Sister’s Public Fun

For the last month, an itch has built between my thighs. Ever since my
younger half-sister, Alicia, rode our brother’s cock in the middle of the
cafeteria, hiding her activity by looking like a cute, little girl sitting
innocently on her big brother’s lap, my lusts were inflamed. I always had
an exhibitionist streak. I enjoyed showing off my body, flashing my tits,
my pussy, and my cute ass to strangers. I savored my brother and sisters
fucking me in public.

But I never did it in places where people knew me. When I had sex at my
high school, I did it in my mother’s classroom or sneaking into a
single-use bathroom. Clint didn’t fuck me in the middle of the crowded
cafeteria. Right in front of everyone.

I was so jealous of Alicia for doing that.

I needed that itch scratch. I couldn’t ignore it any longer. For days
it was all I could think about it, my pussy on fire. I wanted to fuck my
half-brother where everyone could watch. Where people we knew could catch
us and see our incestuous passion.

Juices ran down my thighs. My shaved pussy was so hot and wet.

I sauntered through our high school’s hallway, passing a few students. I
felt their eyes on me, knowing I looked hot. My seventeen-year-old body
was lovely, my round breasts on display in my thin, stretchy top. It was a
size too small for me and without a bra on, it molded to every inch of my
boobs, my nipples on display. My hips wiggled from side to side, my short
skirt clinging to my rump, barely falling down my thighs. If I bent over
far enough, you could see my pussy.

And when I sat at my seat in class, I could part my legs and give anyone
who looked a peek. I enjoyed flashing Mr. Breen. Clint was the only man
for me, when I could get his attention, but it was fun teasing other guys.

I round the corner of the hallway and smiled at Clint sauntering down
the hallway. I knew he’d be here. It was on the way from his last class
to my mom’s classroom. She taught history at our high school, and since
she was my half-brother’s sex slave, he used her classroom during the lunch
hour however he wanted.

“Melody,” he said, giving me a grin. He was tall and strong, looking
like a young version of our father with that dark hair and chiseled face.
He wore a tight t-shirt that showed off his strong torso. “You’re
looking… adventurous. Joining me and the twins?”

I swallowed my irritation with the twins. Kimiko and Minako had
inflamed Clint the last month. Between them and breeding Alicia, who found
out a few weeks ago she was finally pregnant with our brother’s child,
Clint hadn’t had much time for Pam and me.

We were his girlfriends!

“Nope, Clint,” I told him as I reached him.

His eyes flicked up and down my body. “Damn shame if you’re not.”

My arms slid around his neck right there in the hallway. The world
thought we were first cousins. It was legal in California for first
cousins to have sex, children, and even marry. But we weren’t. Our
mothers were our father’s sex slaves. He married Aunt Cheryl and my mother
had to lie about who the father of me and my sister were.

So, legally, I couldn’t do this at all. Which only made our incest

My mouth locked on Clint’s. I kissed my brother with such passion. My
tongue thrust into his mouth. I pressed against his body, wiggling,
reminding him how sexy I was. His hands found my ass, grabbing and groping
me as our tongues danced together.

He hadn’t forgotten how to kiss me.

My nipples throbbed against his chest, wishing our thin clothing wasn’t
in the way. His cock swelled in his jeans. That hard bulge making my
pussy even wetter. My cunt clenched, more juices trickling out to stain my
inner thighs.

I whimpered into the kiss. My heart beat so fast He was such a sexy
stud. I loved him so much I let him have his harem of sisters and other
family members. I let him fuck other women, like those Japanese twins who
moved in on our street. I just wanted to enjoy him more.

Like today.

He broke the kiss, staring at me. “So, if you’re not joining me in the
classroom, do you just want me to be hard and ready to fuck the twins?”

“Nope,” I said, my hips wiggling as I backed him against the locker’s
that lined the hallway. “I want to fuck you right here, right now.”

“Here?” he asked, looking down the hallway. It was lunch hour, but
anyone could wander by. I wiggled my hips. “Not the classroom?”

“Right here,” I purred, grinding my crotch against him. “I need your
cock in me, Clinton Elliston III.”

He knew I was serious when I used his full name.

I kissed him again, letting him taste the apricot lip gloss I wore. He
loved kissing me when I wore it. He groaned, his dick throbbing against my
crotch. I shoved my hand between us, groping his dick through his jeans as
I devoured his mouth.

