My Wife And Her Young Black Lover

I’d like to tell you about how my wife fell for a young black
boy…and she’s so in love with him, she’s having his baby. She finds
much more satisfaction with him than she ever did with me, because of
the way he makes love to her, and the sheer size of the cock he fills
her with – its huge.

We took in an exchange student to help with the rent. He was
a black boy from Uganda. Now I’d had visions that all black men are
tall, muscular and good-looking but Efan was none of these things.
He was of medium height and quite pudgy, with thick lensed glasses.

I never regarded Christi as a femme fatale but since she’s
been going with Efan she’s become insatiable and can’t get enough of
his enormous weapon. Christi used to be quiet, almost shy but not any
more. She has a nice figure for her age – 36. She has firm, well-
shaped breasts and long, shapely legs. In our 15 years of marriage,
neither of us had strayed before.

Efan soon settled in, almost one of the family. He soon began
watching Christi who always wore stockings, at home or at work. Once
I caught him ogling the tops of her thighs when she bent over. He
smiled at me and winked and I saw the front of his pants tented out
by a large bulge. I guessed he had what black men are renowned for,
a big, big cock. Strangely enough, I got a hard on watching him
eyeing up my wife so openly. The thought of him having her soon
began to enter my mind.

One evening after I’d watched him rubbing himself while
ogling Christi, I went to the bathroom and wanked off while conjuring
up visions of him jerking off over my wife and picturing him slipping
his long, thick length into her pretty snatch. Christi walked in and
wanted to know what I was doing. I told her about what Efan had been
doing and I also let slip my thoughts about Efan screwing her. She
looked mysteriously at me and gave my five inches a quick rub and

From that moment on, Christi wore sexier clothes around Efan
and he always seemed to have a bulge in his trousers. My brain was
thinking of ways of getting them together so that I could watch. One
night we came home from the cinema early and walked in on Efan who
was looking at my private collection of photos of Christi. His
trousers were down around his knees and he was wanking his big tool,
the biggest I’ve ever seen – even bigger than any of those huge cocks
I’d seen in videos. It was enormous. He had one hand on it, gripping
it as he jerked away but I could see his fingers didn’t meet as they
held it. It was at least twelve inches long. His glistening pinky
brown crown was distended and his hand was a blur.

Christi held my hand and gasped loudly. Efan tried to pull up
his jeans but there was no chance of hiding that lethal tool. Christi
blurted out “Oh my God, Eric, look at him, just look at him!” Christi
moved toward Efan, her eyes fixed on that huge cock. I stood trans-
fixed as she took hold of his throbbing cock with her hands looking
so tiny in comparison to its huge size. She dropped to her knees in
front of him and began to lick his shiny crown. Then she opened her
mouth and her cheeks hollowed as she tried to suck him. She could only
fit in the crown and an inch of shaft. He looked at me with a glazed
expression as I started to wank myself off. I soon came. He ripped her
knickers off, lifted her legs over his arms as she guided his stiff
tool into her bubbling snatch. How she squealed as he entered her. I
should have stopped him and made him wear a rubber like I have to,
because Christi uses no other form of contraception, but I was so
excited and it was all happening so fast and so naturally. Besides,
I wanted to see him spunk up her, to see how she would react. In our
fantasies I had often said I would lick another man’s spunk from her
pussy if she let someone else fuck her.

I wanted her to get her oats from Efan and she was in no state
to stop him. She was urging him on to fuck her. I stared as his thick,
black length squeezed into my Christi’s cunt. I gasped, “Give it to
her Efan, fuck the arse off her for me.” I watched as my wife was
shagged silly by a boy half her age and while she squirmed and humped
on his long cock, I had the time of my life watching them and jerking

Soon he had her legs up over her shoulders, her high heels
pointing at the ceiling, jerking like mad. I came uncontrollably and
it was the best wank I’d ever had, better even than a fuck I thought
but Efan showed no signs of spunking off so soon. I fell back
exhausted but content to watch the young cock master take my wife to
new heights of ecstasy.

Watching her being so well fucked had my cock standing to
attention again but this time I controlled myself, waiting for him
to come his lot inside her. He took so long I nearly came off again.
Then his arse was thudding and shuddering into her as he pushed him-
self up to look down at her. Christi’s eyes were locked on his as
she gasped, “Yes, yes, yes please.”

He was shooting his spunk up deep inside her and she was
going crazy. Then they rolled apart, their bodies steaming. Her cunt
was hanging open, oozing spunk. She called me over and said “Do it
for me like you want to.” I buried my face in her gaping cunt and
licked her dry. It was lovely. Later they went upstairs and fucked
the night away in our bed. It was so good seeing them together, black
on white. It was just as I’d imagined: fantastic.

That’s how its been ever since, they always seem to be at it.
He screws her at every opportunity, anywhere in the house.

Even though Christi is now pregnant, she’s wearing even more
daring clothes to please him. Whenever they finish fucking she drapes
herself over my face so that I can lick her clean. I am really happy
now knowing that they are fucking together at every opportunity and
that I have such a sexy, well-satisfied wife with such a well-hung
stud for her pleasure.

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