sounds of our breathing and his belly slapping against
my naked cheeks.

I am lost in the passion of it as never before have I
been taken from behind like this nor have I ever had
anything this size in me.

Then his hands are at my front pushing up first my
blouse and then my bra releasing my breasts which he
cups in his hands the nipples hardening at his touch
and as he “fucks” me he squeezes and presses them.

His hands return to my hips steadying me bracing me as
the pace and depth of his thrusts increase and I feel
the first jet of his orgasm spraying my insides and
then he pulls out of me and turns me so I can sit on
the toilet again and his penis is at my mouth. I
naively open it wide and let him push inside again. As
I close my lips round his shaft he grasps my head and I
feel his organ stiffen and then my mouth is inundated
with a thick fluid and he is pulling back and as he
comes out of my mouth I see his white stuff spurt out
of the end of his penis and feel it hitting my face and
glasses and dripping off my chin, whilst in my mouth it
is sliding down my throat and out over my lower lip.

Then it is back in my mouth and he is telling me to
suck out every last drop and to swallow it all down.

I am now so far gone that I comply with his demands and
suck him until he has shrunk back to his flaccid state.

Oh the shame of it; the degredation to be used in such
a way. Then I think; is this not what I have missed and
possibly wanted? A masterful man rather than just a
loving one?

“Thank you Aunty that was brilliant, I hope it was good
for you. I suppose I should apologise for coming in
your mouth but I was beyond thinking by that stage and
forgot that you would probably never have sucked a cock
before let alone had one come in your mouth. It wasn’t
too bad was it? I have to say you are a quick learner.”

So there I was sat on the shower room toilet seat with
Jonathan’s cock soft in my mouth, his come covering my
face and sliding down my throat to my belly. My skirt
is up round my middle, my saggy breasts exposed and my
sex is on fire, his juices are oozing out of my vagina
and I feel confused yet wonderful, alive as if life had
just started again.

I pulled back and released his cock and looked him
straight in the eye.

“There is no need to apologise it was wonderful. Some
of it a little strange and different, particularly for
an old lady who is only used to the missionary position
and as to having your thing in my mouth well that was
something else; the taste and texture of your stuff
will take a little getting used to but I am hoping this
will not be the last time as I seem have an awful lot
of catching up to do.

So if you are not turned off by the wrinkly flesh of a
75 year old aunty and grandma then when are we going to
do it again? Soon I trust.”

As I am talking his hand dropped and he cupped my left
breast the nipple pinched between his fingers and
fondled me.

He then handed me a flannel suggesting I cleaned his
stuff of my face and then told me to pull up my
knickers and to carry on as if nothing had happened
when John got home, but with a promise of further
sessions to come.

Since then we have had two further sessions both at the
flat in our residential home when my husband has been
out with one of his clubs.

The first was a sort of a repeat of the shower room
episode although I had dressed in a girdle to satisfy
one of Jonathan’s fantasies. The second however was
something completely different as it involved my
introduction to anal sex, something I am still not sure
about as it left me sore for a couple of weeks. I
suppose that I will just have to get used to it if I am
going to continue to enjoy Jonathan’ attentions.

Perhaps now would be a good time to review my thoughts
on that most unnatural of practices. I am not naive
enough to pretend that I was not aware of what goes on
between homosexuals but had always assumed it was a
case of needs must. The thought had never crossed my
mind that men might enjoy buggering women. Clearly I
have been sadly mistaken.

I have to say I was shocked when he asked me if I had
ever had a penis up my bottom. Then for him to come
right out with it and say he wanted to bugger me I was
stunned but somewhat intrigued. My initial outburst was
genuine and from the heart.

My medical condition has meant that during my life I
have had to undergo the indignity of many internal
examinations which have involved me having my back
passage probed and on some occasions a colonoscopy.
This however has always been in the clinical
environment of a hospital and been anything but sexual
in nature.

One has to bear in mind that I am extremely flattered
by his attention so on the spur of the moment I agreed
to him taking me this way which is why I got up and
bent over the back of the chair.

I expected my skirt to be raised and my buttocks to be
parted but what came as a total shock was the warmth of
his breath just before I felt the touch of his tongue
against my anus and then the licking and probing. Oh
that felt so strange and perverse but not, I have to
admit unpleasant. For fully five minutes he tongued my
backdoor and the longer it went on the more erotic the
sensation became causing me to moan in genuine pleasure
tinged with a hint of disgust.

Next was the fingering. This of course was not the
first time I had had a finger up there but it felt so
different this time. First the cold sensation of some
lubricant being squeezed between my cheeks then the
touch of his finger as he swiftly worked it in up to
his knuckle and then moved it around inside me.

It all felt so rude, so shameful realising that here I
was exposed to his lustful gaze my anus tight round his
finger and it working away in my bowels. Then he began
to work it in and out just as I knew he would do with
his penis in a short while. It did not feel so bad and
I relaxed slightly and almost began to enjoy the
sensations it was creating. My reverie was shattered
then as he introduced a second finger which stretched
me causing an initial stab of pain followed by a
feeling of fullness.

At last he stopped and he is leading me over to the
couch and making me kneel on the seat with my head down
and my bottom up in the air. My skirt is raised over my
back again and then my buttocks parted and for the
first time I feel the touch of his penis against my
anal opening. For a moment he slides it up and down my
crease before pressing in against my rectum.

His voice from seemingly miles away telling me to brace
myself and that it might hurt a bit and to strain
against the pressure.

Then it starts and it does hurt, far more than I
expected and I am begging him to stop as I feel as if I
am about to split wide open.

He ignores me and the pressure increase until with a
cry from me he breaches my anus and the head of his
cock slides in.

It feels huge and I wriggle to try and escape but he
grabs my hips and with two more thrusts he buries
himself deep into my bowels until his belly is hard up
against my buttocks. My God I am being buggered. Here I
am on my knees with my nephew in laws penis stuck up my
bottom. I feel so full, so strange, so stretched and oh
so dominated.

As I type this he is leaning over the back of the
chair, one hand down the front of my blouse inside the
cup of my bra and is fondling my breast. His other hand
is up my skirt and down the front of my knickers and he
is gently rubbing my clitoris and fingering my vagina.
The sensations he is causing are most distracting.

I know what is to come next so I must stop and let him
fuck and I suspect bugger me again.

I have to finish this now and let him send it.

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