Our First Time With Others

It was the last summer before most of us left for college and a friends party gets carried away taking Michelle and I down a new path.

The summer of 1985 was going by so quickly and school would be here for us again before we knew it. One of my friends decided to have a get together at his parent’s lake house before we all left for college. I usually didn’t go to these parties because of all the drinking but since this was probably the last time many of us would see each other for years, I decided to go for a little while. I picked up Michelle and we arrived about nine o’clock to a party that was well in the swing of things. There were several people in the pool, and I noticed that even though everyone was having a good time, there was no beer. As it turned out, my friend’s parents had agreed to the party but were very strict about teenage drinking. I was relieved that we weren’t going to have to put up with any drunks. A group of us sat together in the living room and talked about all the fun we’d had throughout our high school years. The conversation turned to who had dated who and, who had done who in high school. I don’t know why but I guess I was kind of surprised to find out that so many girls were putting out. I guess when you have a steady girlfriend, you lose track of that kind of thing. We looked around and realized that just about everyone had gone home and there were only a couple people left in the pool. When they came in to say good-bye, it left only the four of us couples there.

Let me tell you about the other three couples…

John and Cindy had been together for a couple years and both had graduated with me. John was tall and thin and had played basketball all through school. Cindy was average height, had long dark hair and beautiful brown eyes. She was kind of small chested but had great legs and a nice ass. She had been a majorette in the band for the last two years.

Bill and Melissa had been together for a few months. Bill was my height with an athletic build. He had played most sports in school and was Mr. Popular. Melissa was a cheerleader with nice round plump boobs and one of the best asses at school. She always wore skintight jeans and every boy in school enjoyed the view of her from behind but also the camel-toe she had in front. They had also just graduated with me as well.

Sam and Brenda had been together forever. Sam graduated with us, but Brenda had another year. He wasn’t at all athletic but was fit for a science geek. Brenda was the all-around athlete. She was muscular with nice 34C boobs and a firm tight ass. She played just about every sport and was also very pleasing to the eyes in a pair of tight jeans. They were complete opposites but seemed perfect for each other.

Robert and Jill made up the last couple. Robert was short and thin. He had graduated with us and was heading into the army in a few weeks. He never really played in any sport but had always been in athletics. We were all jealous of him because we had seen him in the shower. He was really hung, and we all wished we were as big. Jill was the campus beauty queen. She was the head cheerleader, had been homecoming queen, prom queen and pretty much Miss Everything. She had a great body and no one in the school filled out a cheerleader uniform like her.

The conversation continued to get more and more risqué and had turned into the group talking about their sexual partners, what they had done and where they had done it. We sat and listened about hand jobs in movie theaters, blow jobs in closets and sex in various places including school. Michelle and I didn’t have any wild stories or so I thought. I’d never said anything to her about Rebecca or Ashleigh and she had never said anything to me about prior boyfriends, until it was her turn and she spilled the beans in front of the whole group.

She started by telling us she’d had a crush on a guy named Brett that was a grade ahead of her. It was the last few weeks of school before the summer that she me and he had taken sudden notice of her and they had begun flirting with each other. She said that one day during PE, Brett asked her if she wanted to go with him under the bleachers to make out. She was excited and naturally said yes. He took her hand and when no one was looking, they snuck under the bleachers. He kissed her and that first time, that was all they did. The next day they were back under there again and while kissing, he felt her boob. She said it sent shock waves through her and made her tingle allover. He then took her hand and moved it to his crotch where she felt the bulge in his gym shorts. It seemed to get harder as she squeezed it and the next thing she knew; he pulled his shorts down and guided her to her knees in front of him. She said she just stared at it for a minute as it was the first dick she had ever seen. He told her to put it in her mouth and she did. She said he moaned and began rocking his hips back and forth working his dick in and out of her mouth for a couple minutes and then he stopped, moaned loudly and began filling her throat with his cum. She said at first it surprised her, and she didn’t know what to do so she swallowed it. They did this for the next two days and she realized she really liked the taste of his cum and didn’t mind swallowing each time. I thought the first time I had cum in her mouth and she swallowed it had been because she didn’t know what else to do but I now realized it was because she liked it.

