My Step-Mom And Our Freinds

I watched my step-mom as she walked through the living room, heading for the kitchen to get dinner ready. I was just about to turn nineteen, and had just gotten home for the summer break after being away for my first year at college. Alice is thirty-seven. My late father, who passed away when I was a high school Junior, married her when I was twelve. My real mom was an alcoholic, and she passed away when I was a fifth grader. Now, it’s just me and Alice in this big house.

She really is a real good looking woman, and I wondered if she dated while I was away. My skinny six-three one hundred sixty pound frame still dwarfs her five-two and one-hundred ten pound frame. She has long, brown hair, and her chest is average, maybe the size of softballs. Her body had some great curves on it, and I always enjoyed watching those curves as she moved through the house. Now I wasn’t innocent! I had had a few girlfriends in high school, and I had gotten lucky a few times with some girls at college, but nothing serious ever developed out of it.

Anyway, first day back, and she was glad to see me upon my return. During dinner she told me all the news from the area, and I told her what I did at my first year at college. I blushed as she asked questions about me and the opposite sex. With me saying that yes, I did sample the female flesh. But no, there was no one that has latched onto me. But after dinner, I couldn’t help but notice that the whole time, she kept asking me more about my sex life. Not directly mind you, but in a non-invasive way.

I was sitting down to watch a ballgame, when she brought me out a beer, and her one as well, and she sat down on the couch next to me and we drank and watched. Five innings went by, and we never talked, save for when she asked if I wanted another. I said sure, and she got up and went into the kitchen to grab another round. I watched as she walked. Her fine, round ass moving sensuously as her hips swayed as she walked. I felt my pecker start to rise, and seeing her coming back in with our next beer, I put my hand over the rising tent in my jeans.

I was surprised at myself, getting aroused at looking at her body. And I saw her look down at my hand, as it tried covering my rapidly expanding tent. She grinned, handing me a beer, and sitting back down. And I couldn’t help but notice, she was now sitting a bit closer to me. And her perfume, I noticed it earlier, and now it was really smelling great. Sort of overpowering my libido. It felt like I could feel my testosterone racing through my veins, and all the while, I’m telling myself it’s my step-mom. It was the seventh inning stretch, and I raised my arms above me, stretching my legs out as well.

And I about shit, as Alice stretched out on the couch, only length wise, her head ending up on my thigh, with the back of her shoulders on my groin. Oh man, I felt like my cock was going to burst, feeling her warm flesh through the fabric of our clothing. She grinned up at me, as she said “Something’s poking me in the back.”

I smiled, not sure why, but I answered her by saying “Well, go see what it is!”

I watched, mesmerized, as she rolled over, and undid my fly. Her hand reached in, and it felt warm as it tugged my cock free. Soon she had her lips wrapped about it, and was bobbing up and down as I reached underneath and pushed her shirt up over her boobs, and started joyfully grabbing some tit. I groaned out “Oh my god!” as she sucked my cock, my hands squeezing her bobbies hard, enjoying her flesh in my hands. And I grunted loudly as my cock spasmed, splattering it’s seed into the back of her mouth. She didn’t even gag, as she swallowed it all, even sucking until the last remnants escaped down her throat.

She pushed herself up, releasing my hard cock from her mouth, and then her hand. She stood before me, and peeled her shirt off, then her shorts and panties. Smiling, she climbed on to my lap, facing me, and I sucked her right nipple into my mouth. I felt her reach down and grab my cock, her hips lifting, then falling, impaling herself onto my shaft. Oh god, it was incredible! I couldn’t believe how tight her hot, slick cunt felt as she started milking my cock with her vaginal muscles. I held onto her waist as she rode, and I suckled her stiff, hard nipples. Alternating form one to the other. And occasionally kissing her neck, face and lips.

Her breathing was getting labored, and I could feel her body jerking hard, up and down on my shaft, before she pulled my face to hers, locking her lips to mine as she cried out into my mouth, her cunt slamming down hard as she erupted in a good, hard cum. Our arms wrapped about each other, holding on tightly, as her fantastic tits pressed into my chest.

Oh yeah, this is better than heaven. And a lot better than jacking my meat in the shower. Our hot flesh was cooling off, and her breathing was becoming more normal, as she stood up, my thick, hard cock making a plopping sound as it fell from her tight hole and slammed hard against my flat stomach. She reached for my hands and I let her help me to my feet and she then turned me around. She sat down, and pulled me down to her. I kissed her sweet lips, before moving down her body quickly, moving my face to her twat. The scent her juices gave off was inspiring, as I licked her well-fucked hole, before inserting a pair of fingers as my tongue went for her large clit. She groaned as I licked, her hands grabbing the top of my head and pulling my mouth tightly against her sex. I alternated between nibbling and tonguing the little man, as her juices flowed out onto my hand.

Her orgasm soon came, and it didn’t stop, as I felt her cunt clamp down on my fingers over and over, all the while as I suckled her little nub. She finally said with a gasp “Oh shit, get up here and fuck me!”

