My Sister Miriam

Mary sat absent mindedly fingering her new belly ring. Today she wore a loose shirt but her secret was still hidden safe from prying eyes. Her strict catholic mother would never approve even though she was now nineteen, on her own, her first year at college.

As the professor droned on, she gave up on taking notes, as he was just repeating himself. Still fingering the new belly ring, bored, her eyes began to wander. First to the clock on the wall 15 minutes to go, back to her notebook, and then out of the corner of her eye focused on the man beside her.

What was his story she wondered? He was always so quiet. They had exchanged pleasantries since the first day of class, small talk, nothing earth shattering. Turning slightly, both eyes on him now, she watched as he wrote. Her eyes continued to wander, making mental notes; the features on his face, manly, strong, soft eyes, sad as though they hid secrets. She had never asked him his age during their brief conversations. She guessed late 30’s maybe. The faint lines on his face and small crow’s feet around his eyes bore witness to the experiences that life offered.

Her eyes continued to wander and she soon found herself staring at his groin. Afraid he might catch her; she averted her eyes and looked at the clock on the wall again. The professor’s drone had chased away five minutes. Out of the corner of her eye she looked at his groin again and noticed the bulge protruding from his inner thigh.

As she looked away, she suddenly felt her face go flush. He seemed engaged in the lecture, yet he was hard. What was he really thinking? Who was on his mind? Did he have a lover? He wore no ring. She stole one more quick glance, an image flashed in her head, left and then came back to settle in her minds eye.

She was sixteen again, staring up the long driveway to her family home which sat back from the road. Behind her she heard the school bus pull away that she had just stepped from. She began to walk towards the house, the sun warmed her and a cool spring breeze licked at her cheeks.

She walked up the stairs that lead to the front door of the house. A bird which had been sitting on the white railing of the wrap around porch that surrounded the house flew away. Mary stopped at the top stairs, and bent down just enough to gently touch and smell the purple pansies that were residing in the pot where the railing met the stairs. She, with her mother’s help, had planted them and now the beautiful spring weather had graced them with life.

Mary lifted the lid on the top of the black mailbox and fished the key from the bottom. She withdrew it from the mailbox and unlocked the front door. Placing the key back inside the mailbox, she closed the lid and walked inside. Stepping into the kitchen she noticed that her mother was sitting at the table by the window having her afternoon coffee. Instead she found a note, propped up next to a basket of fruit on the kitchen table. The note implied that her mother was down at the senior center with her grandmother and would not be home until early evening.

Mary walked to the kitchen counter, the time on the microwave displayed in green led lights 2:30 p.m. Mary walked out of the kitchen, across the living room and began to ascend the carpeted stairs which lead to the second story of the house. She thought she might go to her room to catch a quick nap.

She reached the top of the stairs and heard what she thought was a giggle coming from her sister’s room halfway down the hall. Then she remembered. Her sister Miriam was home. This morning her sister had developed a sudden stomach ache fifteen minutes before the bus was to arrive. Her mother had relented and let her stay home from school. Mary knew better, but had said nothing. Her eighteen year old sister, Miriam was a senior in high school, had two months until graduation but lately had become a pro at “suddenly” getting sick the past few mornings before school.

The carpet in the hallway hid the sound of her steps as she began to walk down the hall towards her sister’s room. She stopped dead in her tracks when she thought she heard the voice of a man and then a low moan. Was someone hurt? Was someone in pain?

Mary began to walk again, slowly, taking each step gingerly. Her eyes suddenly widened as she stopped dead in her tracks staring between the cracks in the bedroom door where the hinges attached to the door frame.

Her sister Miriam was sitting on the bed, wearing a floral spring dress; her legs spread slightly her white panties visible. Randy, her sister’s science teacher was standing in front of her his slacks down to his knees, his hard cock glistening as she stroked his penis and mouthed one of his grape size balls.

Something inside Mary told her to look away. She was starting to feel guilty, as though she should not be watching. She was rooted to the carpet, compelled to stay, her feet betraying her, they would not move. She watched, her mouth agape, as her sister took Randy in her mouth her head bobbing up and down.

