My Thai Mother

My story is like Oliver Stone’ movie Heaven and Earth,
where you are trapped between two worlds. My name is
TJ, and I am 22 years old. I am a ‘luk kreung’, which
means a mixed breed. I’m Half Thai and Half American
and look like a Mexican. My father visited Thailand in
his young days. He fell for a Thai girl named Areva and
married her.

Soon, I was born and my parents moved to USA. For many
years onwards my parents kept moving back and forth
between the two countries. As a boy I hated Thailand
because it was so hot there that it makes summer in
California feel like winter.

When I was growing up, I remember my mother asking me
once, what nationality I was. My answer was, “I’m
American.” She was not happy with answer and reminded
me about my Thai link. As I grew older, I became more
aware of my ethnicity. But I sort of rebelled in a
sense. I didn’t really want to be Thai.

Most of the food my mom cooked when I was young was
Thai food and I didn’t like it. My mother tried to
teach me Thai at home by speaking Thai. She was not
very successful. Although I did learn such key phrases
as, “I’m hungry!” and “Gimme money!” I remember once
that my mom told me that she wouldn’t speak to me
unless I speak Thai to her.

I never thought of making Thailand my home country but
Luck was smiling on me. When I was 20 my father died in
a car accident. It took some time for mother and me to
come over our loss. After some financial settlements my
mother decided to go back to Thailand. At that stage it
was not possible for me to live on my own in USA. She
asked me to go along with her and I agreed. One factor
that led to help me in making my decision was the
behavior of the some of my white friends who used to
call me a ‘gook’ even if they were joking.

When I returned to Bangkok, I got a special treatment –
but I was not one of them. I was a stranger who was
familiar with Thai way of life, but not a part of it.
When you have grown up in an entirely different
country, you are no longer one of them but a visitor
instead. Even though my mother’s family tried hard to
make me feel welcomed, most of the time I did felt like
an outsider.

After spending some time with her family my mother
bought a house of her own in Bangkok. The house had a
sprit house in it according to Thai tradition but both
mother and me paid no attention to it. Some of our
neighbors told us that ignoring the sprit house might
bring bad luck to us but we took it lightly.

Like all boys I was close to my mother. The
relationship was normal apart from a few incidents that
happen in the life of everyone. I recall catching her,
seemingly by accident, in various states of undress, as
I’d pass by her open bedroom door. She’d be sitting on
the edge of her bed, drawing her stockings up her legs,
or sitting at her dressing table in her skirt but no

Each time I walked by she’d yelp and try to cover
herself from my view. It happened too often to have
always been innocent. Unlike many Thai women my mother
has a pale skin like Chinese women. She is not the
supermodel type, but something about her makes her very
sexy to all the men that see her. She is not tall but
due to a slim frame appeared tall. She is slim but has
nice flesh on all the right places.

I had some sexual experience but it could be called
elementary compared to the experience I was about to
receive. One thing I immediately noted after settling
in Bangkok was easy availability of sex. I visited a
MASSAGE PARLOR named Tulip with one of my Thai cousins.
My cousin made the conversation and soon both of us
were offered two girls.

The girl I got was very slim and had a lovely smile.
She walked ahead of me up the two flights of stairs,
showing leg under her mini-dress. Then she took me to a
room with no mirrors but a single bed and shower. She
left me for a minute to get her box of tools and order
a Singha (beer) for me.

When she came back, I had stripped to my knickers. She
started to take off her clothes. She was Slim, small-
breasted and had a nice small bush of almost straight
pubic hair. Then, since I was standing, she knelt down
and peeled my knickers off my already grown member. She
gave me a big grin, then put her mouth over me, and
started sucking enthusiastically. That was Lovely sight
as her head bobbing up and down and her ass was
sticking out slightly. At this rate, it wouldn’t last.
I stopped her, and said “Shower? Pai douai?” (Go
together) Sure.

She started washing me, turned me around, started
washing my back and bottom, knelt down and licked my
anus. She wrapped her hands around my cock while she
did this, and started stroking it, then crawled between
my legs to the front and started taking me into her
mouth again, sucking first slowly and tantalizing, then
more vigorously. I pulled her up, and she kissed me wet
and sloppily, with lots of tongue action. Then I knelt
down, washed her pussy, rinsed it with the shower, and
started sucking it. I didn’t want to come in the
shower, so I got out and dried myself while she
finished her washing.

When she got out, I was going to wrap her in the towel,
but she brushed it aside and jumped me, wrapping her
arms and legs around me and laughing loudly, making me
all wet again. Eventually, we ended up on the bed. She
wanted to suck me, but I needed to slow down, so I
rolled her on her back and dove between her legs. Slim
legs folded all the way back, exposing a lovely small
pussy and tight anal hole. After a few minutes of world
favorite sport, I tickled her anal hole, and inserted a
little bit of finger. She made appreciative noises, so
I inserted a finger in each hole, while continuing to
lick her. After a few more minutes of this, she either
came or made a good act of it.

