No Big Deal

Marshall blinked in the bright light, shut his eyes,
then opened them and slowly lifted his head. All he saw
was blue and white. He was in a room with white walls
and a blue floor, and he was lying on the floor.

It didn’t feel like a floor because it was soft and
springy. He pushed his fingers into it and saw it was a
thick rubber mat, and when he pushed harder, he felt
another mat beneath it.

Then he saw the little girl sitting on the floor with
her back to a white wall. She was looking at him. When
he sat up, she stood and walked over to him. She was
dressed in adult style running shorts, a T-shirt and
cross-training shoes. That looked strange, but even
stranger, it looked like she wore a stuffed bra beneath
the T-shirt.

The little girl stood next to him as he sat and rubbed
his eyes. Her face and his face were almost level
because she was less than 4 feet tall, and he was 6 feet

“Mr. Marshall Jones?” she said.

“What?” he said. He was a little disoriented. He felt
slightly dizzy, but most of all, he was confused by the
room and the girl, and something else that he couldn’t
put his finger on. Then he realized what it was. He was

He scooted back from the little girl and put his hands
and legs together to cover his genitals. How did he get
here? What was happening?

The little girl stood and watched him slide away from
her. She asked him again, “Are you Mr. Marshall Jones?”

“Yes I am,” he said, and he turned his body and head in
every direction, but all he could see were bright lights
shining at him from above, white walls, the blue floor
and her.

“Thank you for confirming, Mr. Jones,” she said. “We are
always careful, so we don’t make mistakes. You can call
me Valke.”

“Where are my clothes, Valke?” he said. Even though her
high-pitched voice was like a little girl’s, her
intonation and language were strangely adult. She
sounded freaky.

“Your clothes are safe until we’re done, Mr. Jones,” she
said. “They’re in a padlocked locker, along with your
watch and ring and wallet.”

“What are you talking about, uh, Valke?” he said. “I
want my clothes now. Wait a second. What are you doing?
Don’t do that? I’m not a pervert. I don’t like little
girls. Get me out of here now.” He was yelling and
frantically looking around, but trying not to look at

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw her remove the
last of her clothes and then take off her little bra and
panties. She bent over and picked up the pile of clothes
she had been wearing and walked to one of the walls. The
wall opened — it was a door — and she handed her
clothes to someone. Then the door closed.

He ran over to the door. There was no handle, but he
could see the outline in the wall. He began pounding on
it with his fist. “Let me out of here, you sickos,” he
said. “I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but it
won’t work. Let me out right now or I’ll report you to
the cops.”

He kept pounding and yelling, but he didn’t hear
anything except his voice and his fists hitting the
wall. After a few minutes, he stopped and sat down in
front of the door, being careful not to turn around and
look at the naked girl.

“Please calm down, Mr. Jones,” said Valke. “I understand
why you’re acting scared, but we haven’t started yet.
Before we begin our show, we have to take care of some
legal matters.”

“What are you talking about?” he said.

“I’m happy to explain, Mr. Jones,” she said, sounding
exasperated. “I see you want to play your role already,
so I’m trying to respond in character as much as I can,
but we really need to take care of the legal things. As
soon as you turn around, we can begin. It’s safe,
because I’m not a little girl, I’m a little person. When
you look, you’ll see I have breasts that are big for my
size, and I have a lot of pubic hair. And if I were a
little girl, I wouldn’t talk like this.”

He listened to her without moving. She sounded
convincing, but he turned around slowly and put his
hands over his eyes and looked between his fingers. She
was right about the breasts and pubic hair. Finally, he
put his hands down. She got up and slowly walked to him
and then sat down facing him.

He inspected her. She was a miniature hot woman. She had
nice breasts and a sexy butt, but because everything was
so small, he was spooked more than turned on.

“Mr. Jones,” she said, “as you know, we are in a video
studio inside a large warehouse, but I need to
officially repeat this for the video filming, which has
already begun. If you squint, you can see the walls are
just seven feet high. Above them are racks of lights.
The floor is several layers of thick, springy mats, so
if you fall down, you won’t get hurt. When we are done,
my associates will open the door, and we will take you
to your clothes. Your friends are in the waiting room
watching on a monitor, and they’ll take you home. By
showing up ready, as you promised, you have fulfilled
your commitment and indicated you are prepared for us to
do our part.”

“Wait a minute,” Marshall said. “I didn’t promise
anything, and I don’t even know how I got here. You
better let me out right now, or you’re going to be in a
lot of trouble with the law. You’re making a big

“I don’t think so,” said Valke. “We have all your signed
release forms. You insisted on language that allows you
to act as if you don’t know what is happening and to be
as uncooperative and resistant as you want, but I
thought you wouldn’t get into character until after we
finished the legal requirements. We’ve had many unusual
requests by actors, so I’m fine with the clauses that
allow you to use physical violence against me, and I’m
ready to get started. But we can’t until this part is
done. So you can go ahead and pretend you don’t know
what we’re doing, and I’ll work with it, but it will
take longer.”

