My pretty cousin Faye needs a place to stay

When I was 16 years old I went in Calgary to spend the
summer and to get to know my dad’s side of the family. I
had ever been across the mountains before having lived
near the ocean all my young life.

When my uncle picked me at the airport he said he hoped
I would like his sons and that he had a daughter only a
year older than me.

When we walked into the house a very pretty slim blond
came up to me and gave me a big welcoming hug saying she
had lots of things planed for us to do. I didn’t care
what those things were so long as they were with her.

Faye and I stayed up late that night talking as if we
had grown-up together and were best friends. I found it
so easy to talk to her, unlike the girls in school back
home, who didn’t seem to think I was worth talking too.

Faye and I did all kinds of things during my stay, like
going swimming in a nearby creek – to going to their
stampede rodeo. When it came time for me to a leave she
even cried and hugged me tight, almost making me cry


Its 4 years later and I’m 20 years old and have my own 1
bedroom apartment when I get a call from Faye saying
she’s planning to go to college just a few blocks from
where I live and she was hoping to stay with me until
she could get her own place.

Of course I said no problem, that she as welcome and
that I would take the couch and she could have my bed.
She only said we’ll see.

She came in by bus and when she came into the terminal I
couldn’t believe my eyes, she was so good looking she
could have been a high priced model anywhere in the
world. As soon as she saw me standing there, she ran to
me and jumped into my arms, hugging like we were lovers
who had been apart for a long while. Faye even kissed me
on the cheek, then backing up and telling me that I
looked great.

I just stood there with a dumb look on my face I guess,
because she said, “If you don’t close your mouth you may
catch a fly.”

“You are the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen.” And for
the first time ever, I hugged her and kissed her on her
mouth like a brother would, not a lover even though I
was getting a lump in my jeans just being near her.

When we got to my place, Faye liked it. I put her bags
in my bedroom and told her she could have the bed, that
I’d put new sheets and comforter on and cleared out the
top drawer of the dresser for her to use. That I would
take the couch.

That’s when things turned upside down. Faye looked at
the bed and then said, “We can both sleep in the bed
there’s lots of room.”

I stood there struck dumb. I was thinking if I’m in bed
with her I don’t know if I’d be sleeping much but I
replied, “Only if you think it’s okay. I don’t want you
to feel that you’re not safe here.”

Faye slapped my arm and said, “We’re both adults, I
think we can act like adults, don’t you?”

I wasn’t really sure what she meant by that but replied,
“Only if you stay on your side and no farting, or
pulling the sheets off me.”

She laughed, “The same goes for you to cus!”

We went around the block from my place and had dinner in
a pub that has great food and they don’t check my I.D.


When bed time came around I said, “When you’re ready and
in bed let me know, then I’ll come in and get in my

When Faye said I could come in, I opened the door and
she began laughing at my boxer shorts just because I
have little yellow duckies on them. “Are you wearing
them as a joke,” she asked, “or do you wear them all the

I smiled, saying, “I like my ducks!”

Faye looked at my boxers a little closer, then said
“Well, I guess it’s better than being nude, but only
just.” I stood there and put my hands on my shorts like
I was going to pull them off and I noticed that she had
her eyes glued to my groin. Then my heart stopped
beating for a second what she smiled, saying, “Go ahead
Cousin, if you want to I don’t mind. If you sleep in the
nude, who am I to change your routine.”

So I made as if I was going to drop my shorts, but
chickened out and got in bed next to her still wearing

Sometime around 4AM in the morning I woke up with her
arm over me, which was okay with me but her fingers were
working their way into my boxers… then wrapping around
my cock…

I acted like I was sound asleep, just to see what she
was going to do. I was no longer sleepy, I’d gone from a
sound sleep into intense anticipation, and my cock
instantly swelled to its full hardness.

Then my cousin started jacking my cock slowly, as if not
to wake me, and after a bit, she gently pulled on my
shoulder rolling me onto my back. My cock was stiff as
iron and I’m sure it was tenting my shorts impressively.
Then I had a hard time keeping my breathing steady when
I felt her fishing cock out of my boxers.

The bed giggled for a moment as I moved down it, then I
felt her warm lips touch my cockhead. I almost jumped up
out of the bed, but was just barely able to stay still.
But when she took me in her mouth I couldn’t stay quiet
any longer and began rocking my hips giving her more of
my cock for her to suck on.

I threw the covers off and put my hand on her back
finding her naked. I wondered if she had been nude when
I got into bed with her, but right now I didn’t care,
her lips and mouth was driving me nuts. My body was
super sensitive to her every move, her every touch, I
was on fire! I hadn’t been with anyone for months and my
balls were over full.

I had a handful of beautiful tight ass and squeezed it,
as Faye received a mouth full of my hot spurting cum. I
tried to pull out, but she wouldn’t have any of it and
began swallowing my cum making me even hotter for her.

I’d had all kinds of dreams about Faye over the years,
especially when I was an adolescent and here I was
living them out with her now! When I had done spurting
into her mouth I pushed her back on to the mattress and
kissed her like a lover should be kissed. She wrapped
her arms around me, eagerly kissing me back. “Please, I
need you. I’ve always wanted this, even when we were
just kids I wanted you like this.”

I took my time bringing her to orgasm with my tongue
before slipping my hard cock into her hot wet love
tunnel. As the early morning turned to dawn and then to
full daylight, I took her over and over again, bringing
her to the edge again then into a full blown orgasm,
again and again, I couldn’t get enough of Faye, she was

Finally I had to stop, she’d scratched the skin off my
back with her nails as she’d cum violently over and
over. I’d filled her with my hot cum so many times that
I’d lost count and was just plain delirious. I just
couldn’t believe that someone who looks like Faye with
such a prefect body would want me to make love to her,
but she was the one who started this and I made sure
that I took full advantage of this opportunity.

In the afterglow of our love making Faye said, “Do you
remember when you stayed with us for that summer? Did
you know I fell in love with you then? And I think I am
still in love with you.”

I told her I felt the same way about her, but with her
being my cousin I didn’t think we could do anything
about our feelings for each other. “I would marry her if
I could,” I assured her.

Faye said that we didn’t need to get married to enjoy
each other, that we could just live together. If I
wanted, we could move somewhere where no one knew us and
live like we are married, after all, we did have the
same last name, “And anyway, who’s to know.” She said
with a giggle.

“What about children?” I asked. “I’d like to have

Faye looked into my eyes and said, “No problem, I’ll
just leave the part where it asks who the father is
blank, and we rise them as if we were husband wife.”


That was 15 years ago and we have two gorgeous daughters
who have their moms looks and a great son who does have
some of my looks but only the good parts so he’ll be a
woman killer when he grows up.

As far as our daughters go, I try scare the boys they
date that if they don’t act like gentlemen around them,
they’ll be super sorry when I get done with them, but
I’m still worried that they’ll have urges like their
mother had with me.

Oh by the way, our children are normal in every way. You
know, they don’t have tails or horns growing out of
them. So to those who say you can’t have kids with first
cousins, all I have to say is… if you had one like I
do, you’d do it anyway.