My perfect wife at the gloryhole 2.

We went into the first store, which only had one other
customer. A salesman approached and asked if he could
be of some assistance. I said that my wife was looking
for something in black heels, gave him her size, and
pointed to a bench for my wife to sit.

The first thing I noticed when she sat down was that
the skirt rose up three to four more inches to just
below her pussy, with what seemed a very large expanse
of skin between the top of her stockings and bottom of
her skirt. I got up and walked in front of her and saw
that anyone in front of her could look up her skirt and
see bare skin. She tried to keep her knees together,
but the bench that the salesman would sit in positioned
her feet on either side.

The salesman returned with three boxes, sat down on his
bench and put the shoe boxes next to him. He then
looked up and I could see his eyes widen a bit. Without
missing a stroke, he reached into the first box and
removed a shoe. He put his hand on Jan’s calf, raised
her foot up and removed her sandal. He then started to
put the shoe on Jan’s left foot, moving her leg back
and forth to get the heel in.

Both Jan and I realized he was spreading her knees much
more than he needed to as he fit the shoe to her foot.
He put her foot down in such a way that her legs were
now open about eight inches. He then did the same to
the other foot and at one time had spread her knees a
good foot and a half. One of the other salesmen noticed
what was going on and took up a position where he had a
good view of Jan’s slit. Jan stood up, walked around,
commented on well they looked and said she would like
to try the second pair.

By now I had gotten up and went to stand beside the
other salesman. When Jan sat, her salesman proceeded to
remove her shoes in such a way that his arms kept Jan
from closing her legs. I commented to the other
salesman that it was quite a view, to which he readily
agreed. I told him I was trying to teach her not to be
so prudish. I told him she needed to have a pair to
wear with a mini dress she was going to receive. He
smiled and suggested when she tried on the next pair
she should stand in front of the mirror and raise her
skirt up a bit so she could see what they would look
like with more leg showing.

As she was looking at the third pair of shoes in the
mirror I told her that the salesman suggested raising
her skirt so she could get the full effect of the shoes
with a shorter skirt. She nodded ok and began raising
the skirt from the hips. She raised it a couple of
inches, but I told her that I thought her dress would
probably be higher and to raise it a couple more

When the dress was just below her pussy slit I asked
what she thought. What she didn’t realize was that the
tilt of the mirror gave a perfect view of her entire
pussy, well above the pubic hair I had removed. I told
her to drop her skirt and that we should look at a
couple more stores before making a decision. As she
went back to her seat I whispered in her ear that as
the salesman was removing her shoes, absent mindedly
let her knees fall wide open, which would be a thank
you gift for helping you. When she did that I noticed
that her pussy lips were turning as red as the flush in
her cheeks and the slit was starting to spread open, a
clear sign that Jan was excited.

We went through the same routine at the second store.
But by this time Jan’s slit was open about a half inch
and clearly wet from the juices coming out of her
pussy. Her clit had popped out from under its hood and
stood out, begging for attention. I could see her
squeezing her legs together as we headed for the third
store. The last store was slightly different in that
rather than the seats facing the side of the store,
they faced out into the mall.

I told Jan that she would really make me happy if she
could make sure I could see her pussy from my seat in
the mall. This, of course, meant that everyone walking
by the store while she was there was treated to the
sight of my wife’s naked, wide-open pussy. She bought
the last pair she tried on and we exited the mall.

When we got home I asked what had happened in the mall.
She was first nervous, but by the end she was a true
exhibitionist. She chucked and said that when she
initially sat down she felt completely vulnerable. With
the skirt up as high as it was she would be on display
and unable to control what was happening. As soon as
the salesman sat in front of her, his expression told
her he realized her condition and the bulge that
developed in his pants was clearly visible.

She initially tried to ignore the situation, but as she
allowed her legs to be opened she began to realize she
really was in control and could permit or not permit
him to see her. She said she knew that when I had her
stand in front of the slanted mirror that everything
must be clearly in view and the knowledge she had three
horny men lusting after her sent shivers to her pussy.
By the time she reached the third store she was
enjoying the shocked expression of many of the people
who stopped to admire the view she was providing. She
finished by saying she was so excited she had seriously
considered taking me into the restroom for some fast
and furious sex.

On the way home she laid the seat back, raised up the
front of her skirt and began running her fingers up and
down her love canal, applying circular pressure on her
clit. She said that I had my fun and that it was now
her turn. After she had her orgasm she begged me to
continue rubbing her clit because she wanted me in her
as soon as we got home. I happily complied. To my way
of thinking, the shopping trip had been a complete

On Wednesday a package arrived from Bob. Jan opened the
package. In it was a black mini dress with a front
zipper I had spotted at the mall the previous weekend
and a pair of black lace panties that had three snaps
to hold the front and back together at the crotch. He
said he wanted her to save the outfit for another day
and went on to say that he wanted us to go to a movie
the next Saturday evening. He said he wanted her
dressed in a black miniskirt that was at least eight
inches above her knees. She was free to wear bra and
panties of her choice.

If we were agreeable I should email him back and he
would give us the location of the movie house and time.
Since I had already sent an email to Bob, I knew what
would be in this note. I showed it to Jan and asked if
she was still willing. She was again a little hesitant,
but said that as long as I was with her she would
agree. I told her I would send our agreement, but that
we would have to go shopping. I also sent an email to
John, told him what was going down and invited him to
join us. He happily agreed and asked if he could bring
a friend with him. I agreed.

That evening we went down to the mall to buy Jan a mini
that met the stated requirements. Most of the ones Jan
selected were too long. Since she is a size 8 I
suggested we try in the youth section. There we found a
wide selection. I had her try on a few I was interested
in. The one I finally settled on was a frilly type that
came about 4 inches below her butt. She thought it was
a bit too short, but I finally convinced her it was
what was required. I also noticed a couple outfits that
showed promise and decided to come back later and
purchase them without Jan’s knowledge.

