My old Mom and Me at Motel

I m a 48 year old white male and I never thought I would end up having sex with my own mom but it really happened. Mom and I have always been overly affectionate with each other. There were plenty of kisses and hugs for no specific reason. Most times it was just innocent kisses and ticking each other. Some ass grabbing would occur and a couple times I got bold enough to stick my tongue in her mouth or I would stand behind her and grab hold of her breasts. This often lead to more kissing and touching. More than a mother and son should be doing but nothing ever happened beyond that. That is until the night we spent together in a motel room.

Mom still looks great at age 67. Short and plump with big 44DD tits. Her hair is completely gray and has a set of legs that would be the envy of any woman her age. Mom has soft, puffy, kissable lips, too.

One day Mom asked me to take her to visit relatives that lived about 5 hours away out of state. On the way we joked and laughed about different things. I loved it when Mom wore a dress or skirt. Occasionally I would grab her leg just above her knee and squeeze. Mom was really ticklish in that spot. She would laugh like a little girl, begging me to stop.

After several hours of visiting her family, Mom said she was ready to go home so we jumped in the car and head back to her house. After driving for a couple of hours it began to snow. Soon after I could barely see the road. I suggested we stop at a motel until the snowstorm passed and the roads were drivable again. Mom agreed.

We found a vacancy at a Motel 6 but all they had were single beds, no doubles. Mom said she didn t have a problem sharing a bed. Besides, we slept together on her bed numerous times, usually taking a catnap when she was tired.

As we entered the dim room I shut the door behind me, grabbed Mom by the waist from behind and planted several kisses on her neck. Mom yell out “That tickles, baby!” and tried to pull away. I wrapped my arms around her and cupped both of her tits and pulled her back to me, pressing her plump ass against my groin. Mom managed to spin around but I kept hold of her tightly and gave her a passionate kiss. Mom didn t try to stop me as my tongue f****d her lips apart. Her mouth opened slightly and before she knew what as happening, we were making out like teenagers. After several moments of French kissing my mother, I whispered ” Going to take a shower, Mom. ”

“Ok. I will shower after you, sweetie. ”

After I showered, I walked back into the room, a towel wrapped around my nakedness. I watched Mom blushing as she walked past me and closed the bathroom door. I dropped the towel on the floor and got into the bed. I turned the TV on and found a movie with a young couple kissing and cuddling on a bed. About 10 minutes later I heard the shower being turned off. Mom came into the room with only her towel wrapped around her chubby body.

“What are you watching, honey? Mom asked. “In not sure. ” I answered but it was painfully obvious that the man and woman were getting ready to have sex. The room was dark except for the light from the TV. Mom dropped her towel on the floor and her gazed at the couple as she got into bed. I snuggled up to Mom and cupped and massaged her breasts.

Mom didn try to stop me this time. She moaned softly as we watched the couple in the movie. They were both naked on a bed. The man was sucking the woman s perky breasts. Mom and I watched as the man put his head between the woman s legs. Mom had her eyes glued to the TV as I squeezed her hardening nipples. I bent down and sucked a nipple. Mom was softly moaning as I let my hand slide down her belly. When my fingers reached her pussy, Mom parted her legs, allowing me to cover her vagina with the palm of my hand. I was pleasantly surprised that Mom shaves her pussy completely bald. It felt like a little girl s pussy. I should know. I have a daughter in the fourth grade. But thats a story for another time.

Mom whimpered as I slid my fingers up and down her slit.

“Oh my God, baby, that feels so good. ” Mom whispered.

“I want to do that to you, Mom” I said as I slipped my finger into her 87 year old vagina. I looked directly into her eyes as I asked “Can I Mom?”.

Teasingly, Mom replied “Can you what?”

“Can I eat your pussy, Mom?”

Mom giggled and replied “I don t know if you can or not, honey. ”

Feeling a little foolish I asked again only properly this time.

“May I?”

“May you what?” she snorted.

“MAY I EAT YOUR PUSSY!” I snapped.

I didn t wait for Mom to answer. I sat up and spread her chubby thighs apart and buried my face into her wet muff. I licked her pussy and sucked her clitoris as the woman on the TV was screaming out as the man performed cunnilingus on her. Mom put her hands on my head and pushed her hot, wet cunt into my mouth.

“Yes, baby, you can eat my pussy!” Mom called out “Yes, yes, right there, honey. You re gonna make Mommy cum!”

I continued to molest her aging pussy and pushing my tongue deep in her snatch. I knew Mom was about to explode. I felt her body begin to tremble and shake as I sucked her clitoris to erection. It was like sucking a small cock. I couldn t believe it. I m here in a motel room giving my own mother head and she is loving it. Her body stiffened as Mom had her orgasm. Warm pussy juice sprayed against my chest.

“Oh my God, Jimmy, I m cumming!” Mom cried out as she shot several streams of hot pussy juice. I drank her nectar of love until she calmed down a bit.

As cunt juice dripped from my lips I said “May I… ?”

Mom softly asked “May you what?

“I want to fuck you now, Mommy. May I?”…