Niki And Her Dog – The story of a woman who makes a decision that forever changes her life

Niki was shocked! It just wasn’t possible…was it?
Her mind was spinning in endless circles as she looked
at the two blue lines in front of her.

PREGNANT?!!! How can I be pregnant?!

Niki sat down on the edge of her bed and continued to
stare at the test strip in front of her. Her mind
wandered back to the past, back to when everything in
her life had changed…

Two Years ago

Niki was furious! She could barely fight back the
tears and surging emotions that were welling inside of
her. Right here in front of her was her NOW ex-
boyfriend telling her that he had been cheating on
her…for over 3 months now. Niki’s cheeks were
burning as she felt betrayal working its way around her
heart, c*****g it and making it hurt. Then things went
from bad to worse, he explained that he had been
cheating on Niki with Beth…

“BETH! My best friend Beth! The one person that I’ve
trusted the most since moving out on my mine own…
Beth!” Niki’s thoughts spun out of control as she felt
the edges of her life crumble around her.

“I’m sorry, I should have said something to you
sooner,” Her ex-boyfriend said.

Niki did what any woman would have done in her

She broke his nose.

She turned on her heel and walked away leaving him
there to b***d. As she walked home feeling so terribly
alone in the world, hot tears burned their way down her

Niki got home at around 7:00 pm and went right to her
couch to lie down and let the ocean’s worth of emotions
pour out. She cried for almost an hour until she
couldn’t cry anymore. The betrayal of her boyfriend and
best friend was too much to take. Niki just sat there
curled up with her face in a wet pillow staring at the
floor when a motion caught her eye. It was Enzo, her
chocolate lab. He was lying on the floor just outside
the living room looking in at his mistress. The look he
had was such a sad one that Niki couldn’t help but
feel sorry for him. Sitting up Niki called out to him,
“Come here Enzo. Its okay mommy’s not mad at you

Enzo slowly got up and padded his way into the room
stooping just short of the couch. Niki looked at
Enzo and felt bad for him, she could see it in his
eyes. Enzo knew something was wrong with her but like
most dogs automatically assumed it was “him” that had
done something wrong. Niki did something that she
didn’t normally do, she patted the couch next to her
and asked Enzo to get up on the couch. Enzo jumped
up and lay down next to her placing his head on her

Niki just petted his soft head and cooed to him for a
moment to help sooth him. Then she just started
talking, how long it was Niki was counting. She talked
until she had nothing left to talk about, and even
though Enzo couldn’t respond, just having him there
listening to her made her feel better. When she looked
at the clock on the wall it was almost midnight.
Thinking that all she needed now was a hot shower and
(hopefully) some sleep. She moved Enzo’s head off her
lap and got up and went to the bathroom. After a decent
shower, Niki went to her bedroom and crawled under the

Niki’s mind was swimming in a dream world… her ex-
boyfriend was laughing at her, telling her that she had
just imagined him saying he cheated on her and that he
would never do that. As he was telling her this he
moved closer to her wrapping his arms around her and
pulling her tight against him.

Niki’s willpower faded against the embrace of his arms
and her head turned up just in time to meet his lips as
they pressed against hers. His kiss was strong and
moist, he parted her mouth with his tongue and entwined
her tongue with his, swirling around the inside of her
mouth and bringing a moan from her. He stopped his kiss
and just looked deep into her eyes, and used one hand
to slowly unbutton her blouse. When her reach the
bottom button, he bent his face to her neck and gently
nuzzled against the sensitive parts of her neck.

Placing her hands over his shoulders she felt him pick
her up by her waist and move her back to her bed. Niki
wrapped her legs around him and rubbed herself against
him felt his hardness just barely restrained by his
jeans. His kissing moved slowly down her chest between
her breasts, still enclosed in her bra. He teased her
by kissing and licking around the edges of her bra and
making her arch her back with want of his lips on her

He didn’t disappoint as he pushed her bra up over her
right tit, exposing the hard nipple underneath. He took
his time slowly kissing around her areola and working
his way in a slow circle towards the middle.

Finally when she felt her shelf about to lose it, he
engulfed her nipple with his mouth, sucking on it and
alternately pulling it and grazing it with his teeth.
His other hand pushed her left cup up over her left
tit, and using his fingers twisted and pulled on her
other nipple until it was painfully swollen. Slowly he
removed his mouth from her nipple and started a slow
kissing, licking path down lower.

