My wife’s first pro work

That work was just outside the Purdue Campus. The time period was the hippie dippy era of 1970. The wife was a laboratory department head in life sciences at Purdue. She did the standard duties and kept the labs in order. On breaks and coming to and from work, she ran…in a nicely abbreviated outfit. Everyone on campus knew of that blond headed sleek runner. At the same time, the wife was already an experienced swinger. She really enjoyed sex.

So, when she began running past a newly opened massage parlor, down on the levy, near the Wabash river, she got curious. That curiosity grew with every run past the business, am or pm.
After mentioning the new business to me, my response was that she should drop in and ask the manager about a part time position. Hey, I found it a turn on to think that my own wife might be jacking off guys and becoming extremely familiar with all the penis variations.

She dropped into the parlor the very next day. It was decked out with Acid Trip art, strange furniture, wild colors, and had a strong incense smell. Two girls were up front. One was taking a customer into the back rooms, and the other greeted my wife…with wide eyes and surprise. Not only was my wife known to the girl as “the runner who goes by everyday”, my wife was standing right there in her scanty running outfit. The greeter was Janis. She was pleasant, smiling, and not at all demonstrating anything but a happy worker attitude.

After only a few sentences, Janis realized that my wife was inquiring about work. She hit an intercom button, and, in a matter of seconds, the manager came from down the hall. Middle aged, mustache, slightly overweight, and…a cigar smoker, he actually looked the part of a small business owner. In this case, he was the owner and manager of an unregulated massage parlor of that famously strange time period.

The parlor owner was named Bill. He looked at my wife, and her toned physique, and asked her why in the Hell was she asking about work at the parlor. She said, the extra money was one reason, but that an enjoyment of sex was the strongest reason. She told him that she liked all variations. Bill, in turn, assured her that “variations” were, indeed, available. He explained that there were no regulations, yet, in the city of W. Lafayette, nor in the county of Tippecanoe. He told my wife that he was certain that it was only temporary, and that he intended to make the most of the slowness of local authorities to take action.

Bill went on to say that he could use someone like my wife. He was an admirer of my wife, not only when she ran, but also at the local strip joint (where she danced a few nights per week). But, that, as is commonly said, is another story of its own. He explained that some of his girls had agreed to do only massage and a maximum of a “local” (hand job). He had two girls who would do full sex with the customers. He asked my wife what she would prefer to do. She said that she could “do it all”. Of course, that made Bill very happy. He asked Janis to show my wife around.

Janis took my wife down the hall, showed her the various standard rooms, most with real massage tables, and a few special rooms for use by the girls who agreed to full sex. Those rooms had an adjustable sex seat in the middle. All very clean…”each girl is responsible for her own cleanup”, said Janis with a smile/smirk.

My wife literally ran away from the parlor, only to return that Friday night for duty. It was a wild entry into the building. There were six guys were in the waiting area, when she arrived. Everyone was very happy to see her. Janis was just finishing up with a customer, bringing him to the front door as my wife entered it. Janis was also happy to see my wife, but as a relief pitcher, someone who could help out with the load. Bill was also there. He was astonished to see my wife all done up in her red mini dress.

He instantly knew that his suspicions were correct, that she would be a natural. As sort of in a sex initiation fashion, he had three black Purdue football players waiting!!! He had given them a special price, for all three to try the new girl. Back then $300 dollars was a lot. But, they could have her, for three hours. And they would take her back together, as a three on one team event.

She was told by Bill to take the three back to the biggest special room. There the red mini came off immediately. There was nothing underneath. The guys were stripping as fast as they could. She looked around and saw three black beefy bods and three huge black cocks. She was going to play with the cocks, and she did get eat each to erection.

But, they wanted to start working on her. She got into the sex seat, using the standard missionary position. And the guys decided on their own to have the smallest first, which was a solid 8 inches. He was hard as a rock and over two inches wide. She was naturally lubed and ready to go. So, he slipped the bare cock into her smoothly. He stretched her for a few minutes, then buried it all the way into her. She remembers the throbbing hardness, and cuming many times with just that first guy. The spread eagle setting on that sex seat was working well. This guy and the other two knew my wife, well at least they knew her as both the campus runner and the little blond stripper at Lorraine’s Lounge. It was extra exciting that they now got to fuck that same woman. The first guy was beginning to fuck my wife hard and fast. Bill had told them that they could use her as true fuckmeat, and fuck her as hard as they wanted, and, of course, not use a condom. Condoms were rare in the late sixties and early seventies. STD on or around a college campus was rare, with the big viruses non-existent! So? The major reason for a condom was birth control, and the pill had just taken care of that concern in our society.