Miriam sat back for a few seconds, and continued to stroke her teacher nimble fingertips briefly touching his black pubic hair. Looking up their eyes met and she smiled a wicked little smile.

“Better than my mother” she asked?

He smiled at her, gently wrapped his hand around her ponytail and slowly pushed her head back towards his glistening erection.

“Better than your mother” he said, “then again your mother probably hasn’t had a man since your father died a year ago”.

With the beckoning of his hand, she bent forward and softly bit and licked the head of his hard shaft, he moaned.

Mary felt frozen, her eyes stuck on the scene before her as Miriam continued to take Randy in her mouth.

The scene before her had taken her breath away, now the mention of her mother and Miriam’s science teacher. Was this why he had been over to the house lately talking about her sister and her poor performance in his class?

In a sense she felt betrayed by her mother. After all it was she who had sat her down when she got her first period and told her about how sinful it was to have sex out of wed lock, and to watch out for the lies of men and how they were after only one thing.

. “Turn around”, Randy said, “I want you”.

As Miriam stood and turned towards the bed, she instinctively put both hands out, grasped the top of the bed spread that had lay at the foot of her bed, and steadied herself with her arms.

“Get on your knees”, Randy said in a soft yet commanding voice.

Miriam, on all fours looked back over her shoulder and with a twinkle in her eye said, “Is this how you want me?” Just like the night you took my mother on the floor of the guest room?

With his penis still erect, Randy stood behind Miriam. He reached out and slowly slid his hands up underneath her dress.

Mary watched as his hands reappeared, his strong fingers grasping the band of Miriam’s white panties. He pulled them down to her knees; the whiteness of her plump yet firm round bottom a stark contrast to her beautiful tanned legs.

“Yes just like I took your mother”, Randy said as he smiled.

Raising his hand, the sound of Randy’s hand echoed around the room as he smacked Miriam’s ass.

“Ouch”, Miriam playfully giggled, “what was that for?”

“Spying were you?” Randy smiled. “I’m your teacher; I must punish you for being the bad little girl that you are”.

Randy crouched over Miriam. She groaned as Randy’s tongue slid between her cheeks, the tip of his moist tongue softly licking the entrance to her tight anus and probing her succulent peach, its nectar moistening his lips.
Mary watched as Randy slowly entered her sister, Miriam’s muffled groans emanating from the sheets. They were still for a few seconds and then began to slowly rock in unison. Her sister’s round bottom rising to meet her lover’s thrusts.

Mary stood in silence, transfixed by Randy’s movements. The muscles on the back of his legs flexed and his buttocks squeezed together as he rhythmically buried himself in her sister, his balls swaying below.

The lovers danced their primal dance as Randy grasped Mariam’s ponytail and pulled her head up from the bed, continuing to thrust his manhood into her moist vagina. Mary could see the red flush of her sister’s face, a faint glow of pink starting to show, matching her round bottom where the slap of Randy’s hand had left its mark.

Mary watched as Randy slowed his pace, bent over, and whispered something in her sister’s ear. Miriam rolled onto her side and sat at the foot of the bed again. Her panties stretched between her knees, feet on the floor. Randy’s hips bucked as he took Miriam’s mouth, his cock swollen, glistening with saliva a few drops falling to the wooden floor.

Miriam with a hand between her legs rubbed her swollen rosebud with the palm of her hand, her fingers buried deep inside her wetness a muffled groan escaped her cock filled lips as she came, warm nectar trickling from her peach, spreading out in a small pool on the bed spread.

Randy bucked, shuddered and then stopped; a guttural groan filled the room. Lifting her face from his black pubic hair, their eyes met as Miriam slid his cock out of her mouth. She brought a glistening index finger to her lips and wiped a small white speck from the corner of her mouth and slowly sucked on the finger. She smiled at Randy and said, “I love the way you nourish me”.

Somewhere in her mind a bell rang. Mary suddenly was jolted back to reality. Class was ending and students were packing up. Mary turned to look at the man who sitting beside her.

“You ok”? He asked, “Your cheeks are flush”.

“I’m fine”, Mary replied with a smile, as the small quiver between her legs, slowly began to move up through her belly.