Pausing at her naval to gently kiss and swirl his
tongue around it, he continued down to the top of her
pants. Using his hands he unbuttoned and unzip her
pants and pulled them off. He tossed them on the floor.
Using the edges of her panties as a “do-not-cross”
border, he kissed gently along the edges of her panties
and here and there pulled the edge down and licked at
the places it covered. He then pulled her panties down
and off her feet tossing them on the floor next to her

Wrapping his arms around her thighs he didn’t pause for
teasing here anymore, instead diving his mouth and
tongue into her folds. He licked and sucked and teased
her, sending bolts of electricity up through her body
and chills of ice down her spine. He just couldn’t seem
to get enough of her juices as he used his tongue to
lap at her over and over again.

At times it felt like his tongue was going up inside
her and finding places that had never been licked
before. All of this was sending Niki there the roof,
her hands grasped at the sheets around her, her head
and eyes were both rolling back on the bed.

Niki couldn’t take it anymore and gave into the
sensations. Her orgasm came like a crashing wave,
starting at her toes and working it way up through her
whole body. Her breath coming in sharp gasps her legs
shaking, Niki clasped onto the bed breathing fast and
hard her body still tingling from the experience.

Niki’s mind swam to the surface of consciousness,
something wasn’t right? The dream had been good but the
bed below her felt wet and there was still someone…
something licking her?

Niki’s mind came into sharp focus at the realism of
this as she sat up pushing a quite familiar soft furry
head out from between her legs.


Her mind wondered if she was imagining things. As her
eyes adjusted to the dark, she could make out
clearly… Enzo sitting by her door panting and
looking quite happy. Niki couldn’t think straight,
what had just happened had been a violation of her

Her dog had just been eating her out while she slept!
(Maybe it wasn’t such a smart idea to sleep nude after
all?) Not only had he eaten her out he had given her an
amazing orgasm, that she could still feel the ripples
of fading. Enzo took the silence as a good thing and
walked back over towards her, placing his head and one
paw on the foot of her bed.

Niki stared at Enzo, Enzo stared at Niki. “Is it
really that wrong?” Niki wondered. “I mean who has to
know really? And besides with everything that’s
happened yesterday don’t I deserve something to make ME
feel better?”

Niki felt her mind standing before a massive wall of
indecision, on one side her normal belief and morals
and on the other…self indulgence, sex with an animal,
bestiality? Niki had heard of such things on the news
and in jokes but up till now she hadn’t put any real
thought into why someone would do such a thing? Up till
now… her mind echoed again.

To hell with it Niki decided! She patted the bed and
called to Enzo again. Enzo jumped up on the bed and
immediately licked at his mistresses face, thanking her
for letting him get on the bed with her. Feeling very
aroused still, Niki opened her mouth a little and let
Enzo lick inside of it. Niki’s eyes closed tight as
Enzo’s large long tongue lapped and lapped inside her
mouth. Niki licked at his tongue with her own, leaning
back as Enzo pushed against her trying to push his
tongue further into her mouth.

Finally Teri was one her back her arms around Enzo’s
neck, letting him lap and lap at her mouth. She pushed
her legs down and around Enzo middle as he continued
to lick. Niki was enjoying the sensations so much that
she pressed her heels into the bed and pushed her
pelvis up toward Enzo stomach, wanting to feel his
warm body touching hers.

She was so lost in the moment that her mind didn’t
register the Hard, hot poking member touching her
labia; she didn’t even react when Enzo started
pumping his hips against her body. Niki was lost in
pure lust, pure primal animal lust as only two being in
a sexual frenzy can share. Niki’s mind did click when
she felt something enter her body, but by the time it
registered it was rammed inside of her and she held on
to Enzo.

He started humping against her body, driving his hot
steely member inside her deeper and deeper then any man
had ever gone Niki’s left leg wrapped up around Enzo
back as her right leg helped hold her body up against
his thrusting. The pounding her pussy felt was like
nothing she had ever experienced before! Niki felt
something larger on Enzo’s penis trying to push its
way into her… not caring or concerned at all and just
enjoying the thorough fucking she was getting.

