My wife Jenny meets up with a bunch of us guys in a hotel and gets used as a fuckslut

It was the night I had been waiting for, the night my
wife Jenny was going to be gang fucked. Everything was
in place the room at the hotel was booked, the guys
were ready and my slut wife was horny and willing to be
used as a sex toy by the men. It has long been a
fantasy, but this night made it reality.

Jenny was hot, on the week leading up to the gangbang
she was wet most of the time, in the car while driving
she would open her legs and get me to feel her wetness,
one day coming back from an antique shop she was so
horny that we stopped on the side of a country road,
parked under some trees and I fucked her like crazy she
was so turned on, she didn’t care who might see us.

She stripped off her top and skirt and I mounted her in
the front seat of our car. I couldn’t help but look at
my hard cock pumping in and out of her dripping pussy
and thinking, this is going to be what Greg sees and
feels on Friday night. Greg is a friend I found for her
on the web. Greg has already played with her once
before, fingering her and jerking off on her tits while
I watched and jerked off in a chair in a hotel room
approximately 3 months ago.

But on Friday it would go to the gangbang level, Jeff,
Robert and Callum were also going to be there with the
three of us, that works out to 5 cocks and 1 pussy, and
man was my slut wife gonna get a good fucking she

The rest of the week was full of anticipation, Jenny
wouldn’t let me fuck her at all , she wanted me really
horny, and was I ever, I was jerking off everyday just
thinking about the mess these guys were gonna make on
my bride.

Friday morning came around and she woke up really
horny, while she was half asleep I got my hand between
her thighs and was massaging her cunt which was oh so
creamy and hot, she just pressed down on my hand and
squeezed her legs together. I got up had a shower and
went to work, during the day I couldn’t thinking of
anything but the night.

I got home early around 4.30, the kids had been dropped
of at the sitters house, and my wife had already
showered and waxed her bikini line, in fact she had
completely removed all hair from around her love hole,
she told me that would give all the boys a better view
when she started teasing them.

I went into our bedroom and laid out on the bed was her
sheer see through black panties, a tight lycra skin
tight red top which displays her ample cleavage and a
little black skirt that she had spent the day
shortening even further, a suspender belt and stockings
and a slutty pair of black stiletto heels.

She was doing her hair in our bathroom and putting on
her make up, she then put on big silver loop earrings
and of course the slut wife ankle bracelet. When she
finished dressing and came into the study were I was ,
I had such a hard on, I just kept thinking of her being
ravaged by these men tonight, covered in their bodies,
and eventually in their sperm.

We got into the car and headed for a bar near the
hotel, Jenny needs a few drinks as leg openers before
any partying starts as she is usually really shy.
After about a 40 minutes Greg showed up and got us a
couple of drinks more, we sat and made small talk for
about 10 minutes, but the talk soon turned to the night
ahead, Greg was visibly excited as he was sporting a
hard on through his trousers.

Both Jenny and I noticed, at first she was a little
embarrassed, but Greg soon grabbed her hand and put it
on his cock, and told her that tonight her was going to
fuck her for all she’s worth. She would submit to all
the men’s desires, as that was what we agreed to before
the meeting.

Jenny just looked at me and gave me the wickedest
nervous smile.

We finished our drinks and hopped into the car, I told
Jenny to get in the back with Greg for the drive to the
hotel, while driving I could tell by the sounds in the
back seat that Greg was already warming up my wife for
the fun ahead, I heard him say, “Open up Jen. I just
want to feel your hot pussy!”

It was part of the fantasy that Jenny would be treated
as a slut for the evening, so I indulged the fantasy by
turning around and saying, “You heard him, open up
cunt. Let him feel if your ripe yet.”

Like a true slut my wife opened her legs. Greg then got
into it, “That’s right whore, you heard your husband,
you just a cunt tonight, your just three holes and a
pair if tits. That’s it, nothing more. Just a fucktoy,
and a cumslut for us men!”

I heard my wife moan, she was on fire.

When we got to the hotel the other 3 were already in
the lobby, they had smiles from ear to ear, my wife was
real eye-candy for them, she looked like she could fuck
a train, Greg had his hand on her arse as we walked
into the lobby, I followed and saw my Jenny with Greg’s
hand on her arse being introduced to the other guys
like a piece of cock meat. After all that’s all she was
to them, something to fuck and dump their cum in and
on, and man did that thought make me hot.

Callum got the key to the room and we all got into the
elevator, another couple got in with us, I couldn’t
really see Jenny as she was up in the corner and rob
was blocking my view with Callum and Jeff. I heard the
words “Wait till we get in the room, then a giggle from
my wife, she was obviously being felt up by the guys in
the elevator.

