My C-Cup Cousin

We were a normal family, we got together on holidays, but my aunt, uncle, and my cousin hung out with my family more often than regular families. Over time, me and my cousin, Maria, were more often than not, always inseparable. At first it wasn’t anything other than cousins hanging out, and being best friends. But as we got closer and older it became more sexual. It started out with flirting and teasing, casual but, fun, nothing serious. It was when we both graduated high school where it got interesting.

Maria, had gotten into it, with my aunt and uncle, and I had just moved into a small one story house. So naturally, she stayed at my place. I volunteered to sleep on the couch, and she would take the bedroom. I have always liked to think of myself as a gentleman, and tried my best to live up to that idea. It wasn’t ideal, considering it only had one bathroom and women need their space. Although I rarely saw Maria unless I got off work early.

It was Saturday, and I had gotten off work really late, it was around 3 am. I usually work later shifts, because I absolutely am not a morning kind of guy. I walked up the porch and was greeted by a locked door, which was very strange, Maria had always left the door unlocked for me and it was routine for me to lock it after I had got in. A little irritated, but not enough to want to wake her with the doorbell, I walked around the house to see if a window was unlocked. My house then was little more than a nicely decorated, glorified trailer. It was setup so that when you walked in the front door on the right was the living room with the kitchen adjoined via a bar. On your left there was three doors. The first was a closet, the second the bathroom, which was slightly larger than what you would expect, and then the third was the only bedroom adjoined to entrance of the kitchen. Figuring Maria would be asleep I walked around the right side and checked the kitchen window which was locked. I then walked around the back and to the bedroom window.

This is where things took a loop. As I approached the window I heard low guttural moans, which instantly got me hard as a rock. When I reached the edge I was thinking she had maybe brought someone else over and was having a little ‘fun.’ As I peered in I was met by a surprise, the flat screen was on and there was a porno playing!

I stepped back thinking ‘what the hell’. I knew it was wrong, but it was like I wasn’t in control anymore. I took a step forward and looked in again. There was my, hot, sexy, cousin in all her glory splayed across the bed facing me, fingering her pussy for all it was worth. Her fingers were pumping in and out so fast it was hypnotizing, I focused and realized she had fit three whole fingers in her tight cunt. I knew she wasn’t a virgin, but damn three whole fingers to the knuckle? Skills. I looked at the screen and realized that this was a hardcore, bondage scene. The woman was tied to a bed, and my first thought was ‘kinky’. I was so hard it hurt, so at that point, I undid my belt and pulled out my prick. I’ve always been shy when it comes to down there but, not for performance or looks it was more of a gentleman thing. I easily had a 7 inch cock and it was really thick. I was never ‘that guy’ that measures his dick and prances around like he was hot shit, again a gentleman, but damned if I wasn’t proud.

It was so dirty, I was jacking off to my tight, little cousin fingering and rubbing her clit furiously, and yet it just made it all the hotter for me, and so it wasn’t a surprise I got off quickly. By then she was shuddering and I realized she had an orgasm. She collapsed sweaty and breathing heavily, onto the bed face up, So I took the liberty of taking all of her in and was surprised, her tits were very perky and at least a C-Cup, but it was her tiny rock hard nipples and long blonde hair that made her sexy to me. She was very slim and had a packed stomach which didn’t surprise me since she ran track all four years of high school. It was when she rolled over and grabbed her phone that I saw what made my cock jump. Her legs were thick and powerful, and they accented her plush ample ass perfectly. It was like a whole other person to me. I mean, I knew Maria was Attractive but, she always wore baggy clothes and track pants. I had never had the opportunity to fully see her luscious ass. The sight was so hot that my guy was semi hard and about ready to come to full attention.

What I failed to realize was she grabbed her phone. A few seconds later, with my shorts down and my dick out, my phone went off.

I nearly jumped out of my skin, as she turned and looked right at me. I was still froze as she took in my full spectacle. I watched her eyes travel down and settled on my once again hard cock. It was then, I spazzed out, turned and ran, shoving my cock back in my pants as I ran around to the front porch and rang the doorbell. It was strange though, I thought that, as I turned and bolted I saw her smile. She came to the door and unlocked it a couple seconds later, her face was red as I’m sure mine was aswell. I said thanks and goodnight as I half-jumped onto the couch and closed my eyes.