My Fucktoy Sis

I laid breakfast down for my family.

My husband, Frank, was a very busy manager at a Medical firm. It was thanks to his hard work that I could live in a beautiful house.

I was also very proud of my younger brother, Scott. He’s 19 and was currently studying Law in University.

Our parents insisted on sending him to boarding school. Pretty much not long after he hit puberty, he was sent away.

I was against it as his sister, not wanting to have my brother being so far away from me. I mean, how would we develop a bond as siblings if we had no interaction? He was my baby brother. I was a good few years older than him and part of me suspected that he was a mistake of sorts. That didn’t bother me. I was happy to have a sibling, even though I looked like his nanny or something, when he was growing up.

But I guess I couldn’t argue with the results. Scott graduated with flying colours, and many universities scouted him out to take a scholarship with them.

For some reason, he decided to study at a local university. It wasn’t the worst choice, but he had so much more potential.

It made no sense for him to be in this town in so many ways. Our family moved too, so he had no choice but to live with me and Frank. No that I minded at all.

My husband was okay with it too.

I heard the familiar footfalls of Scott coming down the stairs before I saw him. I hoped he’ll enjoy what I made today- fried eggs and bacon!

“Good morning, Scott.”

It was as if my words fell on deaf ears. Scott ignored what I made and started putting on his coat. It was like that sweet k*d I knew, the one who loved to fly kites at the park and go for strolls with me was someone else entirely.

“Hey Scott, answer your sister,” Frank said, not hiding the scowl on his face.

“It’s okay honey,” I quickly added, trying to defuse an early morning argument. “Scott, aren’t you hungry?”

“I’m eating with friends later.”

“Oh, okay…”

“If there’s nothing else, I’m heading out.”

Scott left, and I joined my husband at the dining table. We ate and I kept an eye on the time, not wanting Frank to be late for work.

I cleaned up the dishes afterwards, and helped my husband with his coat and briefcase- he can be very scatterbrained and a few times he forgot something important.

“Anna, I hope Scott didn’t upset you too much this morning.”

“No, why would you say that?”

“Ever since he’s been living with us, he has a real attitude problem. I tell myself it’s him just trying to find his feet.”

“I know honey, I’m sure he’ll come around.”

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you do around here- Our home is immaculate and you’re always making sure our needs are met.”

I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Just doing what a good wife is supposed to do,” I smiled.

I wished him a good day and waved him off as he left.

We’ve been married for so long now, and having a broody baby-brother around can be taxing. But I didn’t regret a moment of it. I was grateful to have him around. Our parents provided, but that was the extent of our family. They expected their c******n to live up to their end of the deal and not be embarassments. It was a family devoid of warmth. I worry sometimes that Scott may go down that path, just like our parents, but I’m determined to give him the love that need missed out on, to open up his heart.

I know I sound sappy as hell, thinking of stuff like that, but there is truly nothing more important to me. My marriage was the exception, of course.

However, being an efficient housewife also meant that I tend to get things done quickly. That meant I have a lot of free time on my hands, usually. With my husband gone most of the time and Scott giving me the cold shoulder (I’m working on it), I’m often bored or left with my thoughts. Frank and I don’t have c******n, so I can’t very well go hang out with other moms. Like Scott, I too went to an institute. Expensive, and the girls are taught to be intelligent and supportive ladies for their husbands.

I know, this is the 21st century, no way places like that could exist. But they do. The academy I went to were catered for the wealthy. My family built their wealth. Scott was expected to inherit the family’s business. I, however, was expected to form favorable partnerships through marriages.

That’s how I met Frank. He was introduced to me through both our parents. But Frank’s family business bankrupted, and now their family name was disgraced.

I loved Frank ,though. He was my husband, and I, his wife. Even though my parents wanted us to divorce, I was firmly against it. My mother told me that despite being in my thirties, my beauty was still relatively marketable to other prominent suitors.

So here we are. Frank was doing his damndest to keep us afloat, and I was doing my best to be a good housewife.

My parents didn’t object to Scott living with us, provided he produced results, academically. He was seen as an investment, and the less visible he is for them, the better for now.

I sighed as I wiped dry the last plate on the dish rack. It was barely an hour since everyone left and I had the whole afternoon ahead of me.

I sat down on the living room sofa and fidgeted.

I looked at my iPhone on the coffee table, as if it was something I should ignore. Okay, no big deal. I’m just going to check my emails and social media.