The girl from the other couple was obviously switched
on to what was going on, and was feeling uncomfortable,
her partner was straining to see what was going on. As
soon as they got out on their floor we were all alone
in the lift. I turned to see Rob pashing my wife,
Greg’s hands all over her tits and Callum’s hand
raising her skirt whilst rubbing her pussy inside her
panties, and the slut was loving every bit of it.

Callum and Rob then lifted my wife into the air and
pulled her legs apart and said, “Jeff! Have a look at
this!” Greg then pulled her panties aside to expose her
well lubricated cunt, her pussy lips were puffy and
swollen, we could see right up her fuck hole, it was
ready, okay, it was open and warm and inviting, her
eyes now looking glazed, “What’s she gonna be like in
the room, if she’s like this in the elevator? I thought
to myself.

We got to our floor and the guys tidied her up a bit,
putting her tits back n her top, and fixing her skirt.
She looked flushed and her legs were trembling with
excitement as we walked to room 981. I followed the
crowd of 6 and watched as they opened the door to the
room and Greg said, “Get in bitch!”

My wife looked at me and obeyed her new master.

Once in the room, Callum opened the bar frig and got
out some beers, Rob went up to Jenny and pulled her
roughly onto his lap, groping her and fingering her
hole, Greg came up to her while she was on robs lap,
grabbed her face and gave her a long passionate tongue
kiss, to which she willingly responded.

“Get your clothes of whore!”

Jeff said, “You heard him cunt!”

Jenny stood up and removed her skirt and top first.

“Panties slut!” called out Callum.

There was my wife of 18 years naked in a room of six
horny guys about to receive the fuck of her life. “Come
here and get on you hands and knees bitch.” said

Jenny did as she was told, when she gets really hot she
is extremely submissive, come and be a footrest for
Greg, my wife walked over on her hands and knees up to
Greg who put his feet up on her back, she was made to
stay like that for about 5 minutes while the guys
commented on her hanging tits, she was told to spread
her legs but must not have heard the command, so I went
up and spread her thighs wide, so that I GOOD BEST

“Fuck! She’s drippin!” came the words from one of the
guys. And we could all see the creamy substance women
make when they lubricate their pussies before a fuck,
literally oozing out of her open vagina.

Rob got up and walked over to Jenny, and grabbed her by
her hair” get up cunt” he said to her, he looked at me
and said, “It’s time we sample your wife’s good, Tom.”

All I could say was, “Yeah!”

With that rob took Jenny over to the bed and made her
get on her back n the middle of the big mattress, the
other guys now came over to look down on this helpless
horny slut, my wife, my cunt, their whore.

She opened her legs and parted her pussy lips with her
fingers as the guys came so close we could all smell
the scent of her wanting gaping cunt. “Who’ first!”
asked Greg. Then Callum pulled out a piece of paper and
pen, “Let’s pick numbers,” he said. Callum wrote the
numbers 1 to 5 and then tore up the paper into four
pieces, I didn’t get a number, I had to go last because
I fuck her all the time.

The guys drew their turns, Rob first, then Callum,
Jeff, then Greg.

Rob stripped off and mounted Jenny in one fast move, no
romance, no love, just pure animal lust he pounded her
cunt and we all watched his cock, coated with her
vaginal juices thrust in and out of her, while this was
going on Callum had also stripped and was pulling his
cock to harden up more, her went up to my wife’s face
and stuck his cock in her mouth, like an animal she
automatically began to suck him, like a primitive
ritual she was hardening her next lovers for the

Rob suddenly yelled out, “FUCK! I’m gonna cum!” Then he
let out a massive groan and pumped his seed furiously
into my wife’s womb. Lucky he had on a condom, I
thought to myself.

He pulled out of Jenny and we all looked at the load
he’d pumped into the rubber. “Shit!” said Callum,
“Lucky that load didn’t splash her cervix, or this
bitch would be a mama again for sure. Everybody laughed
at that.

Callum was hard as a rock and grabbed Jenny by the
hair, “Get down in doggie mode cunt.”

Jenny did, and again without any kind of foreplay or
the slightest respect he mounted her from behind like a
dog would. The other guys had already taken off their
clothes and were now jerking off as they watched their
buddy using my wife like a common whore.

Jenny just held her position, head hanging, long hair
around her face, her big 38c tits swinging with his
fucking motion.

Callum had a big dick and I’m sure he was hurting her a
bit but none of us really cared, she was only there to
take our cum, and give us pleasure, that was her only
job and she would have to endure it.