I chuckled, as I removed my glazed face from her wet crotch, and got to my feet. She pulled her legs up with her hands, and spread her legs wide, her pink hole winking at me as in initiation. I smiled at the sight, as I grabbed my cock, and crouched down, leaning my pecker into her. Every inch felt great, as I eased on in, both of groaning with pleasure. I was just able to reach her lips with mine, as I began my good, hard fuck of her willing cunt.

I wasn’t sure how long I plowed her tight snatch. It felt like forever, and I was enjoying every minute of it. She kept grunting as my pounding cock kept it’s assault, and my thumb riding her clit helped her to get off a few times at least, until I finally felt that wonderful feeling of my nuts tightening up as the cum race though my shaft and discharged deep into her womb.

My body collapsed backwards, with me landing on my back on the thick carpet, and she coming with me, ending up on top of me with my cock still firmly snug in her hot cunt. I was surprised at me still having a raging hardon, but she seemed happy about it, as she gently rode my cock, my hands on her wonderful tits, feeling the fine texture of them. She pulled her knees forward, and then moved her feet so that she was now squatting over me as I held onto her tits. Then she started sliding her cunt up and down my hard cock, slow at first, but eventually her twat was a blur, as I watched my cock disappear and reappear in and out of her tight twat. Her swollen pussy lips were a sight, stretching wide to accept my meat. I could feel my cum starting to rise, and her pussy was feeling tighter with every time she slammed her cunt down the length of my shaft. And then, her whole body rose up, staid still for a second, then her body slammed down hard, as she cried out loudly, her scream echoing off the walls of the room, as I groaned, my cock throbbing hard as I emptied my load up into her hot, steamy cunt. She collapsed onto my chest, as we kissed each other with a long, soulful kiss, our lips and tongues twisting about, enjoying the afterglow of a good, mutual cum.

She then pushed herself up, and then got to her feet, my semi-hard cock flopping out of her cunt and landing on my belly. She smiled as she looked at it, saying “Come on, let’s go to my bedroom where it’ll be more comfortable.”

I didn’t need any encouragement, as I was quickly following her to her bedroom, picking her up from behind when we got to her bedroom door, as she laughed as I carried her on in and we crashed onto the bed. For the next three hours, we fucked until I came, sucked until she came or I was hard, and then repeated the process over and over.

I woke in the morning to the sound of the shower running in the master bath. It took a few moments for me to remember where I was, as the nights activities flooded my mind, causing me to smile. Then I wondered if she was going to regret this happening. After all, I am her step-son. I got out of bed, my hard and happily somewhat sore cock pointing the way, and walked into the bathroom, ready to find out if she was still willing. I pulled back the shower curtain and poked my head in, and saw her smiling face as the water flowed down over her shapely tits. Tits that I thoroughly enjoyed all damn night.

She looked at my waving cock, and grinned, turned around and bent over, saying over her shoulder, “Well, no use wasting it!”

I chuckled, as I climbed in and lined up my prick, and sank it into her very tight cunt, her groaning all the while until my cock was buried in her hot box. She was bracing her hands against the wall underneath the showerhead, the spray from which was hitting her back. I reached down and underneath her, to grab a hold of her hanging breasts, milking them as I started pounding her cunt with my hard shaft.

It didn’t take long for her quivering cunt to make me grunt as I filled her up with my seed. As I stepped back, she turned around, and dropped down in a squat and grabbed my cock, proceeding to clean my spent meat of our combined juices. Then she stood back up, and we embraced, as I felt her boobies pressing into my flesh. I chuckled, asking “I guess last night wasn’t a dream.”

She laughed, “No big boy. It wasn’t a dream. And I’ve been waiting for a long time to bounce your bones.”

Really?” I asked.

She stepped back away from me, and reached down. I watched intently, as her fingers pulled her pussy lips apart, and as she let my cum drain from her cunt, she said “Oh yeah. Ever since last summer. And I’ve got some more surprises for you.”

I grinned, “Like what?”

She just smiled, before squeezing her wet body by me to exit the shower, saying “You’ll have to wait. Now get cleaned up. I’ve work for you to do about the house now that you’re home.”

As she got out and closed the curtain, I saw her form through it grabbing a towel and start to dry off, as I said “If I’ll be working, why do I need a shower?”

She snickered, saying “Just do it.” She moved on out of the bathroom, leaving me to my own devices. Once done, I climbed out of the shower and went through her room and on to mine, where I put on some shorts and a shirt.

Going into the kitchen, I found her putting bread in the toaster, as she was cooking eggs on the stove. She turned and smiled at me, saying “I need the yard mowed first. And then you can do Mrs. Jennings yard next door. After that…”

I interrupted her, “Mrs. Jennings? Why doesn’t her husband do it?”

She turned from the stove, “Oh, you probably didn’t hear. Doug ran off with his secretary two months ago. So now she needs some help about the house as well.” She turned around, adding “The jerk did leave her with the house and all, and a very nice alimony package. So she’s doing okay.”

Wow, news to me. And she’s rather good looking, for an older woman. I don’t know her exact age, about fifty I guess, quite thin with small boobs and blonde hair, and looks damn good laying about in her always very small bikini by the swimming pool in the backyard. And her daughter Anna is a carbon copy of the mother. Only a year younger than I, she is graduating from high school this month.