A quick couple of minutes, and I was done. My so called friends from school… Well, they’re all jet setting around the world and updating their instagrams. Social media was a boon for them, showing off their amazing socialite lifestyles. It wasn’t a boon for me. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t regret my situation, but it made me feel that I can’t socialise with my peers. I no longer have anything in common with them.

So I tried to do things regular people do.

I joined some online forums, stuff like local community groups and life hack forums. But the one thing that I really enjoyed was Local Chat.

It was an app that let’s you chat to people who live nearby. I hoped I would find like minded ladies to hang out with, make regular people friends.

Only that it didn’t happen.

I did make a friend though, kinda.


I didn’t actually know what he looked like. I was on the Local Chat rooms one day, and he messaged me. I’m quite internet savvy- I knew the cost of being a girl online meant that I’d get dick pics or disgusting messages from some men, soliciting for sex. One of them was a nearby neighbour! I hope his wife was aware of his behaviour.

Anyways. Ken. He wasn’t like that, thankfully. We talked for a few weeks already. A whole lot of everything and nothing at the same time. He was around Scott’s age and he told me he wanted to be an artist. I didn’t get that, but he works at night as a bartender to make ends meet.

I just felt so… Warm talking to him. He’s funny and polite and despite not having much in common, I just enjoyed his company.

Ken moved in from elsewhere and he had no friends. He wasn’t interested in making friends with guys his age, because they seemed to only be interested in going out and getting drunk- he sees that enough working! I was a little disappointed though, I hoped he could become friends with Scott.

I told myself not to spend all my time talking to him though, it was simply a nice friendship between two kinda isolated individuals.

But why then, did my heart skip a beat when I see that he was online?

“Hey :)” his avatar said to me.

“Hi there.”

“How are ya? Your lil’ bro being cold still?”

Okay, I might have shared a little too much about myself with Ken.

“Yeah, he’s still a little distant, but I got a plan. I’ll ask him if he wants to go fly a kite sometime, he used to loved that as a k*d.”

“Jeez, that’s a pretty lame idea. He’s a grown ass man, you think he’d want to do that with his big sis?”

My face flushed but I couldn’t contain my smile. Ken loved to give me a good natured ribbing.

My fingers flew around the screen of my phone and we spent some time just updating on our current situations. I curled up and relaxed with a nice cup of coffee in my hand.

“So, have you found a girlfriend yet?” I asked him. “Must be lonely being on your own in a big scary town like here.”

“Nah, not really looking.”

He paused and I waited for the three dots to appear again.

“I might consider it if there are women as beautiful as you.”

My heart skipped a beat. “Ken, I haven’t shown you what I look like before.”

“I know. But I can just tell you’re going to be a pretty lady. Show me?”

“Show you what?”

“C’mon, the suspense is killing me. I wanna see a picture of you. Nothing dodgy, just what you’re wearing right now.”

I found myself brushing a lock of hair back behind my ear. Apart from anonyminity, I didn’t have a reason not to show him. Ken has been nothing but sweet to me. “You promise you won’t show anyone?” I asked.

“Cross my heart. I promise I won’t stalk you either. I’ll just be Mr Lonely, spending my nights cleaning after pissheads LOL.”

I took a breath and let it out. The strange thing was, I was more concerned about looking like a frump. I went to the mirror in the hallway and made sure I was presentable. Do I put some make up on? Does that come across as too try-hard? Wait, why am I even worried about that, we’re simply two friends…

I dusted down my blouse and tried my best attempt at a ‘selfie’. I held the phone away from me as far as I could, made a vee sign with my free hand, and then pressed the button a few times.

God, I felt so silly.

Do I use filters for these pictures? Darn, I wish I spent more time with these things. I’m not as hip and young as the other girls Ken associate himself with, I bet.

Screw it, I threw all caution to the wind and send him a picture I thought was the best of the bunch.

My heart raced non-stop. An absurd part of me cared if Ken thought I was pretty or not. Maybe he didn’t like what he saw.

“You’re beautiful,” he said, finally.

“Oh shush, I look frumpy as hell.”

“No, I’m being serious. I’d k**l to date a woman like you. You’re gorgeous and smart and I just find the time flies when I talk to you. I bet you make your husband a very happy man. Sorry not sorry, overstepping.”

“That’s okay. I’d say so if that was true but I don’t really do that sort of thing.”