One was a really nice scoop neck black mini dress with
a hidden zipper down the back, and a really short
gingham outfit that young teens were wearing now. It
was designed to ride below the hips with a v cut in the
front that looked like it stopped just above the pubic
hair line and a matching puffy sleeve halter top that
was designed to wear off the shoulders that reminded me
of something Daisy Mae would have worn.

The note we received back from Bob told us to be at a
certain movie theater by 6 pm on Saturday. We were to
sit in the third row from the back and in the center of
the aisle. I emailed John and told him where we would
be. I started Jan drinking in the middle of the
afternoon. By the time we were ready to leave for the
theater she had downed about a bottle and a half of
wine and a couple bourbon and cokes. She wasn’t drunk,
but she definitely showed the signs that I recognized
as “feeling friendly”. When we got to the movie theater
we found that they were showing an X-Rated film.

Jan commented that she had never seen a porno film so
this should be a new experience. If only she knew how
true this would be. When we entered, the show had
already started. While taking our seats I noticed there
were about 20 or so guys and one other couple. I saw
John and another guy in the next aisle over. As we
watched the movie Jan commented she had heard about
these kinds of films in college, but had never seen
one. I told her to sit back, relax, and watch the show.
A few minutes later my cell phone rang. It was Bob. I
told Jan who it was and she was to lay back, keep her
eyes closed until told other wise and just do what she
was told. If she was willing to do that I was to tell
him ok. She nodded and I said ok.

A few minutes later Bob came over and sat on the other
side of Jan. He was a handsome man in a rugged sort of
way somewhere in his mid thirties. He told Jan how
really nice she looked and how much he looked forward
to this evening. The first thing he did was to take a
black silk cloth from his jacket and proceeded to
blindfold her. He asked her if she was afraid to which
she answered yes. He told her to relax and that nothing
would happen to her that she did not wish to have
happen. He asked her if she understood and did she wish
to continue. She said she understood, but although she
did not really want to continue, she would. He then
told her to relax and open her legs as wide as she

When she did this, her skirt raised up to expose her
white panties. He put his hand on her knee, which
caused her to jump. He told her to relax and started
making lazy circles with his hand on the inside of her
right leg and told me to do the same with her left.
Blindfolded, she was hearing the moans of the girl on
the screen and feeling two hands on her legs making
increasing large circles up the inside of her legs. I
could feel the goose bumps our travels were causing and
the increased breathing each time we got close to her

He asked if what we were doing felt good and did she
want us to continue, to which she said yes. Bob finally
reached her panties and drew his finger across her slit
and asked if that also felt good. She again jumped when
his hand made contact with the wet spot that was
clearly visible on her panties, but she said it had
felt good. My hand running up her slit and across her
clit followed this. She started to close her legs to
trap our hands at her pussy, but Bob stopped her and
had her drape her legs across ours.

He asked again if she wanted us to continue and she
again said yes. Our hands retreated back down her legs
and began all over again. We kept this routine up for
about 10 minutes and watched dampness spread across her
panties. Jan’s breathing began to get ragged and her
fluids flowed much more freely. Jan was on a sexual
high. Bob put his finger under the elastic at the leg
and began rubbing up and down her slit until Jan let
out a low moan.

I didn’t need to feel the wetness of her panties,
because by now they were almost transparent from the
fluids running out of her. We returned to the leg/pussy
routing until Jan began raising up each time we
approached her pussy trying to make stronger contact
with our fingers. By now her panties had been pushed up
into her crack creating completely exposing her swollen
red pussy lips.

Bob asked Jan if she was still enjoying the sensation
and did she want us to continue. She said yes, then
added please. He told Jan that if she wanted us to
continue that she had to remove her panties to allow us
better access to her. Without hesitation, Jan closed
her legs, lifted her butt, put her thumbs on either
side of her panties and drew them down to her knees.
Bob told her to continue until they were off and to
hand them to him. When she did, Bob draped them over
the back of the seat in front of her like a white flag
to signify her surrender. I looked over at John and
motioned for him to come join us. John sat on Bob’s
right and his friend slid into the row of seats in
front of Jan.

She was told to put her legs over ours and the circles
on her inner thighs began again. Only this time when we
got to the top of her legs we were directly attacking
her wet pussy. We spent a lot of time teasing her by
almost touching her, then began running our fingers in
and out of her very wet hole. While I began rubbing her
clit, Bob began playing with her asshole. He wet his
finger with her juices and used the slickness to gain
access. He only went in to the first knuckle, but the
effect was immediately evident.

She reached to push my hand harder against her clit but
Bob grabbed her hands and told her to leave then on the
arms and not remove them unless told to. She started
begging us to touch her harder and started moaning loud
enough to catch the attention from some of the other
guys nearby. A few guys, having heard Jan were
attracted by the sight of the white panties that seemed
to glow in the reflection of the light from the screen.
It was like moths drawn to a flame. Little by little,
we had an audience of four guys in the row in front of
us watching what was going on.

Bob then told her that he was going to ask one final
time if she wanted us to continue and that if she did
she was committed to doing whatever she was told, to
which she replied, “Ohhh yesss, please doooo!”

Bob told her to reach down, unzip her skirt and release
the catch on top. She reached to her side, undid the
skirt, lifted up, slid her skirt off her and let it
drop to the floor. Bob retrieved her skirt and handed
it to me. He removed her blindfold and told her to open
her eyes so she could see the attention she had drawn.
She was shocked to see the guys in front and initially
froze up. I whispered to her that I was there and
reminded her of her commitment and Bob’s promise that
nothing was going to happen she didn’t want to happen.
She nodded. Bob then told her to unbutton and remove
her blouse. Her bra soon followed this. She was now
sitting completely nude surrounded by seven men in the
middle of a movie theater watching a girl on the screen
in the throes of an orgasm from the guy buried between
her legs.

