My Son, My Lover and I

My girlfriend shared her fantasy with me, and it was one
I wanted to see, too. She wanted to take the virginity of
my twenty-year-old son, Rudy. I was right there watching
as my well-built and well-hung son went from boyhood to
manhood at the hands of my own hot lover.

One of the most erotic, sexually satisfying experiences I
have ever had was with my girlfriend and my son. In
college, my friend and I had a three way with a girl but
it was nothing like this.

My girlfriend Tess, who was ten years younger that me,
enjoyed wild sex, and after a particularly satisfying
session, she said she wanted to share a fantasy with me.
She wanted to fuck my twenty-year-old son.

Now Rudy is a very good-looking boy, and I am proud of
him. I raised him on my own and we’ve always been open
about everything. He was still a virgin and I wanted his
first sexual experience to be a memorable one. I knew
Tess could give it to him.

The thought of my boy losing his virginity to this
tigress in bed got me all excited. Tess thought it would
be fun if I was there too and I had to agree. We decided
it would be the next night. After dinner, Tess went to
our bedroom and I sat down with Rudy. I told him what we
had planned and at first he seemed shy and embarrassed.

I assured him everything was ok and that I would be there
too. I told him I didn’t want his first sex to be rushed
or f****d and I knew that Tess would make it memorable
for him. By the time we finished talking, Rudy was
totally excited. I looked at my son, who still had very
boyish features and yet I knew he was ready to become a
man. He didn’t seem to mind that I wanted to be in the
room with them.

In fact, he really wanted to perform in front of me. We
went to our bedroom and Tess was lying on the bed in sexy
lingerie. She stood up, walked over to Rudy, and
unbuttoned and removed his shirt. My son is well built
for 15 and his smooth, muscled chest was bronzed from the
sun. Tess was already hungry for him, I could tell.

She unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and his jeans
dropped to the floor. He wasn’t wearing shoes so he just
stepped out of his pants and was standing in front of
Tess in only his white cotton briefs. His thighs and
calves were also well built and dark and I was so proud
that this boy was mine.

I was already hard in anticipation of what was going to
happen to him. Tess was also taken in by the sexiness of
his almost bare body. She pulled the lingerie up and off.
That magnificent body that has given me so much pleasure
was now being offered to my virgin teenage boy.

His eyes were transfixed on her. She stepped toward him
and wrapped her arms around him. Rudy is 5’6″ while Tess
is 5’2″. Her 36DD breasts were pressed firmly against his
bare chest and I can only imagine the thrill of that
sensation to him. She offered her lips to him and he
gladly responded.

Soon their tongues were entwined and Tess made the next
move to complete the erotic sight unfolding before me.
She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of his briefs and
tugged them downward. She had to free his penis, which
was holding them up from easy removal. Again, my son
pleasantly surprised me.

My first view of his erect penis showed me that he was
endowed with a thick eight inches…not bad for an
adolescent! Tess pressed her leg up against Rudy’s
throbbing unit, still French kissing him and rubbing her
hands on his smooth buttocks. My son’s and my lover’s
nude bodies were wrapped together in a passionate pose
right before my eyes.

Their bodies were both nearly perfect and I couldn’t wait
for the next scene to develop. Tess licked Rudy’s ear
lobe while whispering that she wanted to get on the bed
with him. She laid down first then said, “Now I’m going
to teach you how to please a woman.” She invited me to
join in when necessary.

First, Tess offered her breast to Rudy. He brought his
lips to her dark brown areola and Tess asked him to
gently bite on her nipple. Rudy wasn’t quite sure what
she meant so I went to her other breast and showed my son
how to perform this foreplay. By now, Tess was in heaven.
Both her nipples were being simultaneously licked and

My head was right next to my son’s, buried on a pair of
magnificent bare breasts. How I wished this had happened
to me when I was 15. I was so happy for Rudy and I
reached my hand over and gently stroked his back as he
worked on Tess’ nipple. Rudy’s skin was so young it was
almost as soft as Tess’. After a few minutes of this
pleasure I knew the next step to bring Tess to orgasm. By
now, she was on the brink anyway.

I went between Tess’ legs and taught Rudy how to eat her
out. Although I wanted to suck her juices out myself, I
was going to leave that thrill to my boy. He opened his
mouth over her shaved slit and inserted his tongue the
way I showed him. I could tell by Tess’ reaction that I
had taught him well. Of course, by now I was as horny as
hell and Tess could see it.

Watching my teenage boy’s face buried in Tess’ beautiful
pussy was driving me crazy. All I could see was the back
of his streaked blond hair bobbing up and down. I
stripped off the rest of my clothes and Tess motioned me
over to her. First, though, she emitted a primal scream
that I recognized as her orgasmic moan. Rudy had made her

Neither of us wanted him to stop eating her out. Tess was
still enjoying him and I needed time for her to relieve
me. I stood next to her face and she leaned over and took
me in her mouth. It didn’t take long for me to shoot my
load. Rudy was buried nose deep in her pussy and was
completely to what was happening above him. When Rudy
finally raised his head, his mouth and chin was covered
with her cum. “you made me feel great, Rudy.” She said.
He smiled then saw me standing naked with my dripping

“Son, now it’s time for this to happen to you.” I said.

Tess instructed him to lie on his back and she sat up
next to him. Then she began to sensually massage his bare
body. Many nights I have enjoyed this activity. She
started on his legs and worked up to his thighs. She
teased him by brushing his hard cock and I though he
might just blow right there. She wasn’t ready for that,
though. She moved to his shoulders and arms and then
concentrated on his chest.

