My wife and a black postman

My wife had been feeling quite horny recently and she couldn’t seem to get enough
sex. Even though we sometime had a hot fuck session twice a night, I could tell that there
was still something missing. We always had good sex and she claimed she was getting
enough but I could tell something was on her mind. We discussed it, and she said that she
would like to try something different, but never told me what. Our marriage is a very open
marriage, she stepped outside a few times and it didn’t bother me, I wasn’t exactly a saint,
and she liked variety as much as I did. Well, some time passed by, and she started to get
friendly with the black mailman, whom I had seen and also noticed. He was always
friendly, particularly to me and my wife. I queried her and asked her if she was interested
and going to make a date, and she said something, about; “yeh, it might be nice to get
fucked by a black cock.” The subject got dropped between us, but I was thinking what
would it be like if she got fucked by him. I also noticed his bubble ass in the already too
tight mailman’s shorts, since I had played around on both sides of the fence his buns sure
looked inviting, but that was a far as it got.

Things were going along okey but then I noticed a slight change in her. Fucking
her almost every night seem to keep her quite happy, she even suggested that I butt-fuck
her, something we had never done. I let it go by unnoticed. Until that day I came home
about 4 hours early. I opened up the door and could tell by the sounds that she was
entertaining someone in the bedroom. It had happened a couple of time before and I
usually left. She had always said that I should join her, but told her that was her fun and
she should enjoy it. So I’d go to a nearby phone to tell her I was coming home early and
wait about 20 minutes. This would give her time to get them out of the house. But this
time it was different, I could tell that there were at least two or three men in the room. I
moved quietly up the steps and looked in the bedroom. There she was with the mailman
and two other black men. It was a groupie. I was a little taken back, but then I noticed
how she was acting. She was begging for it. Here she was leaning forward sitting on top
the mailman, who had his thick black cock going in and out of her pussy, just as one of the
other blackman was getting ready to mount her ass and butt-fuck her. It was quite a sight
as I watch that ebony rod slowly creeping into her tight ass. My cock was starting to
strain. All the time she was groaning about wanting to feel those two stud black cock
rubbing next to each other inside. “Fuck me you black studs. Fuck me hard like my
husband does.”

Meanwhile, the third black, who had been standing by, pounding on his cock,
straddle the mailman face and pointed his cock at my wife’s face. She must have know
them, because she leaned forward and said; “John, hurry up and feed me that cock.” All
the time I was hearing each one of them saying; “fuck that white pussy, slip that cock up
her ass, suck that black cock.” I knew then why she was feeling different. Then one of
them noticed me, “shit, her husbands home.” It didn’t bother her, she hung onto the cock
with her hands and keep saying “fuck me.” They looked at me and figured things must be
alright because I had my stiff cock in my hand and already stroking it hard. I just said;
“fuck her good, cause when you done I’m fucking that mailman’s ass.”

The black mailman said, “since I had started it, I guess I just have to enjoy it.” I
knew then that he had been playing along to get both of us. They continued fucking her
until they exploded, all the time listening to her moan about getting fucked. I let the
mailman rest for a moment, while stroking my cock and talking about how they enjoyed
fucking my wife and how hot it was to watch her get gang banged, lay her down, straddle
her and fuck her tight ass.

The mailman finally shot his wad and she rolled off of him and let the other fellow
continue to butt-fuck her. The third fellow pulled his cock out of her mouth and let her
maneuver on to his cock. She rested her tits on his hairy chest and the sensation must
have been wonderful for her as she keep sliding those tits back and forth on his hairy chest
as the cock in her ass was getting ready to explode.

The mailman, meanwhile grabbed some grease and started lubing up his ass. The
way he took my cock up his ass I knew it wasn’t the first time he had gotten fucked. I told
him the next time I want him to be fucking my wife at the same time I’m fucking him.
Since then, I’ve gotten a great taste to fucking hot black bubble asses and every time I
fuck her I’d remind her how she loves to have that black cock plunging into her cunt while
I butt fuck her black lover. Love to see him start fucking her and his butt muscles flexes
just as I’m getting ready to butt fuck him. I notice that he comes over more and more and
pretends to service my wife. The last time he turned his head and we had a passionate
kiss, Damn, there isn’t a prettier picture than watching the three of us fuck. Sometime I
going to get him alone.

