My boyfriend Jason and I come up with a plan to make my dad have sex with us

“It will work, trust me.” I said to Jason as we snuck
into the bedroom.

“I hope it does baby,” Jason said to me as we
approached the bed.

The bedroom was dark and hard for both of us to see. I
was glad I had been in the room many of times and knew
my way around, even in the dark. Jason knew that he had
to do next. He switched the flashlight on and aimed it
towards my dad’s sides.

“Ok… um.” I said nervously. “Grab his right hand and
I’ll get his left.”

Jason did so without a word and we gently maneuvered my
dad’s arms up over his head. We took the rope that had
been in my pocket and tightly tied it around my dad’s
wrists. Then I took the bandanna that had been in my
other pocket and tied it around my dads head. He moved
and I quickly snapped my fingers. Jason knew that meant
to turn the lights on and he quickly ran over to switch
them on.

As soon as the lights came on my dad moved to try to
release himself but Jason came over and held him down.

“If you don’t want anyone seeing the pictures of you
and… your dog, you better stop moving and listen to
me.” Jason said to him in a stern voice.

My dad did not know Jason. He had never met him before
because he did not live with my family anymore. But
just for tonight he slept at my house.

I began to take my dads pants off, throwing them on the
floor when I was done. I left his shirt on and took his
underwear off. I signaled to Jason and he knew what to
do, because we had run over this plan many of times. A
minute later Jason appeared with my little brother and
his dog.

My little brother who was only 11 wanted to join in on
our plan, mostly because I bribed him. I told him he
would get his dick sucked and I would let him fuck me
if he helped Jason and me tonight. My brother
immediately said yes because I had sucked his dick many
of times and he always wanted to fuck me.

“Take them off,” Jason said to my little brother as he
reached out and tugged on the bottom part of his pants.

My little brother got undressed and stood there looking
at my dad, who was lying on the bed naked. I motioned
to Jason by pointing to the dog.

Jason walked over and told my dad to roll on his
stomach, and then get on the floor. After my dad did
that Jason pulled my dads tied arms up on the bed and
my dad stayed there, not being able to see he gave into
what was happening.

“Bridgette�do you want him in front of your dad?” Jason
whispered in my ear so no one else heard him.

I shook my head yes and stuck my hand out to rub
Jason’s dick through the boxers he had on. He moved in
and kissed me then went to my little brother who was
still clueless about what was going to happen.

Jason sat in front of my brother and took his dick in
his hand. My brother looked shocked for a second but
Jason knew how to make him relax. He gently took my
brothers 3 inch dick between his thumb and index finger
and moved toward it. He placed the tip of my brother’s
dick on his tongue and then began to slowly slide it in
his mouth. I watched as my brothers mouth opened, his
head moves back and he began to breathe harder.

I walked over to Jason and made the dog lay down next
to him. I rolled the dog on his back and began moving
my two fingers up and down the dog’s sheath. Within a
minute the dog’s dick was exposed and I leaned down to
suck on it. The dog tensed up as his dick slid farther
into my mouth, and I licked the tip of his dick with my

As soon as the dogs and my brother’s dick were hard
Jason and me both stood up and helped my brother get
into position. Jason made my dad stand on his knees and
my little brother sat in front of him, then he placed
my dads tied hands around him. Jason took my dads head
and pushed down, till his lips touched the tip of my
brothers dick.

“You know what to do,” Jason said as he rubbed his own
dick and still had his other hand on my dads head.

I rubbed my pussy, which was already dripping wet, as I
saw my dad stay still for a second them lower his head.
He began to slowly lick at my brother’s dick. As I
looked at my brother, it seemed like he almost jumped
as my dad licked the tip of his dick with long gentle
licks that barely touched my brother’s head. My brother
seemed like he was about to cum the way he was moaning
and squeezing the bed sheet around him.

I took the dog to the back of my dad and as soon as the
dog smelled my dad he knew what to do. The dog jumped
up, mounting my dad and thrusting his big red dick into
my dad’s ass. My dad tensed up as the dog rammed his
dick, which was dripping cum, into my dad’s ass. He
moaned and began to move back when the dog trusted in,
so the dog could push his dick as far in as possible.

I looked at Jason as he watched my dad suck my
brother’s dick. I walked over and pushed him on the bed
and sat in front of him on the floor. I gripped his
dick in my hand and began to swirl my tongue around on
the tip.

“Suck on it… please!” Jason begged as he moaned and
pushed his hips up toward my mouth.

I slowly took his hard dick on my mouth tasting the
pre-cum that was at the tip. I lowered his dick in my
mouth half way, pulled it up almost out of my mouth,
then pushed it back in as far as it could slide in my
mouth. Jason moaned as I kept his dick in my mouth and
licked his head with my tongue.