His hands squeezed my ass. He groaned into my mouth as I stroked him
through his clothing. I squeezed his cock, stroking up and down his girth.
He was so thick. My pussy needed him in me right now.

He broke the kiss. “Damn, Melody.”

I arched an eyebrow. “I’m not wearing any panties. Just pin me against
the locker room and fuck me so hard.”

He groaned, his head looking from side to side. “Someone could come,

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, squeezing his dick. “Doesn’t that just make it hot?
You don’t mind fucking Lee in the boy’s restroom.”

“A teacher or a janitor probably wasn’t about to walk around the
corner,” he said.

“You handled Principal Carver when he caught Alicia riding your cock in
the cafeteria.”

“Because I had blackmail on him,” Clint said. “I don’t have that on
every teacher here. What if Mrs. Murphy or Mrs. Atwood rounds the

“Mmm, that just makes this hotter,” I told him. “I need this so bad.
Don’t tell me it doesn’t make you so hard right now.” I grinned at him. “I
can feel you, Clint. You want to be in me right now.”

“I always want to be in you, Melody,” he said, grabbing my ass and
pulling me tighter against him. His dick throbbed in his jeans.

“Then what are you waiting on?” I asked him, my fingers finding his
zipper. I dragged it down so slowly, that rasping sound echoing through
the hallway. “Be a man and fuck your sister right here, right now.”

He shook his head, a smile growing on his lips. “I like it when you’re
such a slut, Melody.”

A smile grew on my lips. “You’re lucky I am such a slut, Clint. How
many other girlfriends would let you fuck all those girls?”

“At least one other,” he said. “Pam loves it.”

I shivered. Pam was Japanese and our half-sister. No one outside our
family even knew she was related to Clint. She was his other girlfriend.
Everyone in school knew he dated Pam and me while my little sister, Lee,
was his sex slave. Rumors buzzed that Clint fucked Alicia and Zoey, his
full-blooded sisters, but no one could prove it.

“You’re lucky to have such naughty sisters who love you,” I said,
reaching into his fly and feeling his dick through his boxers. “Mmm,
there’s your cock. He feels so lonely right now. But my pussy’s ready to
welcome him.”

“Oh, yeah?” he asked.

I gasped as he spun me around and pinned me against the wall. The
locker rattled behind me, a hollow thud echoing inside of it. I shuddered,
seeing that glint in his dark eyes. I had him. My cunt clenched hard as
he licked his lips.

He slid down to his knees. “If we’re going to do this, Melody, then
we’re going to do it right.”

I grinned at him. “Mmm, you just like any excuse to eat a tasty cunt.”

“Any excuse,” Clint agreed, his hands shoving up my skirt, exposing more
and more of my thighs.

I shivered and writhed, my sandy blonde hair, gathered in a pair of
braids, rubbing into my shoulder blades. As Clint exposed my pussy, I
pulled my hair out from behind me. I shuddered, my snatch on display.
There was no hiding what we were doing.

“Mmm, such a gorgeous pussy,” he said, his finger stroking down my
blonde landing strip to my juicy pussy. “Just begging to be eaten.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned. “A wet, yummy pussy just begging for her brother
to eat her.”

Clint buried his face between my thighs. I gasped at the feel of his
whiskers scratching at my silky, inner thighs. Then his tongue lapped
through my labia. His tongue fluttered through my pussy, stimulating my
naughty bits. He brushed my clit, making me gasp.

My moans echoed down the hallway. The locker groaned behind me as I
shuddered against him. His hands stroked my thighs, calloused and rough.
They felt so naughty on me. I loved him touching me. I whimpered, the
pleasure flowing through me as he ate me.

In our high school’s hallway.

“Yes, yes, yes, Clint,” I moaned. “Mmm, eat me, brother. Eat my

His tongue plunged deep into my pussy. He’d forgotten all about his
little tryst with those two Japanese twins. He ate my pussy. My back
squirmed as the pleasure flowed through me. My hands grabbed his hair,
sliding through his short, dark curls. I whimpered as his tongue fluttered
faster and faster.

He sucked on my clit.

I gasped, my body bucking at the sudden surge of rapture. My moans
echoed down the empty hallway. I whimpered and groaned, not hiding my
passion. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. With every flutter of his
tongue, it sent another wave of passion through my body. My head tossed
from side to side.

“Yes, yes, yes, eat me!” I groaned. “Oh, Clint, make me cum! Make your
sister cum!”