She wanted to suck me, so I turned her 69 above me. She
was a very expert fellationist, and the sight of her
nether parts made it all the more exciting. I inserted
my fingers back into her two orifices, and she
indicated she enjoyed that. Then she took over.

She put me on my back; spread my legs wide, and sat in
between them. She covered her chest in lube, her
nipples hard now, took both my feet and made me rub her
breasts with the soles, while with her hands massaged
my cock and anal hole. I was rock-hard, and started
thinking about a condom. But she continued to take
charge, grabbed my right foot and started sucking my
big toe!

With one hand, she kept stroking me. Then she grabbed
some more lube, applied it to her cunt, and inserted my
big toe into her! I slipped in, and wriggled it a bit.
She squirmed and moaned, continuing to stroke my cock.
Then she sucked my other big toe, deftly removed the
right big toe from her cunt, and inserted it into her
third hole, then followed up by putting my left big toe
in her cunt. A double big toe fuck! Another first for
me! I never thought they’d go in at the same time. I
could feel the other toe through the membrane.

All the while she’d gone back to her manipulation of my
crotch, while I stroked her nipples. I wriggled both
toes, and slightly pulled them in and out. I was
worried about my toenails hurting her though, and about
coming in her hands, so eventually I disengaged.

She put the condom on me and sank down on me, taking me
all the way into her cunt. Some hard fucking followed,
with her on top, and then she turned around and took me
in again, this time with her ass towards me, and
started bopping up and down rapidly. The sight of her
little tight third hole was too much, and I slowed her
down so I could put my finger back in.

A minute later, she pulled me out of her and inserted
me into her ass, slowly sinking down on me. After a
while we turned around, her face down on the bed, and
she pulled me back into her ass. Then she closed her
legs, and squeezed her sphincter. That eventually
proved too much for me and I came with a roar. I
slipped out of her, and she turned around, with a huge
grin on her face. “Good?” Absolutely. I cannot find the
words to describe how good.

After a swig of beer, a smoke and some small talk, she
cleaned me up a bit with some tissues. I suggested
maybe having another shower because we were covered in
sweat, lube and body liquids, but she shrugged and
said, “I clean you.” Then she slowly started to lick
me, and soon was concentrating the licking action
mainly on my slowly reviving member.

Anyway, I’ll save you the detail… we had another
round, in which I was inserted into each of her three
holes, in a variety of positions. It was big event but
the biggest event was waiting for me in my home.


In Bangkok I started a part-time construction job in a
firm run by one of my Thai Relatives. I used to go from
home in morning and return back in the evening. On a
particular day the work came to a standstill due to the
lack of concrete. I left the job place at twelve
thirty. Arriving home, unexpectedly, I found a car
parked in our driveway. To my amazement the front door
of the house was open but my mother was not in her
room. There was a small basement in our house that was
not used by us. Moving towards the basement stairs I
heard voices from below.

I slowly and quietly descended the stairs into an area
from where I could see inside. I saw my mother and a
man sitting on a couch. My mother was wearing a pink
cotton tank top and a short pink cotton skirt. She
looked very sexy. The man was a family friend named
Bruce. He helped us in finding the house in which we
were living. As I watched, he put his arm around mom’s
shoulder and drew her to his kiss. She readily
responded and I could tell by the way her cheeks moved
in and out that she was fervently giving and sucking

I took advantage of their mutual involvement to improve
my position of observation. My heart was pounding like
a runaway jackhammer. A swarm of bees was churning in
my lower belly causing an erection. God, my mother was
displaying her passionate and wanton side. Bruce’s
right slid down to knead her left tit and she raised
her arm to his shoulder to allow him access. Almost
immediately her nipple responded by pushing a small
pointed tent in the material of her shirt. Bruce’s hand
began alternating between my mother’s big tits; each
now proudly displaying a hardened nipple.

Mom’s mouth continued to assault his lips, neck, ears
even his eyes it was like she wanted to eat him alive.
She grouped for his manhood and she stroked and
squeezed what, through the pants fabric, appeared to be
a considerable size piece of meat. As mom wiggled
around on the furniture her skirt continued to bunch up
until I had an unrestricted view of her cotton-covered
pussy. A moist groove extended down the front of her
panties caused by the cotton stretching over the big
spongy outer lips of her labia. Her pale thighs were
spread wide to allow Bruce access to her cauldron of

Mother removed Bruce’s hand from her breast and placed
it on her cunt. As he manipulated her vulva she broke
her embrace, sat up a bit and in one swift motion she
removed her top and tossed it on Bruce’s suit coat. She
then unclasped the bra. Her mammary swung into sight
with hard pink nipples sticking out demanding to be
sucked. She fed one rigid nipple into Bruce’s mouth
while he continued to rub and squeeze her pussy. Soon
my mother’s hand started to unbuckle and unzip this
man’s trousers. Bruce raised his body to allow mom to
pull down his pants and his underwear.