Alice went on talking, something about some doors needing some work. gutters needed cleaned, and a few other details. But what made me smile was when she brought my food to me, saying “And you’ll be rewarded properly this evening for your efforts.”

Oh yeah, I knew what she meant by that. And so did my pecker, as it strained against the tight fabric of my jean shorts. So, off to my chores. Mowing was a snap, as I did both yards at once. Worked on the patio door, as the track was out of alignment. Then the gutters. And as I was putting the ladder away, Alice came out smiling, and informed me she had a few more projects for me to do.

I sighed as she gave me a list. She went back inside, and started cleaning things up in there. Well, at least she wasn’t making me do everything. The list had three items on it. One was to arrange things in the garage, by moving stuff we don’t use up to the attic. Then there was the rotation of tires on her Malibu. And finally, at about five, I was just getting done with the last project, going over to Mrs. Jennings and getting the pump ready for her pool.

I didn’t see Mrs. Jennings, either when I mowed or when I worked on the pump. Nor did I see her daughter Anna. So, when I finally got things done, I moved on over to my house and went on inside. I smiled as I saw Alice standing at the stove, cooking some chicken. She giggled as I came up from behind, and wrapped my arms about her, and cupped her breasts through her blouse. I was nibbling on her neck, as she said “Later stud. I’ve some things to do yet this evening after dinner. Then you can have your way with me.”

I asked joyfully, “Really?”

“Of course, but while I’m gone, you’ve one more task to accomplish.”

My heart sank. I was already a bit over worked for the day, or so I thought, “Geesh, all work and no play makes a young male too tired to take care of his step-mom.”

She snickered, saying “Go wash your hands, the chicken’s ready.”

“Do I have time for a shower?” I asked.

“No, do as you’re told.” She replied, a smile on her face.

I ate my meal quickly, and my cock was rock hard, in anticipation for what fun I would have with my gorgeous step-mom this night. As I took my plates to the sink, she grabbed the phone by the fridge, and dialed a number. Soon she was saying “Hi, it’s me. Ready? Good.”

I had no idea what she was up to, and what she had said didn’t really get me thinking. I just figured she was going shopping with someone, and they were coming over to go with her.

In seconds, there was a knock at the back door, and she opened it, and in walked Mrs. Jennings. I was rather non-plussed, still not suspecting a thing. Alice went and grabbed her keys, and said to me as she came and gave me a kiss on the cheek, “See you in about three hours. I’m going shopping.”

She moved to the door to the garage, and I asked “But what was it you wanted me to do while you were gone?”

She turned her head, grinning, and glanced over to Mrs. Jennings. “You’re about to find out.”

Huh? I was totally clueless, and why wasn’t Mrs. Jennings going with her? I turned as I saw her approach me, and before I knew it, she was undoing my shorts. Oh, I think I now know. I responded softly with a long, drawn out “Shit!”

Mrs. Jennings giggled, as she pulled my hard cock out from my pants, staring at it, and licked her lips, before saying “Watch your mouth, young man.” Then she took my cock and licked the whole length of my shaft, on the underneath part. I saw her tongue sliding up from my balls to the engorged head, and I moaned, leaning my head back and closing my eyes, as I placed my hands on her shoulders while she engulfed the head, her talented tongue swirling about the hole, making my knees very week.

She now had both hands wrapped about the base of my shaft, and she was pulling lightly, as she removed her mouth to say “Oh my, your pecker is all sweaty. I’m going to love cleaning it off as well as your balls with my tongue and mouth.”

Shit, I was in heaven. Three hours Alice was to be gone. Looks like I’ll be busy. I felt my balls twitch, ready to explode, as her mouth slid along my shaft, her hand expertly jacking my hard cock into her hot mouth. And with a grunt, my body spasmed, as I shot into her mouth, her lips tightening up around my shaft, as I watched her throat bulge out while my cum made a trip down to her stomach. Oh yeah, I’m happy. Very happy!

Once she was satisfied that she had sucked out every drop, she stood up, and pulled her top off, revealing her small, pointy titties. Titties with very hard nipples sticking out, just begging to be sucked on. Now why would Mr. Jennings want to leave such a fine looking woman is beyond me. I was grinning from ear to ear, as she pushed her nylon shorts down off her hips, along with her panties, and I caught a glimpse of her well trimmed cunt, as I was holding onto my meat, stroking it gently. It sure was interested in seeing more, as she stood straight up, and tossed her shorts and panties onto the table. I chuckled, seeing the tuft of dark, jet black pubic hair above her slit, and said “Hey, you’re not a natural blonde.”

She gave me a wicked smile, then pushed me down to sit on the chair, as she straddled my lap, and said as she positioned herself above my waiting cockhead, “Let’s keep it to ourselves, okay?”