He groaned into my pussy. His mouth nibbled on my pussy lips before he
thrust his tongue deep into my cunt. I gasped, my breasts bounding. My
nipples ached. I shoved up my top, my hands stroking up my stomach. My
fingers caressed me, making me shiver.

My round breasts spilled out, plump and ripe, full of my breast milk. I
shuddered and squeezed them. Milk beaded my dusky nipples. The smell of
my creamy treat filled my nose, adding to my excitement as Clint feasted on

Footsteps padded down the hallway.

My pussy clenched. I ground my cunt on Clint’s hungry mouth as I heard
the footsteps coming closer and closer. I gazed to my right, peering at
the corner. A shadow stretched out before the person. I whimpered. Who
was it? A student? A teacher? A parent?

Who was about to catch us.

My orgasm swelled faster and faster. I squeezed and kneaded my round
breasts. I whimpered louder and louder. The person’s legs appeared. They
were moments from walking around the corner and witnessing my incestuous

“Eat my pussy, brother!” I gasped at the top of my lungs.

The figure stopped right before rounding the corner.

“Oh, yes, I’m going to cum on your mouth, brother!” I moaned. Every
time I said that word, that wonderful B word, my pussy grew hotter. “Ooh,
you’re such a stud! I love you, brother! I love you eating my cunt!”

My orgasm swelled faster and faster. I trembled, on the edge of cumming
as Clint’s tongue fluttered through my pussy. He swirled it through my
sheath, making me tremble. My whimpers burst out of my mouth. I couldn’t
contain my incestuous passion.

The person peeked around the corner, their head just sticking out just
enough to peer down the lockers at me. It was a girl, green eyes wide, her
black hair slipping off her shoulder. She gasped, her face young. I
stared at her, meeting her eyes, and smiled.

Becky Yates, fifteen like Alicia, a sophomore. I shuddered, my hips
wiggling from side to side. I gave her such a smile as my orgasm swelled
through me. My hands squeezed my tits, milk squirting from my nipples.

“I’m cumming, brother!” I screamed, letting her know who Clint truly

Her mouth widened as my orgasm screamed through my body. Pleasure
rippled through me. My hips wiggled from side to side. My juices gushed
out of my convulsing snatch. I whimpered, the pleasure caressing my
thoughts, stars of delight bursting across my vision.

Clint’s tongue lapping through my folds kept the waves of bliss washing
through my body. I gasped and groaned, grinding my cunt on Clint’s mouth.
His stubble teased my labia. My clit throbbed against him. I whimpered. I
moaned. It was so good.

“Yes, yes, yes, Clint!” I gasped, the locker rattling behind my
squirming body. “Oh, my god, eat me! Eat your sister’s cunt! Such a

My head banged back into the locker. I whimpered as the rapture peaked
in me. Clint feasted on me. His tongue fluttered through my petals. He
lapped up the juices flowing out of me. He stared up at me while Becky
watched us.

I felt her eyes staring at me.

“Oh, Clint, I need your cock in me!” I gasped. “I need my brother in

Brother, Becky mouthed.

Clint rose. He had such a glint in his dark eyes. My cream dripped
from his chin. I bathed him with my passion. I gasped as he seized me.
His lips claimed mine. I whimpered, my tongue flicking out, enjoying the
flavor of my sweet pussy. My hand shot down, diving into his unzipped fly.

I produced his cock.v

I guided him to my cunt, sliding him up my inner thigh. My pussy
clenched. I had one orgasm, but I needed another. I was greedy for them.
I wanted Becky to witness me exploding on my brother’s dick. His cock
neared my cunt, came closer and closer.

Nuzzled against my vulva.

“Melody!” growled Clint as he rammed into my pussy.

I whimpered, pinned against the locker, his dick penetrating my depths.
My juicy snatch gripped his cock. Waves of incestuous bliss washed through
my body. I clung to him, my arms wrapped about his neck. I hiked my legs,
gripping his hips, his hands clutching my ass.

He fucked me. Hard.

His balls smacked into my taint as his cock drove deep into my juicy
snatch. I squeezed down on him, loving the silky friction. Pleasure built
and built in me as he fucked me. He nibbled against my neck, lips strong,
sucking, loving me.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, brother!” I howled, my head turning, staring at

Crimson spilled across her cheeks. She clutched the corner of the wall
as she peered around it. It looked like she was trembling. She bit her
lip. My cunt clenched hard on my brother’s thrusting dick, my excitement
building so fast.