What protruded from a forest of dark hair at the bottom
of Bruce’s stomach was a long, thick, circumcised cock
with a head like a small shiny red apple. Mother
caressed it lovingly with he pink tipped fingers before
reaching under the base to heft his big balls. She then
stood up and peeled off her remaining clothes. At the
same time Bruce removed his shirt and shoes. Like some
jerk in a porn film he kept on his socks.

Bruce slouched down on the couch and mom turned about
ninety degrees facing him. The position gave me a
terrific view of the magnificent globes of her ass but
still exposed most of her left tittie. Every thing
seemed to be moving; Bruce’s dick was bobbing around,
mom’s breast was swaying and her ass was jiggling. This
was the most sexually exciting day of my life. I was
about to watch my very own mother get fucked by a man
who was not my father and who possessed a very big

My mother slipped to her knees, bent over and engulfed
that cock in her mouth. Her jaws seemed stretched to
their limit as she tried to take it in and out with
some kind of sucking motion. While she was doing this I
was slowly stroking my own meat and watching her saliva
run down his shaft. As she bent to the attack I could
see her pussy very plainly. Between the swollen outer
lips the delicate petals were slightly agape and shiny
with the wet of her juices. She was very, very hot.

After sucking the cock for some time she laid back and
pulled Bruce on top of her. I could see her hand snake
between the two bodies and guide the large instrument
to her molten cunt. There had been a continuing dialog
of moans, grunts and endearments during the continuous
foreplay but a new intensity erupted when that red hot
behemoth started to enter her willing pussy.

“Oh god, fuck me! Aggggg! More, more! Yessss!”

There was no hesitancy or shame in my mother’s pleading
just pure animal lust. To her this was a fuck like no
other and right now she wanted it more than anything in
the world!

Bruce altered the tempo from quick to agonizing slow;
withdrawing until only the tip of the head was in mom’s
hot cunt. She was in a frenzy and they were both
nearing the boil over.

She wrapped her pretty legs around his back and bucked
her cunt against his violation. I could hear the squish
and slap of wet body parts as they crashed there sweaty
bodies together. They were now both very close.

Then without preamble mom stopped Bruce and told him to
sit up on the edge of the couch.

“I want every bit of you in me.”

With that she bent over and swirled he tongue around
the head. Her ass pointed toward me and I could now see
her cunt was really gaping open from Bruce’s
penetration. Her tits were hanging down and Bruce had
one in each hand bouncing them up and down and pulling
on the extended nipples.

My mother’s body was covered in a fine layer of sexual
perspiration that made her shine in the lamplight. At
that moment she was the most beautiful thing I had ever
seen. I was on the very edge of coming all over myself.
I squeezed my cock hard until I regained some measure
of control.

My mother turned to face me and straddled Bruce’s legs.
Reaching beneath her dripping womanhood she once again
guided that enormous lance into her valley. She started
to ride that log with wild abandon; her legs moving up
and down piston-like and her jugs flying about in all
directions. All this taking place not ten feet from
where I stood with my dick in my hand.

The tempo was increasing and the screams and moans from
both mom and Bruce were starting to run together
Bruce’s legs started to stiffen and I could see
mother’s stomach tense up and her pink tipped toes
start to dig into the carpet. She was emitting an
almost continuous whimper as she started her orgasm.

Throwing her head back, I saw a look of shock register
on my mother’s face as our eyes met across the ten foot
space. She now knew I was there but was beyond caring
as her body was wracked with a tremendous orgasm. Bruce
had begun to deposit streams of hot cum in my mom more
deeply than she had ever been fucked before.

My mother sat gasping and grinding herself onto the
largest cock she had ever enjoyed. The veins stuck out
on her neck and the skin on her face, neck and breasts
was scarlet and wet with sex sweat. Whimpering guttural
sounds issued from her throat and her eyes fixed my
own. At one with the scene, I stroked myself the final
few times. My body turned taut as a bowstring and my
first rope of seamen shot beyond the furnace to land on
the carpet. My mother’s eyes follow the trajectory and
then met my gaze with a warm smile and one finger to
her lips. The age old caution to be quiet.

As passion subsided my mother disengaged her self from
her lover. Soon he was dressing and with some kissing
and fondling of my mom he left. I moved in time to let
him go. As I saw him his car away I went back to
basement. My Mom was still there and she was still

She saw me coming but said nothing. She watched my eyes
roaming down her body, stopping at her breasts, then
down further to the dark tuft of hair peeking out
between her legs. She instantly brought her legs
tightly together in an attempt to conceal her
womanhood. I looked up again, only to watch her eyes
drop down to my hardened cock.