“I’m telling you, I never signed anything,” he said.
“You’re saying stuff that makes no sense. Who put you up
to this?”

“I think you’re signaling me that I’m supposed to read
you what your friends wrote while they were preparing
you,” she said. “Is that what you want me to do now?”

“What?” he said. “What friends? Yes, go ahead and read

She walked to the door, and it opened as she approached.
A hand held out a piece of paper, and she took it. The
hand withdrew, and the door closed. She walked back to
where he was sitting and sat down again and began

“Hi Marshall. We don’t know how much Zina told you, so
we’re giving you a little background. We are some of the
women you supervise at work or have supervised in the
past. For years, we’ve been treated to your
condescension, humiliation, nastiness, moodiness, bad
temper, unreasonableness and verbal abuse.

“You seem to take sadistic pleasure in what you do, and
we’ve often talked about how great it would be to give
you some of your own medicine, but we were frustrated
until the company picnic a few months ago.

“One of us met your wife and began talking to her. After
a while, the woman who was talking to Zina got so
excited that she waved at the rest of us to come and
join the conversation. We found out that you do the same
things to Zina that you do to us, and since she’s with
you more than we are, she gets much more of it.

“We were amazed at what she’s endured. We asked her if
she was a masochist, but she said, no, and that you were
a good father and never abused her verbally when the
children were present. She told us she thought you just
didn’t understand what you were doing to her and us, but
she was getting so desperate that she had even started
thinking about divorce.

“Like us, she thought a lot about how she could make you
understand how it felt to be on the receiving end when
you humiliated and debased her in public, but she could
never come up with a way. After we found out she was on
our side, we started getting together and talking about
you. Then one of us found the ad in Craig’s List under

“The representative of No Big Deal offered us exactly
what we were looking for. And it was so appropriate,
because all of us agreed that one of the worst things
you do is belittle us in front of others and treat us
like we are insignificant.

“At first, we were frustrated, because there were some
legal requirements that looked impossible. But a couple
of meetings later, Zina came in with fire in her eyes. I
don’t know what you did to her that day, but she said
that she’d take care of you signing the releases and
being ready when we came to get you for the shooting.

“She said she decided this was the only way to save your
marriage, and she’d somehow find a way to get you to
sign off on being degraded and mortified. She said you
had to understand what she had been enduring so you
could see why you had to stop if you wanted to save the
marriage. We were skeptical, but she said not to ask her
any more questions.

“Right up until we arrived to pick you up and take you
to the studio, we didn’t think you’d agree, but she
showed us the papers you signed. She said you told her
you wanted to pretend that you were being forced to do
this against your will because the video would be more
dramatic that way, and she had cleared it with No Big

“When we picked you up tonight, we had to carry you to
the car because you couldn’t walk or talk. Zina told us
you were a bit nervous and drank too much, but she was
sure you would sleep it off by the time the shooting

“It took four of us to get you into the car. We’re
writing this as we are giving you a couple of enemas,
but we don’t mind the smell because we are so excited
that we’re almost jumping out of our skins. We can’t
wait to watch you on the monitor.

“If you’re hearing this, you must be ready to begin. I
can’t tell you more about what’s going to happen now,
because Zina said you wanted everything to be a surprise
so you could react more naturally.

“No Big Deal showed us the studio setup with the three
cameras shooting down from above, along with the close-
up camera. We’re all getting the video from every
camera, as well as the edited version. They told us
everything would be shot in slow motion, too. Zina and
we have planned a party at your house for the premiere,
and we hope you’ll join us, although Zina said you might
prefer not to be there.

“We want to thank you again for agreeing to be in the
video and paying for it. When Zina told us, we were
shocked. We all agree it’s the first nice thing that
you’ve ever done for any of us.”

Valke stopped reading. “Let me see that,” Marshall said
as he ripped the paper out of her hands. He scanned it
and then threw it aside. “This is some kind of joke,” he
said. “I never signed anything, and Zina would never go
along with something like this. And what does all this
have to do with me sitting naked on a rubber mat with a
naked midget next to me?”

“We prefer little people,” said Valke, “but suit
yourself. I assure you that we met with your wife, and
the meeting was videotaped for legal reasons. And she
submitted the releases to us last week with your
signatures on them.”

“Then she must have forged my name,” he said. “I can’t
believe she would do that. This is the first I’ve heard
of any of this.”

“You are playing your role very convincingly, Mr.
Jones,” said Valke. “Why would your wife forge your
name? We’re not handwriting experts, but forgery is
illegal, and she could prosecuted.”

“I don’t know why she would do that,” he said. “I still
can’t believe it.”

