My brother’s girlfriend was pregnant, and still nursing my nephew

My older brother’s girlfriend was pregnant. Her belly
wasn’t showing much yet, but she was get a little bit
fatter. She had long brown hair, and big brown eyes.
She was older than me. She was twenty-nine, and I was
in my early twenties. I was sharing the apartment with
him and her. I planned on moving out after their baby
was born, so they’d have more room. They already had
another baby that she was still nursing.

My brother went to work at 6am. His girlfriend was
sitting on the couch watching the Spanish soaps on
Univision. She was hoping to learn some Spanish I
guess. She was wearing a bluejean jumper, and a nursing
bra. I came and sat next to her. I looked at her face
and notice she was crying.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her. She wiped her eyes, almost
making the makeup under her eyes run. “I miss the baby.
I know I told you guys parents that he could stay with
them for the weekend, but I miss him so bad.” She was
really attached to him. On the soaps there was a baby
crying really loud. The sound on the TV was turned up
real loud.

“Oh no!” she cried.

“What?” I asked her.

“My tits are filling up with milk! I don’t know what to
do!” she started crying.

“What do you normally do?” I said to her, trying to get
a look at her tiddys. I couldn’t see them that well
under the bluejean material. She moaned, “I normally
use the pump or I feed the baby. I misplaced the pump
after I filled up the bottles for little Armando Jr.,
so he would have enough milk while he stays at your
parent’s house. I don’t know what to do! I’m so
engorged! It feels like their gonna explode!”

“Do you want me to help you?” I asked her. She sat
looking like she was in some pain, nodding her head
yes. I muted the TV with the remote. I then told her to
lean back. She leaned back on the couch a little bit,
and unsnapped the two front snaps of the jumper. As the
jean material fell down, her huge tits were in my face.
I could not believe my eyes. I felt my dick getting
really hard inside my pants. I She was wearing a thin
white nursing bra. The two pads over her nipples were
soaking wet. “Please hurry! Help me please! I need your
help” she begged me.

“Okay just wait a minute,” I said, while unhooking the
front of the bra. Her big tiddys fell out of the bra
immediately. I removed the soaked pads from her hard,
wet nipples. Her pink nipples stuck out like thick,
hard thimbles. I wasn’t sure if I should do this. She
was my brother’s girlfriend, no matter how tempting
this was. My dick was throbbing real mad.

“Please! Please help me! Ohhh!” she moaned. I spread
her legs apart, and got down on my knees in between her

I put her fat nipple in my mouth, tasting it really
slowly. The milk came inside my mouth, tasting very
sweet. I continued to suck it, while my finger worked
the other one carefully squeezing it. Her sweet milk
was squirting out from both her nipples. She was
sighing softly “Oh god thank you! Oh yes! Ohhh. Yes,
yes!” Her hands were rubbing my head, until my baseball
cap fell off. She was holding my head closer while I
began to nurse on both her nipples. I sucked with my
tongue on them, feeling the stiffness of them between
my teeth.

“This feels so good! Please don’t stop! Ohhh!” she
breathed. I looked up at her to see her eyes were
closed. Her mouth was open as if she were trying hard
to catch her breath. My hands massaged firmly on her
tits to release more milk, and make the engorgement go
down. I continued to work on her swollen fat pink
nipples. Milk gushed into my mouth, I drank it down
fast. She stopped rubbing my head and then began to
roughly grip at the sofa cushion.

She was now sobbing softly, and started trembling. Her
legs were trembling and shaking so hard. She was unable
to control herself from ogasming. I sucked and pulled
harder on her nipples. Her sobs got a little louder.
She was breathing really hard. I took my finger and
rubbed the crotch of her jumper to feel it was really

I rubbed it more, until I pressed against her hard
clit. The crotch of the jeans became hotter and felt
moist. She was cumming inside her panties. I sat up,
noticing the engorgement had gone down a lot. Her
nipples were still very hard, and sticking out 3 inches
away from her tiddys.

“Ohhhh thank you!” she moaned to me.

She kissed my face a lot and kept hugging me close to
her. My face was now lying smack on her pillowy tits.
They felt real soft against my face. I rested there for
a while she hugged me.

“Just don’t let Armando know what happened” I said to
her. I knew how jealous my brother was.

I moved out one month after the new baby was born. I
came over to their place a couple of times, when my
brother’s girlfriend was alone and helped her out.

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