She kissed me with her open mouth, and our tongues danced, as she groaned while her tight cunt slid down my happy prick. That’s when she truly amazed me. She just sat there, her hands holding onto the back of my neck, leaning back, and without moving her hips, I started feeling her vaginal muscles start to flex, grabbing my meat and squeezing it, release some pressure, then squeezed it again. Talk about intense! I leaned my face forward, and sucked a hard nipple into my mouth, as my hands played with her nice rounded ass. Can this get any better? Hell, I didn’t think so. But, Alice did say three hours. What all more can I do to this lady, who is old enough to be my mother, in the remaining time? It didn’t take long for me to start thrusting my pecker up into her tight, flexing cunt. Talk about intense! I was dying of lust, wanting to blast my load into her hot, steamy cunt. And wondering again why the fuck did Mr. Jennings leave such a fine sex toy!

She was working her way to a hard orgasm now, as she was now standing and falling hard and fast on my cock. My hands had slid down to her thin waist, holding on tightly as I helped guide her body, my eyes watching her shaking breasts as they bounced with her movement.

And then, she shut her eyes tightly and locked her lips onto mine, her whole body going stiff for a second, before shaking as she moaned loudly into my mouth, her tight pussy feeling as if it was grinding up my pecker and wanting to spit it out, as my cum raced up and doused her horny twat, making me grunt and groan as well.

As she recovered, she broke the kiss, panting heavily, and glanced over at the clock. With a evil smile, she said “Come, we’ve two hours and forty minutes left before Alice gets home,” she stood, my wilting, cum covered cock plopping out of her mature pussy, “And also before Anna gets home from work as well.” She pulled my hand, and I rose, walking behind her as she led me towards the bedrooms. As I stood, I smiled as I saw the puddle of our cum that had gathered on the seat of the wooden kitchen chair, with a long strand of it hanging down off the edge, dripping into another puddle on the floor.

Once in Alice’s bedroom, I was quickly on my back, with her on top in a hot and sticky sixty-nine. With her sucking my cock hard, getting some life back into it, as I snacked on her gooey, cum filled cunt.

After I had gotten her off once more, she dragged her wet cunt down my body and impaled herself on my happy pecker again, with her facing my feet. I just propped myself up on my elbows, and watched in amazement as my pecker was well rode by this older faux blonde.

We went at it the whole time Alice was gone, with me only cumming once more, but she was non-stop. Her quivering cunt was a wonderful feeling about my hard pole, and I was enjoying it immensely. I was sitting up on the bed, leaning up against the wall, with her sitting next to me, bent over and sucking on my still very hard tool, when Alice came in, wearing nothing but a smile. She grinned at me, and I waved hello, saying “Hey babe, what’s up?”

Mrs. Jennings didn’t move, she just kept on sucking, as Alice climbed onto the bed, and pushed her legs apart, giving her enough room to get her face in her messy quim, saying “Not much, but let me suck out the deposit you’ve made, and we’ll send Carol on her way.”

Soon Mrs. Jennings was in the midst of a gut wrenching orgasm, as Alice’s tongue worked it’s magic. I was truly amazed, as I played with her little titties, all the while her mouth still stuck to my cock as if it was glued there.

But once she was recovered from her visit to happy land, she sprang up, heading for the bathroom, saying “I’ll use your shower, Alice.”

Alice grinned, as he crawled up onto my lap, and sat on my throbbing cock, saying “No problem, Carol. Hope you enjoyed the evening.”

I laughed, “Hell, I did!”

She kissed me, saying “I’m sure you did. Now, you got any left for me?” She was grinning, and I was pumping. Oh yeah, this is going to be great!

By the time Mrs. Jennings was out of the shower, I had Alice on all fours, and I was taking her hard and fast doggy-style, my belly slapping against the cheeks of her ass. Mrs. Jennings was still naked, her clothes downstairs, as she walked by, giving me a kiss, saying “Until another time, big boy.”

I was smiling, as I said “Thanks again, Mrs. Jennings.”

She waved bye, as she went out the bedroom door, as Alice and I rutted like animals in heat. I rose to the occasion four times that night, and how many times Alice got off, is unknown by me, but it could be safely said it was lots.

The next morning, she cooked me breakfast, and gave me a list of more things to do. I jokingly asked who I get tonight, and she smacked me playfully, saying it would be just her. I started my summer job the next day, and so I didn’t see Mrs. Jennings that week, but I did see plenty of Alice. Usually she was on her back, though.

It was the following Friday night, that after dinner, the fun began again. This time, I had the pleasure of the company of both Alice and Mrs. Jennings until well after midnight. Oh, and I was told it was okay to call Mrs. Jennings by her first name now, Carol, since we’re on rather intimate knowledge of each other.

Saturday morning, as like every morning the past week, I woke in Alice’s bed, her in my arms, and both of us naked, and both of us smelling like we had fucked half the night away. Which I would like to happily point out, we had. Only last night, we had Carol with us for a good portion of it, before she had to get home at about midnight, as Anna got home at one in the morning.

I went to take my shower, as Alice got up and made breakfast. After which, she gave me a list of chores, basically a repeat of last Saturday, including taking care of Carol’s pool. No problem, as I have done this most summers since I was old enough to do it.

