Older sister, younger brother story

We never thought we would be telling anyone about our
love, but we finally decided to let the world in on our
little secret. It started about a year ago and has
continued through the school year. In fact, almost
everyone thinks we’re married, instead of brother and
sister. We’ll tell our own stories so you can
understand how it all started…

HIS STORY: I thought I knew my sister, having grown up
with her and having spent so many hours together. I
have always considered her beautiful, along with all
other males who have laid eyes on her. She’s got a
beautiful baby face with pouting lips and long blond
hair and has developed a fantastic and sexy figure in
the last year or so.

When I left for college, I kissed my sweet “innocent”
little sister good-bye. She was 18 then. I returned
last spring, a little earlier than I was expected, and
saw the real girl that she was at 19. I took the bus to
within blocks of my home and walked the remainder of
the way. I planned to surprise my parents and my
sister, so I didn’t enter the front door but made my
way around to the back to attempt to get in through my
bedroom window. It was getting dark, and to my surprise
the lights were on in the room. I slowly crept to the
half-opened curtains and peeked inside. The scene on
the bed made my heart stop and my cock stiffen.

There was my beautiful baby sister, smooth and tan and
naked, and one of the best-looking young men I have
ever seen. They were lying on the bed, kissing and
fondling each other while he looked at pictures in a
photo album. He had on a pair of white cutoffs, with an
incredibly big bulge behind the zipper.

I was glued to the spot and began to unzip my own pants
and release my straining cock. Soon the tan young guy
stood up, and my sister’s small hands began to unsnap
and unzip his shorts. She slowly pulled them past his
hard-on, which had to be eight inches. His stiff cock
curved slightly, and as her hands pumped up and down
its thick length, drops of slippery fluid coated the
mushroom head. This seemed to excite her, and with wide
eyes, she lowered her wet young lips and sucked the
head of his cock into her mouth.

His prick looked even thicker next to her small, cute
face, but she managed to cram a few inches into her
stretched mouth. His own hand wrapped around the
reminder of his big cock, and he began to jack off as
she licked and sucked on the swollen head. In a minute
or two he was humping his groin into her beautiful
face, his hand sliding up and down his shaft lubricated
by the saliva that dripped from her mouth.

As his hand moved faster and faster, she looked
directly into his eyes and sucked even harder on the
head of his cock. I could see the lust in his eyes, and
with a lurch, he pulled his cock from her lips and with
the tip just and inch from her mouth, shot a big, white
stream of cum. The thick fluid hit her top lip and was
followed by three more wads just as big. Her mouth was
open and I could see the strands of sticky cum
stretching from her tongue to her lips.

Her face and mouth were literally drenched with semen,
and with her fingers she scooped up the slippery stuff
and slid it into her mouth. He jammed his cock back
into her mouth and I could see her cheeks hollow as she
sucked the last bit of cum from his cock.

By this time I was at the point of cumming in the most
intense orgasm of my life. I shot spurt after spurt of
cum into my waiting hand, and then wiped it up and down
my spurting shaft. When I recovered, I made an
entrance, this time by the front door. After I met the
boy friend, who was as nice as he looked, I went back
to my bedroom. I had to open the windows to get the
smell of sex out of the room. I heard the front door
open and shut as they went into the front yard. I
decided that I was going to try to get a little of my
sister myself, waist down. I looked on the bedside
table and found her photo album.

As a senior, she had lots of pictures taken. She was a
cheerleader and there were lots of shots of her in her
short skirt and sweater. There were several of her in
her bikini, but the one that really turned me on was a
photo of her standing in her bra with her hands behind
her back as if she was taking it off. Apparently it had
been a slumber party because there were a lot of her
friends in baby doll pajamas and nightgowns.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her supple young body.
Her breasts, covered by the bra, were firm and it
seemed that the nipples were poking out of the front. I
stroked my cock while looking at her pictures. I heard
the front door open again and the sound of her
footsteps coming down the hall. I took my hand away
from my cock, but it poked the sheet at least two

HER STORY: I’m nineteen now, and go to the same college
as my brother. We live together off campus in an
apartment. I really didn’t plan to come to this school,
but what happened last spring changed all that. I was
home alone with my boyfriend since my parents were out
of town for the weekend. We were in my brother’s
bedroom making out. I was completely naked and I knew
that I looked sexy as hell. I’ve got long blond hair
that I usually wear up in a pony tail although some-
times I let it loose and let it hang down far enough to
cover my breasts. I’m 5′ 4″ tall, weigh 115 pounds, and
my measurements are 38-25-36. My breasts are very firm
and my nipples are very large and dark and stay hard
most of the time because, when I was 10 or 11, I used
to wrap rubber bands around my nipples to make them
stand out so Mom would have to buy me a bra.