Niki pushed back to meet Enzo’s thrust and help him
push more of himself inside of her. With a slick dull
pop Enzo pushed the rest of his self in and then
slowed down to a slow pulsing motion. Niki’s mind with
blank… The hard bulge inside of her swelled even more
and was pressing and rubbing against her G-spot. The
last conscious feeling Niki had before passing out was
the sensation of Enzo’s Boiling hot cum squirting
inside her pussy over and over again.


Niki woke to warm fuzz in her head and a tugging
sensation on her body? Looking down Niki saw Enzo
facing away from her and what looked like his penis
behind him… still inside of her? Then it dawned on
her, the tugging sensation was Enzo’s penis. Male
dogs had something that allowed them to…what was it?
Connect… no. Tie?

Yeah that was it Tie to a female dog which allowed the
male to make sure that only their seed would get the
dog pregnant. Niki laughed to herself, “well boy I’ll
give you an “A” for effort but this is one bitch you’re
not getting knocked up.” A few minutes later Enzo’s
dick shrank enough that he came out of her sore pussy
and with him a small gush of juices, “Not all of which
are his I’m sure,” Niki mused. Lying in the wet spot
was never any girl’s fun but lying in this small lake
was insane.

Niki scooted herself over to one of the side of the
bed but it didn’t matter. It seemed Enzo had dumped a
months worth of doggy cum inside her because a few
minutes later she felt it leaking out on the bed and
soaking this pot as well. Enzo mean while had taking
to sitting on the floor and cleaning himself off from
their sex charades. Watching him bemused and thinking
about the old saying, “If a guy could do that, he’d
never need a woman.”

Enzo finished and cane back over to the bed and
sniffed at his new mate. Niki rubbed his head and told
him he was such a good boy but mommy needed to sleep
now. Enzo took the hint and walked over to the middle
of the room and lay down. Niki dozed off a few minutes
later feeling content and completely satisfied.


The next morning Niki woke up as the sun was shinning
through the window, the events of last night chased
through her mind and she decided that she wasn’t the
least bit upset with her decisions. Getting up and
heading to the bathroom. Niki climbed in the shower
and soaked as the hot water cascaded down her body.
Afterwards she scrubbed herself clean she turned off
the water and opened the curtain to find none other
then Enzo sitting there panting at her.

“Hi boy,” Niki responded seeing her new lover awake.
“How’s my big strong sex machine today?”

Enzo’s tail wagged as Niki patted his head. Moving
over to one side and grabbing a towel Niki dried
herself off. Then it happen, she was bending over
drying her legs off when she felt Enzo’s nose
sniffing at her lips again. “Wow boy! Ready again huh?”

Enzo started licking her slowly at first then with
earnest turning his head this way and that to try and
get his tongue inside of her folds. Niki just stayed
there bent over as Enzo licked and licked. It was
shameless, Niki knew but no different from any other
couple that has sex on the bathroom floor after a
shower. Feeling her body trembling and her juices
flowing again, Niki stood up and went back to the
bedroom. Enzo followed closely behind her, jumping up
on the bed in front of her he spun around and wagged
his tail.

“That’s right Enzo, Mommy wants you to try to get
your bitch pregnant again,” Niki climbed up on the bed
and turned around on all fours. “Just like a real bitch
would do I suppose,” Niki thought to herself, “I guess
its true then? I’ve become Enzo’s bitch.”

Niki felt Enzo take a few more swaps with his tongue
at her pussy and then climb up on her back. Niki felt
him walk forward until his hind legs were rubbing
against her ass. Reaching back between her legs she
grabbed Enzo’s dick and guided it into her pussy,
Enzo immediately went to he rapid pulse fucking and
Niki was f****d to push her hands out to keep herself
up on all fours.

Enzo fucked her with wild abandon and tied to her
again that morning. Niki loved it very much and as she
lay there again, with Enzo’s cum spilling out of her
she made a decision. It would be Enzo from now on, no
other man could love her like he could, give her
pleasure like he could. No, Enzo would never run off
with one of her friends. He was hers, and now she was
his, Forever.

The present…

That had been two years, two years of wonderful
memories. Niki had made love to Enzo so many times
now she had lost count? She had had him in every hole
and sucked him off tons of time, Especially sucked him
off! His cum tasted wonderful to her and she got some
every chance she could.

But this? Pregnant? Her mind was puzzled because she
knew she hadn’t been with any man in 2 years? There was
only one answer… razor rule said so. If you eliminate
everything else then no matter how improbable the
answer was the only answer…

She was carrying Enzo’s offspring.

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