Bob then got down on the floor in front of Jan. He told
her he was going to do to her what she was seeing on
the screen until she exploded in his mouth. John took
Bob’s seat. John and I began massaging her breasts and
squeezing her nipples while Bob went down on her. The
effect his tongue had on Jan was immediate. Her butt
rose up off the seat to meet his tongue and she began
to moan as her climax began building. Just as she was
about to come I leaned over to kiss her and stifle the
scream I knew would follow. When he was finished he
told John to take his place.

When they had switched positions, he told Jan to unzip
our pants and take out our cocks. Then as the John
began licking Jan’s clit she begin jerking us off. She
had a hard time keeping up a rhythm on us because of
the sensations she was feeling from the tongue lashing
she was getting between her legs. When we both shot our
loads, we were replaced by two of the other guys in
front. She began stroking the other two guys while the
John continued to eat her out.

She finally came again, then finished off the guys on
either side. I asked her if she had had enough or did
she want to continue. She said she needed to feel me
inside her so I turned her around with her back to the
screen and sat her down on my cock that come to life
again. The guys that had been left out reached around
and played with her breasts while she rocked back and
forth on my cock. We came about the same time with
explosive orgasms.

She fell forward against me while Bob told the guys to
get lost. He told Jan she had done a fantastic job and
only had a few more weeks to go. He told Jan to get
dressed and disappeared. She put her bra and blouse on,
but we couldn’t find her panties. I believe one of the
guys took them as a souvenir. She put her skirt back on
and we left the theater with my cum running down her

When we got home I fixed Jan a strong drink and told
her how proud I was of her performance this evening.
She asked if I thought she was a shameless slut and I
began reassuring her that nothing could be farther than
the truth. I said I was proud to have a wife that was
so gorgeous that no one could resist her. And that what
she had just done was about the most exciting thing I
had ever seen in my life.

I asked her how she felt and she said completely
drained. That the orgasms she had experienced seemed to
come from her inner core and that she had never
experienced anything close to that before in her life.
We began stroking each other as we talked and gently
make love to each other. I knew then I would eventually
have the wife I had always dreamed of having.

Sunday I surprised Jan with a new thong like bikini I
had bought her. She thought it might be a bit skimpy,
especially since the string in back disappeared between
her butt cheeks, but I told her that I bought it to
highlight the fantastic figure she had. She put it on
and admitted it did give her a sexy look.

She put a cover up on and we headed to the beach. I had
packed a picnic lunch and had a cooler full of wine
coolers, some of which I had doctored up with vodka
before recapping. I knew exactly where I wanted to take
her. The spot I had selected was somewhat secluded, but
also had a number of people who liked to stroll along
the beach. We laid out our towels and began drinking
our coolers. I had Jan lay face down and I proceeded
rubbing her down with sunscreen. I untied the back of
her top and gave her another cooler to drink.

The combination of sun and coolers had its effect and
Jan fell asleep. She had been asleep about ten minutes
before I got her to turn over. While still asleep, I
untied the string around her neck and removed her top.
I positioned her legs so they were open a couple of
feet, then proceeded to pull the top of her suit up
until the string in the back exited the top of her
pussy. Except for the small section of suit above her
pussy, she lay there completely exposed from top to

I got out my camera and began snapping pictures. She
lay there for a while when I noticed a couple of
college aged guys running up the beach in our
directions. As they were passing us, one of the guys
pointed out my wife and they stopped. They came over
for a closer look. I put my finger to my lips and asked
if they enjoyed the view. They took a seat on ether
side of my wife while I explained that I was trying to
loosen up my wife by putting her in situations she
would not normally do by herself.

I asked if they would be willing to help me take some
pictures while she was sleeping to which they agreed. I
took a few pictures with them on either side of my wife
as if they were chatting her up. Then one of the guys
suggested untying the bows and laying the top of the
suit on the sand between her legs. The sight of the
suit seemed out of place so we arranged a towel to
cover the suit thereby making it look like she had no
suit at all.

I took a picture of one guy between Jan’s legs with his
tongue in her exposed pussy. I also got some pictures
of the other guy with his cock on Jan’s lips while the
first guy licked one breast while squeezing the other.
I thanked them for their help then got Jan’s suit back
on her. When she woke up she said she was tired and
would like to go home, which we did. While she was
napping, I uploaded all my pictures to my computer and
sent a copy to Bob.

On Monday, Bob sent me an email with a bunch of jpg
attachments. The images were of Jan at the movie
theater. Bob said he had a friend of his with a high-
speed camera that volunteered to take pictures for him.
They were fantastic and captured the action perfectly.
I thanked him for the photos and together planned the
next step in our strategy.

On Tuesday, I told Jan to meet me at the mall for a
surprise. When we met, I told her that I was so proud
of the way she had held up under the strain and had
conducted herself over the past few weeks that I wanted
to treat her to another piece of jewelry. I told her to
pick out any necklace she wanted, just keep it under
$1000 dollars. She was so excited she was like a k*d in
a candy store. It took her about an hour to select the
one she wanted. I told the salesperson she would wear
it, paid for it, and left for supper.

Throughout dinner I told her I could not believe the
change I was seeing in her and how pleased I was with
the transformation. I told her I didn’t know what was
going to happen over the next few weeks, but I was
there to support her, what ever lay ahead. She said
that what had happened over the past weeks had been eye
opening, but that if I was ready for the future, so was

I smiled and asked her what she was wearing under her
dress. She laughed and said just panties. I asked her
to reach under her dress and give me her panties. She
looked around, saw no one paying attention to us, and
then proceeded to reach her hand up under her skirt and
with a great deal of difficulty remove her panties and
hand them to me. I put them to my face, took a deep
breath, commented on how fantastic they smelled, and
put them in my pocket. This was a major victory for me.
Prior to Bob, she would never have done what she just
did. I told her I loved her and we went home.

On Wednesday I received an email from Bob. I showed it
to Jan. She was to wear the black mini dress and black
lace panties he had sent earlier and for us to meet him
at a named restaurant the next weekend.

