Naughty Amanda

It was a hot night in August. The sun was setting, and Amanda was up in the hay loft of the barn watching the sunset. She didn’t mind the heat too much. The wind was lightly blowing and the cooler night air was starting to set in. She had flopped her cute, petite, 19 year old body down into a large stack of hay to watch the sunset. Her farm sat on top of a hill that let her see for miles. It was her favorite spot to go after a long hot day of helping her father, mother, and younger 18 year old brother do the farm chores.

Amanda was wearing her favorite sun dress. It showed off her large developing breasts. When she was a few years younger she started noticing the boys paid more attention to her when she wore her v-necks shirts or dresses that should a lot of cleavage. She also liked her dresses to be short. On the really hot days in Kansas it was nice to feel the cool wind blow up her skirt and cool her down. She was a very cute girl, with brown hair, large breasts, and slightly tanned skin. Her teasing, brown eyes always caught the boys attention.

Tonight would turn out to be a night she would never forget. The sun was going down, and her brother, Chris, was bringing the horses into the barn for the evening. They were expecting an evening thunderstorm, and wanted the horses to be in the barn for safe keeping. Amanda found herself watching a large thunderhead form against a beautiful sunset. She was drifting off with her thoughts as she enjoyed the sunset rays piercing through the clouds. After about 30minutes of enjoying the sunset through the storm clouds there as a sharp flash of lightning followed by a loud crack of thunder. Then the clouds opened up and it started to pour down rain. She heard Chris come running in the barn with the last horse. She snapped out of her thoughts with the sudden change in weather and decided to go down and help Chris with the last horse.

As she was climbing down the ladder to the main floor of the barn, Chris saw her coming down and got a great view of her white panties under her dress. He just starred at her sexy ass as she descended. He also felt his cock stiffen some. Chris always enjoyed catching glimpses of his sister when she was in the shower or getting dressed in her room. In fact, he always looked forward to being behind Amanda when she went up into the barn loft.

Amanda always knew her brother liked catching glimpses of her. She always left her door cracked open, and she always made sure she was the first one up the ladder to the barn loft when they would go up and hang out. Whenever she noticed him starting at her body it always made her pussy a little wet. She always wanted to be with her brother in a more sexual way, but her parents moral teaching had always made her hesitate from crossing that line.

When she got to the ground she looked over at her brother and then down at his crotch. She could see the start of his erection through his shorts. She felt a warm sensation start between her legs.

Chris was trying to stall the last horse when a crack of thunder spooked him. The horse ran out of it’s stall and ran to the opposite side of the barn. Chris was not pleased with the horses reaction and stomped over to it rather pissed off. The horse then ran across to another side of the barn and ran into a holding area with another horse that was tied up, and waiting for it’s stalled to be cleaned. Amanda started giggling, which was irritating Chris a little at the moment.

Amanda then ran over to help Chris corral the horse. When they got to the door both of their mouth’s fell open and hit the floor. Happy Feet, the horse that has been running around the barn, had a huge erection and was trying to mount the female horse, Jealous, that was tied up in the staging area.

Amanda and Chris both starred at the mating ritual that was unfolding in front of them. The horses cock was absolutely massive and once Happy Feet got up on Jealous’ back he started thrusting his hips. His cock was so huge it just flung around all over the place. Amanda slowly walked over, slowly reached out, and grabbed a hold of it’s flailing cock to help guide it into position. Chris watched on as his own erection grew to full strength. Watching his sister handle a horse cock was a pretty huge turn on. Amanda stepped back as Happy Feet started to thrust into Jealous over and over again. Amanda watched as the horse took the full length of cock. Amanda’s pussy was hot, and she could feel her juices starting to drip out of her. The horses cock had felt so soft and yet hard at the same time, and it was huge. She could barely get her small hands to wrap around it’s girth. She started to wonder what it would feel like to have something that big inside of her. She looked over at Chris who was watching in wonder as well. She then noticed the huge tent in his shorts. He clearly had no idea that his erection was so pronounced. She turned her attention back to the fucking horses. Happy Feet’s rhythm had changed. He was getting ready to cum inside of Jealous. Amanda watched as the horse rammed itself deep into the other horse. Jealous arched her back at the deep intrusion and she probably felt all the horse cum filling her womb. After a few moments Happy Feet jumped down off Jealous’ back. A huge string of cum was stretched from the tip of his cock to Jealous’ pussy lips. Then a gush of cum came pouring out of Jealous’ pussy. Amanda’s mouth almost hit the floor again. She had never seen so much cum in her life. Living on the farm, she had watched her father mate the horses before, but never stuck around long enough to watch the entire event unfold. Happy Feet walked off back into the open barn area, past Chris who was starring at Jealous’ pussy with cum streaming out of it still.