‘Oh…’ she whispered.

We all face moments that change the course of our
lives. If we make one decision, things turn out
completely different from the direction another
decision would take. This was one of those moments. All
of those years, all of those ‘casual’ glimpses of her,
especially what had just happened, seeing the V between
her legs, her bare ass… everything came together at
once for me. Trembling, my heart pounding, I reached
out and took hold of her wrists. I kissed her neck as
she tried to free herself from my embrace.

“Don’t do that, please.”

She took a step back from me, and asked me to stop. I
pulled her arms away from her body until I could see
those two luscious breasts. She moved back until she
was pressed up against the wall. I let go of her wrists
and brought my hands to her breasts. She gasped as she
felt my fingers close around them and squeeze. She
swatted at my arms, twisting her shoulders to try and
break free from the grip I had on her. I pushed her
shoulders back against the wall, pinning her there with
one arm across her chest.

I cupped her bare breast in the palm of my free hand
and lifted it to my mouth. I pressed my lips against
her nipple, sensing the hot skin and the roughness of
the dark areola surrounding the thick nub. I opened my
mouth and greedily pressed her flesh inside until my
cheeks were bulging. I sucked and sucked and sucked
until I could feel that hard nipple touch the back of
my throat. I kept my mouth full of her and pressed my
face into her other breast, nuzzling it through the
lace cup.

I began to sense that she was no longer struggling
against me. I felt her hand come up to the back of my
head, felt her fingers press my face against her.
Slowly she reached up and tugged the other bra strap
down off her shoulder and let the cup slide down,
exposing her other breast to me. Wordlessly, she lifted
the other globe and rubbed it against my face.

My mouth was full; my entire face was smothered by the
expanse of my mother’s breasts. I sucked harder,
pulling even more of her into my mouth. I lifted my
chin and looked up into her face, her breast stretched
taut. Her cheeks were flushed. There was sheen of
dampness on her forehead. She was biting her bottom

Our eyes locked. Keeping her hand on the back of my
head, she slid down the wall a little then reached down
between my legs. Electricity surged through my body as
I felt her fingers take hold of my throbbing cock
through my pants. She reached out and fumbled with the
zipper but eventually got it open. Another charge fired
through me when her fingers wrapped around my bare cock
and drew it out into the open.

Her gaze never wavering from my face, she began to
stroke me, sometimes squeezing me tightly or thumbing
the tip of my erection. I had to let her breast fall
from my mouth. My breathing was beginning to quicken,
it was hard to get enough air with all of that flesh
stuffed in. She lifted her breast to my face and
pressed it to my cheek. I nuzzled her cleavage; let her
skin cover my eyes. Her grip on my cock remained firm.
She kept stroking me, sending electric shocks through
my body.

Slowly she straightened her legs and stood away from
the wall. Pushing me back, she took my hand and led me
over to bed. She sat down on the edge, facing me. In a
daze, I felt her legs move around me until they were
behind my own. She tightened her thighs against me. She
took hold of my arms and drew me down toward her as she
lay back onto the bed.

I followed her, pressing my chest into her belly. My
face was just above her breasts. She arched her back
and then took hold and lifted both breasts up to me. I
pushed my face down between them. She flattened them
against my cheeks and I reveled in the feel of her
luscious body enveloping my face. I withdrew and looked
closely at the nipples being held a few inches from my
face. They were a deep brown colour, the edges made
well-defined circles at the tips of the full, rounded

I saw the many dimples that were scattered around the
two areolas. In the centre of each was a long nipple,
standing up thick and hard. I bent forward and brushed
my nose against each one. She shivered. I extended my
tongue and slowly and deliberately licked her nipples,
feeling her body shudder with each stroke. She began to
squirm under the weight of my body lying on top of her.
She arched her back to me even more, motioning for me
to suck her breasts.

I had to stop for a moment and think about what was
happening. Here I was, lying on top of my own mother,
between her legs. Her long legs were wrapped around
behind me. She lay there, holding her bare breasts up
to my face, expectantly waiting for me to take each one
into my mouth. I slowly looked down at her legs, then
up to her breasts, then up to her face.

Again she lifted her breasts to me. Keeping my eyes
locked with hers, I lowered my head and opened my mouth
to take her nipples between my lips. She f****d her
breasts together so that both nipples were close
together. I was actually able to suck both of them at
the same time. She shuddered violently as I drew both
into my mouth at once. I sucked hard, running my tongue
over the stiff nubs. She was breathing hard, her chest

My mouth was once again full of my mother’s flesh. She
let go of her breasts. They separated and one slipped
out, dropping heavily against her body. I latched onto
the other and sucked at it furiously, drawing more and
more into my mouth, stretching it up taut. She
shuddered again and again.