That Saturday I started the evening with cocktails at
the house. I fixed some snacks and a martini for both
of us and we sat there and chatted. I told her it was
so obvious she had been turned on by the experiences
the previous week I was curious how she was thinking
about it now. She said it was the lust she saw in the
eyes of everyone that really got to her. That they
wanted her bad was evident from the bulges in their
pants and the thought of the effect she was having on
them fueled her emotions. I kissed her fingers and told
her I was the luckiest guy in the world to have a girl
like her.

As the time to get ready arrived, Jan went into the
bedroom to get ready. When she came out I couldn’t help
but give her a wolf whistle. The dress fit her like a
glove. It came about three inches below her butt and
with her hair in a French twist she was an absolute
knock out. The necklace I bought for her completed her
outfit. I asked her to show me the panties and she
raised the dress to her waist to give me a good look.
She was definitely a tasty dish.

On the way to the restaurant I began running my hand up
her leg and across her panties. I continued playing
until she was on the edge of an orgasm then backed off.
She wanted me to continue, but I told her anticipation
was half the fun. Bob was already at the restaurant
when we arrived. He had selected a four person table
part ways toward the back. He held the chair out for
Jan to sit. What appeared to be a gentlemanly gesture
hid the fact that he wanted Jan facing the front of the

During dinner he was witty and seemed to be charming
Jan. She appeared to be relaxing and enjoying his
company. With our dinner we had two bottles of wine. Of
course, between Bob and me, we kept Jan’s glass filled.
By the time dinner was over, she had consumed over a
bottle. Bob already knew the effect wine had on her and
as we started our third bottle, Jan was back in her
“feeling friendly” mood. Bob suddenly switched the
subject and asked how Jan had enjoyed the movie. She
said that surprising enough she had a good time. He
asked if she would like to do something like that again
and she said yes.

Bob said he would give it some thought and see if he
could come up with something a bit more interesting.
Bob put his hand on Jan’s left knee. He asked if she
had enjoyed his hand on her leg during the movie. She
said not at first, but then yes. He asked if she would
like us to do it again. She looked at me and I nodded.
He said if she wanted us to start she had to move her
knees where we would have easier access, at which time
she spread her legs wide open.

She forgot about how short her dress was and when she
opened her legs her dress rode up to the top of her
lap. Anyone who could see under the table would
appreciate the picture of black panties against almost
alabaster skin. We both started the leg routine we had
practiced at the movies. I could tell every time Bob’s
hand reached her pussy because of her intake of breath.

I didn’t know exactly how much pressure he was applying
to her pussy when he reached it, but I kept mine light
enough for her to feel it but not get the pleasure I
knew she wanted. Her cheeks got red and her breathing
quickened. We slowed down to let her come back off the
edge. We also noticed a few tables enjoying the show
that was going on. Bob asked Jan if she realized that
people could see what we were doing, to which she
answered yes. He then asked that knowing that, did she
want us to continue. She again said yes.

We had a little more wine, and started again. When I
reached the top this time I found that the center snap
had been undone which allowed us to reach a small part
of her pussy lips. A few moments later, Bob had
unsnapped the one on his side, which caused her panties
to slide over to the side giving an open view of her
bare pussy. When I reached the top next time I
unsnapped the remaining one and the front of her
panties popped up, exposing her entire pussy and shaved
pubic area. A sharp intake of breath told me that Bob
had found her pussy.

Bob had her lift up so he could raise the bottom of her
dress to her waist. Bob asked if we should stop and Jan
shook her head no. He then told her that if we were to
continue she had to remove her panties and give them to
him, which she did. We went back to playing with her
legs and bare pussy until she was at the edge again,
then we stopped.

The show she was putting on now was much better than
before because her dress was at her waist and she was
naked from the waist to her feet and was a fantastic
display for anyone looking, and from what I could see,
everyone was looking. I told Jan she must have a dozen
people looking at her bare pussy, and she just said,
“Let them look.” We were ready for the next part of the
evening. Bob told Jan to lower her dress and we were
ready to go.

Bob rode in the front seat with us. I didn’t know it at
the time but his associate had been taking pictures and
followed us to the club. By the time we got to the
dance club, Jan was feeling in an extremely high state
of excitement. All the way there, Bob was playing with
her leg and giving her pussy a lot of attention. Every
time I thought she was going to cum Bob backed off. We
definitely got everyone’s attention when we walked in
and took our seat in a semi-circular booth a couple
tables off the dance floor.

I ordered a margarita for Jan and Bob and I ordered a
beer. When the band started up, Jan and I went out for
a slow dance. When Jan put her hands around my neck,
the dress raised up to about an inch above the bottom
of her ass cheeks. People who noticed didn’t know if
she was naked underneath or was simply wearing a thong.
When we returned we put Jan in between us, had her open
her legs again, and continued our attack on her legs
and pussy.

Bob asked if she was enjoying herself to which she
replied she would be enjoying herself much better if we
would quit teasing her and make her cum. Bob told her
to be patient and told her to raise the zipper on her
dress a couple of inches so he could have easier access
to her ass while dancing. She did as she was asked and
the next slow dance Bob asked her to dance. As they
made their way around the dance floor, I could see that
Bob had raised the back of Jan’s dress and had his
hands on her fully exposed cheeks.

By now there was no question. Jan was wearing no
panties. Jan was on cloud nine and I would have bet she
would do what ever we asked so long as she could get
sexual release. They returned to the booth and I
noticed that the zipper on Jan’s dressed had been
raised a few inches. You still couldn’t see her pussy,
but the opening wasn’t too far below. I took Jan out on
the floor next and while dancing asked her to raise her
zipper another few inches. When I put my hands on her
ass, the front had flared out and was open enough to
barely show the bottom of her slit. While the fast
dances played, we played with Jan.

By now she had started begging for release. She said
she would do anything we wanted, but Bob told her again
to be patient. He told her to raise her zipper another
couple of inches. It was Bob’s turn to dance with Jan.
Her zipper was up enough in the front now that her slit
was exposed as she walked. While on the dance floor,
Bob had her raise the zipper another few inches. If she
had pubic hair it would now be on display. Her entire
pussy was exposed.