“What do you mean? You don’t enjoy doing it with your husband? What a waste!”

“No! I mean, I love him, he’s handsome as hell and he’s so dependable. He’s just been busy lately and we haven’t made time for that sort of thing.”

“What a shame, if you were mine, I’d make all the time to make love to you.”

My face heated right up. I shouldn’t, but I found the words flattering more than anything. It’s not everyday a guy my brother’s age would find me attractive…

“Well guess we’re in the same club. The sort yourself out club LOL.”

“Oh, I don’t do that either.”

“LOL what? Why not? It’s not a religious thing is it?”

I bit down on my lip. “Umm, I kinda hope to save myself for Frank, you know? Maybe tonight’s the night sort of thing. Frank is my husband’s name.”

“I worked that out from here. They call me detective Ken back home. Wow, I’m speechless. You must walk around with a puddle between your legs then!”

“Uhh, not really. I mean, it’s uncomfortable, I’ll admit that. But it passes.”

“Not even toys to help with your situation?”

“I haven’t played with toys. I’m not a prude but it’s not like I needed them!”

“Sigh, you’re a sweet naive lamb. Such a rarity. Sad but rare :P”

“You’re making me sound like a nun!”

“I was just pulling your leg! Guess its okay for girls, though. I have quite a strong libido, so if I don’t sort it out, especially before work, I’d take someone’s eye out!”

I laughed out loud at that, picturing a bar steward walking around with an erection! My inner thighs shifted a little, rubbing against eachother too…

“Having said that, I better get my ass ready for work. Thank you for showing me what you look like, Anna. I’m sure I haven’t come across you in town yet, because I won’t forget a beauty like you. The whole lack of self play bothers me though. Hey, do you know of those lockers in central station?”

“The train station? Yeah I know of them, I pass by there when I go shopping.”

“Cool. I want to give you a gift. I’ll leave something in one of those lockers. I’ll send you the details later, but I really need to go or my boss will chew me out for being late. Talk later!”

I was going to tell him not to bother, but he already logged off. He was such a sweet guy, and it felt like my day brightened up because of him. I didn’t need him giving me a gift though.

I better get ready to go do some shopping myself.

I barely got out of the house when my phone dinged. It was an email from Ken- he must’ve found it via the Local Chat App. I filled in the details, and didn’t know my email address was public. That or I didn’t make it private or something.

I clicked on the email and gasped.

Yes, Ken left me details on which locker to go to, along with the access code. But he also attached a picture with it.

It was a picture of a topless guy. He was definitely ripped, wearing nothing but a pair of briefs. Tight ones that clung to his package.

And it was very big. I swallowed. Ken was much bigger than my husband, and I chided myself for even making the comparison. Below it, a comment said, “Yeah thought I return the favor, just to prove that I’m not some middle aged weirdo. Stupid vee fingers too!

Instead of being shocked, I found myself smiling. I shook my head and headed out.

* * *

I can’t believe it was there.

I went to the lockers by the station after I done the shopping, ignoring the excitement I felt, not unlike a k*d waiting for their gifts on Christmas. I looked around and found the right one.

And sure enough, there was a box inside.

It was the size of a shoe box.

When I got home and opened it, I could not believe what I was looking at.

It was a sex toy.

I wasn’t a prude, I knew a sex toy when I see one but… I never played with toys before.

It looked like a penis, but the shaft was covered in nodules. At the base was a big, fat suction cup, which I did not understand why it was like that, and there was a horned shape curving up and out. There was a smaller one on the opposite site. It looked like a grotesque cactus. Conveniently packed with it was a pair of AA batteries too.

My heart pounded hard against my ribcage.

I should dispose of it.

I should, but I didn’t. I wanted to figure out what to do before I did anything rash, after all, it was a gift, right? It didn’t look cheap either…

I placed it in my bedroom closet for the time being, I didn’t want Scott or Frank accidentally finding it either.

The rest of the day was thankfully, quite uneventful. Scott came home from uni and disappeared into his room until dinner time. Frank came back even later, yawning from another long day at work. He crashed in front of the TV and watched some sports. I didn’t mind, he worked hard and I wanted him to decompress.

* * *

The night was still and I couldn’t fall asleep. I was comfortable, my husband was snoring gently and the lights were all out- perfect environment to sleep in.

But I couldn’t.

Ever since I seen that thing, it was on my mind.