I felt her reach down and put her hands under my arms.
She tugged at me, motioning for me to move up higher
and lie fully on top of her. I felt the smooth, tight
girdle and the curly hair between her legs brush
against my belly, reminding me of her missing panties.
I slid up, letting go of her breast. It too dropped
back against her chest. I looked down at those two firm
peaks, and then pressed my chest against them,
flattening them between us.

Our faces were close, almost touching. She brought her
hands to my cheeks and then brought her lips to mine,
kissing me passionately. We held that kiss for an
eternity. Finally she broke away with a gasp. Staring
into my eyes, she raised her legs and wrapped them
around my waist. I felt her slide a hand down between
us, groping for my throbbing, dripping cock. I
shuddered as her fingers closed around me with a firm

With her eyes burning into mine, she drew my cock up
and pressed it between her legs, against those feminine
lips that by now had become swollen, hot and wet. I
suddenly realized that she wanted me to mount her. My
own mother wanted her son to put his cock inside her. I
couldn’t believe it. I looked at her quizzically,
wondering if I misunderstood. She bit her bottom lip
again and nodded her head.

“I want you inside me…please. Please. I want my son
to fuck me.”

Her language surprised me. I’d never heard her say
‘fuck’ before. I’d never heard her voice so low and
hoarse, so full of raw passion. In a daze, I nodded and
brought my hips down against hers. She opened her
thighs widely and guided my throbbing shaft between
those swollen lips. I pushed up, up, up into her. Her
vagina closed around my cock like a hot, moist sheath.

She gripped my ass and pulled herself up onto the full
length of my erection then held me there as if to savor
the experience of having me inside her for the first
time. Slowly she relaxed back down to the bed and
pulled me up into her hips, motioning for me to begin.
I pumped myself into her a couple of times, slowly,
wanting the feeling of entering her to last forever.
She softly moaned as she felt me move inside her.

I began to fuck her more deliberately, my pace
quickening with each stroke. She brought her legs back
up around my waist and pulled me into her, taking each
thrust as deeply as possible. I pushed up onto my hands
and looked down at her body as I drove my shaft in
between her legs. Her nipples described broad circles
as her heavy breasts swayed back and forth each time I
pushed into her.

I lifted myself up off her body enough to be able to
watch my erection slide in and out of her vagina. Her
labia were two reddened bulges of flesh separated by my
glistening cock, lubricated with the moisture that was
now flowing freely inside her. Her body was ablaze with
passion, the heat in her vagina unbelievably strong.

This was an experience that went far beyond anything I
had ever imagined. I still couldn’t believe that I was
actually lying on top of my own mother, fucking her,
listening to her moan, watching her breasts surge back
and forth as I pounded my cock into her. Not only that,
but she was willing to let this happen. She actually
wanted me to do this, had wanted me to do this for a
long time.

“Oh god,” she gasped. “I’m coming. I can’t believe
this…you’re making me come so quickly, Honey. Oh
god… make me come, Honey. Fuck me faster. That’s it
fuck Mummy. Make me come…”

I furiously drove my hips down into hers again and
again, my strokes coming faster and faster. I stared
into her face; watched as she gasped, winced, bit her
lip. Her eyes suddenly opened wide and she looked
directly into mine. I’d never seen her so wild, so
feral before. Her fingers dug into my back and she
bucked her hips against my thrusts, drawing me into
her, almost violently. With a loud cry, she spread her
thighs widely and lifted herself off of the bed.

She grabbed my hips and held herself against my cock. I
could feel the muscle spasms in her belly. Her vagina
tightened around me. She drove her clitoris up and down
against the base of my shaft, calling out again and
again, groaning, moaning, and whimpering. No words can
describe how I felt, watching my mother experiencing
such an intense orgasm as she lay there underneath me.

Within moments of her onset, I felt my own orgasm
building deep inside. It was far beyond my control.
Within seconds, within a few brief, deep thrusts, I
exploded inside her, spilling surge after surge of
semen into my mother. She immediately sensed the pulses
of my orgasm, the hot fluid flowing into her.

“Oh my god…oh my god…oh god, you’re coming! You’re
coming…inside me! Oh my god, is this really
happening? I’m your mother and you’ve got your cock
inside me and you’re coming! Oh my god! Is this
actually happening? I…I…oh god… I can feel you
coming inside me…!”

There was nothing either of us could do. We were lost
in the passions that locked us together. I pounded my
hips into her, furiously, again and again until I was
completely spent, empty and exhausted. I don’t know
what she had thought would happen, how it would end.
What did she think I should have done? How could I have
stopped it?

