My Brother’s Girlfriend

My brother, Paul, was always in the city. You could find him at any strip club, picking up the dancers and taking them home.
Abby, has an extremely beautiful face, shoulder length brunette hair, usually with some kind of highlights. Her body has obviously popped out at least one k*d. She’s not fat, she only weighs 125lb standing 5’2′, but her 36c tits don’t perk like I’m sure they once did. Abby was a dancer at a local club in the city.  Abby noticed Paul, my brother, and did all she could to get his attention.

After many failed attempts, she got Paul’s full and undivided attention the one, surefire way, she knew how. She took my brother to the V.I.P room and polished his knob. Apparently, she had an extreme talent for blowing cock, because shortly after, she was always around.

After about a year of Paul hooking up with Abby and ‘dating’ her and me discontinuing school, Abby and I started spending almost every minute Paul wasn’t there, getting wasted together.  One night, at Paul’s, Abby, Paul, Myself and a few of Paul’s friends were drinking and playing Bar Games.  We were laughing,  drinking having a good time when, Paul and everyone except Abby, Me, and 1 random friend of Paul’s, disappeared. We 3, said fuck it, and kept playing.

Sometime during the night, while playing darts, she got kinda close, leaned in towards my ear and whispered, ‘I had a dream about you last night.’ I blew it off, figured I was hearing things, until ‘Random Paul Friend’ left to use the bathroom. Then Abby repeated, in a sexy breathy tone ‘I had dream about you last night.’ there was no denying the words that time. My balls started tingling, the room started to heat up as I asked her as cool as I could, ‘What, was I doing?’ Abby walked up to me, put her mouth next to my ear, and softly responded, ‘Fucking Me.’ My  balls just about exploded with that alone. and just before Random Paul’s Friend came back in, she said,’Will you make my dream come true?’

Random Friend walked in just as I was going to answer. Us three kept playing, still having no idea where Paul and the others went. I tried, but couldn’t get the words she said, out of my head. To make matters worse, she kept finding ways to grind her ass, graze her hand, thigh or body on my business. Finally, she says ‘I’m going to bed Jeremy,(assuming she let it go) if Paul comes back before you leave, let him know.’  I said ok, and off she went.

A short time later, nature was calling for me. As I walked down the hall about to turn the corner, ten steps from my destination,  I saw a figure standing in a dark corner. It was Abby. She didn’t ask, so much as she demanded, in a voice that sounded as if she had been masturbating fiercely, ‘Make My Dreams Come True, Jeremy.’ I was scared, this is Paul’s chick but before I could say anything, Abby was on her knees with my thick 8′ Cock in her beautiful face. My first instinct was to stop her, but she truly does have a gift for sucking Dick. Between the slurping and the ‘POP'(I was sure would alert anyone in or around the house) when she pulled my Dick out of her mouth to tell me,’you can’t go home tonight.’ I just nodded yes, I was in a trance. Until just before I was going to cum. I started to panic, looking for tissues, or a towel in this mostly dark hallway, but when I tried to pull away, Abby kept me in her mouth. I blew such a powerful load in her face, I could feel when each shot hit the back of her throat. Even better, she left me no clean up. When my Dick quit shooting, she gripped my shaft, kinda squeezing and pulling, almost like a tube of toothpaste. She swallowed every drop of my cum leaving me dry. Abby had me; mine; Jeremys Fuck juice in her, and not for the last time, I would soon learn.

Later that same night, after everyone had gone and Paul had passed out drunk( so did I,  just earlier than he did) Abby crept into the room where I had passed out on the floor. The room was dark, only the light of the stars to see by. I woke up to the feeling of bare skin on my face, which I quickly realized were Abbys big, slightly saggy tits, in the flesh. All while she was pulling off my pants. She wasted no time. She had already been bare ass naked by the time I came to. First, she sat on my face, I could feel her perfectly shaven clit on my nose. Her pussy was wet before I could get my mouth on it. She licked on my cock and sack for just a second. ‘I want your Dick inside me,’ she said in a whispering yell. No sooner than she said that, did I feel her tight, bald, wet pussy sliding  around my manhood. Abby let out a high pitched moan, ‘Fuck, your Dick is fat!’ I said thanks, in my own head, trying to act half asleep in case Paul walked in, disregarding the fact Abby was riding me bare back. I was still drunk and She felt too good to care. She felt that I was about to explode,  jumped off, and took another hot load to the mouth. She was quiet for a bit…then,’Got Damn! You’re gonna drown me with cum.’ I felt satisfied, yet uneasy while she was still naked in this dark room with me. She gave my pecker one last puff, for clean up, then she went back to bed with Paul.