After several months of the black mailman coming over, and with him fucking my
wife, she wonder how I felt about it. I’ve always enjoyed watching the contrasting skin
colors, especially if they are fucking.” I convinced her that I loved to watch her get
fucked by that mailman, and to hear her beg for more of that tanned love muscle.
Slamming her wet cunt. She also knew that I loved to fuck him, while he was screwing
her. She said she wanted to hear that and then asked if she could say something else
without hurting my feelings, I agreed. She let me know that she wanted to have another
orgy with the other two black men that were over here that day. I told her that she would
have to check with them, but I said that if she wants a fuck session with them, she’d have
to include me. I wanted to have them take her, tie her spread eagle and fuck that cunt, I
wanted to see her licking on those balls. When they’ve had the first go around, untie her,
let her sit on a cock, lean forward and let one of the other ones fuck her in the ass. While
they were doing that, I’d mount that black stud in the rear, spread his cheeks and drive this
ole hot love muscle right up his ole shit chute.

After discussing the possibility of the other two black men coming over, we
decided to ask the mailman what he thought of it. It was Friday and already our plans
included him coming over for dinner, with entertainment afterwards. So we thought, hold
off until he gets here. I jokingly told her that she would just have to be satisfied with me
and the mailman fucking her. She snickered and said; “well there is always Saturday and I
feel horny and I want lots of cock, I want to satisfy all four of you stud men, plus I know
how much you enjoyed fucking Mark’s ass the first time they were here.” When she
mentioned that, I knew that we’d have to talk our mailman in having the other two black
men over. My memory wasn’t that short. I remembered John mounting my wife’s ass
while she was laying on the mailman (Mark) with his cock raging in and out of her already
fucked juicy cunt. I was getting a hard-on thinking about it, and wondering why I get so
excited. I’ve seen white males and females fuck and get turned on, two white males fuck
and get turned on, two black males fuck and get turned on. But watching a black and
white couple fuck, regardless of the sex, really excites me. I wanted to see them pound
her pussy and hear her groans of; “fuck me, you black stallions, fill my pussy with your
juice.” I knew that tonight we’d have to convince the mailman to have his other two
friends over.

When the black mailman (Mark) arrived, we sat around the fireplace with some
wine and in a couple of minutes my wife excused herself to get the dinner ready. While
she was gone, the mailman mentioned that he was extremely hot tonight, so my wife had
better be careful. He said: “I really want to pound her white pussy and have you butt fuck
me. Tonight, be sure you have that mirrored door turned just right so I can catch myself
fucking, and sucking her hot tits while you get your meat deep into this ass of mine.” I
told him if he didn’t shut up, I’d have to mount him before dinner. My wife called to
mention that dinner was ready, I was glad because I was getting ready to yank those pants
down, my cock was already dripping precum. During dinner, I broached the subject about
another meeting with the mailman’s black friends. He said; “that’s funny, because just the
other day, John had mentioned that he would like to come over and be part of our regular
get together.”

He want on into great detail about how that was the first for John. Also how
much John loved butt fucking my wife while she was getting fucked in front and then
watching my white cock butt fuck him. John wanted a repeat so he could watch the whole
thing again.

The other fellows enjoyed fucking, but didn’t know about getting into a five-some
again. The mailman said that the other fellow, Ralph, enjoyed the scene, but had a hang
up about getting fucked by a white man, while his bro’s were watching. The mailman said,
“I told him I was getting fucked almost every week while I’m fucking that white pussy.
What difference did it make, I’m fucking her while he’s enjoying my ass, it’s good sex.”
He admitted that he was so hot that day watching the white/black combinations that he
had fantasized about it many times. We told the mailman to try and convince him to come
over, and if it made him feel any better he could fuck me in front of my wife. The mailman
responded by saying: “Shit, you really want us to fuck your wife, and you’re hot to watch
three stud black cocks ravage that cunt of hers, aren’t you?” Before I could answer he
continued; “and you really want to fuck some black ass, you want to feel that stiff white
pole being worked over while we’re in her ass, don’t you?” All I could say was yes and
hurry up, let the dishes wait, I need to get this stiff cock dripping with precum in your ass.
I knew my wife was already moist from the conversation.

