My stepdaughter and her father

The storm was getting nearer the thunder was louder
now than it had been moments ago.

With looks of worry was on both their faces they
decided to go to bed to hide from the approaching

I was pretty tired so I followed them up to my room
shortly after I had been in bed about an hour when
there was a clap of thunder over the house.

I heard them moving about and there was a tap on my
door, “Can we join you in here to hide from the
storm?” They did not wait for a reply but both came in
and got into my bed one at each side.

I had not had time to tell them to wait, I always
sleep naked and I had an erection.

I had no need to worry about being nude as the two
warm bodies got into the bed I knew they too were
nude. They both snuggled up to me I laid perfectly
still hoping my erection would go down, some chance
with two naked women pressed up against each side.

There was more thunder and Anne slid closer holding my
chest and sliding her thigh over mine as she made
contact with my erection and pressed her thigh against
it. “Umm,” she moaned.

With the next thunder Anne rolled on her side away
from me and pulled me to lay against her she pulled my
arm over her to hug her. Sarah moved against my back
and I was sandwiched between them. My erection was now
lying against Anne’s bottom she lifted her leg
slightly and reached down pulling me between her
thighs I was now touching her labia with my end
pressing on her clit.

Anne took my hand and placed it on her left breast. I
am sure I grew an inch when she squeezed her thighs
together squashing me tight against her swollen clit.

Anne reached down and lifting herself up slightly
positioned the tip of my cock inside her pussy lips,
as she slid back down the bed I entered her sopping

Nothing had yet been said, my mind was now in
overdrive as was my cock, I was in bed with my step
daughter and her daughter, my granddaughter, I was
ball deep in my step daughter’s pussy and Sarah had
just whispered in my ear to keep some for her.

Anne was flexing her muscles and was building up a
steady rhythm as she rode me Sarah had reached across
and was rubbing my ball sack and her mother’s

Sadly I did not have the resolution and my balls
started to churn as I shot my cum deep into her
sopping pussy.

Sarah kept rubbing her mother’s clit until she pushed
down hard and shuddered to a powerful orgasm.

She kept pushing back against me and as I softened and
started to slip out she pushed me back in and held me
there with her hand as she kept flicking my balls with
her fingers to get me hard again.

When she was satisfied she told me to lie on my back
as it would be easier that way for Sarah to take
control in that position.

As soon as I was on my back Sarah crouched over me and
took hold of my cock and rubbed my hard tip across her
pussy lips, she lowered herself slowly down until she
was comfortable and our pubic hairs touched.

As she rose up and down – I knew she was a screamer –
every thrust caused her to vocally moan loudly.

Her mother looked a little surprised at the noise her
daughter was making. Anne straddled my face and
lowered herself onto my waiting tongue, I lapped at
her slit tasting the mixture of her juices and my cum,
as I spent particular attention sucking my step
daughter’s clit she copied her daughter and moaned

I could see Sarah’s breasts bounced very little as she
quickly built up her speed and her screams.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming! Fuck me granddad! Fuck I’m

I felt her flood me with her girlie cum as she came.
This was too much for me and I shot a wad of cum into
her pussy as her mother ground herself on my face to
her own orgasm.

I stayed on my back as they laid either side of me
both of them with a thigh over me, I could feel our
joint cum running down my legs onto the bed.

There was another clap of thunder as they cuddled
close to me, soon they were both asleep I could not
understand why this had happened why tonight had they
planned it.

I fell asleep soon after.


The next morning they were up before I was they acted
as though nothing had happened. It was Sarah’s last
day she would go off to college tomorrow lunchtime.

We spent the day in the shopping centers and eating
lunch in a local bistro.

As we passed a lingerie shop I thought I would see
what reaction I would get if I suggested they bought
nightdresses. They both looked at each other and
grinned. “We were not planning on wearing any tonight”
they said in unison.

To be continued?

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