When the heavy fucking started, my wife was breathing wild, squeaking, and laughing. She always laughed and giggled with the biggest hits. As well, when it was quiet in the room, she said she could hear her own pussy snapping and popping. That was when Bill decided to turn up the house stereo. She remembers a Santana album being played, and that the first black athlete used the song rhythms deep inside her. Bill had the sound set loud enough to mask all the action in that back room where my wife was.

His 8 inch fat cock was attached to a 220 pound 6 foot frame. And what turned out to be the theme of the evening = “fit athletes fucking a fit athlete”. Remember, the guys had seen my wife on campus, and at the strip club. They knew that she had run full 26.2 mile marathons in most states of the USA (later all states). So, all three saw her as an athletic fuck muscle. The first guy was only the start of the football players doing a heavy workout on my wife. They literally wanted to beat her inside, with a musical rhythm, and with the power that they brought to their gridiron game. So, the thick 8 inch starter began smacking his 220 pound body into my wife’s pelvis. The XXX store bought sex seat was just barely holding up. To stop it from rocking so much, he went straight to grabbing her hips, and holding that pelvis solid, while he hammered and twisted away. After he had fucked her for about 15 minutes, he saw that one of his buddies was “over ready” and motioning for “a turn”. So, without cuming at that point, the first player just pulled out so that his friend might get some. My wife took her first normal breath since starting with number one.

That second black football player was over 6 feet 7 inches tall, and consisted of around 250 pounds of solid muscle. As planned by the three, his cock was larger. It was about 9.5 inches in length and still at 2 inches wide. It also had a large head, one that was thicker than the shaft. That head may have been 2.5 to 2.75 inches wide. She remembered that, since when she tried to eat them earlier, it was actually difficult to open her mouth enough for this second guy. When he pushed into her, it happened much faster than with the first guy. No delicacy, no pretense.

He immediately went straight to the heavy workout. It was like he wanted the coach to be proud of what his football player could do to this marathon runner! So, same mission position, with heavy bangs just about crumpling the sex seat. Certainly the bangs were crumpling my wife. She remembers deep thuds, pops, snaps and smacks that could be heard, even with the music blaring. That music was now Grand Funk, and the fuck was a grind in step with the heavy funk bass guitar. That big penis head was being d**g back and forth inside her. She said that she thought of a door knob being pushed and pulled through her gut. And she came harder than ever.

Looking down at her thin athletic belly, she could see it rise and fall with the strokes. She put her hand above her belly button and felt the cock banging beneath. She heard a low frequency “MMMM…M” and saw in number two’s face that he was ready to get going. He grabbed the handles on the sex seat and began using them like his football dip exercise. He pulled both the seat and my wife forcefully toward him, just as he banged forward into her. His 9.5 inches was actually burying beyond the hilt with ever hit. My wife was cuming hard. She loved the S/M beating that her vagina was taking. The athletic guys appreciated watching my wife’s rippling muscles of her own…which were setting her entire body quivering…and her tingling was literally from head to toe.

The owner, Bill, was watching all the activities. No cameras were available in that era. But, the good old fashioned two way mirror was built into a false wall. And that was where Bill was standing. He was watching for his own entertainment. As well, it could said that he was looking after my wife’s safety. But that would be false. After all, he was watching my wife take an internal pelvic beating with black billy clubs. Ironic, that these athletes could beat the insides of my wife, viciously, yet be arrested if they had beat her anywhere else on her body.

Number two was getting into the pull of the sex seat and the big dip into my wife. Soon it was a perfect machine action. She remembers each bang going perfectly with the Grand Funk “Are You Ready?” “Locomotion” and other songs that emphasized the hit inside her, synchronizing with the vibrating bass and drums of the songs. She had had big guys before, but nothing like this! Number two grinded out one more song, and then pulled his doorknob out. A loud SMOP could be heard, yes, even with the music. Her vaginal opening had a long lasting gape that matched the doorknob head shape that just left.

The third guy had been waiting his turn. He was more hefty, like maybe an offensive lineman? He was over 6 feet 5 inches and, maybe, around 300 pounds. But, still a fit packed muscle guy who had an extra unusual piece of muscle. My wife was pretty experienced, prior to that evening, so I believe her when she said that she gasped when she looked at what was coming up between her legs.
She literally asked, “How big is that???” The guy replied that his own wife had measured
it at 10.25 inches long and about 2.5 inches wide. He added, “OK?” And she said, “OK!”

She watched as he approached her already gaping vagina. She saw that he was getting harder, that he had large distended veins. She must have been really turning him on. He got right on top of the shaved mons, with the bright pink lips below it. But, he stopped, moved out around and came up to her head with his cock. He wanted her to lube him. He held her head up, shoved the now rock hard giant cock into her mouth and began fucking her face. He was pushing her entire head down onto his cock. The cock went into the start of her throat.While she had deep throated 6 and 7 inch cocks, she had never had anything this large down her throat. She swears that she did not gag, that she relaxed and he slid it in till his balls hit her lips. He was holding her head back, lifting her jaw, extending her throat, as he began to fuck her throat.