Then I suddenly realized…she wasn’t angry or
frightened. She was lost in the wonder of it, reveling
in the experience of having sex with her own son,
feeling him on top of her, fucking her, spilling his
seed inside her. She wanted this, expected this. This
was something that she had dreamed of and had made it

I pressed my body tightly onto hers. She wrapped her
arms around me and once again brought her lips to mine
in a long passionate kiss. We lay there together,
feeling the heat of each other’s body, kissing again
and again…


My mother and I didn’t talk all that much over the next
couple of days. I think we were both a little bit in
shock after that first encounter and didn’t know what
to say to each other. We tried to pretend as if
everything was normal, living life as usual but there
were some awkward pauses in our conversations. We both
knew that a line had been crossed, that we’d have to
sort out our feelings for each other sooner or later.
As it turned out, it was sooner than I expected.

It was less than a week after that first time. The
memories of those moments were still fresh in my mind.
I felt butterflies in my stomach every time I thought
of the moment I had reached out and pulled her
brassiere off…

I came down to the kitchen one morning to find my
mother sitting at the table, having a coffee. She was
deep in thought and looked startled when I walked in. I
bent down and kissed her on the cheek then poured
myself a coffee. I sat beside her, asked how her night
had been. She smiled and spoke for a moment then
reached out and took my hand.

She began to talk, quietly, her voice a little shaky,
about the other day, about how we’d both lost control
of our feelings, how we had let our desires take over
and allowed them to take us to a place we both knew was
out of bounds. She shook her head as she spoke about us
making love and the passions that had been unleashed.

She told me how confused she felt, how she was at a
loss about how to move on from here. Slowly I began to
realize that she wasn’t talking about putting an end to
our new relationship. I had fully expected her to take
a different view and bring it to a full stop but it
became obvious that she wasn’t willing to do that.

We talked for some time about our feelings for each
other, how there had been a spark of desire for many
years, how that spark had grown over time and ignited
the fire between us. She spoke about my father and how
she felt about him. I realized how much she loved him
and how confused she was with her desire for me. She
told me that she didn’t want to stop making love with
me but warned that it could become very difficult in

We had to be cautious about what was happening between
us. We sat and talked a little longer, then parted
ways. I was grateful for my mother’s frankness and
found that our talk that morning helped me to relax and
breathe a little easier around her. Even as I started
work it didn’t take long for my mind to fill with
images of her lying under me in her bedroom, her
breasts heaving, her legs wrapped around me. I started
about fucking her again.

That evening I found her in the laundry, finishing
another load of washing. As usual, she’d been busy all
day working around the house. She smiled at me over her
shoulder as she carried on with her task and asked how
my day had gone. Then she suggested to me to grab a
cold beer from the fridge.

I went to the kitchen and opened a couple of beers,
pouring hers into a glass � she never drank from a
bottle. My hands were a little unsteady as I walked
back to the laundry and set the glass down beside her.
She thanked me and leaned over to give me a kiss on the
cheek. I watched as she took several long sips. I
jumped up onto the counter behind her and watched as
she finished the last load for the day. I drained the
bottle as I stared at her back, totally amazed by the
woman in front of me. She was wearing a white cotton
blouse, tailored, over tight, beige Capri slacks and
low-heeled sandals.

She switched on the washing machine, then picked up her
glass and turned to face me. She raised it to her lips
and took another long drink. As she did, the hair on
the back of my neck stood up. My eyes had drifted down
to her bust as she stood there, eyes closed. Two dark
circles, punctuated with an obvious bulge in the centre
of each could be clearly seen through her blouse. I
couldn’t believe it. My mother was not wearing a
brassiere! I was awestruck.

Sure, there had been reports in the news about “bra
burnings” and women Lib and all, but that was far away,
in USA. The idea of a woman – especially my mother –
not wearing a bra was beyond comprehension in Thailand.
My cock immediately began to swell. My face was burning
as she lowered her glass and looked up at me. I quickly
turned away, hoping she hadn’t noticed me staring at
her breasts. Even after our first passionate time
together, I still felt a little nervous about being
really forward with her.

She stepped toward me and gently placed her hand on my
cheek, a concerned look on her face. She asked if I was
ok, that I was looking flushed, hot. I nodded that I
was fine and that it was just… well… it was that I
could see she wasn’t wearing her brassiere. She smiled
– giggled actually � and asked me what I thought about
that. She said she’d heard so much about the women’s
liberation movement and had wondered what it would feel
like to not wear a bra during the day. She told me how
delicious it felt to be just a little bit naughty.