Over the next few months Abby would call me over, as if she needed help with something around the house. I bought it the first time, but quickly found out, she only wanted my Dick in, near, or around her. The worry I had of getting caught didn’t last long after that. She would tease me when I couldn’t have her. Showing me under her pink shorts (that were so short her ass would hang out) that she wasn’t wearing panties. Then, she’d Flash me her pink, shaven pussy and her big milf 36c tits with big sexy nipples. I wasn’t scared of getting caught anymore. One day Abby tried to teased me, while the house wad full of people. She was doing laundry. I crept behind her, bent her over in that laundry room, moved her short pink shorts to one side and beat that slutty stripper pussy up.  Abby was trying to moan, but I had my hand over her mouth, pumping as fast as I could before someone caught us, I felt her cum almost immediately.  When I finally pulled my cock out of her, I was already blowing my load. It got on the walls, the floor, the ceiling, soaked her clothes. Abby never teased me with her body again after that.

As soon as she started it, she wanted end it.  Abby started worrying about getting caught all the time. Now, when I would go over, I had to convince her to give up the pussy. Assure her I would be fast and no one would know. We had been Fucking for about two years now. I wasn’t going out unsatisfied.  The last week I fucked her was as good as the first week. She was so scared and determined to detour me.  Monday I went over, ‘Abby, I’m here!’ I yelled, looking for her. ‘I’m in the shower, come back later! ‘Fuck that!’ I thought! I picked the bathroom lock, stripped, got in with her and she sucked me off, getting an over dose of my semen. ‘Abby, when you going to let me drill you in the butt?’ I asked her before leaving. ‘I don’t know. You? Never maybe.’ she replied. ‘We’ll see’ I told her.

Tuesday-Thursday I fucked her in every position in every room of Paul’s place.  I knew by this point she was trying to end our Fuck fest. Since the beginning,  she rode my dick bare back. So, needless to say, I continued to always fuck Abby unprotected. bare. no condom.  And the last week I got stupid with it. Thursday was more of the same, go over, call out, go to her bedroom. ‘Jeremy,  what do you want?’ she asked. ‘What do i want? I want to Fuck!’ I answered. Abby goes on,’We’re gonna have to stop, I feel bad.’ I said, ‘Soon…maybe’ I f****d her on her back and stripped her clothes off. I ate her pussy knowing I may never get the chance again. Abby moaned in her high pitched sex voice
‘oh, yeah, oooh yeah’  I whipped my cock out, and slid inside the stripper whore. She said she wanted to stop,  but her cunt was so wet it made her a liar. I thrusted in and out, in and out. ‘Hurry up and cum Jeremy, someone is here. ‘You better pull out, too.’ ‘I’M CUMMING!’ I yell, but unlike the weeks before, I let my seed spill inside the walls of the dirty stripper slut, Abby. ‘REALLY JEREMY!? YOU NUTTED IN ME, AGAIN!? this has to be over.’ Abby said to me. ‘I still wanna keep Fucking you. Remember you started with me Abby’ I replied. Then she tried one if her scare tactics. Abby said ‘I might be pregnant, there’s a chance it’s yours and not Paul’s.’ it didn’t phase me, I just wanted her to satisfy my Dick. ‘Chance!? Of course there is Abby! I’ve been blowing my load inside you all week, to be lying, anytime I don’t wanna pull out for over a year. If you weren’t pregnant before, I’m sure you are now!’. Then I started for the front door ‘I’ll see you tomorrow, Abby.’

Friday was the last day we would be able to have sex with each other. Paul would be there that weekend, so we had to make Friday count, I thought anyway. Friday rolled around. ‘ABBY! I’M HERE! ARE WE GONNA FUCK?’ Abby yelled back ‘I’M IN MY ROOM JEREMY! ‘ I walked back to their room, Abby sitting on the edge of the bed. ‘Can we talk for a bit?’ she asked. ‘Just for a bit’ I said ‘my cock is hard and needs to be in you’. We talked for a bit, much about nothing until I asked ‘Can You take it in the ass or not?’