It was so gross and ugly and… How can you even put that inside you? There was nothing pleasant about it! It didn’t even look like a man’s penis.

Still, an all too familiar ache bubbled up inside me.

I turned on my bedside lamp and watched my husband. He was such a handsome man, with strong chiseled features. He was a footballer back in college, and the years did not rob him of his bulk.

I let myself take an absurd moment to think about Scott too. He was driven, intelligent and muscular too. Scott didn’t need to do any extracurricular activities in school, but he was an active boy. He was good at rugby and football and also dabbled in karate too. He was so popular.

I watched my husband’s handsome face and my pussy ached for attention.

I leaned over and kissed him. “Frank… wake up…”

“W-what?” he snorted. “Is there a fire?”

“No honey, I can’t sleep,” I purred. I snaked under the sheets and wrapped my fingers around his penis. To my disappointment, he was completely soft, no hint of life sparked from my touch.

“Please, not tonight,” he yawned, scrunching his face. “I’m exhausted. I still have that deal to close.”

“But…” I licked his neck, running my tongue up and down his skin, drawing in his scent and taste.

God, my pussy was on fire, desperate to be filled.

Frank turned over, his back like a wall to me, denying me what I needed. “Goodnight.”

I sighed. My body ached and my heart was a lead weight. It was months since we last made love. I wasn’t really counting, but it made me doubt my validity as a woman. Did Frank not want me anymore? Am I no longer desirable?

It was a silly thought. I was being selfish. He was working hard to provide and I tried to drain what’s left of his energy to satisfy myself.

I rolled over and braced myself, ignoring ache in my body, until the flames of desire burned out.

* * *

The next day, when everyone left as usual, my urges came flooding back with a vengence. Ever since I saw that damn thing, it was like something broke inside me.

I had placed the box on the living room table. It was just there, taunting me.

I wonder if deep down, I was one of those lewd women who enjoy sex.

That must be it… Normal women don’t feel like this, do they?

I stretched out on the sofa, gasping for breath. I felt so hot and needy.

I hitched my skirt up and I clamped my hands down between my legs, as if I was cradling myself.

Or holding myself back.

God, lust overwhelmed my body.

Like a shameless harlot, my thighs loosened their grip, letting my fingers rest against the mound of my pussy.

The fabric was soaking wet. Slick, damp heat was leaking endlessly and the fabric couldn’t hold it back. I let my fingers pull the fabric to the side, exposing my pussy to the open air. God, that was so bad of me. I let my fingers explore me, touching my inflamed lips and letting them slide into myself.

“God…” I groaned.

I was so shameless. I was so wet even without Frank’s help.

My mind was reeling.

I needed relief. I needed to cum…

The box…

Maybe… Maybe if I use that thing…

Right, I should check if it works. Then I can tell Ken I’ll return it. I’ll put it in that locker.

I pulled open the lid, taking a moment to be disgusted at how my fingers were coated in my own juices.

It was there like yesterday. I lifted it out and looked for a slot or something. I found it and opened up its core. I peeled the packaging away and slid the two batteries into the toy.

I should stop…

No, maybe if I use it, just for a little bit. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious.

How do you turn this thing on? God this was so frustrating. I sniffed the toy while I looked for a button. The fresh molded plastic smell convinced me that it never been used before.

Suddenly, the phone pinged, making me jolt, almost dropping the damn thing.

“Have you used that thing yet?” the message said.

It was Ken!

“Sorry for being so forthright, Anna. It feels good to have it wriggling in and out of your pussy right?”

“N-no! I haven’t used it yet!”

“Don’t be afraid, it’s just some much needed relief. You haven’t had that in a long time, have you? I know this is all new and scary but trust me, no one else need to know about this,” he typed.

“What makes you think I will use it? I should block you or something.”

“But you haven’t yet, have you? If I overstepped my boundaries, then I misread you and I apologize. But if I haven’t then you might as well make the most of it.”

My brain was foggy, it was hard to think. My body needed relief…

Another message pinged.

“This next bit is going to be scary, but trust me on this, Anna.”

He didn’t give me time to think, and then the phone vibrated differently. It was the first time it rung like that.

Ken was trying to call me!

My hand was shaking. I should not take the call, but something inside me beckoned me to do it.

It won’t hurt to accept the call. I can always block him later, can’t I?

“H-hello?” I said.

“Anna. Hello.” His voice was gravelly.