Clint growled into my throat as he fucked me. He sucked my neck while
my nipples throbbed against his chests. They ached as they drank in the
fabric of his t-shirt. My limbs tightened about my brother’s body. I
clung to him. Pleasure raced through my body, swelling my orgasm.

“I’m going to cum on your cock, brother!” I moaned. “Just keep fucking
me! Ooh, you’re stretching my pussy out!”

“Yes!” he growled, pumping harder. He slammed his cock so hard into me,
my pussy gripping him. “Let me feel that pussy convulse about my dick,

“Going to milky your cock dry!” I moaned. “You’re going to explode in
my pussy and breed me, brother!”

Breed… mouthed Becky.

“Fuck, Melody!” Clint growled, fucking me with all his passion. “You
want it bad.”

“So bad!” I shuddered. “Oh, Clint, I want your cum in me! I love it!”

My pussy clenched so hard about his dick. My clit throbbed every time
his crotch slammed into me. Becky’s green eyes drove me as wild as my
brother’s cock. My body trembled. My orgasm swelled and swelled in me.

Clint slammed into me.

I came.

I howled out in wordless rapture as the powerful ecstasy exploded in the
depths of my cunt. My pussy spasmed about his dick. My flesh writhed
about his incestuous shaft thrusting over and over into my depths. He
churned me as the bliss flowed through me.

Euphoria flooded my mind. It kept surging out of my cunt. Clint’s
dick, burying again and again into my cunt, kept my rapture alive. My
thighs squeezed about his waist while my pussy milked his cock.

“Cum in me, Clint!” I gasped, my mind drowning in ecstasy. Becky
watched me cumming on my brother’s dick. “Flood me with all that yummy

Clint rammed into me and grunted. His face twisted in pleasure. His
cum fired into my snatch. I groaned at that incestuous surge of spurting
heat. My pussy convulsed harder. My pleasure intensified as more and more
of his spunk filled me.

“Melody!” he growled. “God damn, your pussy’s hot.”

I just moaned, shuddering, my orgasm peaking. It dwindled in me. Our
lips met and kissed, our tongues danced together. I shivered in delight,
reveling in this wonderful moment. I held Clint to me. I didn’t want this
kiss to end. His cum was in me, his cock half-hard in my juicy pussy, my
nipples throbbing against his chest.

It felt so wonderful.

Clint broke the kiss, smiling. “You came hard.”

“Well, it’s nice to get fucked,” I said, putting a little bite into the

Clint chuckled and gave me another kiss.

It was a joke, I guess, but sometimes I could go days without him in me.
With our family–our moms, Pam’s mom, Pam, his two sisters, and my
sister–those Japanese twins and their mother, the two lesbians living with
us, and the free pokes Clint had with Mrs. Umayyah, her daughter, and
those three other whores they had, he was a little distracted. And there
was always other girls he was on the look for.

I missed him. I was supposed to be his queen, and…

“Come on,” Clint said, breaking the kiss. “Let’s go play with those
Japanese twins.”


Becky Yates

I shuddered, back pressed against the wall, my heart racing. I couldn’t
believe what I just watched. I heard rumors that he fucked his sister
Alicia, but to hear Melody claim to be his sister, too, sent… heat
billowing through me. I couldn’t believe they were just having sex in the
middle of the hallway.

It was so bold.

This school was getting so wild. It didn’t feel like this last year
when I was just a freshman. I mean, there was the scandal when Clint
started dating Pam and Melody, the two pregnant, and then Lee started
acting… interesting. But this year, it just felt like everyone was
whispering about incest.

Clint… inspired people.

I heard rumors that James, who shared my math class, had bred his
younger sister at the start of the year. And then to hear Melody beg to be
bred by Clint again had my pussy on fire. I whimpered, biting my lip.
This horny itch just surged through me.

I darted away from Clint and Melody as they kissed coming down from
their orgasmic high. I darted into the nearby girl’s restroom. I slammed
through the swinging door and raced for the farthest stall.

I’d never been so horny before. The moment I slammed the door, I was
reaching beneath my skirt to pull down my sea-green panties. They bunched
around my ankles as I sat down on the cold toilet seat. I didn’t care. I
was too hot to truly feel it. I leaned back and thrust my hands between my

I masturbated at school.

What was wrong with me? Why was I doing this? It was so naughty,
something a slut like Melody or Lee would do.

A slut who fucked her brother in the middle of the hallway.