He reached down and began playing with her pussy on the
floor, but still would not let her climax. Before
returning to the booth, Bob had her raise the zipper to
her waist. The sides of the dress were now spread wide
enough to show everything from the waist down. Everyone
started looking over at our table to see what was going
to happen next. Bob helped Jan into the booth.

After he was seated he asked if she really meant she
would do anything if we would give her an orgasm.
Without blinking an eye she said that whatever we
wanted she would do, but to please hurry. She was ready
for release. Bob then said he was going to fuck her
there at the table and if she had any problems with
that she had better speak up now. Without even looking
my way she said she had no problems. He released his
cock from his pants and pulled Jan’s head into his lap.

Meanwhile I had raised her dress so it was completely
around her waist and told her to unzip the dress
further to give me access to her tits. When he was
ready, Bob put Jan on his lap and inserted his cock
into her sopping pussy. He told her if she wanted to
cum she had better start moving up and down his cock.
It didn’t take Jan 30 seconds before she went into an
orgasm that seemed to last minutes. When Bob had come
we shifted her to my lap so I could get off. Jan never
questioned the fact she had just been fucked in a
public place by someone other than myself but rather
lost herself in the lust of the moment.

When Bob got up to hit the head, I could see other guys
approach him to see if they could join the party, but
he politely refused with a promise of maybe another
time. Jan continued to ride my cock until we both came,
after which we proceeded to clean Jan up, then began
the leg/pussy routine all over again. When Jan was
sufficiently excited, Bob pulled her zipper down and
said it was time to leave.

We exited the club and when we got to the car Bob
turned Jan toward him and unzipped Jan’s dress from
bottom to top. He slid the dress off her so she was
standing naked in the parking lot. He then bent her
over and entered her from the rear while telling her to
take me in her mouth and bring me off. He said if she
didn’t do so in the next three minutes we would take
her naked into the club and offer her to the highest
bidder. She met the time limit. Fully sated, we put Jan
into the front seat with her clothes in the back. Bob
said she had been fantastic and only had a few more
things to do.

Before we drove off, Bob told Jan that for the next
four weeks she was to only wear skirts or dresses and
was not allowed to wear panties, bra or hose. He would
have people watching her and when he called her on her
cell phone, if she was standing up she was to lift her
hem to her waist to show she was naked. If she was
sitting, she would lift her skirt and spread her knees.
She would also wear loose fitting blouses that would
balloon open whenever she bent over allowing her
breasts to be seen. He said he also had something he
wanted her to do the next day, but that he would call
in the morning with instructions. I drove home and
helped Jan into bed where she slept soundly until the
next morning. Everything that had happened in the club
had been captured on film.

The next morning, after she had a couple bloodymarys,
Jan said that if anyone had told her a month ago she
would be doing what she had done the night before she
would have thought them crazy. I told her I was going
to stop Bob from fucking her, but she was so into what
was happening to her I wanted to let her continue with
what appeared to be a fantastic experience for her. I
emphasized that everything that was done the night
before was to make her feel special. I further told her
I loved her more now than I had ever in the past. About
an hour later Bob called with instructions.

We left the house about noon and headed for a bike path
that crossed over the beltway. Jan was again dressed in
her button-down sundress. We pulled in to a small park
that was adjacent to the highway. Jan was concerned
that what she was about to do could get her arrested,
but I assured her that if she was seen we would be able
to get away before any police car could arrive. Based
on the instructions Bob gave her, I took my camera and
walked across the pedestrian bridge until I reached the
other side of the six lane highway.

When I was in position I waved to Jan and began taking
pictures as soon as she exited the car. After looking
around and seeing no one in sight, she faced me and
began unbuttoning her dress until it was completely
open. She then removed it and put it back into the car.
She looked around again, and then began walking across
the bridge toward me until she was directly over the
center lane of the outer beltway. She moved to the
fence facing the oncoming traffic and stood there like
a deer caught in the headlights.

After I shouted to her she began waving to the oncoming
cars then made her way to the inner loop where she
repeated waving at the oncoming traffic. As she started
back toward the car, two bicyclists came around the
bend heading for the bridge. They stopped at the
entrance of the bridge when they saw her. Jan initially
tried covering herself up, but soon realized how
ridiculous she was, dropped her arms, smiled and made
her way back to the car, with me snapping pictures the
entire way. On the way home Jan make a joke about the
shocked expression on the riders faces when they
realized she was naked and we laughed about it all the
way home. Jan had slipped her dress back on, but hadn’t
bother buttoning it up.

Over the next week Bob was true to his word. On Monday
he sent me a complete set of pictures from the club.
Over the next week he took every opportunity to expose
Jan in as many different places as he could. He caught
her at the grocery store, at the fountain in the center
of town, walking down the street, on the bus, the
metro, and once even in church (fortunately she was
sitting down). I must have received at least 30
pictures of Jan with her skirt above her waist or her
legs spread wide open. In each shot her pussy was
clearly visible. Jan seemed to accept the fact that
being naked in public was no big thing.

We were entering our sixth week when another package
arrived for Jan. In this one was the gingham outfit I
had picked out weeks before. The note with it said that
since she enjoyed the movies so much she should plan on
Friday night for seeing another. The package also
included a nearly transparent pair of panties. A bra
would not be required. The movie theater selected was
in the suburbs and was another X-rated film. Jan was to
wear her hair in pigtails, no makeup, chewing gum, and
her pussy should be completely clean of any pubic hair.