“Mr. Jones, because of the nature of our business, we do
a lot of checking to make sure our contracts are
legitimate. I’ve personally talked to many of your
female employees, in addition to the ones who signed the
contract, to verify everything your wife and friends
told us about you. I know that message I just read you
is the truth, with a little drama added for effect. If
they told the truth about everything else, why would
they lie about your signature?

“I don’t think your wife or friends would risk going to
jail. But even if they were that foolish, we at No Big
Deal are legally covered because we did our due
diligence and have no suspicion that anything is wrong.
If you go to the police, we would cooperate in every way
because we don’t want to risk losing our business
license. That’s why I made sure that this video begins
with you identifying yourself.”

“I still don’t understand what’s this is all about,
Valke,” he said. “What the hell is going on?”

“It’s simple, Mr. Jones,” she said. “My company, No Big
Deal, has contracted to humiliate you.”

“Yes, I heard that, but what exactly are you talking
about?” he said, his voice rising.

“No Big Deal and your wife and friends put a video
script together. While you will endure some pain, we are
not in the torture business, and you will not be maimed
or disfigured. The physical effects of what we inflict
on you should not last longer than a couple of weeks, a
month at the most. Our focus is more on mental anguish
than pain.

“I repeat that No Big Deal has entered into this
contract in good faith. We’ve done this many times, and
we hope when it’s over, you’ll be completely satisfied
with our professionalism and attention to detail. And
feel free to call me midget or dwarf or much worse. It
makes for a much more dramatic video. Are you ready to
get started?”

“No,” he said. “Are you asking if I’m ready to be hurt
and humiliated? What kind of question is that? Is that
door going to open now for your goons to come in here
and attack me?”

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I forgot that you didn’t want to
be told about anything I’m going to do. So you don’t
know what’s happening here, do you, Mr. Jones? I should
have said, do you have any questions about what I told
you? Since you understood me and don’t have questions,
we’ll get started now.

“First, I want to explain one of our safety precautions.
Have you noticed that your stomach is sticking out a
bit? There is a lot of slippery lubricating fluid inside
you. As we film, some of it might come out, but don’t
worry. Your friends gave you a couple of deep enemas
before filling you up with the lube, so the only thing
that will come out of your anus will be the lube. We are
not making one of those dirty videos. This was all done
for your protection.”

“And you aren’t going to be attacked by goons. It’s just
you and me for a while. Later on, I will get some help
from ‘goons,’ if that’s what you want to you call them,
but that won’t be until I have totally subdued you.”

“You’re going to subdue me?” he said and laughed. “How
are you going to do that? I could pick you up and toss
you against the wall and break every bone in your body.”

“Yes, you could, Mr. Jones, because I’m naked and small.
That’s what No Big Deal provides that none of the other
humiliation companies can match. A little woman subduing
a large man is our additional level of degradation, and
that’s why our clients pay a premium for our videos.

“To answer your question, I told you before that No Big
Deal always does thorough research. We know that you
work out with weights and also do regular aerobic
exercise. You are strong and fit, in much better shape
than many of the men I’ve subdued.

“On the other hand, I’m a little people champion in
three martial arts categories, and I train hard to be at
the peak of strength, agility and quickness for my size.
The reason I’m small is because of some bad luck with my
genes, which have also made my hands a little big and my
arms a little long for my size. Because of my training,
you’ll notice that my arms also have as much muscle as a
much larger woman’s. I’m going to demonstrate that to
you. With the help of the lube that’s inside you, I’m
going to be pushing both of my arms into your rectum and
up your colon until they are buried up to my shoulder.
When I finish that part, you will be subdued, and we can
move on with further humiliations.”

Marshall jumped up and ran away from Valke as far as he
could until a wall stopped him. He looked around
frantically. “Do you have some kind of Taser or stun
gun?” he said. “What are you going to shoot me with?”

She got up slowly. “I don’t have anything, Mr. Jones,”
she said. “Thank you for standing up and running away.
The video is much more interesting when there’s action.

“No, I’m not going to shoot you. All I’m going to use is
my training and skills. And you’re welcome to resist any
way you want. You can even try throwing me against the
wall, like you said.”

She began walking slowly toward him. He felt like
laughing, because she was such a little thing and didn’t
look dangerous at all, but he was still thinking there
was going to be some kind of trick. Someone would come
and hold him, or she had a hidden weapon of some kind.
So he moved away from her.

As he moved against the wall, she walked a little
faster. She was bouncing on the springy padding, and her
breasts bounced on her chest. He tried to move faster,
too, but he found it hard because his feet sank into the
padding. It was like walking in mud. She kept getting
closer, and then she lunged at him.

He dodged her, but not before he felt her hands in his
genital area. She stopped and smiled at him as he ran as
fast as he could to the opposite end of the room.