‘I can take ALL of it, Baby!’ Abby replied. ‘I can ride it that way too,  All. The Way. Down.’ she added. Abbys answer got me harder than I’ve ever been in my life. ‘I guess I’m literally, getting ass today’ I told her. She responded quickly, saying, ‘No, you’re not.’ What!? Why!?’ I exclaimed! ‘It hurts.’ she said. ‘That’s NOT what you just said!’ I pointed out, aggravated.  Chuckling she relplied ‘I knew it would get you hard.’ I glared at her, nodding my head in disapproval. ‘Jeremy, I’m sorry.’ she claimed ‘I didn’t mean to really work you up. your brother tries, but he goes too deep and it hurts.’ she explained to me. ‘Well, I can’t go deep, I only have 8 inches’ I said trying to convince her. ‘It’s not that,’ Abby said.’Paul has 11 inches, so he’s always deep.’ I replied, excitedly, ‘See, so its settled!’ ‘Uhh, no.’  she replied. ‘Your brother has 11 SLENDER inches, but you have a full thick cock , it wont fit, so no.’ ‘Fine, whatever. Let’s get to fucking before the day is gone.’ I said eager to blow my load. Once again, she stalled trying detour and scare me out of plowing her ‘I think I’m falling in love with you, Jeremy.’ I wasn’t having it! I was thinking 100% with my cock and balls. ‘Bullshit, we both know what it is.’ I said ‘You been using me for…whatever, I don’t care and I use you get my nut, Abby. You’re Paul’s chick, and just a cum rag to me.’ she knew I wasn’t gonna be fooled. She stood up and took her shirt off first, no bra, exposing her used, big milf tits. She slid off her extremely short shorts(I could have fucked her with them on),no panties, as usual. My cock got so Fucking hard. ‘Grab your ankles, Hoe!’ I said not realizing. ‘What!?’ She asked. I pushed her to the ground, She caught herself with bothe hands on the ground. When she extended her arms to get up, her ass went up in the air. I just wanted to Fuck and beat that cheating sluts pussy up. So, I ram my cock inside her bent over cunt ‘Oh yeah, Oooh yeah,’ she moans, making my cock reach a level of stiff I’ve never been before.  Dick so hard it almost hurts. I flip her, turn her, gag her with my cock. ‘Oh, Jeremy, Fuck me, yeah,’  she moans. I bent Abby over their bed and kept pounding her bald pussy from behind.  But after all this time I haven’t been everywhere in her. So with out her permission, without notice, I treated her like the stripper whore she is and slam every inch of my throbbing cock into her asshole and hold it there. ‘OH, FUCK!’ her sexy moan changed to a straight out cry for help. ‘JEREMY, PLEASE.!’ she begged ‘TAKE IT OUT, TAKE IT OUT!’ almost crying. I kept hold of her so my cock stayed fully in her ass ‘when I blow my load this time, I can throw the cum rag away. It’s all used up!’ I whisper to her.’FUCK YOU, JEREMY!’ she yelped. When I start grinding back and forth, it wasn’t gentle. I let my hold of Abby go, and start pounding her tight asshole, without any lube. Not like the anal amateur,(almost virgin) but as if she was an only-anal pornstar, full force. ‘Pleaaase, Jeremy, it hurts’ she cries. ‘Good!’ I said! ‘I’m gonna leave you stretched and used!’ ‘I don’t want anymore, please, stop!’ she keeps saying. ‘I’ll stop after I cum!’ I tell her. ‘Please, cum already!’ she whimpers ‘Hurry up and cum!’ The closer I got to ecstasy the deeper and harder Abby got it. ‘Oh, Fuck yeah, I’m fixing to Nut!’ I tell her. ‘OWWW!’ she screams! My cock starts to spasm shooting  the biggest cumload I’ve ever given Abby, or shot in my life. So much cum, it filled her newly stretched asshole and it started overflowing around my dick. Her face wad red and sweaty, eyes watery. My cock slowly goes limp in her back door, she starts to get her breathe. ‘You’re a fucking dickhead, Jeremy!’ ‘I wasn’t, til you started fucking with me, fucking slut!’ I replied. Before I left I made her clean my cock with her mouth, then I walked away, leaving her there, ass stretched and crying.

The next day, she stayed in bed all day. She told Paul she was sick. But knew the truthe. It made me so proud. When I saw her a few days later, she still couldn’t hardly walk straight, or barely at all. I smiled at her, subtlety grabbing my cock..she shot me the bird….til next time Abby, til next time

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