“You shouldn’t ring me. You shouldn’t have given me such a thing. It’s… Lewd.”

“I know you needed it Anna. You know you need it.”

“I’m returning it.”

“That’s fine. Just toss it in the trash, its your’s to do as you please. But consider this. All I’m offering is a chance for relief. You don’t know me, I don’t know you. What’s the difference between this and your husband or brother watching porn? They do watch porn don’t they?”

“Yes, I know they do.”

“Does that make you feel betrayed? Frank watching some other woman and jerking off to it?”

“N-no I suppose not. It’s just to get himself off. There’s no feelings involved.”

“That’s the same sort of thing here, Anna. I’m here to help, if you want it. When’s the last time you had sex- no, scratch that. When’s the last time you had an orgasm?”

I shouldn’t answer him. It was private. But I felt a pull in his voice. I felt compelled to tell him.

It’s not like he knows me.

“It’s been a while,” I breathed.

“Then let me help you, Anna. Don’t feel guilty. It’s kinda exciting isn’t it? Doing something you’re not supposed to be doing.”


“But it’s all harmless. Just a voice in the air. Follow my commands, and I promise, I’ll give you the relief you crave. You have full control of this. Anytime you don’t like it, you can just hang up and you’ll never hear from me ever again.”

“O-okay… So what do I have to do?”

“Let’s get acquainted with the toy first. Do you know how to use it?”

I looked at the thing in my hand. “I don’t know how to turn it on.”

“Just play with the buttons. You won’t break it.”

I felt for the buttons at the base of the toy. Sure enough, there are several. I picked a random one and pressed it. Suddenly. The smaller arms vibrated, and twirled.

“The smaller ones are moving! What’s that for?”

“I’ll explain later. Press the same button again.”

I did, and they stopped moving.

“Okay, feel for a bigger button in the middle.”

I did, and the whole thing started vibrating violently in my hand. I shrieked, and dropped the toy, letting it bounce on the floor. I grabbed it quickly and pressed the same button and it stopped vibrating as intensely.”

“Good, I can hear it,” Ken chuckled. “You press that button once to turn it on. Press it several times to turn down the intensity until it stops completely.”

I nodded and spent a few moments familiarising myself with it.

“Okay, what do I do now?”

“Now you tell me what you’re wearing.”

“I’m wearing a dress like yesterday.”

“That’s good. Are you comfortable?”

“I’m sitting on the sofa.”

“I want you to pull up your skirt, Anna. Can you do that? Do it until your panties are exposed.”

I sucked in a breath. It’s not like Ken can see me, but somehow, listening to him, doing it for him felt so wrong and exciting.

“What underwear are you wearing?”

“Just some cotton panties. Black.”

“I want you to rub the toy against yourself.”

I licked my lips and looked at it. Somehow, it looked so much more imposing now. I pushed it against my vagina, the rubbery texture cool but hard against me.

“I done it,” I rasped.

“How does it feel?”

“A little silly, but… Not bad.”

“Turn it on, Anna. I want you to get used to the feeling of it against you.”


I pulled the toy away, and pressed the big button a few times, so it had a gentle vibration.

Then I pressed it back against my panties.

“Oh, oh G-God…” I murmurred.

“How does it feel?”

The vibrations… I never felt anything like it. I was like pulses of pleasure went from the vibrating plastic and straight into me.

“It feels good,” I admitted.

“Good. Now drag the toy up and down your pussy.”

I felt like I would die of embarrassment, but I did as he said. My legs buckled a little at the new, more forceful sensation.

“Oh… Goddd.”

“Do you cuss, Anna?”


“I said, do you cuss? I don’t think I ever heard you say anything naughty.”

I licked my lips. “Swearing is… It’s vulgar.”

My head was going foggy. All I could hear was the incessant drone of the sex toy vibrating against my sensitive vagina, and the low honeyed chuckle on the other end of the line.

“You masturbating to a stranger’s commands is plenty vulgar, I think. Try swearing. It’ll add to it. I promise.”

“I don’t know how,” I whined, trying to think of the words to say while my core was going crazy with pleasure.

“It’s easy. What is the toy touching right now?”

“M-my vagina…”

“No, Anna. No. It’s your pussy. You say it.”

I sucked in a breath. I tried forming an ‘o’ shape with my lips, trying it out like I would a dress.

“The toy is touching my… my p-pussy…” I moaned.