She was walking briskly toward him now and changed
direction whenever he moved away from her along the
wall. He saw her speeding up just as he hit a corner,
and then she was on top of him, and he screamed and
collapsed. She backed away from him. “Now you understand
what my hands can do, Mr. Jones,” she said. “You make it
easy, because when we are standing, my arm is about
where your testicles are. All I did was give them a
little love slap. I think you’re getting the idea.

“Do you want to get up now, Mr. Jones. I’ll wait 10
seconds, but if you stay huddled on the floor, I’ll have
to do this.”

“Ow!” he screamed as she pulled his hair hard with her
left hand. When his head came up, she began slapping his
left cheek with her right hand. She was able to slap it
hard a few times before he jumped up and escaped from
her. She got up and began following him again.

“Thank you, Mr. Jones, for choosing to be surprised,” he
said. “It will make the video more exciting as your face
shows how you gradually realize that someone the size of
a little schoolgirl is going to dominate and humiliate

She got close to him again, and he made a quick move to
the side, but she guessed right on which way he would
move, and she was waiting for him. This time, she began
spanking him hard on his right buttock, and she followed
him as he tried to run away. She was moving faster on
the mat than he could, and he couldn’t shake her, or her
punishment. He turned around and tried to push her away,
but he had to bend over to do that, and when he did, she
began smacking him hard on the face again.

He straightened up to get his head away from her, and
then she took a mighty swing, and the palm of her right
hand connected with his balls. He screamed and collapsed
onto the mat again, doubled over and breathing hard. She
stepped back and waited.

“Do want to get up again, Mr. Jones?” she said. “Or
would you like me to spank your exposed buttocks again?
Or are you ready now to open your anus to me. You

He jumped up and glared at her.

“Be careful, Mr. Jones,” she said. “I see that some lube
was squeezed out just now, so the mat can get slippery.”
She began walking to him, and he turned and began moving
as fast as he could away from her. Soon she was close
enough to begin slapping his rear again. With each step,
there was a thunderclap as one of her hands came down
hard on one of his cheeks. They were both rosy red now,
and each time her hand spanked him, the pain was so
sharp that he couldn’t help making a little grunting

The thunderclaps and grunts went on for a minute, and
then Marshall tried something. He bent down and swung
his arms out and turned quickly, trying to either grab
her. She easily dodged his arms, but when he spun, he
stepped into some of the lube that had leaked out and he
fell down hard on the mat, landing on his back.

The fall didn’t hurt him at all, but when she jumped on
top of his stomach with both feet, he felt horrible. She
jumped three more times, using his belly like a
trampoline, before he could turn sideways and make her
fall off. She had knocked the wind out of him, and when
she moved to his face and started slapping the cheek
that was exposed, he tried to put his hands in the way,
but he was so weak from being out of breath that she
easily pushed them aside.

Now the slapping and grunting began again, but this time
her hands were ripping into his face. When he broke down
and began sobbing, she got up and walked back a few

“I think we can bring the close-up camera in now,” she
said. “Start with his face. See how one side of it is
almost like a raw piece of meat. Look at him blubbering
like a child. He’s starting to realize that I can do
anything I want to him.”

When Marshall looked up he was staring into the lens of
a camera. It was being held by another naked woman who
was about the same size as Valke.

“Mr. Jones, are you ready for your anal invasion,” said
Valke, “or do you want to get up? If you get up, I’ll
let you walk to the other side of the room before I come
after you again.”

He got up and backed away from her, watching her as she
smiled at him and the camerawoman. When his back touched
the wall, she began walking toward him. This time, as he
moved to the left and right, she just mirrored him and
didn’t try to slap him.

He moved away from the wall, so she couldn’t trap him,
and he crouched and tried a few times to each out and
grab her, but each time she moved away quickly and
laughed. A few times he slipped on the lube and almost
went down, but she waited until he steadied himself and
began moving again. She continued to move with him,
almost as if they were dancing together.

They were moving in a circle, and now her back was
against the wall. He was getting tired and his back was
starting to hurt from crouching. He pressed his hands to
his thighs and spread his legs a little wider to give
him support and then straightened up for a moment to
give his back a little relief.

As soon as he did, he realized that this was what she
had been waiting for. Her little body was flying at him,
and time seemed to stand still as he anticipated a
vicious slap at his balls. But the slap never came.
Instead, she grabbed his balls and his penis with both
her hands and then launched herself in the air and swung
on them and twirled around like she was swinging on a

There was a roar of pain from Marshall. She didn’t let
go, and as she was starting to swing back in the other
direction, he went down hard on the mat. As he fell, she
let go of his genitals and dodged his crashing body. His
hands went to his genitals, and his body curled up
around them as he sobbed loudly.

“Thanks for letting me get that one in, Mr. Jones,” said
Valke. “I don’t get to do it often, but it’s one of my
most popular moves. On our surveys, the clients always
mention it. I think it’s time now, don’t you?