My fingers rubbed through my black bush and found the virgin lips of my
pussy. I whimpered as I stroked myself. My eyes squeezed shut as the
pleasure surged through me. I could still see Melody pinned to the locker
as she guided Clint’s thick cock between her thighs. He looked so big.

Did my brother have a cock that big?

I squeezed my eyes shut, hearing Melody’s moan as Clint rammed into her.
Her head tossed, her blonde braids shifting against her shoulders. Her
naked breasts pressed against his chest as he kissed her, fucking her. He
held her, her thighs wrapped about his waist, his hands groping her ass.
He fucked her so hard.

Did my brother fuck that hard?

I pictured Tim in my mind. He was a senior like Clint and Melody.
Tall. With black hair and green eyes like me. He wasn’t as muscular as
Clint. He had a leaner build, perfect for swimming. He had a boyish
handsomeness to his face, a smile that always made my insides twist.

I’d seen him in his speedo enough times, his body almost unveiled to me.
I pictured him standing before me in that speedo, the rubber suit clinging
to his bulging dick. It was swelling hard as he watched me rub my virgin

“Am I making you hard, Tim?” I imagined myself saying, sinking into my
incestuous fantasy. “Do you like watching me rub my pussy.”

He shrugged in that nonchalant way he had, that carefree attitude. He
didn’t care what people thought about him. Some people gave him a hard
time for shaving his legs and chest, but he did it for the swim team.

Did he shave his balls?

“I must be getting you hard?” I moaned, rubbing faster at my pussy, my
juices flowing so much today. My fingers were already soaked, and the
fresh aroma filled my nose. I rubbed harder at my thick lips peeking
through my pubic hair. “I can see you. You’re bulging your speedo.”

“Guess you are making me hard, kiddo,” he said. “But, look at you…
Just masturbating right before me. You’re like that slut, Melody.”

I quivered. I never imagined that word in my fantasy. But thinking
about my brother calling me slut the way Clint called Melody sent a hot
shudder through me. I wiggled my hips, the toilet seat groaning beneath my
rump. The fingers of both my hands rubbed my thick labia. I stroked the
folds between my thumb and fingers, massaging them.

I groaned, imagining Tim shoving down his speedo. His cock thrust out
hard, this fleshy shaft that looked so much like Clint’s. It bobbed before
me. He grasped it, stroking it, masturbating with me. I gasped, my toes

I felt like such a slut now.

A little sister-slut.

“Yes, yes, I did make you hard, Tim!” I groaned. “Ooh, and now you need
to cum. You can use me… You can… you can fuck me, Tim.”

“You sure, kiddo?” he asked, stroking his cock.

I whimpered, massaging my labia harder. “Yes! I want that so badly! I
want to be your slut!”

Thinking those words made my virgin pussy clench. This heat built deep
inside me. My hymen kept me from reaching in and scratching it, but I
imagined Tim’s cock doing it. My fingers flew up and down my slit, sending
flutters through me as I pictured his dick coming closer and closer to my

He nuzzled against me.

I gasped the way Melody did. “Tim!” I breathed. “Oh, Tim, yes!”

Fantasy and reality blurred together as I masturbated my pussy faster
and faster. I brushed my clit, sparks shooting through my pussy. I
pictured Tim’s dick slamming through my cherry and burying into my cunt’s

“Kiddo, you’re so tight!” he groaned, his sexy, hairless chest over me.

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, my hands rubbing up and down his chest. I imagined
what he would feel like. So different from my soft, small breasts. I felt
his strength as I tried to imagine what his dick would feel like pumping
into my pussy. “Fuck me, brother! Breed me!”

Thinking those words sent a sharp surge of rapture out of my pussy. My
cunt clenched. I bucked on the toilet, my orgasm threatening to explode
through me already. My moans echoed through the stall. My legs spasmed.

“Tim!” I moaned. “Breed me, Tim!”

“Yes, Kiddo!” he groaned, thrusting so hard into me, fucking me the way
Clint fucked Melody.

My digits rubbed my clit. I pinched my little bud between thumb and
forefinger. Pleasure spiked through me. In my imagination, Tim fired his
cum into me. My pussy clenched as the incestuous fantasy burned through my

I climaxed.

I gasped out, my voice echoing through the restroom. The heat surged
through my body. It filled me with euphoric delight. I whimpered at how
naughty it felt. How depraved I was to even imagine something this wicked.

I loved it.

I drank in the pleasure. My fingers rubbed my clit and thick labia hard
and fast. More and more of my juices spilled out of me. My fresh musk
filled my nose. The heady scent made me groan as dizzy rapture rippled
through my mind.