This time we could go in to the theater together, but
once inside I was to hang back until Jan was seated in
the first row. She would see Bob in the second row and
she was to sit directly in front of him. I would sit a
couple rows behind her. The movie would have started
about 15 minutes before we were scheduled to arrive.
Our plan was to make Jan look like a single, barely
legal teenager looking for excitement. We picked 7 pm
as the ideal time for her arrival. Jan tried on the

I couldn’t believe how sexy she looked in it. There
couldn’t have been a foot of material from when the v
shape dropped down in the front and the skirt ended.
The back of the skirt barely covered her butt. The top
just begged for someone to slip their hands down the
front to feel her breasts. I had thought about having
her navel pierced, but then changed my mind.

I came home on Friday to help Jan get ready. I asked
her if she was ready for the evening. She nodded, but
was a little nervous about having to go down the aisle
alone. I told her not to worry. I would be watching her
progress from the other aisle and would only be three
rows behind her. I asked if she wanted a drink. At
first she said no, and then changed her mind. So I
opened a bottle of wine I had purchased that day.

Before leaving she had downed the entire liter bottle.
She was back in her “feeling friendly” mood. On the way
to the movies I reached between her legs and found her
panties were already wet. I didn’t have to put my hand
up her skirt because it was so short that when she sat
down her panties were exposed. I told her I didn’t know
what Bob had in mind but to just relax and go with the
flow. She hugged my arm and said ok.

I forgot how young Jan looked but when she was asked
for her ID to get in the movie I was quickly reminded.
I gave her a quick kiss and waited until she started
down the left aisle to enter the theater on the right.
There were a few more people in the theater this time
ranging from about the fourth row on up to the back.
Everyone’s head turned as they watched Jan walk down
the aisle and take up a position in the front. I could
see Bob’s head and watched as Jan sat in the seat
directly in front of him. A short bit later I was two
seats behind Bob and slightly to the right.

At first nothing seemed to be happening, but then I saw
Bob lean forward and Jan nod her head. She slumped down
in her seat and leaned her head back against the seat.
I then saw her raise her arm and drop her hand into her
blouse. I wanted to get a better view so I moved from
my position to a position that was four seats to the
right of her in the front row. Some others took this as
a signal that they should be moving closer to the

Meanwhile, Jan is watching the movie and playing with
her nipples. A few guys moved into the row that Bob was
in and a couple more moved into the front row to the
left of Jan and me. She doesn’t seem to notice the
activity around her as she concentrated on playing with
her nipples. Bob leaned forward and I see Jan move her
hands to her panties and she begins rubbing up and
down, More guys are moving to the front of the theater
as the sounds she is making matches those coming off
the screen.

Bob leans forward and Jan stands up. She moves away
from the seats until her back is against the stage.
This was my cue to move to the seat in front of Bob.
Jan begins to do a slow sensuous dance. The light from
the screen makes her completely visible to everyone in
the theater. Soon the first two rows are full of guys
watching Jan dance. She slides her hands up under her
top and starts to pinch her nipples. Her eyes are
closed and the expression on her face shouts pure lust.
The girl in the movies is being fucked from both ends
and her moans and the moans from Jan began overlapping.
She slips her arms out of the sleeves and slowly drops
the top of her blouse below her breasts and pulls it
down to her waist.

She now attacks her breasts with a vengeance. Her
shifting hips give occasional views of her pussy slit
through the panties she is wearing. She turns with her
back to the audience and continues pulling her top over
her skirt and down her legs, bending forward so her ass
is in full view as she steps out of her top. She turns
and begins running her hands over her panties until she
lifts up the front of the skirt and places her hand
into her panties. You can see her fingers in her slit
as she brings herself closer to climax. She removes her
hand only to start removal of her panties. She leans
forward and drops them to her knees, then points to one
of the guys in the front to come forward and take her
panties down.

With her panties off the guy tries to put his face in
her snatch but she pushes him away and leaves him
sitting there to watch the rest of the show. She is now
playing with her breasts and clit until Bob tells her
to lose the skirt. She reaches behind her, slowly
unzips the skirt and it drops like a rock to the floor.
She turns, spreads her legs and bends over, providing a
tantalizing view to everyone there. She then waves me
to her. While standing there she undoes my pants and
drops them around my ankles. Jan drops to her knees and
takes me in her mouth. I am really getting off on this.
She feels my orgasm building. She stops and pushes me
down on my back.

She drops down on my chest and buries her totally wet
pussy in my face. She is near her orgasm when she moves
down and impales herself on my erect staff. She points
to Bob and brings him down in front of her, unzips his
pants, puts her hand around the base of his cock and
takes him in her mouth. She continues riding my cock
and bobbing her head back and forth on Bob’s cock until
we both unload.

Bob is so turned on he pumps so much cum in her mouth
that it is running out the sides of her mouth and
running down her chin. When she comes I think that
people in the street heard her. It was a first class
performance for an audience of total strangers. Bob
told everyone the show was over and Jan began to dress.

We helped Jan back on with her skirt and top and let
her cool down. She had not retrieved her panties so as
she stood there the cum ran down her legs. I picked up
her panties and put them in my pocket. As we made our
way up the aisle Bob asked if she had enjoyed herself.
She said much more than the last time. It was still
early so he asked if we would like to hit a couple more
spots. We agreed and left the theater.

The first stop was to an adult store that sold books
and various toys. We wandered around the store. Bob
asked if she saw anything that caught her interest. She
was non-committal so Bob picked up a dildo and vibrator
he thought she might enjoy. It was about 10:30 when we
got to this place that was really jumping. Again, Jan
got carded before they would let her in. The wine she
had drunk earlier had worn off. While we were standing
at the bar waiting for a drink, I casually reached
under her skirt and began playing with her bare pussy
again. She purred and leaned into my hand as I inserted
a finger. Bob saw what I was doing and said there would
be plenty of time for that as soon as he found us a

A four-person table way in the back finally came open
and we were seated. Jan had drunk a margarita while
standing at the bar so we ordered her another one to go
with it. All of the music being played was kind of fast
so we decided to just sit and drink. Bob put his hand
on Jan’s leg and without thinking she swung her knee
over to him. Taking Bob’s lead I reached under the
table for Jan and soon had her knee up against me. We
then began teasing Jan. Initially, the closest we came
to touching her pussy was her pussy lips. We avoided
her clit and her soon wide-open slit. Our hands went up
over the top of her slit and once in a while just
quickly touched her clit.