“Just sliding your body like that away from me on the
lube is not going to help, Mr. Jones, but there is some
business I need to take care of before we get to the
thrust of the video, so to speak. At No Big Deal, we
want everything to look right, and it’s not visually
pleasing when one of your cheeks and one of your
buttocks doesn’t match the other. So I’m going to fix

He squirmed and twisted and tried to use his hands to
protect himself, but it wasn’t hard for her to slap and
spank him violently until all four cheeks were raw and
there were lines where the skin was starting to crack
and bleed.

She stopped. “That’s better,” she said. “You need to
avoid anything touching those areas for a few weeks. In
the locker room, you’ll get some cream to rub on the
areas which will help them heal. Unfortunately, rubbing
the cream in will be extremely painful.

“You won’t feel any better if I wait, so let’s move on,
Mr. Jones. This shouldn’t take long, I’ve already got
one finger of my right hand inside you, and you didn’t
even notice it because of the pain. I’m moving it
around, and now I’m adding a second one. I think you
felt that one because you’ve stopped crying, and now
here’s finger number three. The lube is helping a lot,
and I’m not having much trouble pushing them in and
pulling them out. I’m going to speed up a little. Oh,
that was some jerk. That’s it, Mazutis, come over here
and I’ll move over so you can get a nice close-up of
three, now four fingers moving in and out of Mr. Jones.

“You’re getting up on your knees, Mr. Jones. That’s
wonderful. Now we can see your red face. It isn’t
pretty, but the clients will enjoy your expressions as
you experience this. Are you trying to move away from
me? Go ahead and crawl away from me. But I can crawl,
too, so my four fingers are still working away, and now
I’m going to speed them up. You’re crawling faster, so I
have to move faster to keep up with you, but that’s
fine, because it looks great. You can stand up if you
want, Mr. Jones. I won’t stop you. You can cover more
ground on your long legs.

“There you go. You’re a little shaky, but you’re all the
way up, and so am I. It’s so convenient that your anus
is just shoulder level for me. Look over here to the
side. My legs are so short that I have to run while
you’re walking, and I’m staying a little ahead of you.
That’s so that I get more leverage with my right hand
reaching behind you as I push my fingers in.

“It makes me vulnerable, Mr. Jones, because you could
turn and kick me, and if you connected, it would
definitely hurt me. But I don’t think you will because
your balls are swinging very close to me. If you try to
hurt me, I’m going to pull my fingers out of your anus
so quickly, the pain will freeze you. And then I’m going
to be swinging from those balls and twisting around even
more than I did a minute ago.

“Have you noticed that I stopped moving my hand in and
out of you when you got up. That’s because I’ve begun
the final push. I’m not pushing hard as you’re walking
and I’m running, but I’m pushing steadily. You’re trying
to outwalk the pressure, and you’re succeeding so far.
But you seem to be getting tired now and slowing down.
That’s it. Shake your booty and try to shake me loose.
It looks really funny.

“OK, I think it’s time. I’m grabbing you around your
thigh with my other arm to give me more leverage for the
big push. Here I go! And there it goes! That was a great
reaction as your anus swallowed up my hand to the wrist.
Your head is jerking like crazy now, and your eyes are
going all over the place. I see you drooling out of your
mouth. The video is going to be spectacular. Let’s take
a rest for a minute or two to give you a chance to get
used to a hand up your anus. While we rest, I’ll tell
you what happens next.

“First, I’m going to move my hand around inside you, and
get some more reaction from you. Then I’ll slowly pull
it out and push it back in and keep repeating that as I
gradually build up the tempo. I’ll try to add some
variety by doing things like twisting my hand or
wiggling my fingers. Each time I do something new,
you’ll think the pain couldn’t get any worse, but it

“After a little of that, I’ll stop, and we’ll rest a
minute, and then I’ll start pushing again, but softly
this time, like before. All the lube inside you will
work with my gentle push, and soon I’ll be gliding
deeper and deeper. The elbow will probably stop me for a
little while, but eventually I’ll get that in and then
it’s on to the final frontier — my shoulder.

“Then we’ll rest for a while again, and I’ll slowly pull
my arm out until only my hand is in you to the wrist.
Then I’m going to place a few fingers from my left hand
inside, next to my right hand. I’ll twist my hand around
and try to stretch you to make room for more fingers.
That will be another different feeling for you.

“Eventually, both hands will be pressed together inside
you, and then they will slowly come out — and go back
in. And I’ll slowly increase the tempo until two hands
are flying in and out of your anus, Mr. Jones.

“After some of that, I’ll stop again to begin the final
push. One by one, and very carefully and slowly, both my
arms are going all the way up until both are buried up
to my shoulders inside you. After a brief rest, we’ll go
for a walk.