I was so happy knowing what Rudy was going to experience
next. Tess is the absolute queen of nipple stimulation.
For the next few minutes she kissed and licked both of
Rudy’s nipples and his face was so contented. His
pectoral muscles were tight and I know how much Tess
enjoys a good-looking male chest.

Whenever Rudy would walk around the house shirtless, Tess
always had her eyes on him. Now she was getting what I
knew she had always wanted. And it was just fine with me.
Tess left Rudy’s little brown nipples both hard and erect
and then her mouth went for the main course. Rudy’s cock
was twitching and I knew he would never last very long
once Tess started on him.

No sooner did she begin to twirl her tongue around his
tip that he erupted with a spurt of cum that saturated
her face. I know how much Tess enjoys watching a guy cum,
so she backed off and stroked Rudy as he continued to
shoot gobs of his love cream straight up into the air. I
had forgotten the force behind a teenager’s ejaculation.
I was mesmerized watching my son cum and knowing the
absolute pleasure he was feeling.

He kept purring the words, “oh, yes” as Tess milked him

By the time he finished, much of his tan bell and chest
was splattered with white droplets of teenage semen. My
boy was doing great! Tess lovingly cleaned him off with
her tongue, telling him what a good boy he was. When she
finished, she took him in her arms and they resumed their
French kissing.

Rudy wrapped his arms around her too, and their sexy nude
bodies made quite a sight on that bed. Tess was rubbing
her foot all up and down Rudy’s legs She was also moving
her breasts against his chest, and all that stimulation
had the same effect on my son as it does on me. His cock
sprang back to life very quickly. (Ah, to be 15 again!)

Now, despite the intense orgasm she had earlier, nothing
pleases Tess more than having a cock in her pussy. Rudy
was about to experience that most fantastic of all
feelings for the first time. I have to admit, I was
almost as excited as he was. When my boy became an
adolescent, I would often look at his young body, which
was usually clad only in shorts in our warm climate, and
imagine him having sex.

Now that image was unfolding for real right before my
eyes. I envied my boy as he mounted my own sexy
girlfriend, who was dying to experience this sexy young
teenager for herself.

“Oh Rudy, fuck me!” she exclaimed as she guided his cock
to her pussy. He shifted so his knees were between her
legs and he got up on his arms. Tess likes to take it
slow so she rubbed his cock along her slit as few times
before she guided him in.

I watched as my boy’s virgin cock disappeared into Tess’
honey pot. She controlled his thrusting and I could
easily see that they were both enjoying the experience.
Tess crossed her legs at the ankles above him, which
further tightened her grip on his body and her pussy on
his dick. It also gave me a wide-open view of my boy
thrusting his meat into Tess’ sweetness.

Rudy buried his cock into her up to the balls on each
thrust. I knew just how she was tightening her pussy
muscles around him and how good he was feeling right then
and there. Tess was moaning loudly, for she knew just how
to make sure that her clit was receiving maximum
stimulation from Rudy’s teenage eight inches. The wetness
was welling around his shaft as he continued his
thrusting, causing it to shine as it slid in and out of

I knew Tess was just seconds away from orgasm. I moved
right next to the bed and laid my chin on it, just inches
from where Rudy and Tess were joined at the genitals. The
smell of sex was intoxicating at that close range. Tess’
juices were dripping down from her plugged slit and on to
her ass and the blanket below them. I hadn’t been this
close to his cock, balls and ass since I changed his
diapers as a baby.

Well, Rudy was certainly no longer a baby. Babies can’t
fuck, but twenty-year-old boys sure can! And mine was
having a great time. Tess was bucking her hips as Rudy
continued his attack on her pussy. In a high-pitched wail
she moaned “oh, God!” and came with a vengeance.

Even though it was his first time, Rudy knew exactly what
he was doing to her. “Oh Rudy, you’re great!” Tess moaned
and I know my boy was proud. Tess then concentrated on
milking another ejaculation out of Rudy. She reached down
and began to massage his balls as he continued thrusting
into her. She worked her fingers around the base of his
shaft and then into his ass. At the same time she raised
her face to his chest and began licking his nipples

Little Rudy didn’t stand a chance! He yelled “oh fuck,
yes!” as he slammed his cock into Tess and began cumming
for the first time in a pussy.

My eyes were glued on his penis, and I could clearly see
the bulge of cum sliding up the underside of his cock as
it made its journey out of him and into her. My son’s
cock continued to pulsate as his teenage cum burst into
my own lover’s body. I lost my view of his shaft as Rudy
buried it balls deep into Tess, panting and whimpering as
his boyhood disappeared into a hot, 26 year old cunt.

Rudy withdrew, and a river of cum, both his and hers,
flowed from her and on to the bed. He saw me lying there
and smiled at me, and all I could do was rub my hand on
his head like I used to when he was a little boy. He
always knew that was my sign of affection for him. He
rolled off Tess and lay next to her.

By now, my own cock was as stiff as steel and I needed
relief, too. Tess was lying there in a post-coital glow,
but her dripping pussy looked like it needed more
fucking. She gladly accepted my as I took the place where
my son had just lost his twenty year old virginity.

I rammed into Tess but closed my eyes, envisioning my son
having this same experience only minutes before. I came
with a force that I never had before, and my cum mingled
with my son’s deep inside of Tess’ wonderful body. I know
many would never approve of what I did for my son, but
I’m comfortable with what happened and I have no regrets.

Tess and I are as tight as ever, but I have no problem
with her also enjoying Rudy. Once in a while we have a
three-way, but usually our sex with Tess is one on one.
Rudy is really enjoying his 15th year, and I couldn’t be
happier for him. What a great boy, excuse me, young man,
he is!

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