He laughed again, but it sounded like he was pleased with my words. A part of me felt happy that I pleased him. “Very good, Anna. How did that feel?”

“Oh God. It felt so wrong, but e-exciting.”

“Exactly. Now I want you to be as lewd as you can, while you’re touching your pussy. You can do that for me, can’t you, Anna?”

“Y-yes.” My hips rocked, pushing itself against the toy, grinding the damp, soaked gusset of my panties into my pussy. “Ken… It feels so good…”

“Did you see my picture?”


“What did you think?”

“Nothing especially.”

“Don’t lie, Anna. Don’t lie to me.”

His stern words stung me. “S-sorry.”

“Let’s try again. What did you think?”

“I thought… I thought you are quite big.”

“Bigger than your husband’s?”

“Don’t make me say it,” I gasped.

“Am I bigger than your husband?”


“Louder. I can’t hear you over the sound of you letting your pussy being teased by the vibrator.”

“It’s bigger than Frank’s…” I admitted. Guilt and shame washed over me in equal measures.

“Would you like to see it hard?” Ken rasped down the line.

“I’m not sure.”

A moment later, my phone bleeped. My hand trembling, I hovered over the screen and pressed on the image file he sent me.

“Fuck…” I groaned.

Ken’s cock was hard and curved from the downward angle he shot.

“That’s right Anna, I’m hard right now. You make me so fucking hard. I love slutty housewives like you.”

“I’m… a slut..?”

“Yes you are. You just don’t know it yet. I have an eye for women like you. All prim and proper, but what you really want deep down, is a nice hard cock inside you. Isn’t that right?”

My eyes went back to the picture of his cock. It was so hard… I wondered how it’d feel. Smooth and velvety I bet… How it would pulse and throb in my hand…

“No, that’s not true,” I lied. “I only think of making love to my husband.”

“Pull your panties aside, Anna. I want you to put the toy against that naughty pussy of yours, with nothing getting between you.”

I should hang up. Stop this madness.

My hand pulled aside my panties, exposing my inflamed lips to the toy. I let it push against my clitoris.

“Oh fuck!” I cried out.

“You’re doing it, aren’t you? Pure, unadulterated pleasure.”


“Have you ever fantasized about another man?”

“N-no… I only think of Frank…” I whimpered, but my words sounded hollow.

“I’m jerking off so hard right now, Anna. I’m thinking of you. I’m thinking about how tight and amazing your cunt must feel. Does Frank ever compliment on how good of a fuck you are?”

“N-no, he’s not vulgar like that. He’s a real gentleman.”

“That’s not what you want, do you?”

“He’s a good man. He provides and is kind and caring.”

“He doesn’t fuck you, does he? When he has the chance, he makes love to you. But that’s what you really need, Anna, you need to be fucked. Hard, and deep and fucking nasty. That’s what I’d do to you. I’d shove my cock in your virgin mouth, because let’s face it, I’m certain Frank doesn’t make his good little housewife suck cock.”

I licked my lips. “Oh, God…”

My fingers had a mind of their own, because they turned up the intensity, sending shocks of violent waves through my pussy.

I could hear his breathing, heavy and labored. He was touching himself, fantasizing about me.

“I’m going to cum soon, I wish I was there to mark you with my cum.”

I imagined Ken, the faceless stranger right here, his hand a blur in front of me, milking his cock. I would wait for the inevitable, of him ejaculating.

Shoothing his thick semen all over me.

“I’m cumming!” I cried out.

“Cum, Anna! Cum for me. I want you to think about another man’s cock as you give into your desires.”

“Oh, God..!”

My entire body shuddered as the most intense orgasm of my life rocked through me. Everything turned white. My toes curled, digging into the leather of the sofa. My head arched back, bracing hard against the headrest as every fiber, every nerve in my body pulsed against the climax.

Eventually, I fumbled and turned the toy off, letting it fall from my hand.

I sucked in as much air as possible, rendered breathless.

“You sounded like you needed that,” Ken said, laughing.

“I… What have I done…” I said, pressing the phone against my sweat covered cheek.

“It was just a bit of fun, Anna. No harm, no foul. But I understand. If you want to never hear from me again, I will respect that. Goodbye.”

“No wait!” my voice called out.

Like a dark thread, I should’ve severed the connection. Cut, and I could forget what just happened.

But I didn’t. I couldn’t.

“Will you call me again. Please?”