Got the lawns mowed, worked on some painting of some trim, then after lunch, went next door. I saw Alice and Carol leave together at about that time, as I went into the shed and retrieved Mr. Jennings pool kit, and went to the pump. It was a sunny, and very warm day, as I opened the pump up and started checking things out. Everything seemed to be okay, and what I had repaired the previous week looked fine as well.

So, I began opening up the pool. With two people, it can be done quickly. By yourself, and it can be a bear. By yourself and having two hard bodied teenage girls show up to sunbathe is downright near impossible. I hadn’t been working more than an hour, when Anna and her friend Carmen came out onto the deck. They both smiled at me, and I felt my pecker starting to grow. Both girls are rather tall and slender blondes. And their breasts were just begging to pop out of those tops. The size of large grapefruits, the small triangular patches of cloth on each tit barely covered them. And the bottoms! My god, I think the term ‘Butt Floss’ comes to mind.

I was happy that they talked to themselves for the most part, as I slaved away. A few hours later, and I was finished, announcing to Anna that after I add the chemicals, she should be able to use the pool starting tomorrow. She and Carmen smiled at me, before returning to their conversation. I left them, heading home to get a bit to eat, shower, and rest up for whatever my nympho step-mom has in store for me this evening.

Alice had dinner ready, wearing an apron and not a thing underneath. I just grinned, looking forward to dessert. She had other plans, as once she had her plate cleaned up, she crawled underneath the table, and as I ate, she undid my shorts, and pulled my hardening cock out. I was all smiles as I ate, and she sucked.

She got her thirst quenched, as I felt my nuts tighten, and a shit load of my cum filled her mouth. I was all smiles, as I leaned back in the chair, and looked down underneath the table to see her eyes smiling back up at me, as my cock was still in her hot mouth. She was sucking all she could out of me, before letting my cock flop out of her mouth, and against my pants. After removing my shorts, she crawled out from underneath the table, and gathered the dishes and started washing them up. I pushed my chair back, and stood, asking “So, what’s on the agenda this evening.”

“Oh, I got a date with Mr. Jackson.” I had a hurt, shocked look on my face, and she smiled, “Don’t worry, you’ll be taken care of.”

I grinned, “So I get Carol solo. Should be fun!”

She had a funny looking smile on her face, and I was thinking about her going on a date. Then she sighed, saying “Sit down, Jimmy.” Uh-oh, I was thinking that this was it, no more fun. Well, it was damn good while it lasted. But she came and sat on my lap, and said “I want you to know something. Mr. Jackson and I have been, well, seeing each other for about three months now.”

I made a face, and said “So, like, we won’t be able to do it anymore?”

She laughed, as she rolled her eyes, “Good god no! Henry is on the road for two weeks at a time. He already knows about me seducing you.”

I was a bit shocked, “He’s okay with it?”

She smirked, “Okay with it? Hell, he’s going to join us for some fun next weekend.” I laughed, as she said “But for tonight, you’ve something special to do.”

I was still a bit shocked about her previous announcement, as I mumbled out, “What’s that, Alice?”

She stood up, and headed for the door, saying “You need to pop Anna’s cherry.”

I suddenly got light headed, wondering if my ears had actually heard what she had just said. Whoa, she must be kidding?! She opened the back door, and hollered to someone, “We’re ready.”

Here I was sitting, with me just wearing a t-shirt, and nothing covering my naked ass, as she stepped back, and walked towards the living room. My eyes followed her, until I heard someone stepping inside the back door. I jerked my head around to see Carol walk in, wearing a swimsuit. And behind her, was her daughter Anna, wearing a robe. My eyes didn’t leave Anna’s covered body, as Carol came to my side, kissed my cheek, and said “Since I started my period today, you’ll be having a special guest. Be kind to her.” She turned around, and walked on past Anna, who had a nervous smile on her face.

I didn’t even hear Alice leave through the front door, nor her getting into her vehicle to drive off to see Mr. Jackson. I was at a lost for words, as my voice croaked out a “Hi.”

A slight smile came to her face, as she approached me, and I stood. Her mouth opened as she looked down between my legs, taking in the sight of my rapidly rising prick. We met, and my hands came to her shoulders, as I leaned my face forward, and laid a soft kiss on her lips. She smiled, and looked down at my cock, now pointing straight out. My hands took a hold of the soft robe at her neck, and I pushed it off her shoulders, letting it drop down to her waist. Oh yeah, a sight to behold. Two very firm and proud tits, upright and happy, each tit sporting a long, thick and stiff nipple. I placed my hands on her young breasts, and I squeezed gently. She smiled, and I saw her face turning red, probably from embarrassment.

I kissed her forehead, asking “You okay with this?”

She kissed me back, saying “Yeah, you’re the one I’ve fantasized the most about, over all these years.”

