Old girlfriend/landlady is dealt a payback; ex settles old score

David did a double take in the parking lot as he was
leaving his shopping trip. It was his ex girlfriend,
Lydia, leaving the store. The years were somewhat unkind
to her; her face had some noticeable lines but otherwise,
still near perfect body and her tits were incredible.
Boob job and on her chest sat wonderfully sculpted 36 e
jugs, firm and bouncy.

Oh, how it reminded him of the passionate nights when
they would make love ’til morning, she screaming in
ecstasy and he furiously pounded her. Their living
arrangement was one of curiousness; she owned her house
and had the basement area converted into a full 2-bed
apartment, which he rented from her. They were employees
in the same hospital, yet kept all info away from the

He took a P.O. address for this purpose. And the age
difference was interesting as well; at the time, she was
a recent divorcee’ at the age of 47 and he a single guy
of 27. Still, her exotic nature and Mexican culture
captivated him, he being a Mexican-American and she from
Mexico City.

She was a “mail order” bride brought to the states in
’90; by ’93, she had divorced her pot bellied old man and
received a house in the settlement, not a bad trade off.
Her looks were highlighted by fact she was 4’11”, 102
lbs. bleach blond hair and perfect tits.

For six months he stayed with her, almost every night was
a love fest. She being the older, wiser woman entranced
him with passion and her sexuality. He readily did
whatever she asked of him; her experience allowed her to
dictate acts, which he obediently carried out.

Then, a falling out occurred between the 2; he was f****d
to leave his hospital job and after getting behind 1
month’s rent, she angrily and promptly evicted him,
forcing him his exit. It was a somewhat nasty scene as he

But that was 7 years ago. In the time since, both had
married (her a 2nd time since being in the U.S.) Seeing
her stirred up lust in him. The feelings he once held for
her were now long gone. He had seldom dated since his ex
bitch wife left him. A rebound fling with a psycho nurse
and another with a psycho aide left him confused
regarding the opposite sex.

But she was a treasure, and he planned to pay her a visit
real soon…. 3 nights after spotting her in the parking
lot, he drove by around 11:00 pm. She was still awake,
her side kitchen door cracked open to air out a smoky
kitchen. Stupid bitch still can’t cook, he thought. But
she could suck a golf ball out of a garden hose!!!

Quickly, he moved to the side of the house, waiting and
listening for any movement. She cursed in her native
tongue. He slipped inside as she was walking down the
hall. She was beautiful. Red, silky nightie, fluffy red
slippers and nothing else.

As he stood there watching her open the closet for a
dishrag, his cock rose to attention. She turned around,
dropping her linen and shrieked. He quickly closed the
kitchen door and smiled an eerie grin. “Hello, Lydia!!
Long time, huh?”

She gasped, then gain some composure as she said, “Oh
David, where you come from? It’s been so long!” With
that, she went to hug him. And he readily embraced her,
with a bear hug as she giggled, and a firm squeeze on her
ass cheeks. With that action, she put both hands on his
chest and pushed away.

He wouldn’t deal with it, grabbing her hair and kissing
her, hard. “Mmmm, what are you doing, David? NO, I don’t
want this!”

“Oh, but you do,” he said. “I saw you at the store the
other day, and remembered all the good times we had in
there,” he stated, pointing to her bedroom. “And they are
about to start all over again!”

She began to panic, trying to wrestle away. But his
physique had matured since they last saw each other, and
his powerful muscles held her in place. Slapping her ass
hard, he laughed. “You’re to be my fuck toy tonight,
Lydia, just like old times.”

“NO!” she screamed. “Please NO, NO, NO!”

But he just flunged her over his shoulders and carried
her to her bed. Slamming her WWF style, he grabbed a
scarf from her dresser, flipped her onto her stomach, and
quickly tied her at the wrists. She was completely dazed
by the 2 minutes that just passed.

Where did he come from after all these years? WHAT WAS HE

“Lydia, you broke my heart as a young man with your
tempting ways. Now, it’s payback, bitch!” In one rip, the
nightie was off. He flipped back on her back and squeezed
those big, firm jugs he used to caress. “God, I missed
these,” he said.

She responded by spitting in his face. He freaked out.
“You fucking bitch!” slapping her hard across the face.
“You heartless cunt, you practically spit on my life
years ago, and now you really do it, HUH!” He began to
mercilessly slap and punch her all over. After a few
minutes, her screams began to alarm him. What if the
neighbors heard?

He grabbed some panties off the floor and stuffed her
mouth. He quickly undressed and grabbed his cock, placing
it in her entrance. With one ramming stroke, he shoved it
way up in her. Her muffled cries seemed to turn him on
even more, as he thrust harder and faster.

“This is nothing compared to the pain you caused me, but
it sure feels good right now don’t it honey?”

After a time, he started shooting off, filling her with
his hot cum wishing that the bitch would get pregnant,
feeling the power that dominating her gave him.

Afterwards, he collapsed on top of her. She was sobbing,
and he said, “Now you’ll have something to bawl about.”
He flipped her over, grabbing the lotion off her dresser,
greasing his cock and her asshole.

“NO, NO, NO, NO! PLEASE!” she shrieked, but before she
could stop him, he had shoved his rod far up into her ass
and buried it there. “Mmmm baby, I always wanted to do
this,” Then he started a steady thrusting motion,
seesawing in and out of her asshole, gleefully enjoying
the pain he was inflicting. She was so tight, in no time
at all, he was cumming again!

“Ah god!” he groaned, grabbing her hips tightly. “FUCK!”
he exclaimed as he drove deep inside of her bunghole
pumping out a final blast of cum.

As he basked in the glow of his orgasm, she pulled
forward, spinning onto her back, and kicked him HARD in
the balls, causing him to double over onto the bed.

“You dirty boy, I ashamed of how you turn out!”

His eyes flew open, and a fury he hadn’t had to deal with
in ages resurfaced. “That’s it, bitch, you’ll pay now!”

She tried to leap out of the bed but was caught with his
forearm to the throat, knocking her back. A sharp blow to
her kidney area subdued her while he grabbed more
garments to tie her to the bedposts. Tying her up spread
eagle, he stumbled to the closet for belts and found a
thick leather buckled one.

“You need to get spanked, Lydia,” he said, and began to
whip her. “This one’s for kicking me” as he whipped her
tits, causing her to scream out. More whips across the
tits caused the nipples to swell and turn purple. “Now,
I’ll stretch these and then FUCK them!”

He yanked on her nipples, twisting and pulling them to
the delight of her shrieks. Bringing her tits together,
he slid his hard cock between them and thrust violently.
Her eyes were wide open, staring off into space, in total

The young man who once loved her, the one who had pleased
her, took care of her and protected her, now was a beast
riding her chest and attempting to maim her.

“UH, UH, FUCK come back to me, Lydia, c’mon!” Pulling her
panties out of her mouth, he quickly slid his prick
inside, c*****g her.

He violently fucked her mouth for a time. But before long
he was shooting off all over her mouth and tits, then
rubbing his cum all over her front.

She lay there stunned and dazed. For some reason this
annoying him. A quick slap of the belt across her cunt
several times brought her back to his world.

“Get used to this baby doll, we got all night!”

And so his revenge continued all night long! Poor Lydia!

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