After about 20 minutes of this Jan was begging us to
quit teasing and to put our fingers into her. I ran my
hand up and down her slit once then pulled away. Bob
did the same. She was dripping wet. Bob then reached
into his pocket and withdrew the vibrator he had just
purchased. With all the noise around us, the sound of
the vibrator when he turned it on was not noticed. He
eased it up and inserted it into her pussy and closed
her legs around it.

She came instantly. He kept it in there and soon she
was having a second one. He removed it and asked her
how she liked it. She said it was fantastic so Bob gave
it to her for future use. Jan was on her third drink
when the announcer said it was time for the amateur
strip tease show. I handed Jan her panties and told her
to put them on. We were going to enter her into the
contest and we expected her to win. The winner was
usually a girl who completely stripped and put on a
show for everyone. Bob told her what he wanted her to
do and took her to the front table to sign her up. She
again had to show her ID.

Jan was the third contestant. The first girl had gotten
up, did a little bump and grind, stripped to her bra
and panties then quit. The second girl was more
inventive and finally completely stripped before
getting off stage. Jan was the hit of the show. First,
she looked too young to be there. Second, although her
dance routine was nothing to shake a stick at, the
crowd went wild when they saw her shaved pussy. They
started throwing money on the stage when she reached
down and started masturbating.

She ended the show by humping the pole in the center of
the stage until she had another orgasm. The fourth girl
said she couldn’t top that and didn’t perform. For her
efforts, Jan won $300 and another 50 plus dollars from
what was thrown on the stage. After that we decided to
call it a night. By now Bob was becoming a regular part
of our sex life. Jan was still not to wear any panties
and for the next weekend he had a real neat idea that
would not involve sex. By Monday I got a copy of the
pictures taken Friday Night. I wanted to show them to
Jan, but decided to wait for another time. Up to now
she was not aware she was being photographed. I didn’t
want to spoil it now.

At dinner Tuesday Jan and I had a very serious
discussion. She was back at the point that she was
concerned I was thinking less of her because of her
activities. I stressed the fact that if anything I was
more in love with her now than anytime in our
relationship. She was surprised when I told her that
the girl I was really disappointed in was the stuck up,
catholic prude I had married. I explained that I knew
she was shy and naïve about sex when we got married,
but I thought she would grow out of it.

I explained that what I now had was a sexually exciting
woman who occupied my thoughts every hour. I now see a
girl who is beginning to achieve a sexual freedom
enjoyed by most males. I told her how excited I got
when I saw the effect she had on other men, knowing
that they could only dream of having her unless I said
otherwise, but I had the real deal. The smile on her
face was radiant. I finished by saying that sex was
supposed to be fun, something she seemed to be having
over the past few weeks. I asked her how her dress-
lifting episodes were going. She explained how the
first couple of days turned her face crimson because
she usually got the call when she was around a lot of
men. But soon she started to get amused by the shocked
expressions she would see and the embarrassment wore

I asked her if she would like to have fun with me
tomorrow. I told her about this story I had read on the
internet about a girl and her boyfriend on a train. I
asked her to come up to my office around noon and we
would go shopping for a couple of outfits I would like
for her to have and to take a ride on the metro with
me. I wouldn’t tell her what I had in mind, just that I
thought she was now in a frame of mind where she might
get a kick out of it. She said that if that was what I
wanted she would be there. I was going to tell her to
shave all the hair off her pussy, but by now it had
become a daily shower routing.

The next day, promptly at 11, Jan showed up at my
office. We went to a mall a couple stops away on the
metro. We went from store to store until we found what
I wanted at The Gap. I was amused about the store’s
name as it was so appropriate for what I wanted to do –
show Jan’s gap. For today’s adventure I selected a mid-
thigh pleated school girl skirt with a very loose
fitting v-neck button down blouse. It was the type of
blouse that when bent over gave a totally unrestricted
view of a girl’s breasts all the way down to her waist.
While we were there I also selected a straight-lined
micro-mini dress that zippered down the back.

I told her to try on the skirt and blouse outfit, no
bra or panties. It was perfect. A pair of dark glasses
completed the outfit. I then explained my plan to her.
Since we were way before the rush hour the trains only
had a few riders and by selecting the last car we would
generally find the target I would be looking for. The
idea was that she would take the last seat at the back
of the train, kick off her heels and turn sideways in
her seat with her knees drawn up and skirt tucked in
under her. It was just the pose that would attract
attention without giving anything away.

With her sunglasses on she would lean her head back
against the window. And when I gave her the sign she
would let her head tilt as if asleep and let the
rocking of the train slowly dislodge one leg so it fell
to the floor in front of her. Given the shortness of
the skirt and the bent position of her knee, her entire
pelvic area would become exposed when her leg dropped.
I would take it from there. She just had to remain
“asleep”. She thought the idea delicious and could
hardly wait to put it into action. She kept the skirt
and blouse set on and we went back to my office to drop
off her packages. The next stop – the metro.

We caught the blue line that would give us about a 45-
minute ride to the other part of the city. We boarded
the last car and Jan took the last seat in the back. I
took the seat in front of her. She got in position and
the train moved out. It only took a couple stops for a
person to board that took the seat directly across from
Jan. He looked to be in his fifties. He looked over at
Jan for a few seconds then began reading his paper.

I was hoping he would be on the train for a few stops
and I cleared my throat, which was the signal for Jan
to fall asleep. I had turned in my seat with my arm
over the back admiring the cut of Jan’s exposed legs.
The guy across tried not to notice, but I could see him
stealing glances from time to time. Jan did even better
than I expected. On one particular curve, she let her
outer knee swing over until it made contact with the
back of my seat. This caused an exposure much greater
than I expected with her leg on the floor.