Wow, that’s nice to hear. I stepped back to the chair, and pulled her along by her hands. I sat down, and moved her to the edge of the table. Since it was a dinner table, I might as well gorge myself on this fine beaver. Hell, who could go wrong with thinking like that? She got the hint, as I pushed her firm, round ass up onto the edge of the table, letting the robe fall completely off her toned body. Oh yeah, what a sight! A camel toe that just a few hours earlier I was admiring while she was sitting by the pool, and now naked as can be, a mere foot from my face. I took her legs, and draped them over my shoulder, as she leaned back onto her elbows, as I lowered my face to her soft, blonde bush. Thinking about this, and her boobies , which were a tad larger than her mom’s, I guessed she got the blonde hair and bigger tits from her dad’s gene’s. I breathed in her aroma, it was a clean smell, and as I ran my tongue up her slit, from the bottom to the top, she moaned, and I got my first taste of her wetness.

Oh yeah, this was going to taste great. And I was looking forward to get her motor running. The heat from her snatch, I noticed it building rapidly, as I found her large clit, and took it between my lips, and sucked on it, making her groan. My fingers weren’t idle, as I gently eased my middle finger into her tight, virgin cunt. And did it ever feel tight! Man, thought my finger was going to be broken off, as he started moving her hips, grinding her wet bush into my face as I licked and sucked and finger fucked away. Her hands were on the top of my head, holding on, as her whole body suddenly stiffened, with her intense wail escaping her pretty red lips. I could see her face, as she had the look of sheer pleasure on it, gasping for breath as she cried out again, as I inserted a second finger into her steamy hole.

It was another orgasm, and it felt as it was just as powerful for he this time as the previous one, as she was just as loud. Her body suddenly went limp as I sucked up her overflowing juices, removing my fingers and sticking my tongue up her cunt, wiggling it about and coating it with her sweet cum. I eased my face away from her snatch, and admired her body. She had her right hand behind her head, and her left was across her belly. Her young breasts were sticking up, the nipples now even looking bigger. I stood, her legs coming off my shoulders, and I grabbed them, holding them out and up.

She wasn’t looking, as her head was tilted back, and she had her eyes closed, still trying to catch her breath from her multiple orgasm. My cock slid into her about an inch. She suddenly stiffened up, as I pushed her legs up against her chest. Then, I sank my cock quickly into her slick, tight cunt, making her gasp, and her head quickly lifted up, staring at where we were joined. I didn’t even stop, as I pulled out and sank back in, making her gasp again as well. But this time, it wasn’t a sharp gasp of sudden pain, but one of amazement, so it seemed to me. Her mouth was open, as I started pumping her cunt, and I was enjoying the feeling as her vagina gripped my shaft.

I felt the cum trying to surge up my shaft, and I knew that the erotic ness of me taking Anna’s cherry was way too much for me to take. With a loud grunt, and a roar, I shoved forward, my cock blasting strands of cream into her womb. The throbbing of my cock must have tripped her trigger, as she cried out again, as I felt her cunt milk my cock of it’s contents.

I caught my breath, and started pumping her again. Long, slow strokes. I pulled her legs together, and pushed her knees to her chest, as she grabbed them, and leaned her head back again, a contented smile on her face. Her sweet pussy lips were bulging out, as my cock worked in and out of her orifice. I watched as strands of our combined juices leaked out of her cunt, and made long stretches for the floor, before breaking. Drops of our cum were forming a puddle on the floor, as her ass was just off the edge of the table, and I picked up my pace somewhat, enjoying her young cunt immensely.

I was surprised at my cock, that it was staying hard after such a wonderful and strong cum. It had felt like my balls were completely drained, but I kept plowing away. Every time I shoved in, she would grunt, as my cock filled her twat. And she was bucking back against me as we fucked.

She looked up at me, after twenty minutes, suggesting a more comfortable place to continue this. I just grinned, and had her legs wrapped about me, and picked her up, carrying her to my bedroom.

We fucked for the whole damn night. And I only came two times. Once in my room, I took her doggie-style, then she rode me to her one of many orgasms. She then crawled off and sucked my cock, which I rewarded her by shooting a load into her wanting mouth. Then after a brief rest, I went down on her, getting her to the brink and well over it, before shoving my recuperated cock back into her fantastic fuck hole and going at it for a solid hour. I found that Anna was able to keep me hard longer than either Alice or her mother. I figured it was because she was so much younger, and this had turned me on much more.

I think our last go around was about two in the morning. We had been doing it on the toilet, believe it or not. I sat on it, and she climbed on and rose and fell on my hard shaft, while I sucked and nibbled on her great tits. When she had gotten tired of that, I had her get off, turned her around and bent her over the vanity, where upon I grabbed her hips, and started fucking her hard from behind, as she pushed back against me, thrust for fucking thrust.

After that long and satisfying fuck, we returned to my bed, where she fell asleep on top of me, and that’s how we woke late Sunday morning. As soon as we were both awake, she impaled her tight cunt onto my happy, morning wood, as she then rode me to her own quick orgasm. Then she climbed off, and started to suck my rod. As she sucked, I started thinking. I was really looking forward to more of Anna. And was thinking what a wonderful time it would be with a possible mother/daughter event. Thinking of that got the better of me, as suddenly my body stiffened, blasting my hot load into her mouth. Oh god was it good, talk about a toe curler! She kept sucking away, getting the last ropes and dribbles of sperm form my cock.