“Tim!” I screamed as my pleasure peaked in me.

I panted, my legs thrust out before me as I leaned back on the toilet
seat. My fingers rubbed at my buzzing labia. I breathed through my nose
and exhaled through my mouth, great, panting expulsions of air. My entire
body tingled.

“Wow,” I groaned. “Oh, wow.”

I wish I had Melody’s courage. Not only did she fuck her brother, but
she did it where the world could see. She was lucky. Her brother saw her
as a woman, not as a child.

Clint didn’t call Melody “kiddo.”


Melody Samuels

Three days after Clint fucked me in the hallway, and I was so horny
again. I had had sex–lots of sex–but not with a man. Not with my
brother. My lover. My king. I used our subjects. I enjoyed those
naughty lesbians, Juana and her sister-slave Carmelita, and I had fun with
Pam and Alicia, Zoey and her girlfriend Stefani. I even had a hot time
with that slut Layla Umayyah at school yesterday after PE.

But I hadn’t gotten what I needed from Clint. He had his sex slaves,
Pam, Zoey and Stefani, those Japanese twins down the street and their MILF
mother all to enjoy. I had to share him. He had all these women who loved
his dick, too.

I just wished my pussy wasn’t so hot all the time.

I needed to do something depraved. Something naughty. I shuddered as I
stalked across the school parking lot. Clint’s car was parked at the far
end of the parking lot. We never got a good parking space because we
usually got to school right before it started; a harem of horny women took
time to get ready in the morning.

Pam waited there. My Japanese half-sister and girlfriend leaned against
the car. She was such a beautiful woman. I got why Clint enjoyed the
Mihara twins and their mother: Asian girls, especially Japanese ones, were
just so cute and succulent. Their slanted eyes, that pale-olive skin,
their silky hair… They were just scrumptious.

“You look naughty, Melody,” Pam said as I sauntered up to her, the
gravel crunching against my feet.

“Mmm, I want to have some fun,” I told her and pulled a thick, red
vibrator out of my purse connected by a long cord to a control box. “I’m
so horny, Pam.”

She arched a thin, black eyebrow at me, her petite body shivering. “You
don’t mean to masturbate… here?”

I nodded my head.

She looked around. “So you don’t want my help?”

“Of course I do. Do you see anyone else around?” I asked. “Clint’s
having a ‘meeting’ with Mrs. Umayyah and Lee while Alicia got a ride home
with my mom. It’s just you and me.”

Pam licked her lips. “It won’t be long until we’re home, Melody.”

I shook my head, stopping right before her, my lips spread. “Right
here, right now.”

“There are still cars in the parking lot,” she groaned, glancing down at
it. “People could find us.”

“And?” I asked, hiking my skirt up my thighs, exposing more and more of
my pale flesh. Though it was December, it wasn’t that cold out. And what
I had planned would keep me warm. “That makes it hotter.”

“Melody,” Pam said, biting her lip and casting her head around. “I’m
not going to fuck you with the vibrator out in public.”

“That’s fine,” I said and brought the thick sex toy to my cunt. I
shivered, rubbing it against my tight slit, enjoying the feel of it
nuzzling at my folds. “I’ll fuck myself.”

“Oh, so you are just going to masturbate?” she asked, hugging herself,
stretching her sweater over her round breasts. They were such lush tits,
her pregnancy last year swelling them a little larger, making them a little

“You’re going to help,” I groaned as I shoved the vibrator into my cunt.


I whimpered as I slid the toy deeper and deeper into my pussy. I
groaned, wiggling my hips. I threw a look around, wishing to see someone
wandering through the parking lot, witnessing my naked ass on display, the
toy vanishing into my cunt.

“Melody, how am I supposed to help?” she asked once I had the toy buried
to the hilt in me. It felt so good in me, almost as good as Clint’s dick.
It had his girth and length, my cunt squeezing down on it.

I slapped the control box in her hand. “There. Drive me wild.”

She sighed, her olive cheeks blushing dark. She swallowed, looking
around. There were a few cars close to us but no people around. What a
pity. Her fingers stroked up the box. It had simple controls. On and off
button and two arrows to increase or decrease the vibration.

She pressed the on button.

“Pam!” I moaned and dropped to my knees before her. I grabbed her legs
for support as the vibrator hummed away in me. The buzzing massaged my
pussy walls, sweeping delight through my body. “Oh, thank you, Pam.”

