My white boy was now lying on the floor at my mercy

I hate men, fuck them all, but I love their dicks. I
love the way their dicks feel pounding in me, making
me go crazy with lust. Black brothers fuck better, but
white boys are more willing and eager.

There was this time when I picked up a white boy at a
bar on the south side of town. He wanted to fuck a
black chick and could pay and I was willing to let it
be me. You know the type, young pimply, horny and

I think the boy was a virgin and wanted to get that
behind him. If he had only known what he was getting
himself into, I thought as he drove us to my place.

When we got to my place I talked him into letting me
restrain him. I said that when I went down on him I
didn’t want him to stop me. I told him that I was
going to make him cum so much that he’d black out.

He eagerly went along with me. I stood there watching
the fucking innocent stripping to his jockstrap. “What
the fuck you wearing a jockstrap fo’ boy?” I asked.

He looked sheepishly at me and mumbled, “Cause it
makes me look bigger through my pants.”

I laughed at him and told him to lie on the floor.
Then I snapped a dirty old dog collar around his neck
and clipped a pair of chain-cuffs to each wrist and
ran the chain through his collar.

My little white boy was now lying on the floor at my
mercy. I know he expected something exciting to happen
to him, but I also knew he didn’t expect what was
gonna come his way.

I crouched down over him and fished his white boy dick
out from his jockstrap. “Hmmm, nice,” I said, looking
at the stiffening pink pole. The head of his dick
expanded and purpled as I watched. I could imagine it
stuck in me, humping me. I became instantly wet.

Here he was, a skinny little white boy at my mercy. As
I looked down at him I thought about all those fuckin’
people in my life that had put me down. The police, my
teachers in school, fuck, even my folks. As I looked
at the throbbing cock I knew that I would do it, that
I’d do it for sure.

I wrapped my fingers around his stiff prick and began
to jack him off. He writhed under me; his eyes closed,
he was obviously enjoying the sensations I was giving
him. Then I reached out and grabbed a knife I’d
stuffed beside a chair next to us, and I tugged his
dick straight up.

He opened his eyes and looked at me, and then he
looked at the knife in my hand and realized that I had
the blade next to the skin at the base of his cock.

I was surprised when he didn’t struggle, it pissed me
off that he didn’t struggle, I wanted to see fear in
his eyes. But all he did was say, “Cut me baby, cut it
off. Suck it off, bite it off, do it!”

I snarled, “You fuckin’ shit, I’ll cut your dick off
and jamb it down your throat.” And I pulled it harder
and pressed the blade of the knife into the throbbing
blue vain of his dick.

He didn’t seem to care that I was threatening him.
That’s when I realized that he really didn’t care.
That’s when I got into the mood along with him. That’s
when I decided to make this experience something to

I began jacking the white boy off furiously, making
his ball bounce with my violent assault to him
manhood. I jacked him off faster and faster, even
holding the purple head to my lips and licking his
pre-cum from its slit.

Then just as he groaned that he was cumming and I saw
his back arch and the purple head of his dick expanded
in preparation to his ejaculation, I made my move.

As his first spurt shot into the air, I sliced his
dick off at the base. My little white boy screamed in
pain and b***d gushed everywhere. I remember seeing
his white sperm mixed with his b***d on my arm, where
both had splattered on me.

As I came down from my exhalant high I realized that
I’d cum too. It had been so powerful that I still felt
light headed. The boy was lying on the floor,
powerless to reach his bloody mess. I looked down at
him and then reached down and squeezed his nuts making
him scream again. This time he passed out.

I ended up taking a shower and cleaning myself up,
then bundling the fucker up in a blanket and dragging
his sorry ass out to his car. I drove him back to the
south of town and left him there. I caught a bus back
to my place and cleaned it up as best I could.

Looking back at that night, I don’t think I’ve ever
been as aroused as I was when I cut that white boy. I
think I’ll do it again. Fuck, I might even do it to a
brother. It might be nice to add a big black dick to
my collection. And I think I know just the brother

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