I could tell by the sound in her voice and her reaction, she wasn’t interested in just
the two of us tonight. She wanted more variety tonight and she felt that those two black
men could help supply it for her. She admitted that her pussy was dripping from the
excitement of having to service three black men. “I feel so fucking slutty tonight,” she
continued: “I just want to see how many time those stud black cocks can fuck me. I want
to feel those thick cocks going in and out of my cunt all night.” Then she said to the
mailman: “get that cock out and fuck me right now, slam that throbbing fucking cock into
this hot box.” With that she almost tore off her clothes and laid on the floor, and the
mailman climbed right one without any formalities and slammed that cock into her cunt. It
didn’t take her long to have her first, second and third organism. She was hot. Of course I
was not going to let the opportunity pass by without getting into those black buns, and I
jumped on his back, greased his butt hole, grabbed his shoulders and pulled myself up tight
and hard into his ass. After we had spent ourselves, the mailman, asked if I would like
them to come over tonight. I said, sure. Mark said: “I’ll let you in on something if you
don’t get pissed. I had already talked to them and they had planned to just drop by, in fact
they should be knocking on the door in a few.”

He had no sooner spoken when there was a knock on the door. We were still on
the floor with the mailman’s cock implanted in my wives pussy. I got up, with my dripping
cock, and walked to the door. I peaked out to be sure that they were the same black
fellows that we were discussing earlier. I recognized them. I opened up the door, which
surprised to them because I was naked and they saw my wife on the floor with her legs in
the air and Mark getting ready to fuck her again. I said: “Well you missed round one, but
believe me, before the night is over you’ll make up for it.” They were slightly taken back,
but quickly recovered once the door was shut, and got right into the conversation. Ralph
looked at me and said: “The mailman said that you might be willing to let me fuck that
white ass of yours in front of your wife, if he could convince us to come over here again.
So you want it? Because I want to fuck that ass.” I knew then that the mailman and my
wife had already talked this over. She wanted to see me get fucked and the two of them
had planned this whole evening. So I just responded: “Yeah, when you do that slow grind
with that black cock into my ass, just think what’s it going to be like when you mount my
wife in the ass and I get ready to fuck you.” I had a feeling that something else was
going on, but thought I’d play along. So without too many preliminaries the five of us
headed for the king size bed.

The air was charged with excitement and the looks that were going back and forth,
I knew that something was up. I watch Ralph and John strip off those tight levi’s and
viewed some beautiful cocks. Both of them were wearing cock rings, so I knew that they
had come over here prepared for plenty of good sex. Just then the mailman grabbed me
from the rear, and the other two black men quickly jumped in to helped him. I asked;
“What the fuck is going on?” Their reply was, relax, you’re just going to enjoy it and
carried me to the bed. I felt that I could have handled two of them, but three, it was
doubtful. They got me down on the bed on my back, with the mailman straddling my
chest, making me almost immobile. My wife laid at the edge and pulled this black dildo
out from under then bed and lubed it up saying: “Get him ready, I want to see this black
dildo work his ass, let him know how good it feels as it plunges in and out of his ass.” I
knew that I was going to enjoy this night, so gave only token resistance. Ralph lifted my
leg’s while John slowly worked that dildo into slowly into my ass. He was hitting just the
right spot and started to work that stiff rubberized cock around. John let go of my legs
and moved over to my wife and started to finger her pussy. “Looks, like you’ve already
got that pussy ready for this black throbbing muscle. Tonight you’re getting the fuck of
your life.”

She just groaned; “yeah, shove that cock into me, fill that white snatch of mine with
your black throbbing cock, I want to feel it’s enraged head rubbing tight on my clit, I want
to get gang-banged all night.” She was instantly hot and lusting for these three black men
to gang bang that pussy. Looking over at Ralph, she hissed; “take that out of him and
replace it with the real thing, I want to see your black-muscle slip into those beautiful buns
of his, fuck him good and enjoy that ass ’cause you know he’s going to spread those black
legs of your and fuck you until you beg for more, fuck him.” Ralph quickly replaced that
dildo with the real thing and while listening to her talk and feeling his cock in my ass, I
threw caution to the wind and started to suck the mailman’s cock with a vengeance. “Yeah,
yehhhhh, suck my cock, fuck his ass,” moaned the mailman, “hurry up and shoot that load
in her cunt ’cause I want to get my load in there while one of you fuck me. We were
working our selves up to one great organism.

Ralph pulled his cock out of my ass and straddled my hips getting right behind the
mailman. He applied a little lube to that puckered opening and slowly entered in, all the
time the mailman was saying; “fuck me, shove that cock in my ass, suck this cock you
white honky, you want to watch three black studs fuck your wife.” As this was going on,
I attempted to raise up my hips to fuck Ralph’s ass and was just about successful when my
wife let out of groan about: “slam that thick cock into me, stud, work that throbbing black
muscle into my cunt, suck my tits.” She had her legs wrapped tightly around John and her
heels were digging into his ass pulling him harder and harder into her pussy. He then deep
throat her mouth with his tongue for a hot passionate kiss and one hand kneading her tit.
Pinching the nipple, you could hear her groan and moan from the excitement of it. John
was hot and you could tell that he was making that final lunge into her fuck cavity.
Slamming his balls tightly against her ass, grinding his hips around, moaning about fucking
her again. He slowly withdrew his black weapon.

