My First Time With Enzo

I’m more than a little confused by my own response to
the events in this story and hoped that writing it
would help me understand my feelings a bit more. Part
of me feels like a dirty slut but the other part of me
is incredibly turned on about how slutty I can be!

I’m a 29 year old woman and have always considered
myself to be fairly normal in terms of sexuality. I’ve
had a fling with a girlfriend but aside from that I’ve
had a few boyfriends and never got into anything too
kinky or strange. Until this happened..

My boyfriend and me were having a lazy day in bed. We
had been out to a party the night before and after
drunkenly fucking had fallen asleep. My boyfriend was
not always particularly nice to me .. my girlfriends all
said I could do much better .. and he was often bullying
and domineering. I think he liked causing me, well if
not pain, then discomfort. I’m quite a petite woman,
small and slim with small breasts. I’ve certainly never
gone in for size as too big a cock can be uncomfortable
but my boyfriend would love to fuck me hard or try to
make me gag on his cock if I was sucking him.

Anyway, this particular day, we were drifting out of
sleep and I could feel my boyfriend rubbing himself
against me, his cock already hard then he moved up over
me so his thighs were across my shoulders and his cock
was looming over my face, wanking himself and saying he
was going to cum all over me. I played with his balls
and told him to fuck me. He made sure I sucked his cock
first, making it all wet and slick with my tongue as he
tried to fuck my throat.

Finally he knelt behind me and had me on all fours as
he thrust his hard cock into my pussy making me grunt
as he fucked me deep and hard. I wasn’t even very
turned on as he basically satisfied himself and then
came inside me with a loud moan. I could feel his cum
inside me as he flopped down on the bed. I lay down
next to him and started to drift back to sleep only to
be disturbed by his dog whining and trying to get up on
the bed with us.

The dog’s name was Enzo and I realised that he was
sniffing around me obviously smelling sex and my
boyfriend’s cum. I pulled the sheets up over me and
pushed him away. My boyfriend was laughing and teasing,
telling me to let the dog have a sniff. Enzo
whimpered slightly and took himself off to the bottom
of the bed and lay down and starting licking himself ..
his cock slowly growing from his furry sheath.

“Now look what you’ve done! You’ve given Enzo a hard
on!” said my boyfriend. “It’s only polite you help him
out” he joked. Or at least I thought he was joking.

As we lay there he kept on saying I should attend to
Enzo, teasing, joking, pleading and almost demanding.
I was dismissing it all but must admit to starting to
feel a little tingle as I imagined doing something so
depraved. I couldn’t could I? My boyfriend was rubbing
my little breasts and squeezing my nipples telling me
how he’d like to see me playing with Enzo’s big dog
cock. How he’d like to see that more than anything

My mind was in a rush. I was feeling more and more
turned on, seeing Enzo licking his huge red cock, my
breasts being rubbed, the wicked thoughts of little old
straight-laced me having sex with an animal. Oh My God!
It was too much!

I crawled down the bed and called Enzo timidly. I
don’t think my boyfriend could believe I was actually
going to do it. Enzo came over to me excitedly,
sniffing me. “Let him lick your cunt,” said my

“Here boy,” I said, guiding Enzo to me as I lay back
on the bed.

Enzo wasted no time in sniffing and licking at me.
His tongue brushed against me and felt incredible.
Enzo was licking and tasting the mix of cum and my
own increasingly wet cunt and loving it. So was I. I
had never had oral sex this good. That big wet tongue
slobbering over me made me so wet and so turned on and
the thought that I was being such a dirty slut, letting
A DOG lick me there was making me more and more turned

I thought I was going to pass out as my orgasm ripped
through me and I screamed out loud. I think Enzo was
frightened and jumped up as he heard me. I patted his
head and told him what a good dog he had been. My
boyfriend urged me to touch his cock and I carefully
and slowly slid my hand down, stroking his fur as I

I wasn’t sure if he’d bite me or jump back in fright to
feel my hand on him so I very slowly slid my fingers to
his cock which was still hanging down red and swollen.
I was surprised at how wet, how slimy his cock felt as
my fingers reached it. It was so warm and so big in my
hand as I slowly started to wank him.

Oh my god! I was lying with a dog’s cock ad loving it.

My boyfriend was harder than I had ever seen him and
was stroking his cock as I slowly stroked Enzo’s big
cock up and down, right to the huge swelling (I later
found was called a knot) at the base of his cock. My
cunt was throbbing and I was enjoying being such a
slut. I wondered if I could make him cum. I could feel
sticky fluid dribbling over my fingers and along my arm
as I stroked him.

My boyfriend told me to suck it and like a proper
little slut I bent my head down under Enzo and moved
slowly towards his big red cock. It looked so swollen
and so very big as I brushed my tongue along the tip of
his cock. I suppose I expected it to taste gross and
repulsive but actually it tasted not too dissimilar to
my boyfriend’s cum. As I got bolder I put my lips
around it and started to slide them up and down over
his cock.

It sounds weird but I was so turned on and so wanted to
please Enzo with my mouth. I could hear Enzo pant
as I sucked deeper and deeper filling my mouth with his
cock. All the time I could feel warm dribbles of salty
liquid oozing from his cock into my mouth and wondered
whether this was how dogs came. My boyfriend was more
turned on than ever and was wanking himself furiously
as he called me a dirty dog-fucking slut.

I heard him moan and felt him shoot his warm cum over
my back and into my hair but I didn’t stop sucking that
big dog cock. My cunt was tingling as I thought about
what I was doing. Suddenly Enzo’s cock exploded in my
mouth and I gagged as his cum pumped into my mouth.

It tasted okay, so I tried to swallow as much of it as
I could but it was no use, there was just too much of
it. Finally I had to take his cock out of my mouth and
it kept on shooting stream after stream of thin, warm
dog cum all over me. I felt it on my tits and my face
as I swallowed all I had taken in my mouth. I didn’t
think he would ever stop.

“Fucking hell!” was all my boyfriend could mumble when
Enzo finally stopped cumming and he looked at me
covered in cum feeling for all the world like the
dirtiest girl that ever lived… and loving it!

That wasn’t the end of my adventures with Enzo but it
certainly started a whole new experience for me and a
whole new understanding of what I am like. Perhaps if
people like my story I could share more with them.