She’d never dream of going out in public like that she
said but at home, with my father away, well… it made
her feel free. Suddenly she frowned and asked if I was
bothered by it, if I wanted her to put one on. I shook
my head and told her no, that I thought she was the
most beautiful woman I knew, that seeing her like that
made me proud of her. After a brief pause I told her,
hesitantly, that I liked seeing her nipples through her
blouse, that it was very sexy. I was surprised to hear
the words come out of my mouth. I had never in my life
thought that one day I would be telling my own mother
that I liked seeing her nipples, that I thought she was
sexy. Maybe it was the beer…

She stepped back from me and nodded, told me she
understood completely. She told me that she had hoped I
would notice and that it might make me feel the same
way I had just a few days ago. She told me how I was
always in her thoughts. Her hands were trembling as she
took hold of mine and brought them to her lips. She
kissed them and then stood up close to me and kissed me
on the mouth, softly but with a trembling urgency
behind it. I took her in my arms and pulled her close
to me. We kissed again, longer and harder.

She pulled away from me and ran her hands down across
my chest. She noticed my soiled shirt, dirty from a
day’s work and told me to give it to her so she could
add it to the laundry for later. Before I could move,
she began to undo the buttons, slowly peeling my shirt
off until I was bare to the waist. She dropped it to
the floor and then pulled me off the edge of the
counter to my feet. She wrapped her arms around my
waist and pressed her cheek against my chest. She began
to trace her fingertips up and down my back as she
pressed her lips to my skin, kissing my neck and
shoulders again and again.

I felt a shiver surge through me as she brought her
hands around to the front of my pants and undid them.
She hooked her fingers inside the waistband of my
shorts then bent down and pushed both my pants and
underwear off of my hips and down my legs. As she did,
my cock sprang out into the open, almost hitting her in
the face. Lifting each leg, she undid my shoes and
tugged my pants off. I stood rooted to the floor, stark
naked in front of my mother. She pushed my clothes
aside, then looked at me. Her face was gleaming; her
cheeks were a bright pink.

She stepped back and straightened her blouse. She
looked me in the eye and said again that she wanted me,
that she wanted her son to make love to her. She began
to unbutton her blouse, staring into my face all the
while. When the last button was free, she unzipped her
slacks and let them drop down her legs, then kicked
them off her feet. Another surprise! She was not
wearing panties either. My mother stood before me,
partially nude. Her bulging vagina was in full view.
Her blouse draped open, revealing the deep cleavage
between her heavy breasts. She stepped toward me and
took my cock in her hand. With a few strokes, she had
me rock hard and ready.

She let go of me, then took hold of her blouse and
spread it wide, exposing her bare breasts to me. She
asked if I would do something for her. I assured her
that I would do anything � anything � she wanted me to
do. She asked me to tell her how I felt about seeing
her breasts and what I thought of them. I told her that
I loved the shape of them, the way they stood out from
her body, how firm and heavy they were. I loved her
nipples and how they sometimes grew long and hard. I
told her that seeing them excited me and made me want
to touch them. I told her how beautiful she was, that I
was so proud of her.

She smiled, paused for a moment and then asked me to
touch her breasts. She said she wanted to feel my hands
on her. I hesitated for a moment, then reached out and
cupped them in my hands, feeling the weight of her
supple flesh. I squeezed them gently, massaging them,
watching them move under the touch of my fingers. I
watched as her nipples hardened and grew until they
were thick nubs that I could hold between my fingers.

She looked down and watched as I ran my hands over
them. She raised her arms, put her hands behind her
head and asked me to keep touching them, to do anything
I wanted. She told me sensitive her breasts were, how
the feel of my hands on them made her shiver.

This was a dream come true for me. I had wanted to do
this for as long as I could remember. Even though we’d
already made love once, I still couldn’t believe this
was happening, that I was actually standing naked in
front of my mother, fondling her breasts. I lifted the
heavy globes up away from her chest and let each one
drop, fascinated by how they bounced and jiggled as
they fell back against her. She began to moan as I
played with them. I found I was losing my inhibitions
the more I handled her.

Finally I asked her to do something for me, something I
had always wanted to see. I told her how much I liked
to see them move and asked if she could make them
jiggle herself. She smiled and then somewhat self-
consciously began to shake her shoulders. She kept her
hands behind her head and I watched as her breasts
swung from side to side, sometimes slapping against
each other, quivering. Without thinking, I began to
stroke myself as I watched her breasts bounce back and

She was breathing hard now, obviously very turned on by
the attention she was getting from me. She stopped
shaking her shoulders and stepped up close. She scooped
her breasts up and held them, asking me to suck them.
She shivered again as I bent down to take an erect
nipple between my lips. I drew it deeply into my mouth
and sucked hard, stretching her breast out from her
chest. I ran my tongue across the pebbly surface of her

She moaned. Her knees were trembling as she stood in
front of me, letting me fondle and suck her breasts as
much as I wanted. Suddenly I had a thought. Without
letting go of the nipple in my mouth, I lifted her
other breast toward her face and brushed her lips with
it. She hesitated but then finally understood what I
wanted. Shyly, she began to suck on her own breast. It
was an amazing turn-on to watch her lips and tongue
caress her own nipple, inches away from my face.

