My Sweet Melissa

I’ve been sitting here crying for the last few hours. I
know a man isn’t supposed to cry but I just can’t help
myself. You see I love my wife very much. I love her
with every fiber of my being and that is why I can’t
understand why I make her do what I do.

I met Melissa my junior year in college. She was just a
freshman and we met at a fraternity mixer. I saw her
the moment she came through the door. She had an
innocence and a vulnerability that made we want to hug
her and protect her. She is only 5′ 3″ and about 110
pounds soaking wet, with beautiful natural blond hair.
I thought, from her sad demeanor, that she must have
just broken up with someone or something but I soon
learned that she was just very shy, and still is.

I introduced myself right away and went out of my way
to do anything and everything for her. She smiled and
seemed very grateful for the attention and the
protection and we soon began dating. I knew that I
could have probably done whatever I wanted sexually
with her before we got married but I cared too much to
do that.

Once, however, after an exciting football game which
our team won in the final seconds, when we had both had
too much too drink, I let my baser urges get the best
of me and pushed her head gently down towards my lap
while we were necking in my car. I thought she would
put up a fight and say no, but, to my surprise, she
just let me push her head down into my lap where she
slowly, almost reluctantly, unzipped my pants and took
my penis into her mouth. It was amazing.

She was no expert, but she seemed comfortable with
having my penis in her mouth. She moved her head slowly
up and down on my dick while lovingly caressing the
head and stalk with her tongue. I will never forget how
wonderful it felt that first time to have my cock
nestled in the warmth of Melissa’s mouth. Between the
wet friction of her mouth and the gentle stroking of
her hand it was only a matter of minutes before I was
arching my back in delight.

I was amazed when she held her head still to accept my
ejaculation in her mouth. After waiting for me to
finish my come, she slowly pulled me out of her mouth
and nuzzled at the head of my penis for a moment or two
to collect the remaining drops. Then she lifted up and
swallowed my load as if it were the most natural thing
in the world to do. Afterwards, with her head resting
in my lap, she gently massaged my half deflated cock.

I wanted to ask her if she had ever done something like
this before but I didn’t because I didn’t want to
invade her privacy by prying into her sexual past. I
knew in my heart that she didn’t mind sucking me off
because I knew we cared for each other and she just
wanted me to feel good. I couldn’t wait to get married
and be with her all the time.

I always wondered why Melissa seemed to have such low
self esteem. She did not do well in school and dropped
out right after we got married the next year. I am sure
she wanted to be a mother and that was fine with me. I
got a good job and was making plenty of money, but
after several years of trying she never got pregnant.
We both saw specialists.

My sperm count was very satisfactory and the doctors
could find nothing wrong with Melissa, so it remained a
mystery why we she couldn’t conceive. After that her
self esteem seemed to hit an all time low. She worked
part time as a hair stylist but she had little
enthusiasm for anything and always thought everyone
else was better than her. I tried for years to
encourage her and get her to stand up for herself but
it didn’t seem to do much good.

Eventually I just quit trying. More and more I became
focused on my work and my career.

Our sex life, wonderful at first, became more and more
unsatisfying. It’s hard to keep a positive attitude
towards someone with such a low self image. It’s
contagious. Though I fought against it I found myself
acting out her low opinion of herself. As the sex
became more and more stale I became more and more
demanding in my frustration. Having her suck me off
became a regular thing. I came in her mouth so many
times I lost count, and, as these sexual demands became
more and more the norm, she seemed resigned to letting
me use her as I wished.

I know it hurt her to be treated in such a way. For
example, one night, while we were driving down the
highway on our way back from visiting an old friend of
ours, I reached over and caressed her hair a little.
When she looked at me and smiled I began gently pulling
her head down into my lap. I could tell she was
surprised but she acquiesced and soon my dick was deep
in her mouth. As if it wasn’t enough that she was
sucking me off as we drove down the highway, I was soon
holding her head down and humping her face.

It was as though I was mad at her and had decided to
treat her the way she seemed to feel she deserved. By
the lights of the passing cars I could see her
beautiful blond hair pooled in my lap and I watched as
my dick fucked her mouth. She seemed frightened by my
aggression but that only seemed to make my dick harder.
Soon I was so aroused that I just didn’t give a damn.

It was a miracle that I didn’t loose control of the
Cadillac when I finally shoved my dick all the way into
her mouth and injected my sperm into her throat. She
gagged and choked on my cum and for a moment I was
afraid that she would vomit all over inside our new
car. But after the last of my spurts she quickly
removed her face and covered her mouth to prevent
herself from puking. I wasn’t sure what I felt as I saw
her sit far over to her side and look out the window
with tears rolling down her cheeks.

I loved her and hated her at the same time. I wanted to
apologize and do it again all at the same time. It had
been a truly cathartic experience for me and one of, if
not the most, intense orgasms of my life. So I just
reached down and put my now flaccid dick back inside my
shorts, zipped up, and kept driving. After a long
awkward silence I guess Melissa decided to forgive me
because she suddenly leaned over and hugged my arm. “I
love you honey,” she said quietly. “I love you too
Melissa,” I replied sincerely and hugged her to me.