Sometimes, even now, I’ll stand in front of a mirror
and wrap rubber bands around the sensitive flesh just
behind the nipple. I usually can get more than 20 turns
from the bands, and it makes my nipples jut way out in
front. I can feel them throb, and when I pinch them, it
makes my clit start to throb right along with my
nipples. Sometimes I rub my clit until I cum. Usually I
get one of my nipples in my mouth and I suck and bite
it while stroking my cunt.

This night, Bobby was wearing shorts and I could see
the large bulge of his cock straining the zipper. I
unzipped and shoved his shorts down and began sucking
the end of his prick. I love the satiny feel of his
cock head, and I know that if I use my tongue on the
ridge of his head, he will squirt loads of cum in my
mouth. Since I didn’t want to get knocked up, I never
let any of my boyfriends fuck me.

But since I always gave them the best blowjob they ever
had, none of them complain-ed. I’ve sucked so many
cocks that, now, when they cum, I cum as soon as I
taste the salty fluid on my tongue. He was jerking
himself off into my mouth, so I opened my eyes and
looked directly into his so that he could see my
pleasure as he came. He pulled out and directed his cum
at my open mouth. I could feel some of the shots hit
the back of my mouth, and I could taste and feel the
semen dripping from my lips onto my tongue. I sucked
him back into my mouth and used all the suction I could
muster to squeeze the last drops of cum from his cock.

He was starting to get hard again when I heard the
front door. My brother came home from college early. We
hurriedly dressed and went into the front room. Since
he came home before Bobby could eat me out, I needed to
get him someplace where we could be alone. Ray went
back to his bedroom and Bobby and I went out to his
car. We got in the back seat and he licked and sucked
my clit until I came twice more. When I went back
inside, Ray’s light was on and, as I passed his door, I
could see that he hadn’t shut it all the way. He was
lying under a sheet with a monstrous hard-on poking up
like a tent. He had my photo album, which Bobby likes
to look at when I suck him.

I opened the door and went in the room. I sat on the
side of the bed and looked at the picture that had
captured Ray’s attention. It was the one of me in my
bra with my back arched just as I was trying to un-hook
it. That picture made my breasts stand out so they
looked like ice cream cones. I asked Ray if he liked my
picture, and he simply nodded.

I asked him if he would like to see it for real, and
when he stared at me, I got up and took off my blouse
and turned sideways. I arched my back and reached
behind to unhook the bra. I held the pose for a minute
and then went ahead and undid the hooks. I turned to
him and walked over to the bed.

I asked him if he wanted to take it off, and he reached
up and slid the straps over my shoulders and down my
arms. The cool night air hit my nipples and they stood
up like little solders. I put my hands under my left
breast and pushed it up until I could get the nipple in
my mouth. I sucked on it while watching his eyes. His
hand went under the sheet and I could see him stroking
his cock. I reached down and pulled the sheet off the
bed and knelt at his side. I leaned over and took the
head of his cock in my mouth. I licked it and let my
saliva run down the shaft. I licked the whole shaft
down to his balls, and I sucked first one, then the
other into the warm, wet cave of my mouth. I felt his
hands trying to take my shorts off, so I stood and
slipped out of both the shorts and my panties at the
same time. I could feel the dampness between my legs
and it felt like my clit was poking out a foot.

He reached up and took my hands and brought me to the
bed where I squatted over his face, facing his feet. I
felt his tongue on my cunt and his finger in my ass
hole. No one had ever fingered my ass before, and I
started to get excited. Each time I tried to bend over
and lick his cock, he stopped me. He pushed me forward
slightly so that he could stick his tongue in my ass.
It felt like a snake running up my ass. I started to
feel an orgasm run through my body as he continued to
lick and suck my ass hole.

Finally he stopped and made me get up. He took my arms
in his hands and guided me into the bathroom. He
stopped in front of the mirror and reached in the
medicine cabinet for some K-Y jelly. He began greasing
my ass hole while I watched his face in the mirror. He
never said a word, just inserted his cock slowly up my
ass. I started to get excited as I felt the shaft
rubbing inside me.

Even though I was still a virgin, it felt like I knew
fucking would. I started wiggling my ass and squeezing
down on his cock. He felt as hard as iron and he slid
easily up and down. He began to pound my ass as his
climax neared, and I started spasming in orgasm. It
felt like I came for fifteen minutes, and he had to
hold me up since my legs were like rubber. As he pulled
out, I felt the sticky fluid running out of my ass and
down my legs. He picked me up and carried me back to
his bed and put me down gently. He went for a bath
cloth and wiped my ass and legs with the cool material.

I went to sleep that night with my face in his groin,
and in the morning, I woke him by sucking on his
magnificent cock. Since that time, I’ve moved in with
him here at college, and, of course, we’ve fucked and
sucked every night. Even when I have my period, I suck
the cum from his cock. I may never tell anyone that Ray
is my brother instead of my husband. We’ll probably
have to move away since my folks wouldn’t understand.
But as long as I can get his cock in my mouth, ass, and
pussy every night, it’ll be worth it.