My dad let out a loud moan as the dog came inside his
ass and stopped humping. My brother came next. He laid
back as his body shook and my dad rammed his dick as
far as it could go in mouth engulfing his dick and
balls as far as they could go in.

“Ohhh god! Yeah!” My brother managed to get out as he
came in my dads mouth.

Jason began to shake and he grabbed my head to push it
down all the way as far as my mouth could go over his

“Oh shit!” he moaned. Swallow my cum baby!” He
stuttered as his cum squirted out in the back of my

I managed to swallow all of his cum as I slipped his
dick out of my mouth. I sat up and kissed him, letting
the last bit of cum into his mouth so he could taste it

Jason, still out of breath told my brother to get up.
My brother stood up and walked over my dads arms. Then
the dogs knot released from my dad’s ass and he walked
over to my brother with his dick still hanging between
his legs.

I laid on the floor and took my brothers arm and pulled
him towards me. Then I made him sit on me and I began
to stroke his dick, which was not hard anymore.

“Oh yes!” He moaned. “Can I fuck you?”

I took his dick and aimed it towards my pussy. He
pushed in feeling the wetness of my pussy, he began to
hump me, slow at first but he went faster and faster
until he was about to cum.

“I feel it.” He said and he pushed in me as far as his
dick would go. About thirty seconds later he came
inside me.

“Yes.” He moaned, and he repeated himself over and over
until he laid on top of me panting. He leaned forward
and kissed me on the mouth and I kissed him back.

“Can we do this again?” He asked as he looked at me

I shook my head yes and made him get up. I stood up and
walked with Jason next to my dad’s side and Jason told
him to lie on the bed on his back. After my dad did
that I got on the bed and sat on his stomach. Jason sat
by my dads head and moved it toward his dick. My dad
felt the tip of Jason’s dick and pulled his head away.

“You have to do this. Or else I’ll show people the
pictures of you fucking your dog!” Jason said.

My dad shook his head again. “No! Never!” He said in a
mad tone.

I smiled at Jason and grabbed my dad’s dick. His
stomach tensed as I slid my hand over it. It was small,
smaller then Jason’s dick but very hard because he did
not cum yet. I took the tip of my dad’s dick and
pressed it against my clit, which was wet because I was
horny. He moaned and pulled it away.

“Do you want to fuck her?” Jason said as he pushed my
dads head closer to his dick.

My dad couldn’t resist. He moved closer to Jason’s dick
and wrapped his lips around it. Jason moaned as my dad
knew he liked it and began to suck on the tip of his

“Keep doin’ that! Yes, Oh YES!!” Jason said as he
rested his head against the wall and closed his eyes.

I slowly lowered myself on his dick and pulled up off
of it. He pushed up trying to push his dick into me but
I moved off of him so he couldn’t.

The door to my dads bedroom opened as Jason’s mom
walked in and looked at all of us.

“Oh my god! What’re you doing?” she asked but she did
not seem mad.

My little brother left the room with his dog and Jason
got up and walked over to his mom. Jason stood in front
of his mom and kissed her. Watching him, he placed his
hand over her skirt where her pussy was. He led her
over and motioned for her to lie down. He slid her
skirt down off of her legs and laid on top of her. He
kissed her and rubbed the tip of his dick on her pussy
seeing if she would want it.

“Yes Jason. I want you to fuck your mom!” She said as
her eyes closed and she kissed him on the lips.

Jason quickly rammed his hard dick into his mom’s pussy
and began thrusting in and out of her. I began to fuck
my dad as hard as I could. My dad moaned as I jumped up
and down on top of him and grabbed his balls as laid
back a little.

Within to minutes all of us came. Jason cam in his
mom’s pussy as he moaned loudly and grabbed her boos
through her shirt. My dad cam as he pulled me toward
him and kissed my lips with his hands still tied.

After we laid there tired from what we had done my dad
fell asleep and I untied his hands. Jason, his mom and
me left the room and went into the kitchen for a bit.

“Mom, how did you just show up here? I never called you
or anything,” Jason said.

“Well,” she replied. “I heard you and Bridgette talking
about you plan on the phone many of times, it just
turned me on to listen to you talk about that, and talk
about fucking me so I decided I wanted to help you guys

“You listened to us?” I asked in an astonished voice.

“Yes, I hope we can do something like this again.” She
said with a smile.

Jason and I stood there laughing to each other as
Jason’s mom walked out the door.

“Hey guys!” she said as the door almost closed.

“Yea.” Jason and I answered in unison.

“How’s about tomorrow?” She said as she giggled and
shut the door.

Jason and I just looked at each other and smiled.

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