Amanda came up with a dirty thought. She walked over to Jealous and used her finger to scoop up some of the horse cum. She then turned towards her brother and licked the cum ever so slowly off her finger. Using her tongue in a sexy manner to clean it. Chris’ eyes went wide open.

Chris stood up from the post he had been leaning one, “What are you doing?” Chris said in shock.

“I’m seeing what horse cum taste like.” She said. Then she reached back and whipped up some more cum. She turned back to face Chris, grabbed her dress’ shoulder strap and lowered it. Exposing her left breast to Chris. She then rubbed the cum onto her left nipple.

Chris couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He wanted to run up to Amanda and rip off all her clothes and fuck the shit out of her. Was this really happening? He loved watching her act all sexy in front of him, but this was his sister and she was definitely crossing a few relationship lines now.

“I know you like watching me when I change my clothes, and I always catch you starting at me when you think I’m not looking.” She teased.

“I – I – um, no. I mean I think you’re cute, but, I- I.” Chris couldn’t find the words. Then he finally noticed the tent in his shorts and blushed. He put his hands down in front of his crotch.

“You’ve had that for a while now,” Amanda giggled. “You should come over here and show me what it looks like. I obviously love the taste of cum.” As she said that she took another swipe of the horse cum and sucked it off her finger. She pulled her finger out of her mouth and it made a popping sound. She then wrapped her right hand about her exposed breast and started bouncing it up and down.

Chris was wide eyed, frozen in shock, and didn’t know what to do. “We can’t. Mom and Dad could walk in any minute, and, we’ll…”

“It’s pouring down rain. Our parents aren’t going to come out here.” Amanda answered his bad logic slightly annoyed.

She then walked over to him, dropping her dress to the ground as she moved. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so her tits were in full view, and she stood in front of him just wearing her white panties. She reached down and grabbed his right hand. Lifted it up to her right tit and instructed him to massage it, “Go ahead. Feel them. You know you want to.”

Chris was holding his breath. As she grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast, all he could think about was how soft and warm they felt. He followed her instructions and started to knead her breast. She moaned.

Then Amanda reached down and grabbed the tip of his cock. Chris closed his eyes for a moment and let out a moan.

Amanda leaned up and gave him a passionate kiss. Breakeing away from his lips she whispered in his ear, “I know you want to fuck me. So let’s get on with it. I’m dripping wet from watching the horses fuck. Now I want you to fuck me like a wild stallion.”

She squeezed his cock again, and Chris moaned a loud sensual moan. He squeezed her right nipple, and Amanda almost orgasmed. Sher reached down and hooked the elastic of his shorts with her fingers freeing his cock from their entrapment.

Chris felt his member bounce out of his shorts. Amanda was lowering herself to be eye level with his cock. Her warm, soft fingers quickly wrapped themselves around his cock, which caused him to quiver.

Giggling Amanda said, “See I knew you wanted to fuck me.”

She placed her lips around the head of his cock and sucked as hard as she could. She then pulled her head back and his dick popped out of her mouth making a loud popping sound. Chris moaned with a deep pleasurable sound. She pushed his cock back into her mouth, making sure her lips applied pressure to his dick and her tongue d**g across the underside of his cock. She took about 3/4 of his length into her mouth and stopped when the tip pushed into the back of her throat. She squeezed the base of his cock, and she could feel his dick swell with pleasure in her mouth. Chris then thrust his hips and his cock went all the way in her mouth and now down into her throat. Amanda flinched at the intrusion, but was able to keep herself from throwing up. She had never taken a cock down her throat, but was enjoying the reaction Chris had when it happened.

Amanda pulled her head back and then started bobbing up and down on his cock, while allowing her hands to rotate around his shaft as his dick slid in and out of her mouth. From time to time she would let Chris shove his full length down her throat again. He always waited a few seconds, moaned loudly, and then pulled back out. Amanda never let the tip of his dick go out past her lips. As soon as the felt the ridge of his dick tip at her lips she would send her head in the opposite direction.

Chris couldn’t believe what was happening. Amanda’s mouth was so warm and soft, then when he shoved it into her throat he felt her throat restrict around the tip of his dick and he would almost loose his load.