I was very happy to see that I was still rock hard, as she laid down next to me, and I rolled on top of her. I slipped in easily, and I just rocked my cock in and out of her wonderful cunt. She wrapped her arms about my neck, and we kissed. It was another long, enjoyable and sensuous screw. No hurry, just taking it slow and easy, as we smiled at each other and made sure we both enjoyed the moment. We eventually ended up with both of us sitting, me cross-legged, and her with her legs and arms wrapped around me, as my meat gently throbbed deep inside of her. We were like that for a good thirty minutes, when Alice opened the door a crack, and peered inside, asking “You kids ready for breakfast?”

Anna smiled, not even worried about having to cover up, as she answered her, “It may be a while, he’s got some major swelling, and I can’t get it to go down.”

Alice laughed, and shook her head, instructing us with “Well, once you do, take a shower and come eat. I’ll hold off making anything until you two are in the kitchen.”

She shut the door, and we kissed as we laughed. I brought my hands up and palmed her beautiful breasts, as she started humping my dong. She had her hands on my shoulders, as she closed her eyes, and started grinding her cunt in my lap. I smiled, as I watched her breathing become erratic, and I enjoyed the feeling of her tight cunt pulling and twisting my cock. Her sensitive clit was also being ground into the base of my cock, and after a good ten minutes, her mouth opened up wide, a sharp groan came out of it, coinciding with her pussy trying to rip my cock off. I groaned as well, as I felt the cum in my shaft race up and drench her womb.

We then disengaged our over sexed bodies, and went into the bathroom. We showered together, a soapy, slippery and thoroughly enjoyable experience. And when we made it downstairs, both of us squeaky clean and naked as the day we were born, Alice just smiled and shook her head in mock disgust, as she flipped the pancakes over on the griddle. Anna sat on my lap, my cock hard again and pressing into her buttocks, as I had my arm around her, caressing her skin. She was giggling, as Alice scolded us, as she said “You two better behave yourselves at the table.”

I laughed, saying “Heck, you were the one that was underneath this same table yesterday, sucking my cock.”

She glared at me, but it was a glare of her being playful, as she took the pancakes off the griddle, and placed them on a pair of plates, and put them on the table in front of us. We ate together, still with her on my lap, as Alice said that I was to rest up for the day, and telling me what was in store for the week. I had to work everyday, but as usual, I had the weekend off. And, it seems I would get one of the three ladies each night. Carol tonight and Thursday, Anna on Monday and Wednesday, and Alice Tuesday and Friday. I was smiling with anticipation.

And I did rest up that day. After Anna and Alice got on their knees and took turns sucking on my cock, that is. When I grunted and shot my wad, cum went everywhere but the two females mouths, as they laughed and licked it off each others face, neck and tits. Ann went on home with cum in her hair, as I went back to bed, to rest up for my evening with Carol.

By Friday night, I was a well-fucked and happy guy. Each night was something different, as I compared my three lovers. All three were hot blooded and horny, and all three gave me hours of great sex each night. I was wondering how it could get batter. I soon found out.

I arrived home from work about four, Friday evening. Alice smiled as I walked into the kitchen, her usual naked self, as she hugged me tightly, saying “Dinner will be ready in an hour. Go get cleaned up, we’re having company.”

I laughed, “Who this time?”

“Henry Jackson.” I turned, and looked at her. She must not have liked what she had seen, as she replied, “Don’t give me no grief, you’ve been the one getting plenty of sex. Now it’s my turn!”

I laughed, saying over my shoulder as I made my way to my bedroom, “Yeah, you’re right.” And thinking about it as I showered and got cleaned up, the thought was rather exciting. I was going to share Alice with another man. The possibilities were endless.

Henry showed up just as I came back into the kitchen after I was done taking my shower. He’s a big man, standing at least two inches taller than myself. And he outweighed me by a good seventy pounds. I had known him for years, as he was the father of a friend from high school. He was widowed, and his son Steve now lived in Illinois where he goes to college.

He shook my hand upon arrival, and we talked and drank a beer, like nothing was out of the ordinary. Neither one of us paying any mind to Alice, who was still getting dinner ready, and who was also still completely naked. And when she called us to dinner, the three of us chatted away. Once dinner was done, it was still the same as before, even as Alice walked nude around the kitchen, placing the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and cleaning things up.

Once done, she went to the fridge, opened it and pulled out a bottle of wine. The conversation between Henry and I stopped, as we watched her proceed to the cupboard, and pull out three wine glasses. She turned to us, as she picked up the wine and said “Well, are you two ready for dessert?”

Her smile made both of us chuckle, as we stood and followed her out of the kitchen and towards the master bedroom. Once there, Alice sat her bare ass down on the edge of the bed, and leaned back a little, asking “Okay boys. Let me see some cock.”