Ralph quickly dislodged himself from the mailman’s ass, and climbed between her
legs while she was begging: “shove that black monster into this pussy, ram it, work it, I
want to see that black ass flexing as it drive your muscle deeper. Fuck me like the whore I
am. I’m your slut for tonight, use me, fuck me, jeez, I hungry to get fucked tonight. I
want to be your whore tonight. I want to be gang banged by black studs all night.”
Meanwhile I was still sucking on the mailman stiff cock. His balls were getting tight and
his breathing getting heavier. He has placed his hands on the back of my head an was
shoving his cock in and out of my mouth. Suddenly, he made a lunge forward and shove
that 7 inch cock deep into my throat, I felt the explosion and hot throbbing of his ebony
rod letting loose of it’s fluid. He held my head tight since the head of his cock was very
sensitive. Slowly, he withdraw his cock out of my mouth and straddled my stomach. I
was still hot and getting hotter when I see those hot black studs fucking my wife,
pummeling her cunt, sucking her tits. Listening to her groans as they continued the
onslaught of fucking. John was working his cock to hard again and she reached for it,
pulling it into her mouth. Her tongue lapped at that black headed cobra as it snaked it’s
way down into her throat. With one hand she was fondling his nuts, and I could tell that
she had a couple of fingers in his ass, rubbing his prostrate. He was getting hot again, and
was saying: “Get that hard again, and I’ll fuck your ass, doggy style. You’ll lay down on
top of John with your legs spread wide, so I can shove this dark meat into that sweet ass
of yours.” “Yeah,” she said; “fuck me, I want to feel both of your cocks in me, fucking me
raw.” By now I had turned the mailman over on his stomach and had spread he cheeks. I
hissed at him: “This is what you’re going to get for fucking my wife, take this cock up
your black ass, you like to get fucked and I’m going to fuck you.”

“You want to fuck that white pussy, for that I’ll spread eagle you and let your friends gang
fuck you just like they are gang fucking my wife.” “Make her want more of your cock, so
I can fuck your ass.” “She wants to be a slut tonight, so you black studs had better make
her feel like one. I want to see those black ass muscles tighten up every time you lunge
forward into the pussy. John’s nuts were tightening up in anticipation of shooting a load
down her throat, when Ralph let out a groan: “Take this juice in your fucking snatch,” as
he plunges and pounds his hard throbbing cock as deep as possible into her wet cunt. He
lays there for a moment and slowly pulls his cock out, which is replaced quickly by John’s
black mushroom head cock, it penetrates her and she lets out a moan; “yeah, slam that
black cock home, fuck me good, I want to feel that head moving slamming in and out.”
She looks at Ralph and tells him: “Get that pussy coated cock over here and let me suck
the rest of that cum out.”

He doesn’t let her suck him, instead he straddles her face and she rubs the mound
of flesh between his balls and his puckered hole on her mouth. Her tongue quickly licks at
his balls. Meanwhile, I’m still pounding that black muscled ass of the mailman, he’s
yelling: “fuck me, prime that ass of mine, work your cock against that pleasure knob in
my ass, get me ready to fuck your wife, we’ll gang bang that bitch until our cocks are sore
and dry.” She hears him and says; “yeah, get your cock ready to fuck me, I want hard black
cocks in this cunt of mine.” Watching her getting fucked and feeling the mailman working
his hard ass muscles has me on the verge of exploding, I grab his shoulder and pull myself
up tight onto his muscular ass, jamming it as deep as possible…..ahhhhhh, fucccccck,
worrrrk that ass. My cock makes one more lunge and deposits a load deep. We lay there
and as my cock slowly works it’s way out, I can tell by the tightening up of John’s ass
muscles he’s getting ready to deposit a load deep, her legs are wrapped tightly around his
ass, he grabs hold of her shoulder and pulls himself tighter, embedding as deep as possible
as she goes through another set of organism. “Oh, I feel so good getting fucked!!!” I tell
John to quickly pull out so the mailman can get release for his cock. The mailman needs
release after the ass fucking he has received from me. He mounts her without any
ceremony and pounds, pinching her tits she screams, “do that all night.”