She continued her story and said on Friday, they met under the bleachers again but this time the PE class had gone outside leaving them in the gym alone. Brett dug around and pulled out an old weight bench. He led her to it and as they kissed, he began feeling her boobs and then reached down and grabbed her pussy. She pulled at his shorts down and took his cock out and began rubbing it. He then pulled her shorts down and helped her down on the bench. She said she laid back and spread her legs as he positioned himself between them. Before she knew it, he had plunged his cock into her, and she felt a burning in her pussy as he took her cherry. I was just looking at her in amazement as she continued to tell us he had pumped into her like three or four times and then she felt a warm gush as Brett filled her with his cum. She finished by saying how scared she had been about getting pregnant and how relieved she had been when she knew she wasn’t. I remembered when we had sex the first time and I had wondered about not feeling any pressure or tightness when I pushed into her. I now knew I was not the first to have her.

The group liked her story and I suddenly realized I was rock hard after listening to her and I didn’t know at the time how much seeing her with other guys would turn me on. She said she hoped I wasn’t mad, and it had happened the spring before we met. I told her I wasn’t mad and that I had something to confess as well. I told everyone about my night with Rebecca in the tent and although we were in a room with other people, I looked only at her as I told my story. She wasn’t mad and leaned over and kissed me when I was finished. I think we both had suspected we’d each been with someone else before we met. Now that the cat was out of the bag, it was like some weight had been lifted from both of us and instead of being jealous, it seemed to just make each other horny thinking about it.

After listening to and telling these confessions, we were all horny and that’s when Melissa suggested that we all strip and play a game. I sat shocked looking around at the group and everyone else was doing the same. Jill finally spoke up and said she didn’t think she’d be up for that, but she’d be open to us all skinny dipping in the pool. Everyone looked around talking about the idea. Michelle wasn’t sure but I whispered into her ear that she’d probably never see any of these people again after this night. She reluctantly agreed and we all headed outside.

Robert was the first to undress when we got to the pool but with that piece of meat between his legs, he had nothing to be embarrassed about. The girls all stared at him and Brenda told Jill she was jealous which made Sam look at her as though he’d just been emasculated. Bill laughed and said we were all jealous. With the rest of us undressing at the same time, no one really got a chance to check anyone else out until we were in the pool. The water was cold, so all the girls had hard nipples and our erections were somewhat held in check to having semi-hard cocks. We didn’t really do any swimming but instead just gathered in the middle of the pool and talked some more. John jumped out of the pool and grabbed a ball and said we should play volleyball. We decided the teams would be boys against girls and we made sure the girls were on the shallow end so that all of them would have their boobs above the water as they played. As the game wore on, seeing all of them topless with their boobs bouncing around was having an effect on me and I know it was on the other guys as well. My cock swelled and would stay that way the rest of the time we were in the pool.

We heard a sudden clap of thunder and could see the lightening from an approaching storm and decided we needed to head inside. We all grabbed towels, wrapped them around ourselves and watched the lightening. We left the back patio and quickly headed back into the house as another clap of thunder rumbled in the sky. Robert stood alone on the patio drying himself and I couldn’t help noticing that all the girls were staring at his dick. He finally wrapped the towel around his waist and said he had an idea as he stepped inside. He suggested each of us guys blindfold our girl and then have them feel each of our cocks and see if they could guess which one was their boyfriends. Sam said that wouldn’t be a fair game because it would be obvious which cock belonged to Robert. Brenda suggested we take it up a notch. She suggested all the guys get blindfolded and then have the girls pick a guy to eat them out. After the girls had all cum, we would switch and it would be the guys turn to cum. Nobody knew what to think about it, but everyone was so turned on, we were all considering it. Cindy said that might be fun, but we needed to work out the details better. She suggested the one being licked or sucked be blindfolded so that they didn’t know who was doing them. She said that would make it even hotter. We all finally decided that should be the way we did it but how would we decide who did who and where would we do it. Bill said we should just draw names and that we should each pick a room. Melissa said she didn’t know about being alone with someone she couldn’t see because it could go further than anyone really wanted it to go. We then decided we should all stay in the living room but turn the furniture so that we wouldn’t be in full view of each other. We all agreed that would be best but who would do who first? I quick coin toss decided it for us.