I loudly inhaled which caused the guy to look over. He
had a much better view than I and he was completely
mesmerized. I changed my seat to be in front of him so
I could enjoy the better view. I commented to him about
how tasty the girl looked. He dropped the paper in his
lap to hide the erection that had popped up. I
suggested we wake her up, but he said why ruin a good
thing. I commented on the fact that she really looked
out of it.

I shifted back to my original seat and quietly tried to
awaken her by calling, “Miss!” Of course, she didn’t
respond. I then told the guy I wondered just how out of
it she was, so I reached over the seat and put my hand
on her knee. No response. I lifted the hem of her skirt
so the whole thing dropped around her waist. Again, no
response. I then reached for the top button of her
blouse and loosened it.

The other guy was initially opposed to this, but
quieted down when I loosened the second, then third.
The train eased into the next station, but no one got
on. I took the opportunity when the train started out
to loosen the button on the skirt and pull the front of
the blouse out from the skirt. I then finished
loosening the buttons and spread the blouse wide open.
Jan was now complete exposed and I could see her pussy
opening and the moisture began to show.

I touched her breast and Jan let out a moan. The guy
was petrified she would wake up and begin yelling r**e,
but when nothing happened he quieted down. I then
reached down and put my hand over her cunt and gently
pressed my middle finger into the opening that was
spreading wider. Jan responded with another moan and
moved her hand to cover mine. She squeezed her knees
together then released them. This time her leg dropped
to the floor.

I gently removed my hand from under hers and pulled the
skirt back up to her waist. I then placed my hand over
Jan’s and started moving her hand back and forth. The
other hand I put on her breast. I then suggested we
move up to the center of the train and watch from
there. I offered the opinion that she would wake up in
that condition and think she had done it herself.

We of course could always testify to that affect if
ever questioned. As we left I whispered she was free to
get herself off, wake up when her orgasm began, then
realize where she was and begin a rapid recovery. It
happened just that way and when she sat up she looked
at us in a coy way. We both smiled. The guy got off a
few stops later and I went back to sit with Jan. She
commented on how much fun she had and said it was a
shame we didn’t have pictures to remember it by. I told
her that was a great idea and that maybe another time
we could recreate it on film.

We reached the end of the line and started back. We
pulled it off one more time on the way back. When we
got back to my office, Jan said she was still excited
and locked my door. Disregarding the fact that the next
office building was less than 100 feet away and that my
blinds were open, Jan stood in the window and got
undressed. She pushed me in my chair and eased herself
down on my cock with her back to me, but facing the
window. The fact that no less than five offices noticed
her activities spurred her on. When she finished she
got dressed and said she would see me for dinner.

Bob called on Thursday and said we were on for the next
night. He explained that a friend of his owned a bar
and had come up with a unique idea for generating
business. He called it naked waitress night. The idea
was he had a couple girls come in on Friday nights, get
naked, and would draw and serve beers to their
customers. Their customers were not supposed to
manhandle the girls, but the older ones seemed to get a
grope or two in during the evening. He thought this
would be a good experience for Jan, besides it paid $50
an hour plus tips. I decided not to tell Jan about the
plan until we got to the bar.

When we did arrive at the bar, she saw the naked
waitress announcement and asked what that was all
about. I then proceeded to explain her role for the
remainder of the evening. The place was packed and the
cheers went up when Jan stripped next to the bar. The
owner showed her how to draw a beer and said she was to
take orders and deliver them to the tables in the bar.
She was free to be as friendly as she would like, but
that sex in the bar was not an option. He said the
friendlier she got, the bigger the tips.

Well for the next four hours, Jan and the other girl
working with her were kept hopping. Jan seemed to be
the favorite because she did not object when the guys
touched her breasts or ran their hands between their
legs. Once in a while she was invited to sit on
someone’s lap that seemed to turn the both of them on.

By 11 pm Jan was visibly tired and I decided to call it
quits. I had taken many, many pictures during the
evening to add to my growing collection. Everyone
wanted her to stay, but we declined, collected our
stuff and departed. Jan counted up the money she had
and was amazed by the amount. She had received $200 for
the four hours she had worked, but had over $800 in
tips. The bills she received ranged from ones to
fifties. She was so pleased with herself she couldn’t
stop grinning the entire way home.

I told her I was so turned on by what she had done to
the guys at the bar that I had to have her right there.
We stopped at an overlook. Jan got out of the car, laid
back over the hood of the car, put her feet up on my
shoulders and we satisfied our desires. I told Jan to
wait right there and went into the back seat to get my
camera. I took pictures of Jan laid back with her skirt
up and my cum running out onto the car. I then had her
do a strip for me, finally standing by the side of the
road waving at cars as they went by. Laughing, we got
in the car and went home before someone decided to call
the police.

Bob called early the next morning and talked to Jan. He
told her we were to meet him at a nearby metro stop. We
were going to tour the city and all she needed to wear
was her spring coat and sandals. He had already told me
to make sure I had an empty memory card because I was
going to get many photo ops. On the train into the
Capital he positioned her in the seat at the entrance
facing into the car. We sat in the seats opposite.

Every time one of us opened our legs, she was to do the
same and leave them open until we closed ours. We gave
her a book to read so it wouldn’t be too obvious she
was doing it deliberately. At least a hundred people
got to look up her coat. It wasn’t obvious she had
nothing on under the coat, but it was obvious she was
not wearing any panties. I took a number of photos and
I noticed others in the train taking photos as well. I
expect we will see some of those end up on the internet
one of these days.

Once downtown, we hit all the tourist spots. I ended up
with over two hundred shots of Jan at places like the
Lincoln Memorial, in front of the White House, the
Washington Memorial, inside the Smithsonian and
Hershorn Art Gallery. The shots I liked the best were
the ones Bob took of us fucking on the mall with the
Capital Building in the background. Before leaving us,
Bob said we had one week left and he had an idea he
thought would really be fun. I knew what was planned,
but Jan was left in the dark to guess what would be in
store for her.