That was a turning point in our relationship. From that
night on I became more and more demanding sexually.
Several weeks later, after a nice dinner at a luxurious
restaurant, I stopped at an adult movie house on our
way home. Melissa looked surprised but didn’t say
anything as I helped her from the car and led her
inside. The clerk stared open mouthed when he saw the
beautifully dressed woman on my arm as I bought tickets
for the movie and led her inside.

As we watched the graphic scenes of a girl getting gang
banged by a bunch of black guys on the screen I could
sense the fear in Melissa. She sat rigidly and tried
not to look around but each time there was any slight
noise near us she seemed to almost jump out of her
seat. I thought she was going to shit herself when a
big black man built like a professional linebacker made
his way down the aisle to sit next to her.

I immediately got so hard I thought I would come in my
pants. As she leaned a little towards me to avoid
shoulder contact with the black man she was startled
when I took her hand and placed it on the bulge in my
pants. I had to firmly hold her hand there for a while
before she would keep rubbing my crotch on her own as I
put my arm around her shoulder. She gratefully leaned a
little farther towards me. As she did I pushed my hand
down her shoulder and into her dress where I cupped her
naked breast and started playing with her nipple.

She quickly reached up and tried to pull my arm down
and away from her breast but I wouldn’t let her. After
a few moments of struggle she just put her hand over
her tit to try to minimize her exposure to the stranger
next to us. I looked over and saw the black man looking
at us. We made eye contact and nodded respectfully
towards each other.

The game was definitely afoot at that point. I watched
out of the corner of my eye as he reached down and
opened his zipper. I couldn’t see it in the dark but I
could tell he pulled something out of his pants and was
slowly rubbing it with one hand while staring
unashamedly at the beauty of my wife. My wife, glancing
over, saw what was happening and almost jumped out of
her seat. “Please, Honey, don’t do this” she said.

“Don’t you love me?” I asked, surprised at the venom in
my voice.

She started to cry then. “You know I do baby. But
please. Not this.” But I was too turned on by now. I
answered her by pulling my hand out of her cup and
reaching behind her to start unzipping her dress. I had
anticipated that she would try to stop me so I gripped
her hand firmly with my other hand as she tried to move
her arm to stop me. She tried to hide herself by
snuggling closer to me as I lowered her zipper to the
middle of her back and then reached around and lowered
the front of her dress.

By the flickering light of the movie I could see the
white flesh of her naked breasts against my side. She
didn’t need to look to know that the masturbating
stranger next to her was staring at her exposed tits.
With my right hand I squeezed her tits and teased her
nipples. With my left hand I started to unzip my pants.
Since Melissa was already half way into my seat trying
to get away from the stranger next to her my erection
was only inches from her face when it popped out of my
pants. She had no where to go.

My dick was on one side of her and a strangers dick was
on the other. She just stared at my cock as I let go of
her tits and pulled her shoulder back towards her
seatback so that the man next to her could get a better
look at her ripeness. “Please honey, please,” she
pleaded. But I couldn’t be stopped. I just ignored her
and looked over at the black man. He looked up from
Melissa’s tits and saw me look at him. I nodded and
looked down at my wife’s tit. He understood. While
jacking himself slowly with his right hand he reached
over and put his left hand on my wife’s breast.

Melissa started struggling. I held her firmly. She
started to sob. “Oh my God. No. Oh my God. No.” The
black stranger lovingly squeezed and caressed my wife’s
exposed tits with great appreciation. He looked down at
them as you would a work of art. In the dim light I
could see the redness of her nipples made erect by the
roughness of his big calloused hand rubbing over them.

“You got a beautiful wife, man.” The black man suddenly

“Thanks, I think so.” I relied cheerfully.

“Does she give head?” he asked.

I was taken aback at his boldness. Obviously he wasn’t
going let a golden opportunity like this pass him by.
And though I hadn’t intended to let things go this far
the thought of what he was suggesting almost made me
come in my pants. Suddenly I had to have it. I wanted
to see my pretty wife suck nigger dick. I wanted to see
her mouth full of black cock.

Melissa was crying now. “Please honey. No. Please

“Now don’t be rude baby,” I cajoled, “this nice man is
paying you a compliment. I think its the least you can
do to show him your appreciation. Besides its not like
this is going to be the first time you have ever sucked
dick.” Melissa buried her head in her hands. “This
can’t be happening” she sobbed as I reached down and
started to push her towards the stranger. Her heavy
breasts came into full view as she sat up straight. And
then the black man put his hand on her neck and pulled
her pretty blonde head farther over towards the top of
his large black pole. The realization struck me at that
moment that I had just handed my wife over to a total

Very reluctantly Melissa allowed herself to be pulled
down to the stranger’s lap. He scooched down in his
seat to allow her more access to his cock. I watched in
awe as my wife’s tear moistened cheek moved towards his
manhood. I saw her open her mouth, and then it
happened. I’ll never forget the sight of that black
dick sliding into her mouth. It was incredible. I
watched as her lips stretched wide to encompass the
girth of his cockhead.