Like his buddy Rob, Callum was now fucking Jenny more
vigorously. He was about to cum his first load of the
night in my wife. All the other guys were visibly more
excited watching the scene. It was like watching dogs
waiting their turn on the bitch that was in season. My
wife was definitely in season.

A loud groan of satisfaction escaped Callum’s lips,
then three more thrusts and his body tenses and he
filled her waiting hold with his hot sticky cum, then
he was done. She had to take his full weight on her
back, his hands still clutching under her body, one
hand on her cunt lips the other holding her right tit.
He lay on top of her sweating and motionless for a

Then when he was ready he dismounted, the guys went
down to get a rear view of his cock coming out of my
wife. Jeff said, “Fuck! He popped the rubber!”

Oops! I went down to take a look. Damn, there was
another man’s seed dripping from my wife’s cunt. She
was fertile at this time of month.

Rob slapped me on the back, “Congratulations man, she
might be a mum again.”

I felt sick for a moment, but looking at my willing
wife and the fact that she didn’t care, all she wanted
was some more cock. It was all so fucking perverted, it
just made me hornier.

Jeff flipped my horny bitch onto her back and climbed
on and did her missionary style for about five minutes,
then pulled out and sprayed his cum all over her belly
and the outside of her cunt. It looked awesome. Her
pussy was red and puffy now and the flaps were really
engorged with b***d. Her nipples were sticking up rock
hard from all the sucking they’d gotten, and cum was
sprayed all over her gaping hole, it was just fucking

Greg pushed Jeff off her and climbed onto her, shoving
his stiff cock into Jenny’s cum filled cunt, and cum-
covered body. He fucked her hard and fast, grunting and
groaning and thrusting as hard as he could. He yelled
to us to hold her for him. I grabbed Jenny’s head and
held her down on the pillow. Callum held her hands
above her head and Jeff grabbed on leg and Rob the
other and they pulled her wide open.

Greg really wanted to get up her, he was pushing so
hard it was like he was trying to rip her cunt in two,
“Pull her open! Open her up for me!” he kept rasping.

Jenny looked like a rag doll, being tossed around
underneath him. He didn’t have on a condom, but I guess
we were beyond that point now anyway.

“Hold the bitch down, hold her!” he moan as he filled
my wife’s womb with his pumping hot seed. His body
jerked again and again as he shot what looked like a
gallon of sperm into her. Then spent, like the others,
he dropped his weight on her, panting for breath.

As Greg got up off her, we all looked down at this used
messy slut of mine. That’s when Rob said “Let’s put the
bitch on the floor.”

They just grabbed her arms and legs and dumped her on
the wooden floor like a piece of rubbish. They were
still horny and I knew where this was going. Jenny was
sore but still horny too. You put my Jenny in a room
full of naked men and she can go on for hours, she’s
such a slut.

“Spread and finger yourself, you fucking slag,” said

Jenny started to play with herself and we could see the
cum all over her hands and fingers as it oozed out of
her crack. We could hear the squelching of her used
cunt as she fingered herself. She had cum all over her
body, her tits, her face, mouth, it was everywhere.
Looking down at her she looked almost like a glazed

“Open you cunt bitch. Show your hubby what we did to
your married cunt!”

She did as commanded. We stood over her and had a
circle jerk, then Callum grunted and spurted all over
her face and then told her to open her mouth while he
dripped the last few strings of his cum into it. But he
got most of it in her eyes.

Then Rob grunted and blew his second load all over her
tits. I shot all over her belly, and the other two guys
told her to hold her legs up. Greg and Rob held her
legs up in the air. Jenny had been fingering herself
the whole time and now she started coming, hard.
Moaning and pushing her fingers in and out of herself
while writhing on the floor like an animal in heat.

Then Jeff leaned down and opened Jenny’s beet-red cunt-
flaps and had fun jerking off and shooting onto her
open cunt lips. Callum got down and fucked her again,
he didn’t care that she was all sticky and sweaty, and
after a fairly short time he again pumped her body full
of his cum. Then he got up off her and looked at me and
said, “Fuck man, she looks good and pregnant to for
sure. Call me in a few months when her tits begin to
fill up and I’ll bring some mates over and we’ll have
another go at her.”

The guys then got dressed and left, they didn’t even
say goodbye to Jenny, they just left her lying there, a
cum-soaked mess on the floor. She was asleep under a
coating man-seed naked and sticky. I just kneeled down
beside her and held her head, putting my cock in her
mouth. She woke up then and even though she was tired,
could still suck. I jerk off in her mouth, shooting my
pent up load and went to bed leaving her sound asleep
on the floor.

Jenny did end up pregnant as a result of the night, and
her tits are now starting to fill with milk. I’m
thinking about calling Callum soon.