“You’re welcome,” she said, sighing. She bit her lip, looking around.
“Do you have to kneel in front of me?”

“Why?” I asked, staring up at her, not hiding the smile crossing my
lips. “Afraid people will think I’m going down on you?”

She shuddered, her cheeks blushing darker. She shifted against the
fender of Clint’s car. “Yes. You know I’m not as comfortable… in

My hands slid up her thighs, loving the feel of her tight leggings
against my hands. I slipped beneath her skirt, reaching higher and higher.
“But I need to thank you for controlling the vibrator in my pussy.”

“Oh, no,” she groaned as my fingers gathered the material of her tights
in my hands. I tugged. “Please, don’t.”

“Oh, I’m going to thank you so hard, Pam,” I purred, drawing down her
leggings inch by inch. “I’m going to make you explode.”

“You’re as bad as Lee sometimes,” she protested.

“We are sisters,” I groaned, pulling her tights down to her knees now. I
leaned my head between her thighs, staring up at the shadowy recess beneath
her skirt.

“So are we,” Pam said, her voice growing tighter as I nuzzled my face up
beneath her skirt.

“So, you should be soaking wet and…” My words trailed off as I
inhaled, breathing in her tart musk. “You are.”

“But we’ll get caught,” she groaned even as she turned up the vibration.

My pussy clenched on the buzzing toy. “That’s why you’re going to cum
so hard.”

I pressed my lips into her trimmed bush. Her wet, silky strands
caressed my mouth, cheeks, and chin before I found her thick labia. I
rubbed against her juicy folds, her tart cream coating my lips and
trickling into my mouth. I whimpered, pleasure rippling through my body.

She gasped as my tongue swiped through her pussy lips. I gathered her
juices, reveling in the flavor of them, the incestuous thrill of going down
on my sister in the middle of the parking lot. I needed this so badly.

“You’re so bad, Melody,” whimpered Pam.

She increased the vibrator a third time.

“Oh, yes, you’re so bad. You’re going to get us in trouble but… Ooh,
yes, yes, yes! I love your tongue.”

“I love you,” I moaned.

“Love you, too,” Pam gasped.

I worshiped my girlfriend, my sister, with all my passion. With my head
buried beneath her skirt, I couldn’t tell if anyone approached us. It made
this even naughtier. I felt so exposed as I feasted on her cunt. My
tongue lapped through her tart folds while the vibrator churned my pussy
towards a hot, frothy explosion.

Juices ran down my thighs. My cunt clenched again and again on the
buzzing shaft. It stimulated my inner flesh. My nerves conducted the
rapture throughout my body. My hands, still clutching Pam’s thighs,
squeezed about her while my tongue fluttered through her folds. The
delight reached my mind, melting my thoughts.

I jammed my tongue deep into her pussy. She gasped and squirmed,
rubbing her silky bush against my cheeks and chin. Her moans resounded
through the air. She would attract attention. Someone would watch our
lesbian incest.

“Melody!” Pam groaned.

The toy reached its peak buzzing setting.

The vibrations rippled through my snatch. I moaned into her pussy,
fucking my tongue in and out of her depths. Her tart juices poured into my
mouth while I shuddered. I wiggled my tongue around inside of her as the
toy drove me towards my orgasm.

The car’s shocks groaned as she writhed against me. She ground her
pussy on my face, whimpering in delight. Her juices trickled down my chin,
ran down my neck. Her incestuous passion soaked my face as I drove her
closer and closer to her orgasm.

“Oh, Melody, yes!” she groaned. “Ooh, you’re going to make me explode
in public.”

“Good,” I whimpered. “Don’t fight it, Pam. Cum on my face. Shower me
with your cream.”

“Yes!” she moaned.

My tongue swiped up through her folds. I brushed her clit. She jumped
as I swirled my tongue about her little bud. I played with it, batting it
over and over again. Then I sucked on it. Her moans grew, resounding
through the parking lot.

Letting the world know how good I was at eating pussy.

I hoped people were watching us. Students or teachers just drifting out
of the school and finding us enjoying our sapphic incest. My pussy
clenched about the toy buzzing away in my cunt. I shuddered, the pleasure
swelling and swelling in me.

I ached to be watched. To have my naughty behavior witnessed by
strangers. I wanted them to know how much I loved my boyfriend, my
girlfriend, my little princess, and my sex slaves. I wanted them to see
how wild our family was.