“You won’t try to get away from me anymore. You will be
my puppet, and my arms inside you will control you.
You’ll get up as I push you up, and you’ll walk as I
push you forward. Because if you don’t, I’ll pull my
hands inside you back hard, and you’ll feel like your
guts are being ripped out of your body. But if you want
that experience, I’ll be glad to provide it.

“We’ll make a few circuits around the room, and each
time we’ll walk faster. I’ll be right behind you all the
way. I’d love to get you up to a jog. I don’t think you
can do it on these deep rubber mats, but we can try.
After we finish this exercise, you’ll finally enjoy some
pleasure with your pain.

“You’re going to stand up in the middle of the room
facing Mazutis, and you’re going to spread your legs and
you’re going to masturbate until you have a big orgasm
that shoots right at her camera and covers the lens.

“I know your thing looks like a shriveled piece of dried
fruit right now. It’s actually small for a big man like
you. Maybe that’s why you like to belittle women.
Mazutis will make you hard. She gives amazing oral.

“Even though I’ll be standing behind you and twisting my
arms as much as I can inside your colon to distract you,
she’ll suck you hard in no time. You’ll be ready to
come, but we want your explosion to be really big, so
when she feels you are about to go over the edge, she’ll
stop sucking and let your thing shrink down again.

“After she does this two or three times, you’ll be going
crazy from frustration, as well as pain. That’s when
she’ll suck you up one more time and then take some lube
from the mat and cover your penis with it. Then it’s
your turn. You may not feel like masturbating, but
unless you do, you won’t get to come. It may take a
couple more sucks, but eventually when Mazutis stops
sucking, you’re going to start pumping just to get

“And then come the fireworks. It will be an experience
you’ll never forget, with my arms stuffing you as you
ejaculate. I don’t think your body and mind will ever
feel such a mixture of pain and pleasure, and there’s no
telling how you will move and what sounds you will make.
We showed your wife and friends some previous videos
that were similar, and they’re really looking forward to
watching this part.

“I’ll tell you the rest once we’ve finished with the
fireworks. OK, I’m starting to move my hand around
inside you, and you’re starting to get expressive


When Marshall came, he shook so much that Valke’s arms
inside him had to hold him up. Once his penis drooped,
she slowly pulled her arms down, and his body followed.
She maneuvered him so he was lying on the mat on his
back, and then she slowly removed one arm from inside
him and pulled the other one out so only her hand was in
his anus.

“That’s it, Mr. Jones,” she said. “Close your eyes and
rest and get ready for the last part, but keep listening
to me. Mazutis please get some cushions and put them
under his head. That’s it. I think he’s ready.”

Marshall heard voices as the door opened. There were a
lot of them, and they were coming into the room. He
opened his eyes and screamed, but he was so worn out,
that there wasn’t much sound.

“Surprise! Mr Jones,” said Valke. “I don’t think you’ve
ever seen goons like these before, have you? I told you
I wouldn’t need their help to subdue you, but I do need
them to provide another level of humiliation for the

“Yes, they’re all men, and they’re all little people
like Mazutis and me, and you can see, they’re all naked,
and there are a lot of them, more than a dozen. Take a
good look, Mr. Jones. Some of them have bigger penises
than you do. Of course, most of them have more size-
appropriate genitals, and then there are always some men
who are small for their size.

“They’re all going to offer you their penises now. Maybe
offer is not the right word, because you won’t have any
choice. No, you don’t need to move your butt like that
and press your legs together. They’re not going to have
anal sex with you. I’ve stretched your anus so wide, you
probably wouldn’t even feel them. No, my right hand is
staying inside you, nice and snug. As long as you do
what you’re supposed to do, I won’t even twist it

“You don’t have to do much, Mr. Jones. You can rest
right where you are. You see, the first man is already
getting in position. He’s squatting down and sitting on
your chest right below your neck, with his feet on
either side of your head. Mazutis, you need to adjust
the cushions behind Mr. Jones’s head just a little.
There. That’s perfect.

“Now he’s moving forward. Open your mouth, Mr. Jones.
I’ll count to 10 before I start twisting my hand inside
you. One-two-three-four. There you go. He’s putting his
limp penis inside your mouth. We’re starting you with
one of the moderate sizes, so you won’t have to stretch
your mouth wide right away. But some of the smaller guys
also provide the some of the biggest feasts.

“OK, you’ve stopped gagging. It’s time to begin sucking.
And that’s all you have to do. This time I’ll give you
to 10 to start sucking before my hand begins churning
your colon. Breathe through your nose and suck as hard
as you can. If you let up or stop, whoever’s in your
mouth will signal me, and I’ll start moving my hand
inside you until you get going.

“There you go. Just suck. The guys will do the rest. See
how he’s raising up a little so he can pull out of you
and start having intercourse with your mouth. You’re
exciting him, and he’s already starting to move his
thing in and out of you faster. And there he goes,
exploding into your mouth.