I was grinning, as was Henry, as we unbuckled our belts and pants, and slid them off our hips along with our underwear. She licked her full, luscious lips, as she reached out and grabbed our throbbing cocks. Our bodies followed as she pulled us to her face, first licking the head of Henry’s cock, then mine. My hand was running through her hair, as I looked down as she switched cocks again, swallowing Henry’s shaft and twisting her mouth around it. Henry sighed, and chuckled, saying “Damn Alice, you’re the best little cocksucker around.”

I laughed, saying “Yeah, her mouth is pretty damn hot, isn’t it.”

Alice switched back to my cock, a trail of saliva following her moving mouth, as he added, “Her cunt is pretty damn hot, too.”

She interrupted us, by letting go of our cocks and moving back on the bed and spreading her legs, saying “Why don’t one of you get down there and taste how hot I am?”

She was grinning, as I motioned for Henry to dive on in, as I said “You go ahead, Henry. Get her good and wet for some fucking. I’ll keep her mouth stuffed so she don’t wake the neighborhood.”

Alice playfully swatted my hip as I straddled her head, and aimed my cock for her mouth, which she opened and stuck out her tongue and ran it about the head of my meat, before it went on between her lips. I felt and heard her moan, as Henry took his place between her tanned thighs, burying his face in her cunt.

I reached down and started balling her tits, as I fucked her mouth, her body wriggling on the mattress as she was definitely enjoying Henry’s tongue. And when she came, the vibrations from her moans felt fucking great on my cock, as I had a hard time keeping from blowing my wad down her hot throat.

As her hot body settled down, Henry rose up, and was fisting his cock while he got between her legs. I hade never seen anyone else fuck before, so this was a fantastic turn-on as I watched him slowly sink his cock into Alice’s hot and snug cunt. She let out a muffled moan, and as Henry bottomed out, I groaned, my cock flooding her mouth. I watched her throat muscles move at a fast rate, keeping up with the spurts as she swallowed every drop.

Henry started pumping her at a slow pace, but was soon going at it rather vigorously, his cum filled balls slapping into her ass, as she was grunting from each thrust. My cock stayed hard between her lips, and I could tell she was almost there for another hard cum. At such a fast pace, and fucking such a tight cunt, Henry didn’t last more than three minutes, as he grunted and groaned, his body stiffening, signaling he was pouring his baby-making cum deep inside my step-mom.

He was trying to catch his breath, as he gingerly pulled out and rolled onto his back next to Alice. She responded by taking my pecker out of her mouth, and rolling over to grab his cum covered tool, wiggling her ass at me as an invitation. I grinned, as he went to work on Henry’s deflating member, as I grabbed her hips, and sank my cock into her squishy just fucked cunt.

Having cum once already, I was ready for some long distance pussy pounding, and with my firm grip on her hips, I started sawing away in and out of her juicy twat. For a good twenty minutes I porked her, before she stopped sucking to raise her head and look over her shoulder at me. She had a smile on her face, as he said “Get a finger or two up my ass, I want to take two at once.”

I almost lost it, as she went back to sucking on Henry’s cock. I eagerly shoved my forefinger into her brown hole, and she moaned loudly. I had no idea if she had ever tried anal before, but if not, I was more than willing to accommodate. After about five minutes, She pushed back against me to get me off of her, and I pulled my slick cock out of her cunt. She crawled on top of Henry, reached between her legs, and guided his pecker into her cunt. Then she looked over her shoulder, and smiled, as Henry put his hands on her ass, and pulled her cheeks apart, her brown hole winking at me as if to invite me in. I just chuckled, and placed the head of my cock at her opening, and I eased my weight into her. She groaned as my cock pushed past her sphincter, and I felt her body shiver. Her mouth was now locked onto Henry’s mouth, and I could feel her hips starting to buck, as I sank my meat into her anus.

I exhaled when I bottomed out, the feeling was incredible, as I’ve never felt anything this tight before. I could even feel Henry’s prick throbbing against mine, separated by the thin membrane of the walls of her vagina and her bowels. I started pumping her ass, grunting as I plowed forward, inhaling as I pulled out. Henry was thrusting up into her, and her hips were shaking wildly, as we started to pick up speed.

It didn’t take long for such an erotic experience to make all three of us to roar as we all came simultaneously, with me filling her ass with my load, as I felt Henry’s cock pouring it’s contents into her cunt. And Alice, she was screaming loudly, the loudest that I’ve ever heard, as she had her orgasm.

I collapsed forward, and we all were soon a tangle of bare flesh, each of us trying to catch our breaths. And after we all took part of some wine and a breather, we were soon back at it, with Henry and I kissing, massaging and suckling the hot, smooth flesh of Alice, driving her to the brink of orgasm and over it. By the time Henry left at two in the morning, he pumped two more loads into her abused cunt, and one in her ass, while I fucked her hard five more times, filling her ass once more, and her pussy the other four.

It was close to noon when Alice and I woke in each others arms, smelling of sex, and looking as if we really did try fucking each others brains out. We showered together, enjoying the feeling of each others hands on our respective bodies as we cleaned the nights grime off of us. And as we ate a late breakfast of cereal, she smiled, informing me that things were going to get even hotter in our bedroom. I just smiled, not knowing what she had planned, but was definitely looking forward to whatever she and the others have to offer.

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