Now that the details had been worked out, we stood there looking at each other wondering if we were going to do it. Michelle whispered to me that she was nervous about this but would go along if I wanted to. Well, being an eighteen-year-old, the answer to that was obvious but I told her we could leave if she wanted to. She could tell I wanted to stay so she said she would do it. Melissa had found some ties in a closet and passed them out to each of us guys. We moved the furniture around and then each of us blindfolded our girl and took them to a piece of furniture. I opened Michelle’s towel and set it down on the love seat and then guided her into it. She looked so good sitting back in it blindfolded like that. Each of the other guys did the same and then we met in the kitchen to draw names. I unfolded the small piece of paper and read the name. It was Melissa I would be eating out. Sam had drawn Michelle and it was time. The lights were dim, there were flashes of lightening through the large windows. The rain was coming down hard and we could hear the rumbles of thunder. I walked over to find Melissa leaning back in a large recliner with her arms resting to her side.

I stood there taking in the sight of her. She had round plump boobs with small dark nipples. She had a dark tan with very defined tan lines and her bush was trimmed. I had imagined what her pussy looked like a thousand times from seeing her camel-toe every day and now I was about to have my tongue buried in it. I had never seen a girl trimmed like that and I was guessing she did it because of the cheer leading uniform. I knelt in front of her and she sensed someone was there and her breathing became heavy. I put my hands on her knees and slowly spread her legs revealing all her pussy. As I ran my hands along the inside of her thighs, I could hear one of the other girls beginning to moan. I moved in closer, spread her lips with my thumbs and she trembled as I licked the length of her pussy. She was already very wet as I imagined all the girls were. I slowly inserted a finger into her, and she tensed up but relaxed as my tongue began working on her clitoris. As turned on as I was from what I was doing, I almost lost my load when I heard Michelle beginning to moan loudly. I kept fingering her and looked to the side of the chair to see Michelle’s hands clinched on the back of the love seat. As I went back to work on Melissa, I heard one of the girls cum. This seemed to have an immediate effect on all the girls. Melissa began rolling her hips. I ran my tongue deep into her tasting her juices. She pushed up on her toes and raised her ass of the chair. I put my hands under her ass and her legs began shaking as my tongue re-focused on her clitoris. Suddenly her whole body shook as her orgasm took her. I kept licking until she lowered herself back into the chair and pushed my head away. I got up and she pulled the towel back around her catching her breath as I stood and walked away. As I walked by Michelle, Sam was licking her vigorously working his tongue around her clitoris as he rammed two fingers in and out of her. I watched her closely as she came. The look on her face was unforgettable. Her plump boobs bounced slightly as she shook from her orgasm. She seemed to cum forever but eventually settled into the love seat and tried to catch her breath. Sam looked at me and smiled then, got up and followed me out of the room.

When all the girls had cum, they got up, removed their blindfolds, wrapped up in their towels and then joined us in the kitchen. Michelle walked straight over to me and kissed me hard. I knew she could taste Melissa’s pussy on my lips, but she didn’t seem to care. We asked the girls how it was, and they all said it was amazing. They asked for a hint as to who had been with them, but we wouldn’t tell. It was now our turn and it was obvious that we were eager by the bulges in our towels. Michelle took my hand and led me back into the living room to the love seat where she had been. She turned me around and the last thing I saw as she covered my eyes with the blindfold was the other guys having the same thing done to them. She whispered into my ear that I was going to love this and then opened my towel, spread it on the chair and then guided me into position. I sat there naked not being able to see but hearing some faint laughter in the direction of the kitchen. I strained to hear but just couldn’t make anything out being said.