“Melody!” Pam whimpered as I sucked at her clit. “Oh, Melody… I…

She squealed out in delight. Her body trembled above me. Tasty, tart
pussy cream flooded my mouth and poured down my neck. I shuddered, my
pussy clenching down on the buzzing toy, drinking in the humming delight as
I feasted on her climaxing cunt. My tongue danced across her folds, giving
her more and more pleasure.

“Oh, Melody, this is… I’m cumming in the parking lot! Oh, you’re so
wild! Oh, yes, yes, yes!”

Her moans shuddered through me. I whimpered and squeezed her thighs.
Stars danced before my eyes as the buzzing bliss swelled in my cunt. I
groaned, my entire body trembling as my pussy grew tighter and tighter.

The toy drove me to my rapture. My orgasm burst inside of me. My pussy
writhed about the humming toy, rippling delight washing out of me. I
trembled. I moaned into my sister’s furred muff. She shuddered with me,
grinding her hot flesh on my mouth as my brain melted into ecstasy.

“Oh, Pam, yes!” I gasped, my pussy convulsing on the humming toy.

The buzzing delight sent rippling delight after rippling delight surging
through my body. My orgasm screamed higher and higher, lifting me to such
heady delights. I sucked so hard on her clit, clinging to her thighs as
the pleasure burst over and over in me.

“Melody!” Pam gasped. “Oh, god, Melody, someone’s coming.”

“Good!” I screamed.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Pam maned, bucking as more of her tart juices flooded
out of her cunt.

I squeezed my eyes shut and drank in the exhibitionist delight. I heard
the footsteps crunching across the parking lot. I whimpered, hoping they
saw me feasting on Pam’s cunt. My orgasm peaked as the footsteps stopped
by me.

The sex toy turned off.

I ripped my head out from beneath Pam’s skirt, turning to face who
watched us and… “Clint!”

“Damn,” Clint said, standing nearby, watching. Lee was beside him, her
face dripping with his jizz. My little sister clutched her belly, grown
round with her pregnancy. She was our sex slave and got off on being used
and humiliated. “That was hot.”

“Mmm, did it inspire you?” I asked, rising, pussy juices dripping down
my face. My pussy tingled as it clutched at the shifting sex toy. “You
can fuck me right here.”

Clint groaned. “I can’t. I need to get to the drugstore. My shift
starts in fifteen minutes. I got to drop you and Lee off at home then
hurry over there.”

“Oh, yeah,” I said, forgetting it was Pam and Clint’s shift at the
drugstore Mrs. Hiragawa, Pam’s mother and one of Clint’s sex slaves,
owned. We all worked there for free to help keep her labor costs down so
she had more money to help support our expanding family. “Besides, I need
to nurse our daughters. I bet they’re missing a real nipple.”

“I know I am,” Clint said, giving me a lusty grin.

Stefani and Zoey, who worked nights as strippers, were watching Clint’s
babies while we were at school. I swallowed my disappointment at missing
out on having fun with Clint. We had to be responsible. It just sucked
because I doubted I would get to enjoy Clint at all today. He would give
Mrs. Hiragawa a poke at work and probably share her with Pam.

Maybe tomorrow Clint would find time for his queen.

I shuddered in the passenger seat of my brother’s car, watching Clint
and his women drive off. Once again, Melody was so bold. I trembled as I
watched her eat out Pam’s cunt right there in the middle of the parking

Well, I watched until the windows fogged up.

My pussy was so hot. I wanted to masturbate so badly. Melody was so
bold, so fearless. I wanted to be like her so badly. I wanted to seize my
pleasure and enjoy myself. To just climb onto Tim’s lap and make him seem
me as a blossoming woman, not as a child.

I squeaked when the driver door squeaked open, the car rocking. “Hey,
kiddo.” Tim climbed into the driver seat. “Sorry I’m late. Got held up by
Coach…” He looked at the windshields. “Geez, what did you do to fog
everything up?”

“Nothing,” I blushed, my pussy on fire. I was such a chicken. “I was
just sitting here, waiting on you.”

He shook his head, peering at the windshield. “Okay, kiddo. You say

I blushed even more. Melody would just kiss him. She would crawl onto
Tim’s lap, grind her pussy on his cock, and ride him hard. She wouldn’t
let anything stand in the way of her desires. But me… I just buckled up
my seatbelt as my brother backed out of the parking spot and drove us home.

How could I become like Melody? There had to be a way. Maybe… I
could talk to her?
To be continued…

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