She moaned again. She reached down and grabbed my cock.
“Please,” she said, “please Hon, I want you now. I want
you inside me.” She shuffled her feet apart until her
legs were spread wide. She pulled my cock toward her
crotch and began stroking herself with it.

I dipped my hips down under her and tried to enter her.
She rose up on her toes and guided my cock in between
her swollen labia. We struggled like that for a moment,
me trying to enter her as she tried to lift herself up
onto me. She was gasping for breath now. She stopped,
backed away and moved beside me. She bent down and put
her elbows on the counter that was behind us, then
thrust her hips up high into the air.

“Come around behind me Hon. Oh god, fuck me from
behind. Hurry Hon, I need it now,” she gasped. It was
like re-living that first time. Listening to her
breathing, hearing her use the word “fuck”, seeing her
swollen, wet vagina � it made me so excited that
nothing could stop me from mounting her. She spread her
legs and tilted her hips as I moved around behind her.

I had never thought of entering a woman from behind
like that. As I’ve said before, my sexual experiences
were very limited. I looked down at her long back, the
curve of her hips, her smooth, round ass. I took hold
of those hips and pressed my cock between her legs. She
reached down and guided me up inside her, opening her
vagina for my thick, throbbing shaft. I lunged up into
her until I was buried so deeply that her lips pressed
against the base of my cock. Her vagina was on fire.
She was already flowing heavily. Her tunnel was soaked
and ready for me. I pumped myself into her once, twice.
Her entire body was shaking now. Her hands gripped the
edge of the counter and she bent down low, her head
between her arms.

I pushed her blouse up her back and held her waist. For
the second time in a week I began to fuck my own
mother. I listened to her whimper and groan as I
pressed my cock into her again and again. She was
pushing her ass back against me each time I slid into
her. The feel of her ass pressed tightly against my
hips was amazing.

We were moving faster now. I reached down and felt for
her breasts. I found them hanging down and swaying in
time with my thrusts. I took them in my hands. I dug my
fingers into the heavy flesh and pulled until I could
see them stretched out from under her arms. Her nipples
pressed into the palms of my hands. I gripped them
tightly, feeling the flesh squeeze out between my
fingers. I let go of them and leaned out to the side,
trying to see her breasts as I kept banging my cock
into her over and over. I was fascinated by how they
hung down, how they swayed and bounced each time I
shoved my cock up into her.

She was talking to me, gasping out words as our bodies
pushed against each other. “I’m starting to come,
Honey. Unh! Oh god, yes…unh…I’m going to come!
Pinch my nipples Darling, quickly!” I reached down, my
fingers searching for the hard nubs as her breasts
swung back and forth. I caught them between my fingers
and squeezed. “Oh god, yes! Don’t stop, don’t stop!”
she squealed. I pulled hard and felt her breasts
stretch out from under her. “Yes! That’s it, yes! Yes!
Oh god, I’m coming!”

Suddenly her body went rigid and she let out an almost
feline howl as the orgasm washed over her. Her legs
were shaking uncontrollably. She gave out a loud grunt
each time I drove myself into her, trying to keep her
orgasm going. She was gasping, calling out “oh god, oh
god!” and “yes, yes, yes” as she twisted her hips
around my cock. It was when she began to cry out “fuck
me harder Hon, fuck me, fuck me harder!” that I finally
lost it.

I drove my cock into her as deeply as I could. I banged
my hips against her ass, fucking her for all I was
worth. I soon felt my own orgasm begin to surge through
me and into her. She clamped her vagina around my cock,
drawing my orgasm out of me. I let go of her nipples,
arched back and furiously drove my cock into her.
Gasping for air myself, I shot load after load into her
body through my throbbing cock. I thought it would
never end. I’d never climaxed so hard or for so long.

Both of our peaks finally ebbed away. I was doubled
over, lying on her back. She rested her head on the
counter. My cock stayed hard for a long time after. We
stood there together, swaying slightly. She let me stay
inside her for several minutes before we finally stood
up and faced each other. Her skin was damp with
perspiration and her breasts were red where my fingers
had squeezed and stretched them. She cupped my face in
her hands and planted a long, loving kiss on my mouth.
We held that kiss, wrapped in each other’s arms.

She turned away, picked up our scattered clothing and
dropped them into a pile on the counter. I stood there,
my heart pounding as I watched my mother walk naked out
of the room. She stopped in the doorway and turned to
smile at me. “I love you Hon. I love you so much.”

“I love you too Mom.”