It seemed like I had been there forever when I heard the faint sound of footsteps. I could sense someone standing over me and then felt hands touch my knees as the unknown girl got on her knees in front of me. Her hands moved slowly up my legs and then wrapped around my hard dick. As they squeezed and stroked it, I felt her body pushing my legs apart as she moved in closer. Her tongue slid slowly up the shaft of my cock and rolled over my head. I felt my cock twitch as her mouth opened and took me in. She squeezed and rubbed my balls as her mouth worked slowly up and down my shaft. Each time she went down, it seemed to go further until I could feel the back of her throat. She then took it out and stroked it for a minute before continuing to use her mouth. She kept every motion slow for several minutes and was beginning to move a little faster when I heard one of the guys cumming. She stopped for a second to listen and then just as she started again, moaning came from another one of the guys and she stopped and started slowly stroking me. I couldn’t help but wonder if one of them had been who Michelle was doing. She stroked me for a couple more minutes when we heard the other cum loudly. There was now no doubt that Michelle had brought who she was doing to orgasm and tasted his cum. She started again and this time her pace was faster. She was taking me deep into her throat each time and I could feel myself getting close. She pulled me out and stroked me hard and fast alternating between her hand and mouth. I loved what she was doing to me. She wasn’t better than Michelle but different and maybe that’s what was such a turn on. I was getting close now. She was stroking me and licking my shaft when it hit me. My body jerked and my cock spasmed shooting cum into the air. She quickly covered my dick with her mouth taking it deep. I pumped the rest of my load into her throat and could feel her swallowing it all. When I finished, she pulled away stopping to lick the last drop from my head before standing and walking away. I sat there trying to catch my breath when Michelle pulled the blindfold off. I saw her smiling at me as she took my hand to help me up. We tried to get the girls to say who they had been with but since we hadn’t told them, they weren’t talking. We decided we would tell each other once we were headed home.

We all got dressed and realized how late it was. We had a good excuse for being so late as we could say we didn’t want to drive in the storm. We straightened the living room out, said our good-byes and headed to our cars. When we got into the truck neither of us said anything until we were pulling out of the driveway. I asked her if she was glad, we had gone, and she said she’d had a really good time. She asked who had eaten her out and I told her it was Sam and she told me he had done some incredible things with his tongue. She asked who I had drawn, and I told her it was Melissa. I asked her who she had drawn, and she told me it was Robert. My heart sank as I thought of her with his huge dick. She told me he was just too big for her to suck good. She could barely get all his head in her mouth and had mostly used both hands to work his shaft while she licked and sucked on his head. She said he had been the first to cum and she thought she was going to drown from the amount he shot into her mouth. She said he just kept cumming and every spurt was as big as the last and she had struggled to swallow it all. She said when he had finished, she got up and walked over to watch Brenda work on me. She said as the other guys came, Cindy and Jill came over and watched as well. She said they had all been impressed that I could last as long as I did with the way Brenda was going at me. She said the three of them loved seeing that first spurt of cum shoot out as she licked me. She said it had landed on Brenda’s neck and shoulder as she took me back into her mouth. She said Brenda knew she had an audience and that seemed to really get her going.

I asked if she had liked watching Brenda doing me and she said she had felt jealous and turned on at the same time. I told her that I had stopped by for just a second to watch Sam doing her and that I got there just as she was cumming. I told her I had liked seeing another guy do that to her and it had really turned me on. She said the things that had turned her on the most was tasting Melissa’s pussy on my mouth when she kissed me, seeing me shoot onto Brenda’s neck before she finished me in her mouth and holding Roberts huge cock in her hands. She said he hadn’t realized they came in such different sizes and she liked his big cock and wondered what it would have felt like in her pussy. I think she immediately felt guilty and said not to worry that she liked mine more because she could do more with it but I knew she was intrigued by that big cock. I told how much it had turned me on thinking about one of those guys cumming in her mouth while Brenda was sucking me. She told me Robert was the third guys cum she had tasted, and she liked them all. She had realized a long time ago that she loved the taste of cum when Brett was shooting his into her mouth. She followed up by saying she had really enjoyed what we had just done but she didn’t know about making it a habit. I asked if she ever thought that we might at least try it again or even go further. She looked at me, smiled and bit her bottom lip then simply said…maybe.

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