He was well endowed to say the least, and when the
cockhead was finally inside her swollen mouth her
cheeks puffed out wide. I stroked my steel hard dick as
I watched him try unsuccessfully to push even more of
his enormous dick into her mouth. But it was just too
big. Her mouth was full and there was no way she could
deep throat something that big. So he just started to
rock his hips gently while holding her head still and
popping the head of his dick in and out between her
distended lips. A stranger was fucking my wife’s face.

As I listened to the blaring sound of the porno flick
in the background I could just make out the sound of my
wife gagging and grunting as she fought to keep from
having her face impaled on this black monster. She had
both hands on his leg and was pushing back as he held
her head in place with both hands and bucked his hips
up and down fucking himself in and out of her mouth.

“Oh, fuck yeah, whore. Suck my big nigger dick you
white trash bitch,” I heard the black man say over the
sound of the movie as he fucked her face and watched
her naked tits swaying lewdly before him. I knew, even
if he didn’t, that not only was he fucking my wife’s
mouth he was also fucking her inner most self. He might
as well have been pushing his dick in and out of my
wife’s soul the way he was degrading her. To this day I
have never understood how it can excite me so much to
watch someone I love be abused like that.

Pretty soon the sight of it became too much for me. I
shot my load into the air. I tried to point it away
from me but it got everywhere. It got on the back of
the seat in front of me. And it got on my hands and
pants and all over the floor. I was so aroused that I
wished that I could just keep coming and coming and
coming to do justice to the incredibly erotic sight of
watching my wife being taken by a stranger against her

I sat panting with my cock barely even deflating and
watched as the lewd scene beside me continued unabated
for at least five more minutes. It was taking so long,
that, after a while, I began to worry that someone
would see and tell the management or something. But
then I realized where we were and decided that this
wasn’t the kind of place where people minded this sort
of thing.

It was for sure that this wasn’t the polite society in
which Melissa and I usually spent out time. This was
definitely not our bridge club or the people we were
friends with at the local country club. I wondered what
they would think if they could see my lovely Melissa
being face fucked this way; by a stranger, in a seedy
run down porno theater, on the outskirts of town.

Now that I had shot my wad and begun to calm down I was
beginning to feel bad. Very bad. I was like a drunk
waking up in a ditch after a night of bingeing and
wondering where I was and how in the hell did I get
here. Suddenly I felt sorry for my beautiful wife. What
was I doing? She was crying and a stranger was using
her mouth to jack off with. Then, just as this
realization began to sink in, and I was beginning to
think about intervening and stopping this debauchery of
my wife, the stranger had his orgasm.

It scared me as I heard my wife gagging over the sound
of the movie while he pushed her face down on his cock
further than before and shot his load in her throat. I
could see Melissa’s arms pushing back desperately, with
all of her might, trying to avoid being suffocated by
this man’s brutal assault on her face. And then it was

He released his grip, and, with a gasp, my wife rose up
and away from the searing reality of what she was
experiencing. As she turned back towards me she was
coughing and sperm was flying from her mouth. I could
see large puddles of it mixing with her tears as it ran
over her lips and down her chin. With each cough more
strings of semen shot forth from her mouth. She was
breathing heavily and trying to get her wind back as
she flopped back against the seat and pulled her dress
up to cover her nakedness.

After a few awkward moments I saw the man put his shank
back in his pants and zip up. “Thanks bro,” the man
said standing up to go. “That was pretty decent. You
got a right fuckable wife there.” He reached into a
pocket and pulled out a business card and handed it to
me. ” If you ever want to have some more fun, give me a
ring. I make house calls.”

My cowering wife stared in shock as I reached over to
take the card. “Thanks man” I said. “Maybe I will.” She
watched in total disbelief as I tucked the card into
the pocket of my suit jacket. Then she just broke down
crying and sobbing and tried to sink so low into the
seat that I’m sure she wished the ground would open up
and swallow her. I leaned over and pulled her towards
me and zipped up the back of her dress. Surprisingly,
she gratefully reached both arms around me and hugged
me so hard I could hardly breathe. “Oh baby,” she said.
“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“For what?” I asked incredulously.

“For not being able to satisfy you sexually. For making
you have to do things like this. I’m sorry,” she
continued crying. “I’ll try to do better. I promise.”

I couldn’t believe it. Her self esteem was so low that
even after I had f****d her to do something like this
she blamed herself. In fact, she was so remorse, that,
when I asked her to suck me off in the car on the drive
home, she do so without reservation. She sucked me with
such enthusiasm and love that when I came in her mouth
it was almost as intense as it was the first time in
the theater.

We even fucked after we got home and she had orgasms
over and over again. It was sick and demented. It made
no sense. She hated being degraded and yet afterwards
she would fuck like a rabbit. Like a possessed rabbit.
It was all a mystery to me. But how could I ever stop
doing what I was doing? Where was my motivation? I
loved watching my wife being used. I couldn’t wait to
find new ways to degrade her. I thought about the card
in my suit pocket and wondered what it would be like to
have that guy come over some day and take his time with