Even though he was having a great time fucking my wife’s face, popping out her green eyes, and deforming her face with his size, he still wanted to fuck that now used vagina. He slid his cock out of her throat; that cock was now well lubed, and headed for the vagina. Red faced, and gulping for air, my wife was spitting and drooling The other guys were laughing, and they were encouraging that third and biggest guy to really “work her over”. He asked her one more time, but very seriously this time., “OK?” Then, very slowly, “O…K…???”.

My wife said, “Sure!”

The other guys were working on a joint, and had my wife take a toke while she was laying there. Then they gave number three a toke. No one, including Bill, knew that my wife had also taken a hit of mescaline about one hour before arriving at work!

Having watched the first two exercise upon my wife, number three was wanting to outdo all that, and do it with his size of cock. He wanted to hit the white muscled blond runner harder than he had ever hit his own wife. It was an extra turn on, that my wife was a great looking white female and, that, well, she was my wife, someone else’s wife, anyone else’s wife. He cranked her seat adjustment of the legs wider…to the max. Then he angled up her seat, and put it exactly at his waist level, which resulted in the deepest missionary position possible. Then he started in.

He got about half way into her, and she felt that he was actually getting LARGER! She did not think it was possible, but she appeared to be making him more horny. He put his head over her left ear, and whispered, “You feel great.” Over the next five to ten minutes, he was able to finally get it all inside my wife. He began really fucking my wife with that cock.

So, there she was, splayed wide, two beautifully split legs, with the huge black man dwarfing her body. His ass muscles were obvious and intense as he began ramming my wife. Each ass twitch was matched by a throb and spasm that went clear to the end of his cock. This guy grabbed the seat handles and, each time he went forward, he picked up the seat and my wife and pulled them toward him. It was a deeper, bigger, bang than ever. When he thought of having the married runner wife, who everyone on campus knew, he just got rougher on her than ever. His fantasy of ripping her apart was becoming less fantasy and more real by the moment. The other guys were yelling him on.

Bill was still transfixed, on the other side of the two way. He had never seen any of his regular girls get fucked like this. But, then, that is why he arranged this first night for my wife. Not only was Bill not concerned about, nor watching for, my wife’s safety, he had been the one to setup the assault. If it worked out, the entire football team would know about and seek out my wife.

At the greatest depth of each stroke, number three began to grind and twist and pry. My wife was looking up at his face, as he bottomed out, with all those inches inside her. She watched his intent, as he ground back and forth. She looked down at her shaved pussy and saw the reason why that added even more drama to the scene. Her mons was bright pink, her lips were getting red. Her vaginal sheath was pulled in and out with the rhythm, and was stretched beyond taunt. She could not see that the rear of her sheath was getting notched, slightly split! The music was changing over, and it became very quiet in the building. That is when, for an instant, she could feel and hear the vaginal deep thuds, thunks, and kersnaps.

Then, one of the girls, supposedly in fun, put on a loop tape of Foghat’s “I just want to make love to you!” Definitely not black music, however, number three picked up that beat and tempo. Soon he was banging her with every strong beat. The looping of the song allowed for an extended beating of my wife. Number three could continue his pounding, to the same famous beat, without worrying about running out of his workout music. My wife’s body started jerking and going into spasms after all the repeat hits. He could tell that he was taking over her body with those hits, and made sure that she spent a lot of time impaled and twisting on his big cock.

The other guys in the room, and Bill behind the mirror, watched my wife get spread enough for childbirth. In fact, with her seat setup, and the guy working on her, it looked like she was fully dilated…with something the size of a black baby being shoved in and out of her vagina. The guys were not going to ask him to stop and trade off. Rather, they decided that they would encourage him to continue to orgasm. That would allow the others to start working on her again. But number three had to “get there” first.

Those ass muscles of his clinched harder, and the angle began to include a thrust of his cock inward and upward. He was thrilled to feel my wife ripping in length and width. He was trying for a permanent change in that same woman who he had watched run across campus for years. The sex seat was almost falling apart, as he hit a stride. She was taking it all, looking up at his face with her wild and happy face. Then she would look back down at her spread vagina, and see his giant cock disappearing into her, and the mound inside her that went back forth beyond her button. She was screaming, when he lunged all the way in, held it at its deepest, and went into spasms cuming over and over. My wife came harder and harder, with each and every single jerk. He stayed in place, so that she might feel all those sensations, and so that she might wiggle down on whatever was left. He loosened his grip on the handles, and slowly pulled out of her.

He left a huge gape in her, sort of like those in cartoons.
But, this was no cartoon. This was my wife.
And she was gushing cum, cum that was tainted by streaks of red.

This was just the start of her three hours with the three guys!