“I don’t think you were ready for him to come so fast,
Mr. Jones, because you’re gasping and choking. I think
it went down the wrong pipe. You need to try to figure
out when they’re about to come and prepare yourself,
because you’ve got a lot of come coming. We knew he was
fast, and that’s why we picked him to go first, to sort
of get you used to things.

“This next guy takes a lot longer, and his penis is a
bit bigger, so as the two of you are getting in rhythm,
I’ll give you some advice, Mr. Jones. You don’t have to
do anything but suck these penises as the men have sex
with your mouth, but you may want to do more anyway, and
you may already have an idea why.

“As these guys are thrusting into your mouth, their
thighs will be pounding your cheeks that are already raw
and bruised, just like this one is doing. The longer
they go, the more they’ll bruise the skin, and if they
go on too long, they may even tear it.

“If you want to minimize the pain and suffering, what
you need to do is get them off as fast as you can. That
means using your tongue on them and — there, you got
another load, and you handled that a lot better. There
wasn’t as much come this time, and you managed to spit
some out. But be careful, because your head is leaning
back as the men batter your mouth, and if the semen
comes out of your mouth, it’s going to go back over your
face and get in your eyes and nose and ears and hair.

“Look at this next one, Mr. Jones. He has a tiny little
penis, barely larger than your pinky finger. When we
were recruiting him, he was reluctant to join the team
because he was so embarrassed about his size, but you
can see how enthusiastic he is now, because we created
something special for him.

“You’ve got him hard now and he’s really going to town
with his little finger in and out of your mouth until
he’s ready for his surprise. You know how fingers are,
Mr. Jones. Sometimes we stick them in our mouth and
sometimes in our ears and sometimes–. There, he’s
pulled his penis out of your mouth, and it’s got a lot
of your saliva hanging on it. Did you see how quickly he
moved forward and stuck his finger penis deep into your
right nostril? Your spit was the lubricant that smoothed
his way in.

“This looks amazing on the video, Mr. Jones. You’re
moving your head from side to side and pulling it back
to get rid of his penis, but he knows all the tricks,
and he’s moving with you and pushing it in and out
faster and faster. He’s having sex with your nose. I
think you succeeded in getting him aroused, because his
face is getting red. There, he shot his load into your
nose. Now we’re waiting until all of his semen comes out
and his penis gets soft. Then he’ll pull it out, so the
camera can see your nostril filled with semen.

“At No Big Deal, we are constantly doing research to
improve our customer experience. We have a special gift
for you if you agree to participate in a brief survey at
the conclusion of today’s shoot. Previous respondents
have told us they couldn’t imagine anything more
degrading than being porked in the nose. They said when
the finger ejaculated, the first thing they felt was a
horrible burning inside as the semen went into the
nostril, the sinus cavity and the throat. Then as they
began to smell the warm come, they became so nauseated
they almost fainted and couldn’t stop gagging.

“I see you’re having some similar reactions, Mr. Jones.
There we go. That little finger finally got soft, and
now we can see all that white goo filling your right
nostril. Oh, what’s happening? I think all that come
irritated your sinus passages. You’re twisting your face
and looking scared. But you can’t stop it, and there it

“That was a huge sneeze. It looks like you sneezed some
of the come in your mouth out through your other
nostril, too. I wonder if it feels worse going in or
coming out. Oh, I see there’s another sneeze coming.
You’re crying because you know how horrible it will
feel, but you can’t stop it, even though you’re trying.
Oh my! A lot more came out with that one, and then your
scream afterward was really amazing. The semen is all
over your face now and covering your eyes. You must feel

“We’ll wait until you finish sneezing before your next
goon mounts you. Your facial expressions and gagging
noises are wonderful. I hope you’ll take our survey and
tell us what you felt as you were doing that. We have
one more guy with a finger penis who will mount your
other nostril later. This time it won’t be a surprise,
but sometimes anticipation and fear is even better than

“Now as I was saying before, some of these guys can hold
back their come for a long time unless you help them. If
they do, your face is going to take a lot of punishment.
But you can speed them up.

“As each little man mounts you, I’ll tell you what he
likes, and then you will do it enthusiastically. For
instance, this guy likes to have his balls fondled. Keep
sucking, but take your hands and put them around his
balls and squeeze them a little and rub them and maybe
even pull them gently. See how excited that makes him.
And there he goes. You’re handling the come a lot better
now Mr. Jones, but watch out. More of it is coming out
of your mouth and going on your face.