When Amanda finally pulled his dick fully out of her mouth, she had a precum string that hung from her bottom lip to the tip of his dick. She giggled, and used her pointer finger to break it loose. She then stood up, grabbed the back of Chris’ head and pulled him to her right breast. Chris immediately opened his mouth and sucked her nipple in between his lips. Amanda whispered to him, “Please use your teeth and bite my nipples.”

Chris could her the lust in her voice as she asked him to bite her nipple. He did as commanded, and then he felt Amanda grab his cock and start to stroke it. Chris brought his left hand up to kneed her left breast. He then took her left nipple in between his fingers and squeezed. Amanda’s hips thrust forward. Chris broke away from her breast and looked down to her crotch. There was a wet spot forming between her legs, so he reached down with both hands and removed her panties. Once they were off he went to stand up, but decided to bury his face into her pussy lips.

Amanda felt Chris’ face push into her crotch. She instintively pushed her hips towards his head. Then she lifted her left leg up onto one of the stall rails, and let him explore her pussy with his tongue. He was licking and sucking on every square inch of her crotch. She was about to climax, when she felt Chris push a finger into her pussy. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into her crotch so hard that Chris couldn’t breathe for a moment. She was having a huge orgasm, and her juices were starting to flow down Chris’ face.

Chris was taken off guard when she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him hard into her crotch. Thankfully he had enough breathe in his lungs to allow her to hump his face and he finger her pussy. He could feel her juices flowing down his finger, hand, arm, and now face. He was soo hard, and wanted to shove his cock deep into his sister. Once she finally cam down from her orgasm, Chris stood up with a smirk on his face, “Did you like that?” Then gave her a playful evil grin.

“I know you did.” Amanda said with a laugh.

“You should see all of my cum on your face.” She teased.

Amanda grabbed Chris’ hand and backed up to an area with a lot of hay on the ground. It had made for a nice place to lay down in the past, surely in would work now. She laid herself down and spread her legs.

As Chris lowered himself in between her legs he took in the full view of his completely naked sister laying there, and begging to be fucked by him. He moved his cock into position and ran the tip up and down her pussy lips. He heard Amanda moan, and then pushed into her opening. Amanda’s head went back as she moaned. Chris was taken over by the pleasure of feeling her hot pussy juices surround his cock. Once he had pushed all the way into her dripping wet pussy he slowly pulled back and then started to slowly fuck her.

Amanda was loving how full Chris’s cock felt in her pussy. As he moved in and out she wrapped her legs around him to help him establish a good fucking rhythm. She was starting to feel another orgasm come over her, so she leaned her head up to kiss Chris. When he returned the kiss, she pushed her tongue in between her lips. Chris received her tongue and started to use his to play with her tongue as well. Chris’ rytym was getting fast and hard. Amanda knew he was about to cum and as he made the final thrusts into her she used her legs and arms to pull him in tight. She felt his warm cum flood her pussy. She instantly orgasmed.

Chris collapsed on top of her and felt her tits push against his chest with every breath as they both tried to catch their breath. After a while, Chris raised his head up from her shoulder and looked her in the eyes.

“That was amazing! Did you like it?” He asked.

“You bet I did. I think I had like 4 orgasms in the last hour.” She said giggling.

Chris chuckled, “You felt so good. I can’t believe we just did that! After all these years of masturbating to the images of you in my head. This was a dream come true!”

“Wow, I guess I didn’t realize you would beat one off over me. I know I had a few orgasms in the past thinking about your cock in be, but I never thought about the fact that you were having the same fantasies.” Amanda said.

Chris thought for a moment and then spoke up, “You know, if you ever need help in that department you can always call on me.”

Amanda smiled, “You know I will from now on.”

They both blushed and giggled. Then they heard a noise on the other side of the barn. It sounded like foot steps.

“Shit! It quit raining!” Amanda screamed as she gathered her dress and ran to hide in a stall so she could get dressed.

Chris turned and ran out the back barn door, and into the house.

After he got into his room he realized that his shorts were still laying on the floor in the barn. That was going to be hard to explain.

Amanda stood up from the stall she was in, and walked out to great her father who was looking for Chris.

“Amanda, have you seen your brother?” Her dad asked.

“I thought he was inside.” She answered.

Then she felt some of Chris’ cum drip down her leg and land on her foot.

Her dad looked down and her foot. A puzzled look came over his face, and then he scrunched his face up, turned and walked back towards the house.