“OK, this next guy is a little weird. He’s going to
spread his legs wide and lean back and push his anus
right up to your mouth. He wants you to eat his ass out
because it really arouses him. You’re gagging again.
Just breathe deeply while I explain. You need to lick up
and down his crack and then curl your tongue and push it
into his anus and then pull it out and keep doing that
until you see him get hard.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean you have to do that. As I said,
it’s your choice. But I promise you that we’ll get done
a lot faster and you’ll hurt a lot less. If you’re not
going to follow my tips, I’ll stop giving them to you,
and your face is going to be like raw meat by the time
the men finish with you.

“No, you don’t have the choice of which tips to take and
which to reject. It’s either all or none. I’m going to
give you 15 seconds to think about it, and if you don’t
start eating his ass out by then, I’ll know what you

“There, I knew you were a smart man, Mr. Jones. Yes,
stop for a second until you can control your gagging.
And now you can start again. Remember, you need to be
enthusiastic and really push your face between his butt
cheeks and get your tongue deep inside him.

“Just keep going now and don’t mind Mazutis. She’s going
to adjust your head and the man a little so she can come
in and get a really clear close-up. Your wife, your
friends and you are going to be delighted when your flat
screen television is filled with your long tongue coming
out of your mouth and pushing like a penis deep into his

“I’m glad you chose this over pain. Your shredded face
would look good on the video, but this is even better.
Your enthusiasm for eating his ass out makes it seem
like you’re finally getting excited about being
degraded. Look, your tongue inside him got him hard as a
rock. Now you can start sucking.”

By the time the last man finished, Marshall’s face was
thickly coated with sperm that had overflowed from his
mouth. His eyes were covered, and his nose was full. He
was breathing hard through his open mouth, and he was
gagging and rasping as some of the come dropped in.

“We’re almost done, Mr. Jones. I like the white mask
you’re wearing. Mazutis is going to clean up around your
eyes so you can open them and watch me.

“We’re going to finish with another pain and pleasure
experience, similar to the one before. This time, you
don’t have to stand up. Just lie there and stroke your
penis until you come. Mazutis will help you by arousing
you a few times with her mouth until you are frantic

“The pain part comes from inside your butt. I’m going to
put the left hand in again alongside the right. There,
that was a lot easier than before, wasn’t it? But now it
gets harder. The clients are interested in seeing our
giant gape finale, and that means I’m making both hands
into fists like this. Now I’ll gently begin pulling them
out of you.

“It’s a slow process. The pain will be so intense, that
you will totally lose control, and then things really
start happening. Sometimes the head and neck move in
weird ways, like they’re made out of rubber. Your legs
will twist and flop in all directions, and your body
will writhe like a snake. Your arms and hands might be
flapping like a bird.

“The worst will be when I’ve almost pulled the fists out
and I stop. At that point you’ll be stretched wider than
you would ever believe. The reason I’ll stop is to wait
for you.

“We are both going to come at the same time. I will come
out of you with my two fists and make a gigantic gape at
the exact moment that you are coming. So if you want to
get past the excruciating pain of my fists, once Mazutis
turns your penis over to your hands, you need to really
work on it. The longer you take to come, the more agony
you’ll have to endure. Try to ignore the feeling of my
fists and focus on your pleasure. Then you can come, I
can gape you and we’ll be finished.

“From past experience, you might not able to move much
when we’re done, but don’t worry. We will get you washed
up and dressed and ready for your friends to take you
home. I won’t have a chance to talk to you again, so I
want to tell you a few final things now.

“First, I want to thank you for your contribution toward
making this video special with some great drama. I’m
really proud of what we’ve accomplished. As I said
before, your friends, your wife and you will receive a
DVD with the final edited version of the video, as well
as all the raw footage.

“Our contract specifies that the clients are allowed to
show the DVD to all past, present and future female
employees who work under you, but no one else. Each
woman will only see it once, except for the clients, who
can watch whenever they want. They are not allowed to
submit it to any amateur porn site on the Internet or
sell it. Any violation will incur severe financial

“We’re not worried about anyone violating these privacy
provisions of the contract, Mr. Jones. Your wife and
friends didn’t seem to be a nasty bunch. At our meeting,
they were all giggly. They told us that the two things
they were most excited about was watching the video
themselves and then watching your face as, one by one,
all the women working under you saw the video and began
looking at you a different way at work. They are sure
you’ll become much more courteous to them because if you
abuse them verbally, they might say some things to you
about what they saw that you wouldn’t like to hear.

“So don’t be concerned about the video. The only thing
you need to worry about now is how to come while my two
fists are slowly pulling your anal cavity into the size
of a watermelon. I see that Mazutis is ready with her
magic mouth, so I’ll start working my left hand in. I’m
sure you’ll put a lot of enthusiasm into your
masturbation when the time comes and this won’t take
long at all, Mr. Jones.

“And of course, I must tell you, as I tell everyone we
work with, that customer satisfaction is of supreme
importance to the management and employees of No Big
Deal. If you should ever need the services of
enthusiastic, professional little people again, we hope
you will call on us.”